We can see that the Arsenal players are enjoying their football again

After a very tough start to the season when we lost our first three games, there were times where the Arsenal fans were calling for Mikel Arteta’s head and saying that we had no chance of success with a bunch of kids untried in the Premier League.

Now we have made it to the end of the year and Arteta has got all these “kids” playing like seasoned pros and are improving steadily as they play more games together.

People forget that the previous summer we had bought both Gabriel and Partey, and both of them were hardly fit last season, but are now like new signings alongside the youthful arrivals of this summer. So basically Arteta brought nearly a whole new team together after our injury and Covid-ravaged start to the campaign.

One thing that seems obvious is that the new team are enjoying their football, and the fans have sensed that and have got behind the team. Thomas Partey, who seemed to take the longest to settle into the rhythm of the Premier League but has now found his feet at last. The ex-Atletico midfielder described the new feeling in the camp after the 5-0 drubbing of Norwich.

Partey told Arsenal.com: “It is very enjoyable, I enjoy a lot playing with them,”

“They are good talents, a lot of people around that can play with them and they have a lot of quality in front of goal and they can score at any time, so it is a joyful moment playing with them.

“We feel very happy. This is a game we really enjoyed. We have had a couple of games now where the team is doing very well and performing and I think this is what we have to keep doing.

“I think we are working harder, we are doing what we have to do, everyone is playing their role very well and that is the mentality that the coach wants us to play with and enjoy on the field and that is what we are doing.”

The biggest test of how much more happy and confident we are will come next week, when we face the Champions-elect Man City, after which Partey will be off to AFCON.

Let’s see if he gets on the plane with a smile on his face….

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  1. I don’t believe that at all. The players mood like the quality of play has been consistent all season. The only thing changing has been the quality of the opposition. .
    Against Brentford we were ravaged by injury and illness. We then played the European Champions and the PL Champions. Two of those games were away. Then after the break we got all our players back and the games got a whole lot easier and we predictably went 6 wins 2 draws. Predictable home wins over Watford + Newcastle were matched by predictable away losses at Liverpool and Man U. An upset loss at Everton has been followed by predictable wins v Southampton Westham Leeds and Norwich. Saying the players are enjoying themselves more than before is drawing a long bow and is twee as there is absolutely no proof of that. The league results have been almost totally predictable from the off and will continue to be so to the end of the season. In the summer I predicted 5th or 6th but have now revised up my prediction to 4th/5th.

      1. Three of these four wins came at home.
        Leicester were beginning a bad run of form.
        Spurs were in free fall and soon after sacked their manager. Villa have since sacked their manager. Westham has won but one of their last 5.

        1. In fact, every Arsenal win was because our opponents were rubbish and every defeat was Artetas fault. Seemples

            1. You earn 3points when you beat a better team and also earn the same amount of points, when you defeat the less better. So, why should we be worried about not beating a top team??🤷 We are fourth on the log, guys. Let’s rather revel in that than make unsuitable comments, undermining the efforts of the team, thus far.

    1. fairfan, So according to your “deeply thougtful” brain, Arsenal teams never change in ability or effectiveness of performance but only the oppositionquality changes.

      Forgive my pointing out the obvious flaw in your “reasoning” but why is our club -as a “non ever changing team”- so completely different from all other teams, ie the “oposition”, who according to you, changes all the time??

      1. Spot on Jon. The fact about the saying ” you can not satisfy everyone” points that you can’t eat your cake and still have it.
        AW rightly stated that only one team is entitled to be champion and whatever you choose to call other teams is your choice.
        If, with such great run of performances from Arsenal would mean I would win all so called smaller teams (15)and lose to the so called bigger teams (5) then I can be assured of a place in European competition and I’d like to point out that there’s no smaller club in England and my Arsenal is very very capable of beating any team on their day.
        I get so pissed off sometimes when some Arsenal fans gets carried away for no reason because if you ask them, they would cherish the league title every season but the question is, is it possible????

  2. I think we became a bit more consistent after Lacazette helped our midfielders and after Odegaard pressed like a madlad

    I heard Wilshere will be offered a short-term contract, since Maitland-Niles is leaving

    1. I believe you are right GAI?
      We need young quota players noe Niles might be going to Roma. nelson could come back but we need a young fit Jack Wilshere who exactly firts the new young profile player the club is recruiting. Kim Kalstrom is coming back again to cover Partey and Danny Wellbeck is returning to cover for Aubameyang. Willian is also coming back to cover Saka who is in need of a rest. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    2. @gai
      We’re getting rid of AMN, but signing a crocked useless Wilshere. You’re kidding, right…🤔

            1. I think keeping AMN and not Wilshire would be the sensible thing, not the other way round. I dont se Wilshire signing anyway, nonsensical idea.

  3. I trust the process and I believe MA is the right man for the job however, we mustn’t get carried away, there is a considerable lack in quality on the teams below 6th in the league this season.

    1. Or a considerable gain in quality on Arsenal this season.

      -because there is an actual gain in quality in the ‘lower’ teams if you watch them play.

  4. Good to see the boys playing well and ripping teams apart. I believe we’re now genuine contenders for the top four and I hope we do make it. Something is clearly going on well in the dressing room. Long may it continue. Kudos to Arteta for the change in form

  5. I don’t agree that there are predictable wins or losses. Any team is can beat another and this is not strange at all. I recall when Liverpool was beaten by Aston Villa 7-2 last season. Similarly Man City has ever lost badly at home to what some people may call weak teams. Soccer is soccer, so goes the old saying. Only in the fantasy world are things predetermined. In the real world there are bound to be pros and cons, ups and downs as well as surprises. Thus terms like “games which a team is expected to win” are grossly misleading. A game is never won until it is over.

    1. This is the truth
      Spot on. ..I’m very disappointed with sine fans here saying we’ll loss wen we haven’t even played the match…..predictable wins..I don’t understand some person’s reasoning here…..when we beat a team….its because the team is bad
      Wen we lost its because Arteta is bad….

  6. I think keeping AMN and not Wilshire would be the sensible thing, not the other way round. I dont se Wilshire signing anyway, nonsensical idea.

  7. If the players enjoy it we enjoy it. It’s about letting go and being spontaneous. Lately they have been a breath of fresh air. The three musketeers ESR, Saka and Martinelli are the future of Arsenal Football Club.

  8. I believe AMN is forcing a move. Partey is leaving for Afcon and Lokonga has covid. I think it was a nice opportunity for AMN to get his chance and prove himself.

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