“We are Arsenal and we need pride” Arsenal players set for showdown talks after humiliating start to the season

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang says Arsenal players have to talk after their season descended to a new low with their 5-0 loss to Manchester City yesterday.

The Gunners haven’t scored a goal in the Premier League this season and have lost their opening three matches.

They seemed to have made some progress when they beat West Brom 6-0 in the Carabao Cup last week.

However, it turns out that it was just a one-off as normal service resumed in their loss to City.

Arsenal has spent money to strengthen the squad in this transfer window, but things don’t seem to be getting better with their current results.

Speaking after their match against City, club captain Aubameyang wasn’t in a cheerful mood and says the players will have a talk to discuss their season.

He expects them to find a solution that will help them raise their levels so that they can return from the international break in better shape.

‘I think we need to talk between us players,’ said the striker in his post-match interview as quoted by The Daily Mail.

‘I think this is now important because we are Arsenal and we need pride. We have to talk and say the truth between each other, be honest and raise the level.

‘For sure (it) is going to be difficult, but we are a team. We have to stick together in this moment.’

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  1. Didn’t something like this happen last year as well? I fear it might become a regular occurrence now!!

  2. It happens every year. I remember a few times in Wenger’s reign even. Though now it has gotten worse. I don’t even recognize our style of play. The entire culture of Arsenal football club needs changing

    1. So true, ArsenalWhy. I have said for s long time that I struggle to identify with this Arsenal side. Ther football is so far from entertaining it’s unreal. Tactics, recruitment, players and owners are simply not in touch with the history of the club or its values. The fans are confused and angry. This is not Arsenal. At least not that I can see! It’s a farce and an amateur merry go round!

  3. Pretty sure this is what preseason is for! Not one player taking charge on the pitch…no shouting, no assertiveness, no communication.

  4. I see most people here are a bit myopic. When it came to playing West Brom, we were stoked and did the business.Had Arteta fielded fringe players instead, we would have still won. Given the fact that we were facing MC three days later, those very same players didn’t have anything left in the tank. While MC were fresh, not having played mid week… That was where Arteta got it wrong.
    No need in pouring salt in the wound though. On to the next match. COYG…

    1. NYG – I notice that you often like to criticise fans on here. Did we pick the team for WBA, then?
      In any case, the club needed to win ONE game. Imagine the outcry if we had lost and gone out of one of the two cup competitions. Last season Arteta was crucified for prioritising an EPL fixture at the cost of losing an FA Cup game. He made the right call insofar as there is currently no such phrase as “we would have still won” in our vocabulary, whereas “we would have still lost” does apply, particularly in relation to Man City.
      And I’m sorry – two games in a few days, the first against a Championship side, just before a 2 week break, should be within the capabilty of professional sportsmen.
      Arteta got it wrong a long time ago, but compounded it on the day by picking Kolasinac, who as will as being a crap CB is leaving so didn’t care, instead of Mari who at least had a reason to try.
      He picked Cedric (an atrocious total non-contributor. Tackles nil, clearances nil, blocks nil, pass accuracy 46%) instead of either AMN or Tavares at RB.
      Ignoring Lokonga, he played Xhaka totally alone at CM/DM with Odegaard sweeping BEHIND HIM (yes you read me right). Odegaard is not a DM so Xhaka, who also had to cover for the rubbish that is Kolasinac who was always out of position, is not quick and was run ragged by Man City and I’m honestly not surprised that his frustration got the better of him. Arteta takes a big part of the blame.
      Arteta has a habit if expecting to much ground coverage by his CMs and I’m not surprised Partey is suddenly getting injuries.
      Finally it is obvious that Arteta is incapable of training players to operate the press. 18 months of trying with over 50 different players and they still look like schoolboys and get walked through. You can’t tell me its all of those players that can’t learn a pressing tactic?
      That, NYG, is not necessarily why we lost to Man City, but it is why we got walked all over.
      Yours, a myiopic fan

