We can’t keep blaming Wenger’s signings for Arteta’s failures

All Managers Inherit Players – it’s not An Excuse to fail by Dan Smith

AFTV came up on my suggestions last night, and apart from referring to the obvious Runarsson mistake, I watched them blame everything on Mustafi. Seeing as Xhaka and Bellerin were not playing, of course Mustafi would be the latest scapegoat.

Common sense would suggest that if you are 15th in the League and just been humiliated 4-1 at home, that the majority of the squad have been poor. Yet again though, let’s blame only one of the centre backs because fans want to convince themselves that Gabriel is a world class signing?

Let’s also ignore the fact that this was another opportunity that Maitland Niles and Willock failed to embrace?

You see some Gooners have a list of players they pick on for their own agenda. That agenda being that some built a reputation on social media disrespecting the Greatest Manager in our history and feel they will hurt their credibility by admitting the grass hasn’t proven greener.

In terms of us going backwards since Arsene Wenger left, it couldn’t be more apparent that we have seriously declined. Be honest, if it were a rival fan who complained for years about only finishing in the top 4 you would now be telling them’ be careful what you asked for?’

So to save face, the narrative is now is that it’s still Mr Wenger’s fault because talent he signed are still at the club.

Of course when we won the FA Cup and some on JustArsenal were predicting in the summer a title challenge it wasn’t an issue.

I had readers tell me why Emery, and then Arteta, were better than Wenger, yet when they fail, that’s the fault of a man who left two and a half years ago?

I like Arteta and want him to succeed. I can though not want him sacked, but still acknowledge that the current results are not good enough.

You have to set certain standards. The Spaniard will put things right, but it would be wrong to blame previous coaches, he has to take responsibility.

Fans need to stop pretending we are unique.

Yes, Mr Wenger didn’t leave things perfect on or off the pitch, but he didn’t leave us as a club just above relegation in December either.

You will find that normally there is a reason why a club make a managerial change. Very rarely does a manager walk into a new job where everything is perfect.

Even Sir Alex Ferguson was accused of leaving an ageing Man United. David Moyes was given 6 months, very few said, ‘wait till he’s brought his own players.’

Unless you’re Man City or Chelsea the idea of having to work with individuals from a previous regime is fairly common. Part of any job criteria is getting the best out of the resources available to them. You can’t expect a free pass until you have had as many transfer windows as you want. Not that Arteta is asking for that.

To prove the myth, Carlo Ancelotti equally started work on Boxing Day last year with Everton 15th in the League. A year on they are 4th. Of the 14 players used to beat us, 12 he inherited.

Jose Mourinho has been at Spurs longer then Arteta at Arsenal by a few weeks. 10 players who featured at the weekend were part of the previous regime.

Even David Moyes in his year back at West Ham is 10th, yet is working with the majority of the same group who were near the bottom three. Nine players who started their last game were there before Moyes was.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has been at Man United a year longer than Arteta. He’s finished 4th in his first full season and is currently 3rd, yet on Sunday he was working with a squad where 12 out of 19 were not his signings.

So other managers equally have had to work with players they inherited – but have managed to improve.

This idea that a manager gets a free pass because he doesn’t have ‘his’ players is just a concept that some of our fans have made up, either to make excuses for Arteta or because they can’t admit they were wrong; that the present is proving that maybe Mr Wenger did a better job than some think?

Dan Smith

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  1. Mustafi was great in Arteta’s 3-4-3, but he seemed to have lost his focus yesterday. Maybe because he’s leaving us, so better give the chance to another CB who still has future at Arsenal

    This should also apply to other Gunners who won’t play for Arsenal anymore next season

    1. I was hoppning MA would use Caraboa to reunite Özil in the team in january for PL and El.

      Now i am 101% conveinced Özil is gone for good due to immoral Arsenal politics

  2. Leicestein (or whatever the name of the Swiss fro Juventus), Luiz, Willian, Torreira, Pepe (at that price) – these are all rubbish signings made after Wenger which the man would never have made.
    Somebody warned us at the time to be careful what we wished for. Now because it has happened, we can’t take the humble pie.
    I said at the beginning that it was going to be another season of moans and sighs. But even I didn’t expect it to e his bad!

      1. Well at least he held his ground of not settling for players over 30. We have never been a retirement club.

        And those names you’ve mentioned have registered more wins and achieved top 4.

