We know Arsenal are back because of one reason

When your opponents no longer banter you but instead make excuses for your results then you know you are scaring people.

Listen to any of the podcasts on Youtube from rival fans and you will see for yourself how rattled they are, listen to their reasons why Arsenal are top of the table and their future predictions.

It is because we have played easy teams or because our rivals have started slowly or because we got lucky.

When that rubbish is dismantled it is our celebrations that are upsetting people or the fact that some of us have decided to speak with our chests out and man do they not like that.

Yes, some have given us credit but they have done it begrudgingly and rather than banter us now, they disrespect us.

That is fine, that is how we like it, we don’t care if we are liked, in fact, the more hate the better because when we win it really hurts them on an emotional level, just listen to that lot down the road who some said would finish second.

It is too early to go overboard but we are top, we are unbeaten, we are exciting and we are confident and the fact that is upsetting people makes it all the more delicious.

The minute we lose watch them all come out of the woodwork justifying their hate with told you so and same old Arsenal and that to me is the clearest indicator that our opponents are scared, really scared.

If you wait on an opponent to slip up just so you can banter them then that says more about you and reflects far better on us.

Arsenal is back and the fans of our rivals have proven that with their crying and long may that continue.

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  1. Yes, your first sentence has explained it well

    Now I’m just looking forward to see how Partey’s and Zinchenko’s replacements cope with Old Trafford’s atmosphere

    1. I understand your apprehension covering Partey (hopefully Sambi can live up to cover well enough) but Zin…..come on Tierney is one of the bext left backs in the world when fit…not much of a hope he can cope.

      Lets keep the positive train! Utd are scared of us this season, not the other way around.

      Lets be honest, they have now won 3 off the back of a poor start but it has hardly looked convincing for them.

      1. Based on what I saw, Tierney needs more time to adapt to the inverted LB role

        Rashford, Sancho, Fernandes and Elanga are pretty relentless in high pressing, so I’m worried about our defenders and GK. I hope Ronaldo starts ahead of Elanga or Sancho

        1. I have seen tierney play at old Trafford it’s nothing new
          And Tierney is an established professional he is not learning any inverted position we know what to expect from him

            1. It’s better to be realistic than hoping that black becomes white and vise versa
              Tierney is not a playmaker he is an old fashioned lb he is not a playmaker or inverted lb as you would say

                1. No. It’s you that is talking nonsense. Go and watch our games kid. GUN DOWN talked reality. It’s obvious that tierney is not a good fit for Arteta’s system plus partey and Elneny are missing. I have seen Sambi not being able to get us out from that little villa press. He’s not as good as partey in that aspect.

                  I hope Arteta finds a solution for that going in to the old trafford game.

                  But if anything happens, rather than complaining we should stand together with this team until the end. COYG

        2. You need not to worry, we covered in all position. Tierney proved he is one of the best full backs in the EPL

      2. Hothed. it’s seems you are new to the justarsenal community, but I must commend the measurements of your comments. Most of them resonate with me.
        Lord knows we need balanced opinions on here.
        Cheers mate

        What has excited me about this season so far is not that we are winning.. it’s the manner and mentality if the players,The kind of football we play and the Connection of the Players with the fans in both home and away games.

        I dare say we’ve conceded only one goal this season. The goal Maddison scored.
        The others were a Saliba ongoal, Gabby’s gift to Mitrovic and a Foul on Ramsdale that was clearly ignored.

        I only hope the injuries to some key players will not cause too much disruption to our flow. Hopefully those injured come back to full fitness real quick

    2. Yes Gunner.
      Who cares how they feel and how they hate Arsenal.

      We are the gunners. The best fans ever. We stick to our team no matter what.
      Am enjoying the season as I like. Celebration police can go to hell

    1. It’s nice when they remember to remind you the opponents you had and they are clearly selective. They won’t mention Crystal Palace coz there we won and not everyone has beaten them- no names mentioned. I know it’s early days but it’s not us bragging, it’s others who are threatening us of coming he’ll upon us soon. Yes it was only Fulham at home but I bet not all will score against them let alone winning there.

  2. Yeah, MU have signed Anthony, CFC signed Dennis Zakaria, Liverpool signed Arthur Mello. AFC has glaring wide opening in the centre of the park and that has not been addressed. Elneny was never a top 6 club player and with him gone for treatment, Miles on loan, Albert Sambi will be roasted. Our end begins this Sunday when we face MU. Saka looks jaded and we have no back up for him, and what we had we loaned him to Nice! Fabio Viera another sick note signed to please whom? And when will he ever play? One step forward, two steps back.

    1. I would rather have a jaded saka than a for Pepe, I don’t understand some fans here, because a player has not scored a goal means that he is not good again or jaded, the what will spurs fans say about Son( highest goal scorer last season) who has not scored a goal or even assist?
      Common guys Saka is the real deal and one of the engine room in our attack that make our game to flow and give freedom to Jesus and Martinelli to do wonders…
      Like 2-3 players mark Saka alone and still always find way of dribbling them with his skill and you guys are saying this because he hasn’t scored? Haba take it easy with the boy and let him enjoy his moment( more over only 20yrs for that matter)…

      1. Beautifully stated my able guy, so many watch the game of soccer from the back of the tele, If not so many write up would t emanate here but all the same we are going to old Trafford as champions because we beat them last season and right now with the surge I see in our attack the back is closely stable with Saliba,Gabriel , white and Tierney hopefully sambi will prove so many wrong here come Sunday and I hope that Zinchenko and Ramsdale starts, because as soon as the whistle is blown we need chenko to tower down that wing so we could record an early goal

      2. Wale, you missed the point, at some point in time Saka will have to be rested or may suffer an injury, then who plays in his place? I’m not denying Saka’s talent or skill or attitude, I’m upset as we do not have cover for him as Pepe has moved to France and Miles has left for the Saints while we have a big huge hole in the centre.

  3. We have improved a lot and we’ve become a team that worries opponents a lot. We’re no longer pushovers, but I still think Edu and Aterta missed the opportunity to make us even more scarier by not reinforcing our Middlefield.

    What worries me Aterta even admitted before injuries to Partey and Co that we shot in numbers and quality. But still they chose to gamble.

    Hopefully the gamble does pay off and the likes of Lakonga, Maquinhos and Nelson do fulfill their potentials and show us what are they are about.

  4. Yes we are back because all i hear now from Chelsea, Liverpool and utd supporters is, Arsenal fans now think they are the invincibles again………..

  5. The biggest change I think other teams supporters are seeing, is the quality of football we are trying to play. Let’s face it we all respect the quality of football from Liverpool and Man City. I think that is how others are aware of us, plus our quality back line who have toughened up. Top quality football has been the Arsenal trademark in the past and has out of the blue this season returned.

    1. It could be the pieces of the jigsaw being put into place. We were improving last season and it is continuing at the moment- and long may it do so!

  6. Arsenal aren’t a finished article yet but there’s clear improvement this season. Today’s test @ OT has come at a time whn our midfield is really short but this is a chance for Arteta to innovate. Man U are out for revenge but our youthful side is not going to take it lying dwn. The pace and skill of Rushford and Sancho will test the defence but won’t scare it.

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