We CAN have a good season but only if Arsenal fans support the team completely

Arsene Wenger is facing Everton away today with only one point from our four first matches as the visiting team, but with the Toffees having an awful start to the season we should surely be in line to break our duck this afternoon. But Wenger insists that the only way we can get back on track is if all the fans give their support right to the end of every game. “It is in the back of your mind to always prepare your team in the best possible environment.” Le Prof said.

“What is for sure today is that fans have a preconceived idea of how the season will be very quickly, that it will not be good. In football, even the best team in the world will have good or bad games. That’s why the most important thing at the end of the day is to convince your fans that having a positive season doesn’t depend on one or two games.

“You can only have a positive season if we are all behind the team until the end of the season. Then you can accept the verdict. It is for sure that to be in and out with your support or your commitment as a player, it doesn’t work. Top-level sport today demands consistent commitment on every front because it’s so difficult to win the games. I can completely understand that people are unhappy when you don’t win. You can understand that but as long as the game goes on, you want people to be behind the team.”

So let’s give them our wholesale unconditional support today and start moving back up the table. Once we have an away win under our belts we can surely go on another long winning run!

Sam P


  1. AndersS says:

    There is a very specific way to unite the fans., and Wenger holds the key. If he resigns, and we get a new manager and a new plan, then the whole atmosphere will improve.
    Being an Arsenal fan, does not mean, you should support the dangerous decline Wenger is responsible for.
    Sam P – you are confused about what is an Arsenal fan and what is an Arsene fan!

  2. Sniper says:

    Wenger do you expect fans to support your mediocrity, arsenal is not your personal property, just go away and leave our club and no one will miss you, you don’t deserve our birthday message for what! ruining our club you still believe we will have good season? we have been here before sir

    1. The club is not your personal property either. Who are you to think that you know better than the players or the manager? The players support Wenger, they come to the club for Wenger, not for you. You are nobody and nothing. Who are you to take it upon yourself to undermine the team with your negativity and ruin the season for everyone, for millions of fans around the globe? You people are the worst, you don’t make any sense! If you are paying money for tickets, why show up and sabotage team morale?

      It honestly looks as if your whole MO is to sabotage the team so you can prove that you are “right”. If you are coming to games to spread your negative stench stay home. We don’t need weak-kneed people like you stinking up the atmosphere. Real fans are part of the team, and we show solidarity and we boo the opposition, not our own.

      Fan negativity is the #1 reason for Arsenal’s poor performances. If the negative fans spent their energy supporting the club and boing the opposition their would be no “mental fragility” at Emirates stadium, there would be a fortress. Instead, you do your utmost to create media scandals and controversy that embarrass everyone at the club and yourselves and undermine player morale.

      If everyone acted like you, all our stars would leave and we wouldn’t be able to recruit top talent again ever. Who wants to play for fans like that? Utter and complete total trash.

      1. AndersS says:

        How do you conclude the players support the manager? Several of the best seem to want away, and it is now a regular thing, that our players give nowhere near 100%.
        The truth could be, that they have also lost belief. It would be unheard of to say it publicly. But it shows!

      2. Fan negativity? Even if we won all of our 19 home games we would still have 19 other away games where the fans cannot be blamed for not supporting the team. Who would be blamed for the results then? The referee? The pitch? The schedule?

      3. Goonerbri says:

        Best comment I’ve read for a long long time. Well said. Coyg

  3. Dipak says:

    Spot on Sam I agree I think it’s all too easy to bash Arsenal these days. Yes the board and manager don’t help the situation but one constant remains and that is Arsenal.
    So let me ask you a question AndersS if a new manager comes in signs new players and has a new plan and we are still where we are now then what? The only thing that creates winning is stability I’m not saying for one second that Wenger should be there for life but getting a new manager doesn’t guarantee success.

    I mean if Ranieri gets the sack after winning their one and only ever league title in their entire history then there is something seriously wrong in our game all of a sudden they started playing again under “shakey” then guess what a couple of bad results and he’s out the door. I’m just merely using this as an example. It’s actually hardest to support the team through thick and thin but very easy to be cynical when things are not going well.

  4. joe mehmet says:

    i love my club but i can’t support wenger and his principles anymore,he has made us the laughing stock in football…he keeps going on about values the club stands for…that was yesteryear he hasn’t embraced the world has changed and players have changed…..watching the watford game last week was a reminder of the countless times against these teams that we get pinned backed an lose…seen it all too many times under wenger..never under graham mee niell even howe an houston but wenger yes and thats why we will never win the title again when you got a manager who can’t defeat these teams with ease…
    you are wrong in asking us to support the club which we do

  5. ThirdManJW says:

    This is factually wrong! Opinions I welcome, but lies have to be dealt with the utmost urgency. Wenger had unconditional support for years, and look where it got us fans…9 years without a trophy, humiliation after humiliation against top teams, and top players constantly leaving (Alexis being the latest).

    One can only be patient for so long. Clearly Wenger will never change his philosophy, so it’s time for the fans to try and push him out, because the owner isn’t going to help us get rid of him. Any fan of any club has a right to protest, and especially those on game days, who have paid the extortionate ticket prices, and spent hours travelling. So hopefully some more ‘Wenger out’ banners at Goodison today.

