‘We don’t want you’ – Former Gunner insists fans told signing not to join

Kevin Campbell claims that some fans urged Aaron Ramsdale not to make the switch to Arsenal this summer on social media.

The 23 year-old joined from Sheffield United this summer to take up the role as understudy to Bernd Leno, and has kept two clean sheets from his two outings thus far, one in the EFL Cup against West Brom and one more in a friendly win this week.

Some sections of fans are now calling for him to get a chance in the first-team ahead of the German, but former Gunners striker Campbell insists that our fanbase was calling for him not to join.

“Some of the players weren’t even in the club and they were getting barracked by some of the Gooners,” Campbell told the Highbury Squad. “So, no, there is no time. Patience isn’t something Arsenal fans are blessed with, at the moment.

“As I said, the likes of Ramsdale never even came to the club and he was getting ‘don’t come to our club. We don’t want you’. Despicable stuff was being thrown at the young man. And he’s an Arsenal man now, he wears that badge and we should be supporting him.”

Our fans have had to endure some tough times at present, and you cannot deny that we appeared to be shelling out an extortionate fee for a back-up goalkeeper, but the reality is that we were investing in a player who we deemed good enough to be our next number one, and I believe he has already impressed some of his doubters, and could well be in with a chance of displacing Leno this season.

Do any fans still believe Ramsdale was a bad investment?


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  1. David Seaman mentioned something that appeared to be very much a simialar situation to Ramsdale.
    He too was 3rd choice England Keeper when we joined Arsenal and got stick from Fans who though Lukic was far better…

    History tells the rest of this story, not the ‘fans’ who knew very little about football…(clearly)

  2. Campbell is talking rubbish, it hasn’t been proved they were Arsenal fans and why is this blatantly anti gunners article on our fan site? More negativity.

    1. I am not sure why you are disparaging Campbell for his observations.
      Even on this site there have been quite a few posts strongly criticizing the transfer.
      There is every reason to believe those posting such abusive messages are indeed Arsenal fans.
      Of course there are now fans who suggest that they have lost confidence in Leno that are now calling for Ramsdale to be made No.1.
      What this article highlights is the fickle nature of fans.

  3. Lots of fans were moaning about signing Ramsdale but he will prove them wrong. I thought he was a good keeper long before he was linked to Arsenal, and I do think he will be a very good no. 1 keeper for the Gunners in the not-to-distant future.

  4. arsenal dont only need a good goalkeeper,they need a one with confidence,and communication abilities with his defence and ramsdale has that!
    he may be young but he would be a hit.

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