We argue about Ozil while Arsenal prove they don’t care about us fans

Arsenal Don’t Care About Fans by Dan Smith

Out of loyalty to Arsenal some gooners will call Ozil a ‘thief’ for ‘taking’ 350,000 thousand pounds a week even though he’s been told he’s not wanted anymore.

This week, the clubs latest paddy to regretting a deal that they offered, was to not include him in their Europa League Squad.

No, it’s not a footballing decision. Arteta will struggle with a straight face to say the World Cup Winner doesn’t make the cut at the expense of the FIVE keepers he selected. It’s the latest ploy by the club to make a man feel so fed up he agrees to ripping up his contract or at least accepting a transfer in January.

Those of you who would have loved ages ago for the midfielder to be off the wage bill, do it because they love the badge. While I don’t agree with your stance, I get you’re so emotionally invested you want what’s best for the club you love.

You don’t want your club wasting money, especially when they are losing Matchday Revenue. There they are having to sack 55 staff to afford players, and there’s an individual earning 6 figures a week to sit at home. That’s why some of you call Ozil names, correct? That’s why even when he helps Gunnersaurus you have to find a negative angle?

It’s Arsenal vs Ozil and you are team Arsenal. If you had your way Mr Kroenke would have saved that money years ago.

Well let me whisper it to you… Arsenal FC don’t care about you…

While you’re complaining about how Ozil is being unfair on Arsenal, what are Arsenal doing to help you?

This week, it’s been confirmed that the Gunners were one of 19 clubs to vote in favour for non-televised fixtures to now be charged at 14.95. Only one side was against the idea, Leicester City. So the owners of the Foxes for me are the only owners in the top flight who can truly claim to be thinking about what’s best for their supporters.

Just think how sick this is. Arsenal leak out to the press how a player doesn’t take a pay reduction, making out he’s selfish in these trying times, yet are happy to demand more money out of supporters who (if you’re like me) already pay for a Sky Sports/BT subscription and a Red Membership.

This is the same week that they announced packages ranging from 50 pounds up to a 1074 pounds for 6 people to watch a game at the Emirates with a posh meal.

Last month, approx. 70 pound was taken out of my account for the yearly direct debit I pay which gives me access to buy tickets a month in advance. I’m essentially paying for nothing.

Others will be paying a lot more for season tickets. I researched other clubs, and many have different policies on how they are handling reimbursements. Some won’t get their money back till next year, other fans have told me how they are being offered incentives, so the club holds on to their money.

As a West Ham Fan told me, he’s paid for a season ticket, he won’t see that money till 12 months’ time, yet is now being asked to pay 15 pound more to watch his team on TV!

I have never bothered emailing Arsenal to ask what happens if zero fans are allowed in stadiums this season because it’s only 70 pound, but also, it’s not Arsenal’s fault.

I only care about the principal of that money once I see my club trying to make as much money out of me as possible. Because if I was told fans would be charged nearly 15 pound a week to watch an extra game, I would have cancelled my two red memberships.

To watch Arsenal’s next 4 games live on TV you need a Sky Sport and BT subscription and an extra 15 pound now for PPV. Are you starting to see why I could care less about what Ozil earns? Why, if I was him, I wouldn’t be giving them my money either? It’s not just the idea my club would agree to this which is disgusting, but the price?

Some readers write to me and say but it’s a business? Which is true and like any business, the priority is to make as much money as possible. Yet Arsenal can’t have it both ways. When Ozil takes what he’s legally entitled to they have the nerve to create a PR storm, yet what’s worse? Ozil wanting to save our mascot- or Arsenal voting for this model to go ahead.

Remember that the next time they ask Aubameyang to preach how we are a ‘family’. Because us ‘customers’, the lifeblood of any club, are not being treated like ‘family’ at all.

It’s a shame that the Premiership is missing out on matchday revenue, but long term they will be okay. They are funded by millionaires or billionaires. Collectively, they have just spent over a billion pounds in the transfer market, furloughed staff, had loans from the government. In other words they will be fine. They didn’t need to do this, it’s just an opportunity to make some extra income.

Now look at who they are charging?

Due to Covid, the unemployment rate in the UK is the highest it’s been in three years. There are gooners who would have struggled to pay for subscriptions, shirts, season tickets this summer, yet they found a way. Some simply won’t be able to afford to pay on top of that.

What about the rise in mental health due to the Pandemic? Wasn’t that why the sport had to return?
Didn’t MP’s insist it was for the public’s benefit, that it could be our comfort and escapism in these trying times.

We are back in lockdown in Wales, I can’t visit my family in England and Arsenal are trying to make money out of that?

The same Arsenal who already have taken my money to charge me for a chance to purchase tickets that are not for sale.

Take the emotion out of it though and view this as a business, and this is poor strategy from the Premiership. I have long suggested that the sensitivity how they handle these times could alienate supporters. Suddenly I’m feeling less and less bothered about returning to the Emirates because it’s hard to ignore how we mean nothing.

This should have reminded clubs how important fans are and maybe to not take us for granted.

When we activated Partey’s release clause I knew Arsenal would find ways to get that money back, but I didn’t think they would have the audacity to ask any more from us fans.