  6. arsenal4life says:

    PL footballers lead a terrible life.
    They are forced to play in front
    of thousands, watched by millions,
    and accept massive weekly payments whether they play or not.
    Even if they are out all season with injury
    they must accept 100k per week.
    The manager has suffered the most because despite
    failing to win the PL Title for 13 years he has
    been compelled to accept 8 mill pound a year salary.
    Most fans footballing dreams ended by the time
    they were 10 told they were not good enough already.
    Some continue to play out their dreams in the wastelands of Sunday league.
    Most fans turn up year in year out and receive an occassional
    cursory, perfunctory superficial wave as a demigod leaves the field.
    Players are disappointed if they lose to a crummy rival but still bank a 100k
    Fans have their power turned off, are evicted from their home
    buy 30p loaves of bread as a treat.
    Yet the manager who has been paid 91 million pound since his last title
    is outraged by any fans who dare question why these multi millionaires
    have not won a title in a decade or more.
    Whats wrong with these people?

  7. All the love in the world will not turn a donkey into a racehorse. Wenger is a selfish egoistical man who will drag us through the gutter before admitting he is the problem. Best practice in football management suggests a coach should only be around for 2-3 years and move on and give a chance for new ideas and fresh perspective. Wenger hanging on for 20 years is why we have become so predictable with so many bogey teams. We need change!

  8. Tony says:

    good excuse for not playing well

  9. Kamikaze says:

    am not even excited about arsenal games nwdays

  10. AndersS says:

    Last week it was the ref’s fault. This week it is the fan’s, who are critical of Wenger. Next week it is the weather, and then bad luck, and then the pitch, and then the schedule, and then….
    A never ending story about how to avoid the real issue.

  11. gunnersrocks says:

    Wenger kroenke and gazidis out

  12. Shemzy20 says:

    If possible you read this post Mr wenger pls change your old mentality of not buying quality players if you need to win

  13. Sue says:

    I love my team & want them to win every game, which I know is impossible (even in our invincible season) but even if they don’t win I’d like them to keep trying & working hard until the final whistle, not giving up after 45 minutes!!
    It’s frustrating for us fans paying all the money we do to watch them!
    Come on Arsene you get paid 8m a year, sort it out get the team selection right & play people in their proper positions & most importantly get a result!!

  14. Nothing changed says:

    Sam P, it is my experience that most football fans support their teams no matter what the results as long as they feel the team was fit to wear the shirt. ie as long as they see the team gave 100%.

    Fans start to get on a team, even Barca or Real if the lads have an off game where the can’t be arsed.

    Our fans see that Wenger’s teams don’t consistently give 100% and that is what leads to all our problems. When we show up we are hard to beat. When we think we can play a Watford at 95% we go on our face. Winners show up more or less every game.

    Winner believes and knows that dropping points is fatal in the PL if you want to win it all.

    So if we want to have a good season let the players show up mentally prepared to give full concentration and 100% energy and the fans will match them.

  15. Dianjuh says:

    Its amazing the way Wenger puts it, and its hypocritical in my view.

    To fully support something you must fully believe in it. Its that simple. Wenger and the Board have taken away our belief in the team, even the players themselves seems to not believe they can win some games. Now where do you want full support to come from??

    We give you a chance every summer to build our belief in the team and you always fail us.

    I know am not speaking for everybody, but Wenger you are on your own this time. And once the two years are done, please move on, so that we can as well…

  16. Midkemma says:

    Every match day I get behind Arsenal.

    I want to be proud of AFC like I used to but since the old board got greedy it has been hard to get behind Arsenal 100%, the players can give 100% and we could win in a easy manner but afterwards I will think about the situation AFC is in and I get frustrated like we lost.

    It isn’t Wenger for me, I would say that although Silent Stan is a big factor I would say it isn’t him (although he is the man with the power to change things), I get frustrated as soon as I think about Gazidis and the BS he feeds us year after year. I honestly do think that we could compete for the EPL even with Silent Stan as the owner, look at UTD for an example of greedy yanks who learn and invest in the team… Now looking like real EPL contenders.

    Arsenal fans put their hands in their pockets to support Arsenal, we have been taken for fools regarding ticket prices so I feel confident in saying that if we had bought well over the past 5 years then Gazidis could have demanded more from sponsorships and make Silent Stan asset increase in more wealth than banking money.

    Spending well by not buying players like Perez who doesn’t have the trust of the manager and ends up being wasted money, should have got Lacazette and saved ourselves money in the long run.
    Another player is Elneny, I like him as he fights for his spot but we all know he isn’t quite good enough for a team who wants to win the EPL, he was bought when Wenger wanted Xhaka…
    Xhaka may not be living up to expectations but now we have Xhaka AND Elneny as us fans want a CM signing as we perceive that as the weak area.

    We had a great opportunity to fully resolve the CM when we bought Xhaka but the board was more worried about the £££ to do a good job, we should have bought Xhaka and Kante together.

    Wenger doesn’t like confrontation and as such I do not expect him to speak out against Gazidis, the way Wenger went to Silent Stan just reaffirms my belief that Wenger will avoid confrontation. When he leaves and if Gazidis is still CEO then I expect someone who will support Gazidis and not be ambitious for the clubs sake.

    I support the players when they show the passion/desire.
    I respect Wenger and have mixed feelings about him as a manager.
    I despise Gazidis, he is a parasite draining AFC of our future and the longer he is with us the harder it will be to recover.

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