      2. And Squllaci, Sylvester and Sanogo but he still got to Top Four with this set of guys, remember he played Barca of Guadiola with this same defenders and got beaten 4-1 but he wasn’t getting beaten by the likes of Burnley caliber. Relegation was the last thing to even talk of as at that time.

    1. Please not the old be careful what you wished for one,as we all know from about 2008 we have been in a big decline, our standards dropped to the fact that top 4 was the main objective the players we were signing were know where the calibre we had before, they were good technically but lacked the character and fight when the chips were down, Wenger also showed his inability to change tactics or adapt to the modern game his team’s were no longer feared, so I do say these are the same things that haunt us now,so don’t believe it would be any better under Wenger please or him and the useless board are not comparable

      1. absolutely Thomo in my opinion you’ve hit the nail on the head.Wenger was wonderful but unfortunately the game moved on and he never kept abreast of the changes that necitated the changing of tactics and the necessary players to sign to play to the change that took place and now this is being exposed clearly for all to see.

        1. The game moved on pastWenger when money bags came into the scene and were buying every player they fancied, including Arsenal players. While our club stuck to its self-sustaining model.
          Not that I am against that philosophy(because I think it’s the right one) but how many of the top clubs are using it?

          1. And yet we consistently spent among the most on wages – to my understanding Wenger fought for this as we couldn’t afford to lose any of the players, regardless of whether they’d actually achieved anything. This is one of his legacies that is still hurting us.

        2. The simple thing is that even as at then, Wenger’s team was capable of doing something better than this current crop.

          They were not beaten by every available team that played against them like this ones onboard.
          How many games without win in the League now?

          A lot of us wanted Wenger to leave as at that time so that we can get something better but rather things has become worse, i think this is clear enough man.

  3. I totally agree Dan.

    It’s also my opinion that since AW left we have spent £300m on new players ( or that is what i read a few days ago on here but cant find the actual article)

    AW never had that kind of money to spend and I really do believe if he was backed in that manner then we would be far better off than we are now.

    Granted MA hasnt really had alot of opportunities to spend and get his own players in but that is besides the point really, he has improved the squad with TP and GM but this team looks a shadow of the one that done so well when he took over.

    I backed MA right from the start, I though he would be a great coach for us and the way he turned things around was very impressive.

    All that said, if we dont start winning games over this Xmas period, we are in some serious trouble and regardless of what the club has said regarding MA and his idea’s, work ethic and all that stuff, they should really consider his position if this form continues.

    1. Wenger bought Auba, Lacazette, Sanchez, Ozil, Mustafi And Xhaka All those costed money and same thing happening no coach was given that chuck of money we have spent 300m just in bits spending 72m and paying it in years is not impressive it’s only Partley that we have spent on cash 45m but the rest were gambling with less than 80m a season

  4. Really poor senior management making really poor decisions. Does Wenger have a part in it, absolutely. Is it all on him, can’t imagine too many people still actually believe that. Arsenal has a lot of crappy players and they have been bought by a bunch of crappy senior managers and now a couple of crappy manager/coaches.

    Read in Athletic that Chelsea will go ahead of Arsenal in cumulative Premier League points with a win. The season just keeps getting better and better.

  5. This ‘belief’ in Mikel Arteta is belied by the results. Why are many supporting an empirical, objective failure? Arteta does not work with Arsenal…that is objective reality. Are some unable to change opinions. I was supporting Arteta at first but who can support him now? We really must change this manager because he is too inexperienced and leading the club to an unnecessary demise. Don’t be scared to change your opinions, don’t be scared to be wrong.

    1. Changing manager seems the easiest way out.. But this group of players, I believe, are trying to get arteta sacked like they did with unai.. There’s no guarantee that they won’t show fight when a new manager comes in and then coincidentally, all lose their form at the same time..there has to be a clear out..

  6. Good points raised….

    Our squad can do better than 15th.
    The problem i see is our confidence is shot,can blame tge manager and some individual mistakes.

    I actually liked how MA started,i saw a fight in our players,a new energy but now…..

  7. The point you’re missing Dan and quite frankly even some of those that blame wenger signings for where we are is you don’t understand that it’s not that some of these wenger signings were not good enough when they were signed. Kolasinac was nick named the tank, everyone loved him, even Sue had a crush on him, xhaka was massive when he came, I remember calling him an ozil 2.0 when he came because of his pin point crosses and passes and don’t get me started on the outside shots, was it 3 of those in his first season? Mustafi was great when he came, remember how he was linked to why we were winning games, and when he got injured, we started to lose games. That was how good Mustafi was, bellerin broke into the team when debuchy got injured and that was the end of debuchy’s arsenal career because bellerin was massive even Barcelona tagged him as the heir apparent to Dani Alves.