Because this PPV cash, where do you think that’s going to? Lower Leagues? Paying for people to be rehired?

Thanks, Leicester, For Caring

Dan Smith

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  1. A lot of good points here which I firmly agree with.

    Arsenal are acting with a firm view on the bottom line and the human angle has totally disappeared. That’s heart-breaking from a club I’ve supported for over 40 years.

    But for the love of God, will you end the Ozil campaign? Five years ago he was a helluva player, now he’s a shadow of his former self, happy to stay, milking money out of Arsenal week after week.

    They’re as bad as each other, selfish, and focused on cash, and your article highlights this clearly.

  2. They are treating him like shit on a shoe. He should be in the squad at least to rest players like Ceballos or Willian. We are struggling for a no. 10 to split open defences at the moment and his european experience would be invaluable

  3. I read Ray Parlour take about Mesut latest PR stunt and how his exclusion is because the manager is building for the future and the young players have taken Mesut place. That made me think about the recent signings of Aubameyang, David Luiz, Dani Ceballos, Willian and Cedric Soares and I thought to myself what a bunch of baloney.

    1. Wilian, Soares were freebies and there to make up numbers. Luiz will be gone next summer. If we manage to sell Soares or Willian, we will make a decent profit on them. In conclusion, they won’t be here for the long run.

      And Ceballos is like 24 yrs old so I don’t know why he’s on that list.

      1. Ceballos is not our player he will be gone next season or whenever Real need him. Luiz extension was for one season he too will be gone. Cedric is 29, Willian 32 and Aubemayang 31. These are the signings made this year and they are integral to our team. They are the opposite of the point Parlour was making.

        1. HH the truth be told Parlor does not make any sense. If youth was the reason we would have signed Aouar (22) instead of Parley (almost 29). I like Willian but he is too old as a winger to play full matches all season long especially with the tempo MA demands. Some fans need to be more realistic.

          1. I agree it really doesn’t. According to him Mesut is not needed because of giving chance to Willock but why was Willian needed when we have Martinelli and Pepe?

          2. Don’t know how he went from 27 to 29 just like that. But I guess agendas need some creativity here and there to work

            1. My bad 27 it is and no agenda because the main point regarding Willian, Auba and the rest of the older players remains valid.

              1. Hi Dan-
                Dont justify your ticket money wt Ozil. Its not only Arsenal terminate 55 staff, Whole world did that. We are in such a situation. So stop that. Why would a Boss pay a staff salary when there is no job? Just because he have lots of money? Its that how u run a long term club? Staff can find another job, do u want Arsenal Club to do part time job? How abt send our players to do some part time job to finance 55 staff? Ticket price, season ticket m PPV is arguable and Arsenal Management must come to good term. Ozil is fraud, he is not bigger than Arsenal Club.

  4. The fans are back at it again. Yol are geniuses when it comes to whining.

    You’re no businessman, nor understand how these types of deals work or benefit the league and the clubs.

    You just bel what the media tells you.

    @Admin, you have no opinion, your opinion has you.

    Do the proper research on how the deals are structured and how COVID affected clubs in respects to the deal they proposed.

    Us international fans have been paying enormous amounts to watch the teams we love. Welcome to the world the rest of us go through.

    You guys love whining, jeez guvebus a break

    1. I have lived in few countries. In my home country we pay $100 per month to watch the European leagues and other tv shows. The country I am currently living I pay $25 per month for only sport channels.

      1. Exactly, they’re coming to terms with the privilege they had going to games.

        This pandemic has hurt many clubs and the league. Certain measures need to be take to alleviate the stress it’s caused

        1. I don’t think I get your point. I pay 25$ per month to watch all major football leagues. All games plus all major sports in existence. The 100$ we pay in our country is also for all games of all major leagues and hundreds of major entertainment channels. I think that’s nearly free compared to what I think they are paying.

          As for the privilege if they are closer to the Emirates or live in England why shouldn’t they enjoy it? I don’t see that as a bad thing at all. Also doesn’t the club depend on that revenue?

          1. And you dont watch every single game they have to offer. Probably only watch epl games like Arsenal and big matches.

            What my point is that Arsenal fans love to whine constantly, of it’s not the Kroenkes not supporting the club and when they do, its something else.

            We pay enormous amounts for us to watch Arsenal, waaay more that the £15 they’re complaining about.

            Arsenal fans love complaining without taking things into context. WE FREAKING HAVE A PANDEMIC THATS AFFECTING REVENUE, get with the programme. The Premier league is the best league because it offers one of the best wages for players for most teams participating, where the hell do they think the EPL get this revenue without fans coming in to watch the games from stadiums. DO THE MATH DUMMIES

  5. “When we activated Partey’s release clause I knew Arsenal would find ways to get that money back”

    LMAO, I expected something like that and I wasnt disappointed.

    Hey Siri play me Zoom by Cheque.

    “Bad Energy I go zoom zoom zoom…….”

