“We fought for every ball, we fought for every duel” Bukayo Saka nails it

What a week for young Bukayo Saka, he gets a new lucrative contract and he then scores his first Premier League goal.

Saka was presented to the media after Arsenal beat Wolves 2-0 and rightfully so, he has simply had a brilliant few days and had an excellent game.

The 18-year-old is an immense talent and if he keeps developing the way he is, he will be world-class sooner than we all think.

He is also a natural in front of the camera and did himself proud tonight, both on and off the pitch.


  1. Adorable kid indeed Sue and resumed it. Boys fighting as a unit all over pitch, patient, thumbs up to tac tic perfectly orchestrated in middle and overall outstanding defensive game. . MoM Luiz, 3 CBs amount to Luiz in sitting in a back 4. Has 2 CBs behind him and push team higher on the pitch , deliver passes.

    We got lost in this very tactical game and what precisly was tac tic, sit, control and gun them down take over with subs their coach got lost into as well. Players coming in gunning them down…

    I don’t want to get too happy, top5 teams all winning today, some will behind us but it is great push by all team. A 10 and MOM for all team, you gunLuvers and coach!

  2. They did fight for every ball
    They didn’t let Wolves think they could beat us
    At last a game that showed a bucket load of determination and a touch of belief

  3. this kid is a shining star, his attitude is amazing, the same can be said for all the kids that have come up from the academy this year aswel.
    You my boy are the future of Arsenal and England when the time comes, i see big things in your future young man, keep going as you are my boy!

    1. Saka has been one of the main positives this season and it’s fantastic that he is signed long-term. But let’s keep it real. Yes he scored an excellent goal but overall his play today wasn’t “excellent.”

      Whether it was unfamiliarity with Cedric, or the simple fact that he is still pretty fresh from the Academy and has heaps to learn, but his passing was wayward and he was easily dispossessed, particularly in the first half

      By all mean praise his goal and his attitude. Get excited about his potential. But moderate expectations. He’s 18 years old and Arsenal fans have this annoying tendency to go OTT on youngsters only to cast them aside at the first sign that their trajectory isn’t a straight line upwards.

  4. After this game I am more confident of the gunners facing the Blues. Of course they are a class side but can be beaten as Wolves have shown. If the gunners are compact in defence ,there is no reason to fear them. We can beat the blues.
    No manager can be winning every game and every trophy. If that were the case,we fans may as well stay at home.

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