‘We cannot pretend nothing happened’ Ceferin warns that Arsenal isn’t off the hook

UEFA president, Aleksander Ceferin has refused to rule out sanctions on Arsenal and the other 11 teams who formed the suspended European Super League.

One week ago, the Gunners and their fellow English top six sides, as well as three teams each from Spain and Italy, announced that they have formed a new competition that replaces the Champions League.

Arsenal’s owner, Stan Kroenke, and those of the other English teams totally misjudged what the fans wanted, considering how they turned on them.

Manchester City withdrew first and other English teams followed suit with the Gunners offering an apology to their fans.

UEFA is now looking to mend their relationship with the rebelling teams and there have been calls for them to be sanctioned.

Nothing has been decided yet, however, Ceferin has refused to rule sanctions out and says there are consequences for every action, suggesting that Arsenal and the other teams will face the music.

Speaking to Mail Sport, he says: ‘Let’s see. Everyone has to take consequences for what they did and we cannot pretend nothing happened. You cannot do something like that and just say: “I’ve been punished because everybody hates me.” They don’t have problems because of anyone else but themselves. It’s not OK what they did and we will see in next few days what we have to do.

‘But for me it’s a clear difference between the English clubs and the other six. They pulled out first, they admitted they made a mistake. You have to have some greatness to say: “I was wrong.” For me there are three groups of this 12 — the English Six, who went out first, then the other three [Atletico Madrid, AC Milan, Inter] after them and then the ones who feel that Earth is flat and they think the Super League still exists. And there is a big difference between those. But everyone will be held responsible. In what way, we will see.

‘I don’t want to say disciplinary process but it has to be clear that everyone has to be held responsible in a different way. Is it disciplinary? Is it the decision of the executive committee? We will see. It’s too early to say.’

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  1. How about a transfer ban for 3-4 years,so we can get stucked with Elneny,Xhaka,Leno forever?We can use Aubameyang til he’s 40 years old.Just like that the mediocre plyers we have can collect their obscene wages forever without being affraid of competition from new signings.All good…

    1. Why this feeling ? Did not see that video of auba saying “this is my family”, the hand on the heart ? Money has nothing to do with him being here no ?

  2. The reality is that UEFA are not in a position to dictate. The 12 clubs can still form a League of their own and the others like Bayern and PSG would have to follow or wither and die. This is a shot across UEFA’s bow and they know it.

    1. Disagree completely, i think due to the diabolical handling by the clubs last week UEFA have never been in such a strong position, they have plenty of support and the clubs are pretty powerless at the moment. You are not reading the situation at all. The clubs have turned every man and his dog against them. Its upto Uefa how much they let the clubs off or how much they punish them.

    2. Wyoming, REALITY HAS ALREADY SHOWN THOSE OF US WHO OPEN OUR EYES AND EARS that fans will not stand for it, won’t support it and without fans football is meaningless and will die, in the longer term.
      Have you learned nothing during this last week AND from the year without fans, due to Covid? It seems you have not learned!

    3. Exactly

      banning the Super 12 means much less income for UEFA and less appeal in the competition

      If they are serious and not concern about money they should do it…

      this will speed up the Super League

  3. Arsenal fans protesting about the ESL are all hypocrites.
    Here we are in tenth place but can still make the CL . If that is not a clear example of big club privilege I will go he.
    Are the fans protesting about this?
    Of course not.
    Are our fans complaining about our club being sponsored by an oil rich conglomerate Emirates?
    Of course not.
    Did our fans complain about players receiving their obscene salaries during the covid lockdown?
    Of course not.
    Are the fans complaining about our terrible league position.
    No of course not.
    The fans are so busy trying to be sanctimonious and talking about invisible values they are blind to our own privilege.

    1. You really dont get it at all, none of this from the fans was about anything but sport, football and their clubs being used behind everyones back in secret grubby meetings. The fans and football never came into it by these people, thats what is is about.

    2. Fans don’t complain about league position?? Haha you should read this site more. I’d say our awful performance this season has been the most whinged about topic this season.

      How can you say us getting into the CL via winning the Europa League is privilege. It’s the definition of merit. It’s not like the other teams have been instructed to lose because we have such a prominent standing in the world.

      Think more, type less.

      1. The top teams are given so much privilege it is ridiculous.
        At the end of the CL group stage the top two in each group advance to the knock out stage.
        So are the bottom two both eliminated?
        No because the third team receives direct entry into the EL knock out stage and a favourable draw because of the higher coefficients. So everything is done to favour elite teams like Arsenal. So Arsenal fans protesting about elitism but ignoring our own teams elite advantages are clearly hypocrits.

  4. Anyone watching the League Cup final? City so much on top but I can see spurs nicking this with a break away, 9 attempts for City to 1 so far. Bloody hope not though…..

  5. We only make the CL by doing what other clubs have done before us and in this case- by winning the EL so I’m not complaining if we do
    Our sponsors are no better or worse than betting companies in my opinion
    I can’t speak for others but I have never been happy about the huge salaries. After the Ozil situation I was against awarding salaries like that again.
    As for being sanctimonious about our club values historically, you are barking up the wrong tree in my opinion. We did have values, perhaps you don’t remember them

    1. Sue, we are powerless on tranfers and wages, all the bad business and overspending has been done by owners, whatever we say for or against.