    1. 😂😂😂😂 I swear Eddie, some fans never cease to amaze. I’ld like to see how they run their personal businesses tbh

        1. Mask it all whatever way you want, but the truth is you’re a constant pessimist.. Always complaining about this or that, moaning about everything the club does, always calling out Kroenke… Always writing articles defending Ozil and trying to make yourself look like a neutral.
          The club did what it did.
          You can whine all you want Dan, I literally don’t give A damn bout anything else than the football club I support

      1. 👍 Kstix, it is obvious to me from the comments of many on here, that they have no experience in management of the raffle at the local pub, let alone any business enterprise, whether public or private. The sad thing is that they have no intention to learn.
        I long ago lost any presumptions that profession sporting clubs, like Arsenal FC had any interest in looking after fans, except taking their money.

        1. Spot on Ozzie, If the club was to give in to every demand of the fans, I bet we’ll be in the championship by now. We still have the mindset that Arsenal is a friends and family club (yes, the fans have a say in anything football related as they pay for match tickets and the likes which is purely football related) but anything else on how arsenal would make profits and losses or do business in a way to sustain the organisation, should not even be things fans grumble about. If we knew how to do business better, Arsenal would employ us

      2. no as Customers we have a right to say if a price is outrageous
        no different to if you went out for a meal and you felt overcharged
        No one is saying it’s not a smart business move short term, if you look at simply making money as the priority
        But long term you will drive fans away

        1. But you’re already making assumptions for the club already Dan and tbh, you’re pretty much used to it. The clubs are making zilch due to lack of fans at the stadium and they’ve just found a way to make up for it and you’re moaning about something that would keep the club you claim to support and love afloat? I can’t even fathom this, if things were normal and the club was generating revenue steadily, you think they would have done this? Come on, they’re gonna charge you to watch something that you didnt even have access to originally or am I mistaken. You found a way to make this another Ozil conspiracy theory article. Well done

      3. hows your multi million pound business doing mate?
        because i actually read financial experts who agree this is a massive mistake

        1. “financial experts” don’t get financial projections wrong then. What a way to go, LOL. Eddie summed you up correctly below

        2. And I don’t need to run a multi million pound company to know common business sense. I don’t cloud my rational thinking with bias and sentiments, unlike some. Some even go as far as making assertions based on assumptions and conspiracy theories ergo Dan Smith. What a load of baloney

  6. This is but a true reflection of the status quo. It’s so sad. These teams don’t give a damn about the fans. They also don’t care about people, it was painful the way they retrenched all the non-playing stuff who I think altogether don’t even earn in a month what they pay Ozil in a week.
    What a bunch of hypocrites

  7. We’re tired of Ozil stories. Ozil should leave us alone and go.

    He doesn’t fit into Arteta plans. He’s a divisive character

    Lazy, strolls in games and creates none of late

    Right now Saka is better than him
    He should just leave us alone

    1. “He doesn’t fit into Mikel plans” that is the valid point you made, and it is true but the rest were unnecessary in my opinion.

      1. And your juvenile comment confirms that you would not know an Arsenal fan if you sat next to one at the Emirates.
        I don’t usually troll other commenters, but could not let your ridiculous one pass without…err…comment.

    2. Full disclosure guys Arteta told ozil to chill till he gets partey so they both can start playing in d league.

    3. Arteta should play him first to fit into his plans.
      I am sure ozil is not in the squad for non footballing reasons.

  8. It’s a lot for just one game… wouldn’t be as bad if it was a fiver! As much as I love watching the beautiful game, on top of everything else I pay, I won’t be paying that! I wonder if many will… streaming all the way, baby!!

    1. Sue: The same system was implemented in the US. Streaming has 2 prices. One with constant adds that you can hardly watch and one without adds that is painful because of high prices.

      1. Icw.. I guess the timing isn’t the greatest.. an awful lot of people are losing their jobs and we’ve just witnessed over 1 billion spent in the window, yet we have to put our hands in our pocket again!! Although at least we have the choice, either we cough up or we don’t! A lot of lower down clubs are saying for that price (£14.95) you can pay your admission, have a burger/pint.. watch live..and even get 50p change 😄

  9. Kroenkie buying Arsenal will transform English football to the same US model. Get more and more money from the fans and treat players like slaves. Players have no rights. They can be cut and dismissed at will. No guaranteed contracts and no right to legal action. Why will it work? Jalousie. All the club has to do is leak few lies. Like greedy Ozil who makes millions did not take a pay cut for the good of the club. Fans will then call for taking money from a millionaire and give it to a billionaire.
    The owners perfected the art of ripping off fans also by creating revenue sharing. Just wait for that to be fully implemented. Football will get a lot more expensive to watch especially because there are no advertisements during matches.

  10. Ozil should leave

    He’s not a good example for our young players now

    Lazy, don’t fight for the team, no more creative and you people want us to keep him

    Anytime I re-watch the Europa finals I understand why Emery dropped him.

    Ozil is no more interested in football

    Ozil is deceiving a lot of you by his PR lies

  11. ‘Ozil doesn’t have the best discipline’ says Arsene Wenger. That’s Arsene’s view about your ‘God’ or ‘Allah’ Ozil

    Arteta by his training won’t accept such behavior more so when Ozil no more performs on the pitch.

    Just rewatch him on the pitch in the Europa finals with Chelsea

    We’re tired of Ozil stories. Since you’re one of his followers/fan, just advise him to leave Arsenal alone.