    So what happened to all these players, they were not piss poor at the beginning or from where they were bought. This is why I say Arsenal’s problem is systemic, and Arsene shares in that blame because he was the manager and responsible for these players. The culture at Arsenal under wenger was one of complacency where we didn’t have to do much to finish in the top 4(yes, you might say we will give anything to finish in a top 4 now) but with the epl currently being the way it is? I’m not so sure we will be any different than we are now if wenger was in charge because when we consistently finished in the top 4,the players were not being challenged by the coach to put in extra, winning the league seemed to be a thing of the past.

    Do you know we could have won the league a couple of times in those last 10 years under wenger? Check the table, we were always topping the table alot only to start declining suddenly due to lack of mental strength from the players because there was no accountability. We’ve heard accounts of van persie and fabre gas. New players came into the club and met this new culture of complacency and their form starts to drop drastically. Even szcesny on getting to roma before juventus said he learnt nothing at Arsenal. That culture still stinks in the entirety of the club till today.

    So we have these old players who seem to influence new players in the art of complacency so when a new coach comes in and tries to be tough on them, they form a mafia and get the coach out like they did to Emery and are doing to Arteta. They just want to be pampered which is what Arteta did initially which got him his fa cup success, when he started to make bolder decisions, it became a problem.

    And yes as much as we would like to blame all of this on kroenke, gazidis and rightly so, we still can’t take away what part wenger played in getting these players to be accountable, instead he pampered them and when other teams started to pick up the pace, they’d forgotten how they started to play when they got to the club and they got wenger sacked for it. It’s a never ending cycle, maybe that’s why the board has chosen this time to stick with Arteta till some of these mafia players are out of the club.

    1. That is exactly right!!!
      We have in fact spent much, much more on transfers, tahn the likes of Liverpool and Spurs, also in Wenger’s last 5-6 years.
      But players seem to have declined i both performances and thus in value. This is also a Wenger problem, as we subsequently haven’t had players of great value to sell and reinvest in key areas.
      So Wenger is partly responsible, but of course we should be doing much better than we are at the moment.

      1. Exactly AndersS, you get my point. This a deeply rooted problem that has haunted the club for years. We just hope there’s light at the end of this very dark tunnel.

        1. Kstix, can you explain why Arsenal didn’t have to try very hard to finish in the top four right up until the last two years of AW ‘s time?
          Also, if it was so easy, why are we now nowhere near doing it now, after spending over £300,,000,000 in the last two years?
          Thanks Kstix.

          1. If you read through my post Ken, you’d see why but I’m going to explain further. Throughout the years wenger and Arsenal finished in the top 4, how many other teams apart from Utd, City, Chelsea and us were constantly challenging and occupying the top 4? In fact, it’s maybe once that another team that’s not any of those 4 made it to the top 4 and that was off an extremely bad season for one of the big 4 tbh in wenger’s last 10 years.

            In quality City and Chelsea became better than us because they spent big, it was hard to surpass them yet the season when they were both poor, we let Leicester stroll past us to win the league that should have been ours.
            Where Liverpool as good as they were /are since brendan and klopp took over in the last 10 years of wenger’s time?, where spurs as good as they were/are since pochettino and mourinho in the same time? No, they weren’t. It was a roller-coaster ride for Arsenal till around January when we usually start to drop points and fall off the top for the citys, Utd, chelseas but we at least get enough points to make the top 4. If we dropped points that same way now? We wouldn’t make the top 4 as evident by wenger’s last 2 seasons were he finished with points tallies that in previous years got him the top 4 but because there were now more competitors, it wasn’t enough anymore.

        2. @kstix
          You are dropping my exact thoughts.
          But some people are just bent on their over praise of the good wenger memories and trying to mentality block the negatives that got us to be a 4th place struggler club for 10 years. Wengee absolutely lowered our expectations, brainwashed us / indoctrinated us into believing that just making 4th place is like a TROPHY. That the bare minimum (4th place) for a club Arsenal should be celebrated. How the hell do you go from winning 3 EPL titles to then saying “Top 4 is like a Trophy”. That we should all be grateful. No wonder we have become a joke club. Pampered primadonna princesses being told that just making 4th place is okay, while being paid £100000’s per month. Look how that whole mentality has shaped us to today. Smh