      1. You are right.
        Last year I felt MA deserve some support and curious to see the new season how’s he faring so far.
        The moment the 1st match n tactics hes using and losing to a newly promoted team I somehow felt that Arsenal will need a miracle again this season. Looking at the schedule ahead n the defense its not going to be good this season.
        I think MA has to go. New Manager has to come in to make a change soon. Arsenal can’t afford losing a few matches in a row n not scoring.
        The Arsenal everyone wanted to join used to…
        Conte am not sure is he the right man for this job looking at his history of spending huge funds.
        I will prefer Rogers. Can u imagine Leicester City above Arsenal?

    2. Before they have a heart to heart with each other, the players should each take a hard look in the mirror.

    1. don’t worry Aminu, I’m listening…I’ve been calling for Ten Hag or Gasperini for quite some time now…I’ve really enjoyed your persistence though!!!

  5. Wow!!

    Mr “Show me the Money” is talking about pride.
    Maybe he is talking about Mother’s Pride (since with his new contract he is not short of bread).

    In my view Aubameyang hasn’t put in a solid shift since we won the FA Cup and he got that new contract!!

    I believe he is also on the “available for transfer” list.

    Sadly, I cannot think of a single player in the Arsenal squad who has the gravitas to sit them all down and beat into them some pride in the badge.

    I do have concerns that, when all the players who were left out of the Chelsea and Man City games (so they were not tarnished by those losses) return, we might just beat Norwich, and maybe even Burnley, creating a false dawn.

    Then, if we play Spurs with our new found optimism, and they give us a hiding, we will really be in turmoil.

    Then where do we go?

  6. Just saw the pic of the Mu player studs high clattering into a Wolves player.The latter could have suffered a broken leg.Xhaka didnt even have contact and was sent off.
    I have never trusted these refs. It has even happened in Wengers time.Since 2004,the gunners havent won any epl .Look at the reasons and Arsenal really face an uphill task to win let alone challenge for the title

  7. I believe MA like Wenger has made the gunners predictable.His passing from the back is known to all. The gunners like to indulge in passing all over the pitch.Why not be like Wolves or ither teams with players surging forward.
    Wolves shd have won had the mu player rs game plan is easy to counter. Thats why Wenger and now MA are getting beaten by
    big scores.
    Get Gg to sort out the defence and make Arsenal
    Hard to beat1

  8. Did we just make a comparison between the current embarrassment and former bad days under Wenger? Why do we do these things? The last time we had any such experience was over 60 years ago. When did we hear Wenger lose to a team that just got promoted, then lose the next 2, including a 5 nil. If people still feel embarrassed by the fact that they exchanged a headache (Wenger) for a migraine (Arteta) then let us find decent excuses. Lets try:
    1. The ref was poor today. The second goal should have been disallowed. So it should have been 4 nil. Four is a wee bit better.
    2. Covid hit us hard. We were not able to field our best team.
    3. One of the worse early season injury list overall.

    Sorry I cannot excuse:
    1. Xhaka and his rush of blood.
    2. Arteta chose to play their real competitors during pre-season. Must be a nice time to create some injuries.
    3. Arteta never seems to be able to pick the best team from what he has.
    4. Arteta and his exec bought for the next 3-5 years, as if we need to sit here and wait until they powder their faces.
    5. They have weird, unexplained loyalties to second-best keepers and senior players.
    6. They like to buy players that no one else wants.
    7. Arsenal decided to spend when desperation hit. Smart people plan before the storm hits.

    There are no data to show that we are have a sensible board or manager. Nonetheless, when you get to the end of a rope you hang on. That is what I am doing. I am asking kindly that we try to speak honestly – and stop saying things that make no sense, and are simply unfair to those of us who knew better days. Allow us to suffer through it with some dignity.

  9. I have been a fan of Arsenal for the past 30 plus years. Are we going to pull through this dreadful situation? I do not know. Its pathetic.

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