“We had a good conversation” Edu supports Arteta over his Wenger stance

Edu Gaspar has revealed that he also wants Arsene Wenger to come back closer to Arsenal.

The club’s legendary boss hasn’t returned since he left the club in 2018 and has been busy working with FIFA.

Mikel Arteta has always wanted him back in some capacity at the club he helped to build while working there for two decades.

Edu has been an important part of the Arsenal structure as they rebuild the club under Arteta, and he wants Wenger to return as well.

He said, as quoted by Sun Sports: “It was great to see Arsene Wenger the other day at the screening for his new documentary.

“We had a good conversation, and I said to him that he cannot realise how important he is for my career.

“I told him I would like to see him a bit closer to the club and to myself as well in the future. That would be a real, real pleasure and special for everyone here.

“I also told him I was so proud to see myself in his film – it brought back lots of great memories about that Invincibles team!”

Just Arsenal Opinion

A lot of fans may want the return of Wenger to the club, but the question remains in what capacity?

Wenger was one of the finest managers in the Premier League and it would take a long time before another coach matches his records at the club.

But we have to move on from him and rebuild our club gradually.

Being a driven and passionate individual, his return to the Emirates might be a bad decision, considering he might influence in team matters if he is too close to the players.

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  1. R.I.P. Ray Kennedy, great player for us and scorer of the winning goal at White Hart Lane when we won our first double in 1971. His partnership with John Redford was one of the best front two ever. He also played for Liverpool after leaving Arsenal.

    1. Yes Declan that was indeed sad news. Ray had suffered from Parkinson’s and sold his medals to help pay for his care. He was definitely my era and I can’t imagine today’s PL players having to sell their medals.

  2. Of course Wenger cannot come back as a Coach. So far our Coach is rebuilding a competitive team.
    Wenger can be I n the Board and his role will simply advisary when necessary. He is good at identifying players too. After which Arteta an Edu continue their work. There’s nothing bad in that.

  3. minus for some sort of “memory lane” celebratory event, Wenger shouldn’t assume any official/paid position at the club until such a time as he’s provided an honest account of his entire tenure at our club…not just reminiscing about the glory days or some rather disingenuous banter about how he maybe should have left sooner, which he only attributed to his supposed bevy of other “better” options and not due to his managerial failings, but a real honest and open conversation where he properly addresses some longstanding queries about his last decade at the Emirates…until then, he should simply steer clear of any official club business

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