          And again, whenever the other clubs got their crap together automatically Arsenal have been the ones to give way, Chelsea, City, Liverpool, Spurs etc.. Every time a club got themselves sorted Arsenals Top 4 place was always the one in trouble. And the accumulative evidence is there for all to see.
          It was United vs Arsenal in the mid 90’s early 2000’s. Chelsea taken over by Abramovich, they pushed us into 3rd. City were next in line. Taken over by the Sheikh, they then took our 3rd place and pushed is into 4th. Spurs got themselves together and they pushed us into 5th, Liverpool got themselves together and pushed spurs out of the Top 4, that meant we were then pushed farther into 6th place. And so on. As I keep saying, it was a very steady decline

          And even Leicester came in and finished ahead of us / won the title by doing that.

          1. Exactly my point Goonster, without any disrespect to wenger who is arguably our best ever manager in his first 10 years. We were not competitive. People also forget we failed to win a single trophy, not even a cup or spoon for 9 good years. No top club will keep their manager for 9 years without winning anything even if he finished the league 2nd all through those 9 years.

            The complacency and mediocrity wenger allowed fans and players accept as reality is the sole reason I blame him. Not just the players he left behind, those players were good at some point in their careers before Arsenal. Have we stopped to ask ourselves why players do so well, then come to Arsenal, play well the first few games or seasons and flop. It is this mentality that has eaten so deep into the club and keeps infecting new players.

          2. &Kstix
            Very true. We went for 9 years without a tropy. And as a very intelligent person like wenger is, he had to find away to cover for going 9 years without a single trophy. That’s why he had to find a way to deflect and distract us from it all. Can’t win a title, can’t win the CL, can’t win domestic cups, so what positive can I tout? “Oh l keep making 4th place so why not turn this into a bid deal?” Hence “Finishing in the Top 4 is like a TROPHY”. Lol 😂

            I really love, appreciate and respect wenger. But he was a proper politician. Turn as many positives about yourself into a big deal and sell to your voters..l

            I can remember when he said that, we had lost to Sunderland in the FA CUP on a cold winter evening.
            Couldn’t not believe it.

            And it worked on most of us. To this day you have romantics reminiscing about how we would finish 4th season after season. If wenger could brainwashed us into accepting 4th place as some massive achievement each season then what about his own players? That is why we are going to struggle to get that mentality our of our club ad players. Gonna take a lot of time, frustration, stress, anger, emotional up and downs to get us back seriousness as a club. We are still suffering from this weak, low expectation mentality that our greatest manager instilled as a foundation in man of our current players. Until we can get all the wenger players out of the club and start afresh we will keep hitting these emotional walls.

            Arteta and any other managers also have to take responsibility. Can’t be signing Pepe for £70 million. Can be patching up wholes with the likes of Luiz, Cebollos, Willian, Mari, Cedric etc. These are deadweights to me.

  8. It’s more about the culture of mediocrity Wenger created. Rewarding players for failing, and hoodwinking a large part of fanbase into thinking that not being competitive was actually a “good thing”, is why we were, and still are, in a mess.

    1. Agree. Along with Kroenke and Stan, the standards at Arsenal have been lowered successfully. Quite amazing how one manager can bring so much success and also cause so much chaos.

    2. There is something in this comment Thirdman. Google “monkey culture banana” for an interesting experiment that demonstrates how hard culture is to change. It can’t all be laid on Wenger’s feet (and his strengths in my opinion far outweighed his flaws) bit there is little denying that the poor work ethic started during his later years.

      I think Arteta (more than Emery) is trying hard to change the culture but is realising that it’s not as simple as just getting new players in.

  9. I don’t accept blaming Wenger for us being 15th. We are a terrible team but no one can tell me that out of the 20 clubs in the EPL we are the 15th best.

    Arteta and his players are underperforming. I can accept us being 8th but not 15th.

    There is something not working between the players and the manager. This has happened as far back as wenger. Some of these same players got Wenger, Emery, Ljumberg and now may be Arteta too.

    The core is rotten..