    1. @admin, I thought this is forum which does not allow racists and religious provocation. How can you allow such comments to publish. These kind of comments are hurtful and disrespectful to Muslim fans. I suggest you remove the comments made by Howard and place a ban on him.

      1. It is very wrong to bring religion into posts.
        I hope that Huss didn’t really mean it when he asked God to cass us (my take on it meaning curse) in a rant about the British in a post a day or so back.

        1. Ahmed
          Ultimately we are Arsenal supporters
          How unpleasantness rears it’s ugly head is always a deep sadness from whatever the standpoint is 👍

  12. Football gets us all emotional but we should never forget arsenal fc are running a business. What does a typical business owners do…they save cost and maximize profit. How is it now a problem. I recently read people saying Wilshire should be offered a contract when the signs are clear he will most likely be a waste of money and space. Harsh but it is about the truth.

    We always want new signings but have problem with shedding off almost £1.5 million per month from the club expenses, that was a bad decision in the first place. A player taking home that amount should be indispensable, but Ozil is not. It wasn’t his fault he got a bumper deal he couldn’t live up to, but you can blame the new look management for trying correct the mistake of the past. Also, there shouldn’t be a discussion of arsenal trying make money like other 18 teams. Again, it is just business and considering we made some investment this summer despite lack of match day revenues.

    We can afford to get emotional and attached to a player but the Management can’t.

  13. Football is an addiction with the players and clubs getting paid for the addicts indulgence……the post was too long and my initial glimpse reflected that…. the similar rational and emotional arguments….Ozil is not the first person in contracts with unmet standard per one party…..neither will he be the last of similar situations……he has a choice ….show up for work as per his contract and shut up…..the constant stunts in the media is unprofessional and childish…..it hurts his image now and in the future…..he should stay and shut-up as per arsenal players policy or quit and tell the world his beef….he should respect the on-field and off-field behaviour per arsenal policy…..arsenal stated clearly that he does not fit the profile of the team….he can work himself to meet the current arsenal standard or shut-up and take the money for another year…..Arsenal does not and should not lose twice ……a ‘defective’ product…..a losing team with him in it……not me but thats how it appears to me.

  14. I don’t know the ins and outs of the financial situation at the Arsenal, but I am fairly certain that obtaining the services of Partey at the last minute shows how difficult this transfer window has been. Apart from a handful of high transfer fees it struck me that deals were lower or involved loans

    If Arsenal need to do what they have to do then it will always be the fans that are expected to stick their hands in their pockets to pay the players that we crave. Let’s be honest here, how many on JA have just said of Auba – ‘pay him what he wants’?? The money has to come from somewhere and that usually involves the fans and sponsorship/tv deals.

    l finally got a dental appointment after months of cancellations due to Covid; it had gone up 50% A huge hike, but then there is PPP to pay for and hiring extra staff to comply with new regulations. How much more does a pint and a glass of wine cost now compared to a few months ago? The short answer is, a lot. Arsenal need to make money to pay the bills. If Leicester can afford to take a different stance then that is fantastic

    Arsenal with Arteta (the rookie yes man for Kroenke) are beginning a new and fruitful journey to a more successful Arsenal on the field, with new additions and a sense of pride.

    Long may it continue

    1. SueP: I would like to answer your post with 3 points.
      1) you say “If Leicester can afford to take a different stance then that is fantastic.”
      Maybe Leicester model is the one all clubs should follow. Obviously Leicester does not have endless money so they must be doing something right. Hence the fans have the right and obligation to criticize Arsenal when their business practices are questionable.
      2) You justify tickets hikes by saying Arsenal needs to make profits and pay for expenses. I wonder how much raise did you get on your paycheck to pay for yours.
      3) Let’s not celebrate MA too soon. He is trying but this is a long season and he will be challenged. In a club like Arsenal he can’t make all the decisions on his own due to Politics, greed, competition and power. Beside being a good coach, he needs to develop a lot of other skills. As fans we can support him and root for him, but we need to be prepared in case the tree decays from the top.

      1. Icw
        I rarely go to games. Cost, travel and other financial constraints make it a case of choosing how I spend my money. I rely on a pension to support me and it is dependent to a degree on the financial health of the world. I’m a polite person and wouldn’t dream of asking such a personal question about your finances

        Your last point hasn’t yet occurred so I can’t answer that

        If Leicester has a business model that works for them, I repeat, its fantastic
        The other clubs are owned by a variety of different wealthy individuals and they will run them the way they see fit

        As for fans being charged £15 to watch a game – it is far too much and with my limited budget would pass on it.
        Hopefully they will be caught out for attempting this rip off

        A question for you then lcw
        How would you balance the books?

        1. SueP: I did not not in any way mean to question/know your finances. I am simply equating the rise in the doctor’s fees or Arsenal ticket prices for instance to fans income. There is no parallel and it gets even worse if you add inflation.
          I balance the books according to how I want to spend money and flying from the US to London to watch games is not on the agenda. I am like all of us fed up with the rising streaming prices and as a matter of principle I might ditch that as well. Too bad because I like to record games and watch them over and over again.

