We can’t gloat – but Arsenal are big winners this week

Well we have only played one round of the International matches, and only have Arsenal players scored quite a few goal (as in Walcott, Cazorla and Sanchez) but suddenly our opponents have become severely weakened. Is this the year where injuries actually work in our favour for a change?

We all believe that Man City are our biggest rivals for the title, and already they have lost Aguero for a month, the Argentinian striker said after he was stretchered off last night: ‘I think I’ll be a month without playing,’ Aguero said. ‘I’ll go to the AFA national team compound to carry on with treatment. To recover from the tear I’ll surely need a month.

‘I’d been playing very frequently and was in doubt [for Thursday’s match] until the last minute, but as a player you always want to be there and never know what can happen.’

So that is probably our most serious striker for a Premier League title out of the way. The worry is that Man City knew he his hamstring was a little fragie before he went, which is why I a bit worried about Alexis Sanchez, as the international are more likely to risk their best players whatever the effect on the domestic League.

After that Man City’s problems were compounded when David Silva was also taken off while playing for Spain with ‘a bad sprain of the internal lateral ligament of the right ankle’, which means he is also likely to miss the next few weeks of action for City, and we have to remember that both of them are likely to be unavailable for the six-pointer against Man United. This can only be good news for Arsenal. Although we do not like to gloat on other teams injuries we have to admit that it is usually our players that come back from international duty with long term injuries, so maybe luck is actually on our side for a change….

Meanwhile, Man United’s Sebastien Schweinsteiger suffered an injury with Germany, while Wayne Rooney missed yesterdays England win over Estonia, which not only may dent the confidence of a man that has scored just one in the last three months, but it also gave Theo Walcott the chance to replace him (and score) for England.

Lastly we hear that Mario Gotze has been ruled out for the crucial Arenal game against Bayern Munich (and the return leg) so that will be one less player Arsenal have to worry about, not that Bayern have more than enough stars to cover for him!

I think Aguero and Silva could be the biggest pluses for Arsenal, but I refuse to gloat just yet as we have one more round of games to play and i am VERY worried about Sanchez, which would be as big a loss to us as Aguero would be for Man City.
Fingers crossed for the next round of games, especially for Alexis..

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  1. Let me try to guess what the article is about without reading a word.

    It has something to do with Aguero and David Silva getting injured.

  2. I hate articles that rejoice in other people’s injuries
    I wish Aguero, Silva and Schweinsteiger a quick return. They are all quality players and help make the PL so great.

    We should worry about ourselves. Not depend on the misfortunes of others.

    Even with those players missing, City and United

    If we beat Watford and Everton, we have a great chance of being 1st on October 25th because of the United v City match.

  3. From here on now with the watford and everton games coming up we cannot get complacent its all about focus and digging deep! So its all shoulders to the plough for the “gunners”! Coyg!

  4. Theo will enjoy this one. Had dream last night. Walcott was leading the line with Alexis on the left,
    Messi at no10 and Ronaldo on the right. All the rest were from our present squad which is pretty damned respectable. So Theo, if you can`t have a ball with that lot around you, you never will.
    OK, back to sleep.haha!

  5. Well I for one seiously believe that the Aguero injury gives us a great chance to pull away from City in his absence. Hell he scored five goals in 20 minutes last week, obviously City are going to miss him.

    1. And silva ..everything goes through Silva and finishes with Aguero. These two are most important to their attack, Toure is a little prone and so has Kompany been for a while. I respect RobertTG sentiment and fair play and all but like you I would be lying if I said this didn’t feed into my hope. Nice to experience other side of fence for a change.

  6. It’s very unlikely that city would struggle with the team they have. They can push yaya upfield, or play De bruyne behind Bony with Sterling and Navas on the wings.

    1. Sometimes the difference between a mid table team and a challenging team is that extra bit of pure quality ..and that is what they have lost. Your right though they do have others capable of it ..but how often are Silva and Aguero the core of it.

  7. If we are good enough to win the title we will win it without relying on what happens in other teams….meanwhile please don’t Jinx the injury free international we are having so far, there is still some way to go yet remember!!!!

  8. All im happy to see is no injuries to our players and they are still bang on form. Even though Germany got beat by ROI did anyone see ozils dummy n flick to rip 2players apart and get away… out of this world. Cazorla playing prob best football of his career atm while the partnership of theo/sanchez is blosseming at arsenal they are all carrying their form to International stage.

    Sad to see Aguero and Silva out… love their style of plays and two of my favourite premier league players to watch! Speedy return Kun!

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