  10. we understand arsenal have some problem internally, but I am of the opinion arteta lacks football technicality, the poor result is there for everybody to see, under emry Auba was top scorers two times, under arteta he couldn’t score again, and the whole team are finding it difficult to score. Secondly, analysing arteta signing/ decision making we can see he lacks a lot e.g. Willian, Ozil, Guandozi, Toriera, Martinez, our new keeper wetin be him name sef etc

  11. Can anyone point me to some piece that blames wenger for the current mess … I simply haven’t seen or heard anything … that wenger left the club on a downward trajectory is a matter of fact that he should have left earlier is a matter of debate … I think he should and him clinging on beyond his sell by date was one reason we were dropping out of the European top flight … ie unable to get past last 16 of cl and no longer a serious contender for winning the epl … but the failure to recover lost ground and the death spiral we are now in can’t be blamed on him and I haven’t seen it so attributed

  12. I entirely take your point Dan concerning the singling out of Mustafi for criticism.He is one of a defence who were individually and collectively abject aided by a GK who should never have been signed.Edu to me is a total liability who appears to have very little real knowledge of the English Leagues where he will find dozens of keepers who would be adequate back ups for Leno.I also concur with your thoughts on Gabriel of whom I have always had doubts and who is totally vulnerable in one for one situations.I hope Others may disagree but we are a Club which does not have one top quality centre back to call upon.Our recruitment is appalling.If you compare what has taken place at Leicester with our Club you are left wondering if our recruitment team have any idea as to what skills are required to be a successful footballer today.A classic example is Leicester signing young Fofanna who Arsenal scouts must have seen on numerous occasions when they were watching Saliba. Fofanna is one of the best centre backs I have seen in the EPL this season, yet Saliba is not considered good enough to play against Dundalk, no disrespect to them.Our recruitment is going from very bad to a new low and until a full review of that area is carried out I would not entrust Edu with spending one penny more.Accountability is needed if a business is to succeed and the same applies to football clubs.

    1. I actually saw Mustafi as one of MAs biggest achievements last season. He was a broken man, but recovered massively when Arteta joined and actually looked decent. And while hes being blamed a bit for yesterday, it’s nothing like periods last season and before where he couldn’t seem to get through a game without a serious mistake and people were saying he just wasn’t capable.

  13. so Arteta has been a manager for a year. Who has he brought in during that time?
    Cedric (could not make the grade at Southampton-but has close ties to Edu)
    Pablo Mari(could not make a single appearance at City AND failed in Spain)
    Runnarson( was not a starter in France)
    Partey(comes with a good reputation)
    Gabriel(was eyed by many top teams)
    Willian(Chelsea wasn’t willing to offer me a long contract).
    This team is not being built to challenge for honors. Add to that you Nketiah failing to get a look in at Leeds being thrust as the main striker. If truth be told, Nketiah wouldn’t be playing at any other team in the Premier League. He is not yet ready. With a good development plan he could be a great striker in 3 years.
    During the same time-they have frozen Ozil, frozen Sokratis, frozen Saliba. They have also ejected torreira and Geindouzi.
    The team has more foreign players on the books than it is allowed to register.
    They have sold Martinez
    Many things could be said. However, one word summarizes it all.

  14. What previous coaches bought and sold is a moot point.
    MA took the job knowing those players are in place. He knew them fairly well because they played many times against MC.

    Yet due to his inexperience and inflexibility he managed to make them worse.

  15. Less we forget that Wenger did not only transform Arsenal, but, English football and the premier league, when he first arrived in England years ago. And, for twenty consecutive years, he kept Arsenal in the top four of the premier league, thus, playing in the champions league for that period too. However, in his last three years at the club, we had seen the change of his fortunes and decline of the team. He had overstayed his tenure. Arsenal fans should be showing much more respect and gratitude to Wenger for his achievements, instead of bashing him at every turn for those last three years of his reign at the club. As bad as the fans thought they were, Arsenal remained in the top six and played in the Europa league. Today, three years after Wenger has left,he should not be blamed for Arsenal current situation. It’s unfair. Twenty years in top four and the last three years at the club in the top six of the premier league. Fans, we have had two managers in the last three years and compared to Wenger (worst) last three years , Arsenal came 5th,5th and 6th, and under the new managers have finished 5th, 8th and are currently 15th.
    Since Wenger’s departure, Arsenal have spent more on transfers than they did in his last six years at the club. He kept the club profitable and paid off the new stadium, today Arsenal could not even buy Szoboszlai for 18m pounds cash. We must stop hitting on Wenger (he’s gone),it is the current board and manager, who are responsible for Arsenal current predicament and rightly so, should bare the blame. No more excuses and scapegoats. Another further lost in the premier league before the end of the month, should see some heads roll. Change is inevitable.