          1. Glad to have sorted that out
            Big money has taken over a sport that my mum and dad went to – starting in the late 40’s early 50’s- and then took me in the late 60’s
            It’s not the same any more and the EPL, Sky and billionaire owners have changed the game from something parochial to now reaching the entire globe making players multi millionaires.
            I have a sports package. My husband and I enjoy many sports so it is worth it for us. I’d keep watching it in the US if you enjoy it. We all need some of life’s pleasures. But going to a game these days usually involves a freebie via a season ticket friend. It is a very expensive pleasure with no real sign that salaries can be more realistic when looking at the average person

            1. And another thing lcw
              I’m trying my absolute hardest not to get involved again in an Ozil discussion-although I often fail
              The outright animosity is getting to gargantuan levels and it is really not great

              1. ” my mum and dad went to – starting in the late 40’s early 50’s- and then took me in the late 60’s”
                I guarantee you Kroenkie’s father never did and there lies the difference😊

                I said many times Ozil to me is just a player and players do not come ahead of the club (unless the club keeps raising prices) . What happened to Ozil happens frequently in the states. So our experiences differ in that regard. Besides for a club needing cash, amateurish business decisions have been made from start to finish. 👍

            2. The game has lost touch with the ordinary working person. The average player has lost touch with the day to day struggles of a football supporter to make ends meet let alone find the spare cash to attend football matches. That was in normal times, let alone a time of global pandemic.

      2. @ ICW…..
        1). Leicester model has been simple. Develop players and sell to ManCity, ManU and Chelsea. Drinkwater, Kante Chilwell, Mahrez, Maguire…etc were sold for good profit. Thay have been good at hiring right talent at right time and devloping. But it’s also true that they haven’t qualified for CL after their PL win. Their standing in PL could have been better if they had not sold players.
        …….. If buyers club stop buying Leicester model will fail financially. Neither fans of these so called big clubs including Arsenal will agree that their clubs don’t buy good proven players from other clubs. Do you want to follow Arsenal to follow same business model ? We did it for years and fans were not happy then.
        b) how much raise someone has got has nothing to do with how much raise someone else has been able to extract from their bosses/business owners. It’s not your business.
        3) it’s a valid point. It’s too early how things will pan out with MA. We support him for how and wish him well. But future will unfold in due course of time and let’s pray it’s better for Arsenal.

        Football is business , for all clubs including Leicester. They will survive only if they ensure they earn more their expenses.
        If they sell streaming rights for £14.5 to 1millon customers they will earn £14.5 m.
        But if they realize 5m customer will come at £5 then they will reduce price because £25m is better than £14.5m. Supply and demand will even out the equation in time.
        However, whatever the price it is, there will always will be some people who won’t be able to afford it just like some can’t afford 3 meals a day. Some can afford 3 meals easily but can’t afford top line MacBook. And some can afford meals and MacBooK but can’t have their own private jet.

        To start with, pricing looks high. I for one can’t afford it for sure.

        1. AJ Good post: By mentioned Leicester model I did not necessarily mean to follow them exactly. Arsenal could begin by not wasting money. Start by recruiting better players especially not 32 years old, not selling good prospects , adopting a good salary structure that does not hamper them down the road. Fans are a good source of revenue that takes a long time to build and Arsenal is squandering that capital by raising prices. It is wrong to hear you and many others say “I can’t afford it”. That means your son/daughter won’t be exposed to Arsenal bringing a loss of next generation of fans. Getting better at PR. There is more to a business than selling high and selling higher.

  15. Leno
    Bellerin Gabriel luiz Tierney
    Ceballos partey ozil
    Pepe/William aubameyang/ laca Saka
    This will undoubtably be the best formation, this offers so much creativity and Steele but instead you people cannot that the club are destroying us by not playing ozil especially now that he has intelligent teammates unlike before. But it seams the die is cast as per ozil situation but it would have been cool that way and they know it, its why they try to get aouar as nobody can replace ozil talent in the team save for maybe saka

    1. Ozil has no “steel”, so Cellabos and Partey would have to do his tracking back, tackling and ball winning for him. He is a “revolving door” without the ball.

      1. Not gonna get into the Ozil debate its way to divisive with so many people hating a person they have never personally met. I couldn’t agree more with ICW the business model has now been aligned to American sports with the soul aim of making profits at all costs. Watch out for the future treatment of players with long term injuries ….its gonna get nothing but ugly. The clubs could have done with social awareness and societal intelligence rather than narrow minded money grabbing antics. The day will come when fans would not want to spend more than they can afford . in closing Admin the post relating to religion is in very poor taste and inflammatory….. This site deserves better

        1. I wonder how you came about the word ‘hate.’ why would anyone hate Ozil. Criticism is not the same as hate. Barcelona told their third highest goal scorer and still a good player he is no longer needed. They are ready to drag with Messi in court.

          Most successful clubs have traits of ruthlessness. But we expect arsenal to be sentimental. To keep playing players ineffective to the current system or offering contract to players based “he is one of us” sentiment.

          I agree arsenal has been ‘money grabbing’ but can’t be blamed for wanting to make more money at this time, like othe clubs. Oh! Besides Leceister.

