We are the Arsenal and won’t give up without a fight!

Why we must give our all against Bayern! by MH

I am writing this article on the observation of Arsenal’s last few weeks of brilliant football. Since our win against Manchester United, many fans were over the moon (even I was) and they rightly deserve to be, simply because of our performance. But after that there is a large group of Arsenal fans and pundits who are wishing that we give up our Champions League hopes if we lose out to Bayern.

They are justifying their words based on Liverpool’s heroics of 2013-2014 season and thinks that it can have the same effect on us. Now one thing I would say (given all their history and with all due respect) we are no Liverpool, at the present time we are bigger club than them, so we can’t just leave the most prestigious competition so easily. We need to compete in every competition according to our priority and for me the priorities are….


Yeah I am ready for the argument which some of you will put forward, but for me the Champions League is equally important as the League, as it is of the utmost important that our world class players, at any point, should never doubt the ambition of our beloved club. This is the most important reason as Liverpool only had Suarez to lead them, but we have 5 world class players. If we give up on UCL just like that, it may have serious effects on the form of our most important players like Sanchez, Cech, Ozil and Cazorla. Why they would leave their clubs and leave other offers from clubs that are more consistent in the UCL (PSG JUVE)?

Also if by chance we finish 3rd then are you all ready for Spudsday football? Just ask Spuds and Everton and Newcastle (3 seasons ago) why they faired so badly in the League in the months of March and April? Simply because you can’t play on Thursday night, and again play effectively on Saturday. Even if Wenger chooses to field a youth side it would still have some members of our senior team in it, so leave this shortsightedness and see the larger picture. We will go out and give our all against Bayern and, irrespectective of tonight’s result, we should fight for our UCL group right ’til the end. Even if we go out then the players will believe their performances were not good enough – not that we lacked ambition.

We are the Arsenal – how can we give up without a fight!


Mir Hussain

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  1. The statement ‘We won’t give up without a fight’ actually means:
    We will EVENTUALLY GIVE UP…but we we fight BEFORE WE DO.

    But I want to believe you meant…’We are the Arsenal, and won’t ever ever ever ever give up’


    1. I would prefer Mert playing because of his experience. For tonight’s match, Mert’s experience is more important than his slowness

      Anyway, Koscielny and Mert together make an excellent team

  2. Listen Baby Please

    We need a WIN. We need to think of the possibility of either Olympiakos or Zagreb winning both of their matches. If that happens we will have no alternative but to beat Bayern and home match maybe our only real chance.

    Think BIG
    Think CL, not Europa League
    Think beating the best team in the world
    We can do it.

  3. For me the priorities are
    1 EPL & CL (in no particular order)
    2 2nd or 3rd in EPL (auto qualification for CL)
    3 Europa league (if u don’t get through the CL groups, winning this is the next easiest way to qualify for CL)
    4 4th in EPL (last way of qualifying for CL)

    As for the fa cup and league cup, these are purely the bonus buys. They are great days out for us supporters and they put a piece of tin in the cupboard for the club and a medal on the mantelpiece for the players. Neither cup should be a priority for the manager unless he has no way of achieving his other targets, but he should still try to win them.for us.

  4. Great read.
    Indeed we have to fight
    UCL is THE trophy. The creme de la creme. The top prize for any footballer and club. Simple as that.
    We Ve never won it. We have won leagues and cups but no UCL.
    Simple as that.
    I am sure wenger wants to win it and he is already talking of retirement t.
    I am sure every gunner wants to win it. And some of them are on the edge of their careers.
    So….it’s mental.

    But this tram can beat any team when they focus.

    Simple as that.

  5. Mir Hussain, you’ve said what I’ve said before now and still saying it. Arsenal should not give up their hopes to win the Ucl this season. And they should continue to fight in every Ucl game they are playing in, until they win the trophy in Milan on Sat’ 28th May. MH, I have the belief that Arsenal will not only beat Bayern Munich tonight at the Emirates Stadium, but they will also beat them resoundingly by 3 goals to nil.

  6. ya Samuel you r right this may be our season afterall also gigi2 some of our players are on the edge of their carrers so it is the best time to win it but let’s concentrate on tonights game and it doesnt matter by how much margin but what all matters tonight is win to ensure our hopes are still alive .

  7. per needs to play tonight why many are against him I don’t know . Everyone is concentrating on lewa but forgetting Muller to nullify his world class movements and positioning we need per Gabriel is an excellent defender but he still needs to improve his reading and anticipation and in this match one pass can decide the game so per needs to start

  8. MY TEAM.
    Hector Gab Boss Mon
    Coq Caz
    Rambo Ozil Alex

    already its Cech in goal.

    please compare ds team with d previous that had played against Bayern in the past 4 matches(2L 1W 1D).
    ARSENAL all d way 2:1

  9. Something tells me we are going to blow Bayern away and I am not saying this because of recent form or what have you,because Bayern are actually the most in form team in Europe. This is more like intuition. Or delusion, what’s the difference nowadays anyway.

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