“We have to make a lot of good decisions” Arteta outlines what must be done going forward

Some fans believe that Mikel Arteta has helped Arsenal to enjoy a little revival this season after they made a very poor start to the season.

The Gunners had been in poor form under Unai Emery, which eventually cost the Spaniard his job.

Arteta was brought in late last year and the former Gunners’ midfielder has helped the team to start looking in a new direction.

He has helped them reached the final of the FA Cup despite their disappointing league position as the season comes to an end, but he knows that there is still a lot of work to be done at the club.

Speaking to Sky Sports recently, he admitted that the club needed to make better decisions as they look to get back among the top English teams.

He said: “I don’t think the league table lies at the end of ten months and with 38 games to go

“How long? Hopefully next season will be very different

“We have a beautiful challenge, a very demanding challenge, but a beautiful challenge ahead of us

“We have to put things right, we have to bring this club back to where it belong, which is with the top teams in the country, and in Europe and in order to do that, we have to make a lot of good decisions.

“It hurts so much because I know  how difficult its going to be because you can see the other teams, what they are doing, what they’ve been doing in the last few seasons and the road and the direction that we have to take in order to be quick in that transition, but I’m very positive that we’re going to be able to do it”

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  1. He is a very good talker. The only improvement that matter is position on the table.

    I sincerely hope he can turn his words into actions. I want him to succeed as I would not like our club to change managers often. So far he has not convinced me but he has the whole of next season to prove himself.

    1. I remind you that there are always some who refuse or fail to see what others see very clearly. I hope your eyes eventually open and that you gain the admiration for Arteta that so many of us already have.

      1. Good reply jon,some people expect instant success,what do they expect Arteta to say,that we are just going to do nothing and get ourselves relegated,I cannot believe what I am reading sometimes,Mikel is an Arsenal man and demands nothing but the best for the club,he is in the early days of managing a huge club and has a massive job on his hands give the bloke a break for god sake.

  2. highbury hero, i think you are joking if you have not being convinced yet, arteta met a squad that has being damaged mentally and technically and he is turn things around a little bit he has beaten mancity and liverpool(when last have we done that with the previous manager), he has also improved the defence a little…what we should hope for is the backing the owner

    1. vreshman, the squad damaged themselves; they very unprofessionally downed tools and stopped playing for the head coach.

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