          1. Thank you Ayo. The accusation that fans who think Ozil’s race has been run at Arsenal must, by default, hate him is childish at best.

            1. Filth, thief, mentally frail, dross, sucking the club dry, lazy, never wanted in the first place, never needed.

              Not getting involved, just recycling some of the “hate ” comments for clarification….lest we forget what went before and you consider calling someone “FILTH” etc a normal term to describe another person/footballer?

          2. Ayo, Your true comment on how so many people deliberately misuse “hate” to mean simply not rating a player shows how little some fans, the lazy minded and non thinking ones actually, care for truth in language and accuracy. Sloppy, misleading, inaccurate langauge means that instead of using a word in its proper meaning, which is well undestood by all, misuse of language means various fans have their own vague idea of what it means, RATHER THAN the precise one it actually SHOULD mean!

            As a writer and lover of language I constantly try to show people how foolish and uneducated is the incorrect use of language. I am not a pedant for grammar and punctuation though and understand that many do NOT HAVE ENGLISH AS THEIR FIRST LANGUAGE.

            The word “HATE” is what most decent people reserve for terrorists, violent criminals, drug dealers, racists and that level of horror. To misuse it, stupidly and lazily, to represent anothers different view about a players use on the field is pathetic and wrong. I liked your post therefore.

            What this misuse tells me is that the person doing so is not intelligent and is slovenly.


      2. the game is all about what do you do when you have the ball mate!!!!
        otherwise Arsenal would be Sheffield.

  16. Exactly ozzigunner. Ozil problem started when cazorla had injury problems and no player in the mold of ceballos to play with together with the steel partey will offer. Listen to Wenger to arteta, he intend the same thing. We are arsenal so it follows that we should all play good technical football as to the physical and explosive style most deluded fans are saying so thumbs up blogger

    1. 👍 Tea, the last Arsenal squad to win the Premier League had the following midfield players:
      Gilberto Silva
      A young Cesc Fabrigas could not get a game in 2003/04.
      If Arsene Wenger wanted to play an extra forward, one Dennis Bergkamp would drop back into midfield.
      There are no wimps in this midfield.

  17. Dan, I agree with most of you comments. Arsenal the club don’t care about fans but you do get the odd player who the fans can associate with.
    Money wise, I paid a 25% deposit ( non refundable ) for 3 club level seats back in February for this season, approx £2500 and now there’s a possibility I have to pay £15 to watch a game on the tv. I understand it’s business and I do get it but I can still be miffed!

    1. That’s a lot of money, Tony! It’s crazy to have to pay that also…a kick in the teeth!! I draw the line at that…

      1. Sue I spoke to the club and they said that as and when tickets became available to go to the stadium I could if I wanted, go into a ballot and the payment made would cover a set amount of games if I was successful. I’m not sure that I would want to go back just yet though.
        The club reiterated that the deposit was not refundable and I knew that so I can’t grumble really. It will be interesting to see their stance if we’re not allowed back until next season. I suppose they’ll want to defer the payment until then…… we’ll see!

        1. Well let’s hope you are successful then!! There’s a lot to think of, especially if we’re not able to return until next season… 😖
          I like the idea of the screening (City game) and this will appeal to a lot of people, not bad price wise, back at the stadium etc.. but not sure I fancy it right now… the thought of going on the tube!!

        2. Arsenal should put the slogan at the club entrance “Thugs life” . How can they take payment and not provide the services. if they can not provide the services the money should be returned. I would suggest, do all the financial dealings with the club via visa so you can always open a claim and get reimbursed from visa ppl.

        3. In an ideal world you spend money on a product that makes you happy. In our case you pay your hard earned money to see Kolesniak gifting the ball to the spurs of all teams and Luiz at will charitable penalties and some fans have the courage to tell you that you can’t criticize the team. How good is that?

  18. Great Article, I have said it before supporting the club is one thing but be completely blind is just next level. It seems to me a lot of Arsenal fans just turn a blind eye when it comes to our club dishing out stuff but when it comes to them being on recieving end all of sudden all this comments and support turns up talking about ethics, morality, being fair, law etc etc. When will fan realise we are a business and businesses are not run in emotions. They run on profits and mega deals. When ozil said something about treatment of ppl in China our beloved club declared publicly we have nothing to do with this and we are a non political organisation because they could forsee the losses n financial hit for doing the right thing. How come are Arsenal part of black life matter then when they declared they are not political organisation….because the whole world is at it and being part of is financially beneficial to the club. They don’t want to loose the club fan base which is directly proportional to profit.

      1. What about the Kurdish Muslims? Ozil seems to be so quiet on that front.
        Why doesn’t he tell his best mate (Erdogan) about those Muslims.
        I bet the Kurdish Muslims Lives don’t matter but the Chinese Muslim Lives matter according to humanitarian Ozil.

        The irony and Hypocrisy here can be sniffed from Jupiter.

        Isn’t it?

        1. @goonster …first you need to base your comments on facts and full information. Ozil also came out in support of people being oppressed in other countries as well, he criticised UAE as well. Second if a person raises his voice for one good cause but not for other it does not make him hypocrite or wrong. That person is better then the person who does not raise voice at all. It can be he finds Turkey to be rightand Kurdish to be wrong but then that’s his opinion as a person. Arsenal is not a person and to say they are not political organisation but go out an support a political cause is hypocrisy. Ozil never came out and said I hold non political views but then started tweeting in support of political causes.

