We still need a lot more transfers to complete the Arsenal project

Arsenal project sold to Gabriel, but transfer business is far from finished at the Emirates by Konstantin Mitov

Hello lovely Arsenal people! The two biggest news in world football are Lionel Messi’s contract saga and Arsenal thrashing MK Dons. Maybe we can put in a cheeky bid to land Messi by offering a swap of number 10’s with Ozil. That would actually SAVE Barcelona money. Jokes aside, we are a few days away from the community shield and you can sense that the rebuilding of the squad is far from over.

Yesterday’s game featured Saliba and he looked like he could be a rock in our defense. His physique is perfect for the league and we’ve given him the number 4 shirt. Expectations are high, but maybe he’ll not be a regular starter immediately. We’re expected to sign Brazilian defender Gabriel with practically only the announcement left, and what a partnership for the future he and Saliba can be? Two of the most exciting young CB’s in world football at Arsenal.

What was incredibly interesting was Gabriel’s agent saying that his client had “far more lucrative” options, but he chose Arsenal because of Arteta and Edu. It’s nice to see we can attract players by selling them the project, not just because of money. I think his arrival surely means we need to clear some CB players, because we have like 8 or 9 at the club.

We offered David Luiz a new deal, so it’s clear we’ll be depending on the Brazilian’s experience. I think he works far better in a back 3 than a back 4, but we could use him as a guide to help mold the new blood joining our defense.

Then we need to pick 2 more from the rest and since we announced Pablo Mari on a permanent deal it leaves place for one and who would that be? It’s unlikely we sell Mustafi on an injury, despite him improving under Arteta. One of Holding and Chambers will be a good candidate to be sold and Sokratis is linked with a move to Italy. In any way, I expect a minimum of 2 departures to free up wages and raise funds.

Funnily enough, raising funds is mostly the reason why AMN is heavily linked with a move away, and Wolves are the favorites right now. It’s sad to see Ainsley leave, because he had some incredible performances in the FA cup and is the best option for RB in my honest opinion. The reality is we’re short on money. We need more in midfield and we can’t offer 50 million for the likes of Aouar, that’s why we tried to offer Guendouzi.

Ainsley has mostly been a squad player and the board probably said, we will sell whatever we can sacrifice to improve. Sadly, AMN is a very versatile player and will be missed and 20 million seem like a fairly low sum for a player his age, but if this money is put into better use to improve our midfield for example, I’d deal with it. What’s interesting is the news around Bellerin. Selling both AMN and Bellerin means we’ll need a new player there and other areas are in much higher need of repair.

Our defenders may be not good enough, but our midfield has hardly been great either. We’re hardly dominating teams, the way we used to, with midfielders having the ball glued to their feet, and it’s not like our midfield has helped our defense much either. On many occasions the back line has been left exposed and that needs to be addressed during Arteta’s project.

Xhaka is the rock of our midfield and he’s slow and error prone, despite having improved under Arteta. Ceballos is back at Madrid and there are no news going around of what’s happening there. Elneny scored a good goal yesterday, but he’s hardly the answer. Partey would be immense, but are we really splashing 45 million pounds on him? Unless we make a massive sale or we swap, we can’t afford such a transfer in these times.

We lack goals from midfield. We added Willian, who we could move into the number 10 position, but you can sense a lot of this happened, because he was a free agent and due to the Kia relationship someone that may or may not have left Arsenal had. Overall at least one more player after Gabriel should join us and I hope for more. There will also be a big wave of players leaving probably. Kolasinac was linked with Germany, Elneny is likely to go, Torreira future will depend on our transfer business, Matty G will be most likely moved and a CB clear out looks inevitable.

We finished 8th and the competition for the top 4 will not get any easier. Chelsea are splashing big time with Chilwell, Silva, Havertz, Werner and Hakim Ziyech in an over 200 million spree. Man City will buy whatever they need, Liverpool may drop their level a little after winning everything, but they are still so far ahead of us. United may have not added anybody yet, but that doesn’t mean we can relax. The transfer business will probably drag on until after the season starts and that’s not ideal, but a lot is still about to happen, so we’ll see.



  1. Our midfield is shite. We need reinforcement in midfield.
    For a back 3, I predict.

    Saliba. – Luiz – Gabriel

    Soares – Xhaka – Maitland-Niles – Tierney

    Pepe – Auba – Willian

  2. Strange we are not in for Doherty? News has it he’s available for as little as £15m.

    Anyway, our midfield stinks. I think we are set in these positions:

    GK – Leno and Emi are both solid

    CB – arrivals of Saliba and Gabriel really solidfies our defense. Sokratis is probably a goner and either one of Holding/Chambers as well. Our CB’s for the season will probably be Gabriel, Saliba, Luiz, Mustafi (injured), Mari

    Winger – Pepe and Nelson on the right, Saka and Martinelli on the left. Willian can chip in if needed. I think we’re solid here.

    Strikers – Auba and Laca, enough said. Eddie as back up. If we end up selling Laca, then we might need another forward.

    Areas we’re not set in:

    Fullbacks: Tierney is awesome, Kolasinac is not and needs to be sold. Bellerin is okay I guess, and Cedric is a decent BACK UP. LB and RB are not positions we urgently need strengthening as I believe CB was first and foremost, followed up by midfield.

    Midfield: Elneny and Özil are deadwood but no one wants Özil, so he’s staying. Willock is a decent back up, and it seems Xhaka is staying. So Torreira seems to be on the chopping block which is sad because in my opinion he’s the best out of our midfielders. I wouldn’t mind trying Chambers in the middle, he did really well for Fulham there 2 years ago. Guendouzi seems like a goner. Shame, but hopefully we can make a great profit on him.

