“We have to go forward together” Mari calls on protesting fans to move on

Pablo Mari has called on Arsenal fans to move on from the European Super League saga as some of them continue to protest.

The Gunners have seen their fans continue to ask for Stan Kroenke to sell up and leave their club in the days after the European Super League was announced, even though the Gunners have pulled out of the project.

These fans are determined to see the back of the American owner, but Mari says everyone has to move on now.

The Spanish defender says the club’s owners took a decision that they thought would help them, but fans objected.

They did the right thing by apologising afterwards and he says everyone has to move on now and it is the only way to go.

He told talkSPORT: “I respect if the owners take a decision thinking about the better way to save the club.

“We have to respect that and we have to support them. At the end, they saw the power of football and fans can change everything.

“This is the beautiful way and why we love this sport. The best thing of them is the owners apologised to everybody the next day.

“We have to go forward together. It’s the only way. We are now really good, we don’t have any problems with that.

“But at the end, I want to see that we go [forward] together.”

Arsenal will face Villarreal in the semifinal of the Europa League later tonight and they need their fans behind them even though they will watch from home.

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  1. If we are going to have any chance of new ownership, then ongoing protests is the only way to go, regardless of how people that are paid by the club tells us we must unite.
    As a matter of fact the fanbase is pretty united already, it’s just that the owners are not united with us, and I think this “us against them” mentality among fans is already to widespread to stop. At least I hope so, #Kroenkeout

    1. Keep deceiving yourself if you think protest can make Kroenke sell up.
      It seems you’ve never read or know about Kroenke history about business.
      If you know him in business, you will know he’s a good family man but a hard man to do business with and not a man who sell his property anyhow.
      Protest is nothing to him, he doesn’t give a damn about protest cos he’s also a politician (if you know what I mean).

      The only thing I know can make him(don’t know how long) sell up is if the fans can do without merchandise and stop buying season tickets which I don’t think is possible for every fans because it won’t be easy to get the ticket back.

      I will advice you to do some research on all Kroenke’s business and see if he is a man who can be threatened by just protest.

      So stop keeping your hope and other’s people hope up that protest will solve it.

      To me I believe in keeping quiet and Stop buying Merchandises and Season ticket and stop subscribing to channels(Though don’t know if I can do it).
      Is more powerful and he will hear and feel it than the protest.(He might not even watch the protest.)

  2. I think it is safe to say that most fans are disgusted with Kronke, and Mari is unaware of the basis for the disgust.

    His treatment of Dein, His treatment towards the fans in general (silent stan), not to mention many felt deceived regarding his comments about Emirates stadium and being more competitive.

    Not to mention his comment about not getting involved primarily to win titles.

    The saga between fans and Kronke is more than just this latest ESL debacle. I get what Mari is trying to do, but if he doesn’t understand that the protest is more than just the ESL saga, perhaps better if he says nothing.

    1. so true Durand…Mari would be wise to just keep his comments to himself in this regards…I think Arteta has employed a Wengeresque enforcer system and it’s clear that Mari was brought in to be one of his soldiers…of course, that’s not the end of the world, but it’s optically problematic to me when a player with no history at the club choses to publicly reiterate the same rhetoric that our manager spewed yesterday when it’s clear that he doesn’t understand the inherent complexities of our relationship with Kroenke

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