          1. The British and French caused the problem following the First World War, with the carve up of the Ottoman Empire. Kurdistan should have been an independent country, instead the Kurdish lands were distributed between Turkey, Syria and Iraq, making the Kurds minorities in each country.
            Erdogan wants to rebuild the Ottoman Empire.

  19. @howard . It must really interesting to find out what kind of people are some of these fans.
    Some stories today are saying how Ozil won the PR war with Arsenal and that is true from multiple points of view.
    Ozil as a person is top class . The fact that the club could not provide as security of no redundancies forced him not to take a cut. Pretty classy in my opinion to worry about other peoples ,less fortunate than him. And then he offered to pay wages of a mascot yet Arsenal dumped a long term loyal fan even thought it would not cost them anything. If that does not really tell you the difference in class between Ozil the person and the management then i have nothing more to say. Because in a pandemic when all of us share a responsibility to look after each other Arsenal have turned their back to fans and workers at the club.
    I became a fan because of the way Arsenal was run as a class act and a footballing entertaining side. Does any of that remain ?
    As far as actull football no one with a half brain would object to the fact that no matter what Ozil’s age is now he still is the best creative midfielder we have. His form is off but that is true with any player lacking serious game time.
    As far as Parlour or Arteta saying the side has “evolved” that is a load of bs.
    When you look at the signing they made aside from Partey the team looks lacks the kind of football Arsenal played under Wenger as much as i hate to say that.
    I was not a fan of Aw but his teams compared to this coulsd at least entertain. Unfortunately I said last year Arsenal would not break into top 6 and I
    obviously we did not. The way it looks now with MA a pawn of the management top 6 is out of the horizon. We finished below Spurs last year and with the additions they made looks more like Spurs more likely will be a few places further up while we sort out what kind of football we can deliver. The Ozil discusions continue to stir up the fans that blindly believe anything we do is good for the club and have no real objectivity and criticism that can generate some meaningfull direction.

    1. Well said indeed. All this BS about not tracking back etc. Does Pepe track back and defend? And what kind of defending is a forward player expected to do? Tackle? Break up attacks? I am really happy that Arteta has stopped the bleeding in terms of results. However his brand of football is quite dour. It’s like we play not to lose. At home against Sheffield we were tentative until Pepe came on. Substitutions will not always work. Auba was a spectator for most of the game. Will the fans turn on him when he scores fewer goals.

    2. CF, I must only have half a brain, because I expect a Premier League footballer to contribute when the team is without the ball, as well as when the team is in possession. Winning teams cannot carry passengers when the opposition has possession of the ball.

      1. You said it not me Howard
        Sorry but expecting players to forego their strengths and play to their weaknesses does not work.
        Arteta will need a creator the caliber of Ozil to get this group to the next level
        He could have bought Aour but Arsenal been the way they are can only get a player per year and that only in the 11th hour
        Since you did not buy anyone would it not make sense to use the player you are paying a ton of money every week?
        Not Arsenal . The club is punishing the team because they are exposed
        Arteta played Ozil every game before the pandemic when fans were and want to watch the lad play.
        BTW I played in 2 countries top division and for the little I know there is no FOOTBALLING reason why is off the team

  20. Dan, if you had taken the name of the player out and argued your case simply as a money grabbing scheme, there would/could have been a lot more replies on the actual point of the PL clubs taking the fans for a ride.

    I believe you used Ozil’s name as a sure way of getting click bait replies and you have achieved that.

    For someone who’s articles I read and enjoy, for you to use a name that already divides was completely unnecessary, you had an excellent point to get over without his help.

    1. To reinforce my suggestion Da, the top five commente on articles at the moment on JA….all feature a certain player and guess who that is?

      Congrats my friend, the cash cow that is Mesut Ozil.

      1. Ken
        There is something rather tawdry about bringing Ozil into the fray again and again
        There is no longer anything more to add, nothing more to compare or condemn him with
        Like the bloody parrot in Monty Python- the subject is dead

            1. I’m hoping less and less
              In my short involvement with JA the same arguments get trotted out again and again
              I hope my Spanish is ok with the Doris Day song
              Que sera, sera
              Whatever will be……

  21. Howard, big thank you. .Ozil fans are looking for Arteta to fail so that they can blame him, football have evolved and Ozil is lagging behind. Look at Nicholas peep whom Arteta has set standard for n other players. We are begging him to leave if he truly want to play football again

    1. There you go Dan, a perfect article regarding the situation you refer to, with not one mention of any individual.
      Sadly, Jons post will not get the recognition it deserves as it appeared late in the discussion and didn’t mention any particular player.

      1. Ken.. Every away game, with 368 fans…
        Decisions, decisions!!
        Also, not long until the book!! Charles Watts said his arrived yesterday!

