We don’t want Arsenal to end up like Man United!

Arsenal fans must beware of Man United’s demise‏ by JH

I think if you asked every Arsenal fan in the world, to name one club that has brought them the most joy in the last 3 years, without picking Arsenal, I would suggest nearly everyone would go for Manchester United.

Since the serial title winner Sir Alex Ferguson left what was, undeniably, the biggest club in England, they have broken records left and right;
They went from Premier League champions to finishing 7th, meaning Man Utd would have no European football of any kind.
They lost 3 games in a row for the first time in over a decade.
They finished with their worst ever Premier League points tally.
They failed to win the opening 3 games of a Premier league season for The first time.
For the first time ever in the Premier league, Man Utd took a two goal lead in a game but still ended up losing.
They lost their first home game of the season for the first time in over 40 years.
This season they lost four successive league games for the first time since the 60s.

Now to be sure, this does make entertaining reading, the fact is no ordinary football fan likes Man Utd, that’s an undeniable fact. But another fact is that somehow the biggest club in England has now become a joke. SAF retired in glory, but since then they have been a shadow.

You could say this is a careful what you wish for article, AOBs want Wenger gone, some AKBs have even begun to switch their allegiance, but very few think of what the consequences would be.

Most AOBs would tell you when Wenger leaves we will get a world class manager who will spend £200 million and win the title immediately, but wasn’t LVG supposedly a “world class manager”? He has spent over £250 million, and what do they have to show for it? The most expensive Premier league player ever, shipped out to France after a year, a fast aging Bastian Schweinsteiger, £25 million Depay who is more focused on living the big lifestyle than football.

For some reason our fans think Pep would be a shoe-in for the Arsenal job. The man has his pick, he will not necessarily pick us. Moreover what reason have we been given to believe we will go for a top manager who will demand money to spend? Who can say we won’t go for Arsenal hero Henry? Or unknown unproven Dragan Stoijkovic?

We don’t know what the board are thinking. Right now we have a world class manager (yes he is) who has proven he can attract the big players (Cech, Ozil, Sanchez, yes he can). Now I am not going to sit here and write that AW doesn’t have his flaws, of course he does; he is too trusting of his players; he rates Giroud too highly; he won’t spend over the odds to buy a game changing player. But everyone has flaws, Jose is arrogant and plays horrible football, Pep is a short term solution, Henry is inexperienced and unproven.

Perhaps the board are already doing as I say, perhaps they have thought of replacing AW with someone they think can, and will, buy the right people to win the league, whatever the cost. But maybe now they are looking at Man Utd, they see the difference between United before and after SAF and they are petrified of the consequences of such an action.

Now reading this you may think to yourselves typical AKB rubbish, you are wrong. I feel if he fails to win the league this season, he has earned the right to walk away. There are no excuses for coming 3rd or 2nd. Right now everyone is returning to fitness in time for our final push. AW has time and money to purchase a player to help with winning the title although it looks as if he is going to gamble that we have enough. It is my opinion that it is Wenger’s job he is wagering not just our hopes. But before action we must assess our options, we must carefully and meticulously analyse every target and be sure they are the right choice, because get it wrong and Manchester United will not be the only fallen giant in the premier league.

What do you think? Do Arsenal need to be careful before cutting Wenger lose? Or are we so desperate for change that perhaps a kneejerk reaction would be best?

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By JonnHirons

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    1. The entire british core is failing only a handfull of survivours *not happy with that*

      but why do they get somany injuries?

      Do they have Hydra-like bodies?

      Are their bones made of broomstick?

      What do they eat?……could that be a factor?
      Are british mostly sedentary in Lifestyle?

      Questions!…..questions!!….and more questions!!!

    2. Apt.
      Why are they down voting you for stating the obvious ?
      He is far more explosive , intelligent ,consistent and has more skill/technique.
      He has has been consistent despite playing and learning amongst third rate players in a second rate team.

  1. I would not mind some of the
    38 trophies they won
    under Sir Alex F. though.
    13 League titles and two ECL titles.
    5 FA cups 4 League cups 10 Community shields
    Super cups, etc etc etc 🙂

  2. What a baseless write-up. I guess we should allow Wenger continue on the job then till he is probably 100 years old! Arsenal should face reality and start preparing for Wenger’s exit. Our case might be worse than ManU because I do not believe Arsenal and Wenger has any succession plan on ground. In as much as some of us are infatuated with Wenger, he will not remain on the job forever. He will leave one day. Arsenal is probably the only team in the world who has stuck to a manager for about 20 years now. We can’t be the only right team in the world and then all other teams are wrong. Sticking with Wenger for 20 years has not made us the richest club, we are not the strongest club, we have not produced the best players, it has not earned us the greatest trophy, and it has certainly not made us the biggest club in the world today. Meanwhile other top teams are gearing up to expand their stadiums, and if they achieve that without going down, I wonder what we will still hold onto as Wenger’s legacy.

  3. Guys why do you disagree with this lineup?
    bellerin chambers gabriel gibbs
    coquelin elneny
    ox rosicky sanchez

    It is by far the most reasonable lineup than what most of you are suggesting

    1. Would love to see what Coquelin and Elneny can do in the middle but with Southampton midweek my preference is for Coquelin to be subbed at halftime after getting rid of some ring rust. Elneny can then drop back to see if he can play DM

  4. Understand what your saying and agree that Wenger needs to leave this summer if he fails to win the title but the change that Arsenal are going to have compared to Utds is that we have an Academy full of gems that someone like Guardiola could have a good look at unlocking that talent (he can do it also like wenger), plus adding one or two stars to the already greatly improving 1st team squad as he is the same as Wenger in attracting big stars, look at what Neymar just stated that he would like to play for him in the future.

    Change is needed at Arsenal by summer17 even if we do win the League this year, give Wenger a chance next season for the UCL imo. Pep wants another sabicle then take it. He would be fresh for next summer while keepin an eye on our club, 2years at least before ud even gt a sniff at Neymar unless he doesnt sign a new deal so would all be very fitting if Arsene wins the league this year, pep waits take over next summer and has a go to get Neymar. We will have more money you can count on that. Wenger messes up this season then hes gone and pep could still come in. He would be perfect for Arsenal and the biggest diff is Arsenal and its Fans will give him time, Utd have been spoilt by Fergie is their problem.

  5. There’s no point in debating Mr wenger’s future or replacement at this stage of the season,
    When we are still involved in 3 competition’s,
    So, We just have to wait and see, How the remainder of this season pans out!, first.

    Yes, it is disappointing when the Premier league’s most experienced manager makes silly novice – like mistakes
    and when he constantly hides the truth, regarding injuries and return dates!
    With his biggest delusion being, his confidence
    in many of our injury prone player’s! To the point of not needing to strengthen our squad, with the quality that it deserves.

    Another Humbug window is about to slam shut,
    With the only major boost being the clubs bank balance.

    1. Don’t think you can blame wenger for return injury dates. You treat an injury conservatively first. Welbeck date was changed because he needed an operation. Players start rehabilitation they break down because the ligaments are lax and need to be operated on, but they try normal rehab first.

    1. Wenger should have done his job and signed proper backup for Coq
      Biggest mistake this season
      He´s a gambler

  6. Nice article John Hirons, and for me reading it I cant help but notice how more thought goes into a pro Arsene piece.

  7. Totally agree with this article. Be careful what you wish for. Villa have won the European Cup and are going down. Spurs haven’t won the FA cup for 25 years and not won the league for 35 years? ?? Around that. . Man u are poop. Chelsea are down with West brom and Liverpool are average.

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