  16. I do see a greater commitment from the youngsters than those at the end of their contracts and Xhaka has behaved very stupidly, so Arteta would be well rid of him. Arteta is hamstrung by having to sell players to buy, thus Martinez (who he wanted to keep) had to go and no one wanted Ozil, Mustafi and Kolasinac while they still had a year on their contracts, now with just 6 months they are being offered deals as potentially free agents. Arteta did more in the first 6 months than Emery did and the proof will be in whether with some financial backing he produces something or not and not in the current circumstances. If you want to get rid of anyone now, get rid of Kronke.

  17. Wenger’s signings were both hit and miss..but most are currently terrible Misses ie Bellerin, Xhaka but the best we have had in the recent times were laca, Auba, Leno and i can also say M10… The main issue currently lie in the central midfield area …no service at all… The first solution is to get rid of all average and below par players including but not limited to Kola, Hec, xhaka, willian, Mustafi, Willock, Balogun, Callum, leaving only two AMN and BS 7.. then go to the market get a crop of good quality, talented and Mentally Capable players (7players ) to salvage the season or else we brace for a tough relegation battle with the likes of Big Sam… Thats my take on Wenger’s signings.

  18. Stop blaming Wenger. People like to blame ex manager, blame owner, blame CEO, blame Edu. Why blame other people for inherited players?

    Those managers above all use inherited players. They can make their teams better with inherited players. Why Arteta cannot?

    Not asking him to be champion or be in top 4. Maintain 8th or get 7th is ok. But 15th is not ok.

    He make us worse than before. Need to look for better manager.

  19. In after sight we can say that the worst of Wegner was better than the mess we’re in now but where was Wegner going to take the club next. He’d already finished sixth twice in a row. Does anyone believe he had a plan to take the club forward from there? The signings were getting more desperate the youth system was a shambles and the nonsense coming out of his mouth was either snake oil or delusion. The WOBs can’t be blamed for what came next that was Gazadiz’s call. Having a director of football was a good idea, but why such a bunch of scam artists ? The decisions made post Wegner regarding signings have been woeful but by 2016, Wegner had long since lost his judgement. There were no more Thierry Henrys or Van Persie to be picked up on the cheap. At the same time Arsenal haven’t produced a decent defender since Ashley Cole, while those Wegner brought in were looking more and more desperate, Mustafi being the obvious example. So ,yes Wegner is not the present problem at Arsenal but he has left behind a rotten stench which involves playing personell, and a culture of lowered expects. This is Wegner’s legacy. Don’t delude yourselves.

    1. I agree with everything else you’ve said.
      Wengee pushed for the stadium move during/right after a massive squad overhaul, helped push up player wages and kept us reliant on one or two frustrated winners within his squads of talented losers for years on end – what is happening now was always going to happen without some smart and forceful moves at the top, which never materialised.
      The current situation is not all Wenger’s fault, but he did help set us on a dangerous path.

  20. Various posts on here blaming all sorts of people for our long regression. What I notice is that not a single one has got to the heart of all our problems and that is Kroenke! EVERYTHING STARTED TO GO WRONG SINCE THE DAY BACK IN 2007 WHEN DAVID DEIN WAS CALAMITOUSLY FORCED OUT – REMEMBER HE AND WENGER WERE A FABUOUS DOUBLE ACT TIL THEN – and after he left, Kroenke came in and all went wrong in increasing stages.

    Kroenke stole the heart and soul our of thr club. They left along with DD. I cannot possible be the only one to see this loud and clear but why no one else has said it on this thread amazes me! It truly does! It is so blindingly obvious if you keep your eyes open!

    There are regular posters on this thread who I much respect but even they have failed to mention Kroenke and the loss of DD as the reason we sold our heart and soul to the devil in Kroenke . It all goes way back to 2007.

    Think about how true that is! And then call out the true and prime reason, as I am doing. Of course many others have made dreadful mistakes, GAZIDIS BEING THE WORST BY A COUNTRY MILE, BUT STILL KROENKE, WHO APPOINTED Gazidis and left him there for many years to ruin us, is the PRIME reason for our regression.

  21. I think it’s been noted before that the Kroenkes have been the worst thing to have happened to our club, followed by Gazadiz, however the professor was happy to be a part of that cosy tryptic. Meanwhile Gazadis appears to have managed to turn AC Milan around in two years. Last I heard they were unbeaten and heading for a Serial A title. He left behind a huge mess and must of known that Raul and co were not to be trusted.

  22. Great article! It’s clear that sacking Wenger was a huge error let’s just pray we can turn things around

  23. The same players that let Wenger and Emrey sacked are still here, if MA is smart enough he will get rid of them the same way he is treating Ozil and Guandouzi!!

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