  22. DANS WONDERFULLY ACCURATE AND MUCH READ -AND REPLIED TO AS WELL- ARTICLE, brings home to us all what a number of us have been saying for many years past. That is that top level football is financially corrupt from top to toe. Wages are a scandal, which most have chosen to ignore while those fans could at least afford to either go to games or buy TV Sports packages.

    Now , in the middle of this world pandemic, chickens are finally coming home to roost, as some perceptive and forward thinking fans have been telling us all for years past.

    This wage scandal has ALWAYS been the road to ruin. Constant ridiculous wage and ticket increases, plus immoral agents fees, together with the now extra TV money demanded by 19 greedy Prem clubs( well done Leicester City!!) will prove the straw that broke the camels back, with a great number of fans everywhere across the Prem.

    It is simple and easy to understand arithmetic to see that when enough fans turn against paying these scandalous demands -AS MANY WILL CHOOSE OR BE FORCED TO DO BY POVERTY – then the whole corrupt gravy train will veer off its tracks and come crashing down, destroying everything in its path.
    Corruption left unchecked always DOES DESTROY the thing it corrupts. That is the law of how life works throughout history, ever since the Industrial Revolution( and prior to that in many ways too!). Football would be well advised never to forget that this law of life applies to it too!

    Sheer gross greed is bringing the whole football house down and personally I cannot wait for that to happen, as ONLY THEN can we hope to restart in an ethical direction and clean up the whole stinking corrupt mess of the business that surrounds and infects our still wonderful 90 minutes.

    This is more of another reminder of my long lasting prediction, than it is a moan. I am long past moaning at what I have always known must come crashing down one day , since those in authority have refused to become ethical and behave as proper and normal humans do, instead of indulging themselves in their disgusting and immorally earned wealth.

    I CLEARLY REFER TO ALL PREM PLAYERS BY THIS COMMENT TOO. All their wages are an obscenity!


    All it needs is for enough fans to turn their back on you. Whether they do so out of choice or poverty, or both, the end result will still be your permanent undoing. CHANGE, RADICALLY, OR PERISH! THE SAND IS ALMOST GONE FROM THE EGGTIMER.

  23. @emmygonner
    you are a gonner indeed. If the pandemic did not hit
    Ozil would still be playing and MA would have a different take on this. If the fans were still filling the Emirates Ozil would in the line up because his shirt sales alone would justify that. He played every game under MA before the break Yes or no?
    Now fast forward to a greedy club wanting to cut wages and the war started. Arteta does not have the luxury to go against management. This is first and actually in a major club managerial stint and he is not Pep to walk away and have 10 offers with millions waiting to go to his bank account.
    Arteta has to politely find a way to explain that because the club forced his hand. So stop writting nonsense and sit in front of your tele and watch Arsenal hustle for 90 minutes and barely find 2 goals to beat SU . Did Pep ever asked Silva in 1o years at the club to hustle and track back or tackle? I am sure you know the answer to that one .

    1. Yes, inch perfect , or in that was Debruyne was asked to track back. A # 10 ‘s role is to provide for ST’s to score. Team lacked spine around ozil . Now we have got players who can do the stuff .
      Now club has to let him prove his worth .
      Just because Ozil voiced his opinions and refused to take pay cut . he is not in the squads.
      The club handled the situation badly . The news that players refused pay cut should not been let out.

  24. Don’t agree with all your points, really it seems like another plan by the clubs to recoup finances during these times. Most businesses, including Government run Universities, have added new reasons to pay more. I guess we, as the paying customers, are victims of the circumstances but then again, these circumstances are extraordinary.
    Then again, a good article with very fine points indeed.

  25. Ozil is a lazy player not a team player, dont like to put in the work for a team win. Him and Sanchez planned this paid day, Sanchez let went utd and hated it 2 goals in 2 years once he got the payout £400k a week. Ozil got a new deal and he picked which games he could play, with back problems every 2 months and his perform started to drop. Ozil gets paid so much not to do much a pitch.

  26. There are some good points here regarding Özil and Arsenal.
    1. Without being Özil defender, I just cannot understand fans saying Özil is immoral and lazy for taking that much salary. How can You judge his lazyness without seeing him playing? The time Özil played well, it was because many Arsenal players were playning dissent. The time Özil played bad, it was the time fans (me) critisized Walcott, Ramsey, Xhaka, Micky, Musafi…Emery ….and Özil collectively. Why is Özil so much hated? Whay do not fans ask Arteta to give him time to play? Here comes the second point
    2. Arasenal has abondoned the “family”, “responsible” “moral club”..it once has been. Arsenal does not see a player, a fan or employee as it used to be during Arsene Wenger. Recently I was very much angry and sent an email to Arsenal-feedback about advertisement of wine on the homepage with Arteta gladly enjoying a wine. At the same time we critisize player for smoking a cigar, partaying and having some fun just to make sure we cultivate youngsters free from drugs and alcohols, Arsenal do advertise alcohol. IT IS ALL ABOUT MONEY NOW.

    So, yes Arsenal are pissed of and they cannot handle Özil, a rebel with no intention to let them take his money and ase punishing him. What a moral from once role model club. Shame!

    1. @ozziegunner
      Maybe in his village in Scotland. Ozil led shirt sales in Real and Arsenal. Why do you think they paid him 350 per week?

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