      1. All the bad spending has been done by the incompetent board and technical directors. Nothing to do with the owner. 72 m Pepe was bought by the club scouting team.
        Same with Lacca. Aubameyang 60 m bought to placate fans after the Sanchez debacle. Stan knows nothing about football and do had nothing to do with buying Willian Saliba Guendouxie Torreira Kolasinac and losing Ozil Ramsey Sanchez Mudtafi and Socritis on a free. All done by the Managers and club officials. Nothing to do with the owner.
        13 losses and 10th place all down to inexperienced manager and club officials and players on vast salaries with no performance clauses.
        Nothing to do with the owner.

        1. Are you Josh Kroenke by any chance?
          I try very not to rubbish others but you are blinded by your support of an astute businessman but a rank, rotten owner

          1. Sue P Its not worth engaging with this person. He does not think in a normal or logical fashion. He is an apologist for his fellow countryman in Kroenke and only THAT can explain his ridiculous comments. I suspect he is a troll, deliberately trying to cause trouble and laughing at us when we call him out.

        2. Kronk is sole owner and will have final say in all big decisions, all the board are approved by him, he is responsible.

        3. Why everyone is trashing WYOMING for his comments or saying he was a troll. All is not kroenke fault. We are far behind clubs who did not go after a laca (more than 50), a 35m defender at the time (mustafi), auba (60m) or pepe. Not mentioning tierney, saliba while giving away sanchez wilshere or ramsey for free. I did not mention our payroll which is more or less the same as other members of top 6. And yet we tied auba and willian this september for 550k a week lol. Is this kroenke fault ? I don’t say he is someone that shows passion for the club or should remain at arsenal. No. I don’t know how responsible he was in the mess and twists at one point (mislintat,sanlelli,edu). He did not carry us like Abramovitch did at chelsea or what the oil princes do at man city. But yet we have to recognize he put some money here. We (who?) mostly made and made many transfer and contracts mistake.

  6. Our clubs will wait to see what Uefa do to them and really we cant complain of any punishment but i do hope it hurts these sleazy owners more somehow, they were the architects all on their own.

  7. Reggie, as you know, we are both on the same page with regards to the SL… however, it really angers me when I hear/see proven corrupt associations like FIFA and EUFA playing the “holier than thou” card.

    All the six clubs made an enormous mistake, but not one of them have been found guilty of corruption, bribes and had the two top men in both associations banned from football.
    Plus, the current FIFA president is currently being investigated for similar charges.

    You are correct that the six clubs have given tremendous power to the governing bodies (also the PL) but it’s like being judged and sentenced by a court that has shown it’s own incompetence and disregards to football for decades.

    1. Call me naive ken and i may be but i do think that those associations obviously had corrupted people in them, are (not so much fifa) a lot cleaner than they were and are run now by different people. They are our bodies and they represent the associations. Wether we like it or not, it is still better the clubs/ teams are accountable to a football association, than the SL cartel that was being proposed. Money rules this planet and people get greedy and some get found out. Blatter and his cronies thought they had a closed shop but ultimately it wasnt. The super league would have been and it would have been even worse. I cant be sure that the football associations are better than they were, i hope they are but they are not a closed shop and if we get people bent in them again, im confident they would get found out again. Wether we like it or not ken it is the better way to run football than football run itself, or the owners.

      1. I’m not saying that football needs to have “associations”, but I think this ridiculous move for a breakaway league has taken all the pressure away from UEFA / FIFA…. AND THE MOST IMPORTANT POINT YOU MISSED… is that the FIFA president is currently the subject of a criminal investigation!!!

        Plus, we still have Platini protesting his innocence and trying, yet again, to overturn the decision against him.

        Are these type of officials really those who should be in charge of the game and deciding how to punish others?

        1. So ken what do you suggest should be done, i do believe fifa is international football and uefa is club football i think uefa is better run than fifa nowadays and a cleaner. Blatter and Platinis etc are well gone and a new breed in doing i hope a better job.

          1. That’s the problem, I really don’t know!!!
            Football has become a web of deceit, lies, corruption and cover ups….. that’s why I think it’s farcical that EUFA AND FIFA are now setting themselves up as the good guys.
            Really just thought I would give my thoughts / opinions on the situation.

    1. its all about the money…

      The FA, UEFA and Fifa will agree to the Super league if they have a slice of the pie….

      they have been eating up a large chunk of the funds for years….

  8. It is my understanding that currently, there are still at least 3 clubs in the Super League. Would you not agree that EUFA should give these clubs an ultimatum, that either they drop their membership of said league immediately, or be barred from participation in the UCL and any of the Europa League competitions for the next 10 years! The trouble is EUFA want to make lots of money too, and I think they would not dream of doing what I propose, because that would be like shooting themselves in the wallet. There will still be much handwringing, but since money is what EUFA love, they will probably levy fines…..
    I hope nobody has forgotten FIFA in all of this. Again, I will reiterate, I believe that, just like in Harry Potter and the Sorcerers stone, if Platini turned his head, you would see Blatter’s face on the back of it!

  9. Fans did a great job by arm twisting their clubs to backpedal on the ESL. Will it not be unfair to punish their clubs after helping UEFA defeat the idea? Any attempt to punish the clubs can lead to a feeling of betrayal by the fans. UEFA should note that fans still love their clubs that was why they went all out to ensure they did not sacrifice fan interest for club owners’ financial gain. The humiliation they suffered is ok. Let the fans enjoy their clubs. UEFA must not do something that will make them lose the sympathy of the fans, which can lead to support for the ESL idea.

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