    What’s the deal with Mkhitaryan? Is he going to Roma on loan? How does that work when he will be free next summer? We can’t just let him leave for free ffs.

    So who we still need?

    2 midfielders (CAM/CM and CDM). A striker if Lacazette leaves.

    Who we MUST sell?
    Sokratis, Elneny, Guendouzi, Holding/Chambers.

    1. And according to reports:

      CM: Ceballos trying to get another loan to us or Aouar (expensive) from Lyon.

      DM: Ever-linked Partey (expensive) or Soumare from Lille. I’m not really sold on Soumare, he doesn’t really tackle or intercept well.

      1. McLovin, Thomas Partey is not a DM, but a physically commanding box to box midfielder in the Viera mold.
        I disagree with Konstantin that €50 million is too much to pay Atletico Madrid for Thomas Partey. If we believe in the Arsenal rebuilding project, this cannot be achieved in one transfer window. For too long Arsenal has taken the cheap option, instead of buying the player which best suits the Club’s need.
        As far as midfield is concerned Thomas Partey is the real deal worth every bit and more of the €50 million buy out. If Arsenal sell players and get Partey, plus a sale or swap deal for Torreira to buy a DM such as Diawara or Roca will be great business for Arsenal. Another CAM can be postponed until future transfer windows, with Arsenal’s present players such as ESR, Willock, Xhaka, even Ozil, filling the gap.

    2. We have a replacement for lacazette already in person of nketia, he can only get better. What I think we need is replacement for ozil, toreirra, cebalos and bellerin if he leaves. Sokraris, Kolacinac, Lacazatte, Mustaphi, Chambers, MLN, and Guendouzi can all leave without replacements.
      If we are able to get good replacement for Ozil, toreirra, cebalos, we are good to go.

      Mustafi, Holding, Saliba, Luiz, Gabriel, Mari at the back, Saka for Tierney if need be, Cedric for bellerin/his replacement, Xhaka, elneny, +(torreira and cebalos replacements) at DM, ozil replacement, Smith Rowe,Willock, William as AM, then pepe, nketian, nelson, Aubameyang, Martinelli as strikers, marcey, Martinez and Leno makes up the remaining slots.

      Elneny, MLN, chambers, folarin, greenwood, torreirra, Kolacinac, sokratis can get us some fund to pursue Some of the targets…..Aouar, cebalos, partey and souamare

      1. Raheem, you don’t sell Balogun and Greenwood, two of the best young forwards in the game, with Aubameyang and Lacazette ageing, unless you are absolutely forced to.

        1. They are already going, greenwood to Leeds and balogun to Southampton… Not my liking but the management decides.

  3. I only watch English Premier League, so I want all the good players in the World to come to the best league. No matter what team they are playing for. Even when rumors say Suarez is heading for New White Hart Lane I think it’s good. James Rodriguez to Goodison? Great. Timo Werner and Kai Havertz to Stanford. That’s great too. Bob Lewandowski is a EPL skepitic, he think english football is overrated. Come anyway, Bobby! You don’t necessary have to choose Old Trafford… I want Neymar (but I wonder if he have the guts), and Leo Messi. Even though I don’t think Messi’s ambitions take him longer north than Paris. And Mbappé. When Aliko Dangote buy Asn’l in March next year, he buy us Kylian as a welcome present. Nice man that. Mr Dangote.

  4. Sell (minimum but fair prices) –
    Papa – 5mil
    Mustafi – 20mil
    Guendouzi – 25mil
    Holding – 10mil
    Kolasinac – 15mil
    Torriera – 25mil
    Ozil – 7mil
    Miki – 8mil
    Elneny – 5mil
    Total – 120mil

    Buy –
    Ceballos – 25mil
    Annour – 45mil
    Buendia – 20mil
    New DM – 30mil
    Total – 120mil


    1. But I don’t see us buying Aouar from Lyon.. But I quite agree with everything but transfer is not really easy cause it involves agreement that favours not just the club and the player but also the agent.

    2. Good one,
      Miki has gone free (1year loan) and we will have to pay ozil to go. we can get 30 on Guendouzi and 30 on Toreirra but not 20 on mustafi. MLN too will give us 20. So it balances.

    3. You want Ozil gone? Then who will provide us with those killer passes? And that one goal which we waited for an entire season? You may sell the remaining 24 but please keep Ozil, because some folks here need to remind us how good he was, how good he can be and how good he will get.
      I somehow like the ruthlessness of Arteta to get rid of Arsene’s darlings for some real players.

  5. Our players just don’t have enough quality to command a convincing price. How did we manage to accumulate and accommodate such average players? GAWD!!!
    Teams are not meeting our asking price, others want loan deals while another is proposing a swap with their deadwoods as well😄 . It’s funny how they’re all bidding for only our youngsters since they have a chance of getting resale value if the worst happens.
    What happened to that board rule of not letting players get to their final year of contract before renewing or selling off? Auba was suppose to be the only exception, now it’s a bunch of them in the same scenario.
    I seriously doubt we’ll make any significant sale this window, this squad will be largely unchanged for the forthcoming season and don’t expect massive change in performance… Some uneasiness I’m getting from our transaction this window.
    Brace yourself for more of Guendouzi, Torreira, Elneny, Xhaka, Luiz, Mustafi, Mhikitaryian and co.

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