“We need Dangote to buy Arsenal now.” Some fans call on Nigerian billionaire to save their club

Some Arsenal fans have called on Nigerian billionaire, Aliko Dangote to finally come to their rescue by buying their team.

The Gunners have suffered under the ownership of Stan Kroenke, who doesn’t seem to be interested in anything other than making money.

He hardly listens to the fans and they have met his latest decision to become the founding member of the European Super League with even more distrust for the American.

Arsenal fans feel they deserve a better owner and have not stopped making that known.

After the recent fallout because of the Super League proposal, Sun Sports says some Arsenal fans want Dangote to buy their team now.

The report recalls that the Nigerian has promised to buy the club when he finishes some of the projects he is working on at the moment.

The Gooners believe he now has the perfect chance to get the team under his portfolio.

The report curated some of their fans’ reactions with one saying: “Aliko Dangote, this is the perfect opportunity for you to buy Arsenal. Please, we are begging you.”

Another said: “Dangote should please buy Arsenal, we need new manager. A big club like Arsenal can’t be struggling.”

One more added: “We need Dangote to buy Arsenal now.”

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  1. Not gonna happen.

    Unless we all cancle our memberships and vote with our feet. Forgot it ,

    1. They do not depend on membership with covid, it is no stadium to attend.

      Hard to say, but by not qualify and finsih 9-11 spot we been at all year will defenetly harm and help Kroenke sell.

      His losing crooked board will also remain as cheap coach option he found in Arteta. Looking at worst 2 years in EPL, next will be even more so, simple logic.

      I think, it is early 2022 when out of all local cup as this year; seating 12th, no hope for Europe nor stadium; Kroenke will sell..

      I can imagine crazy board and kroenke bring Viera, just as Arteta in prder to play on our feelings, love and attachement in our players. Wicked viciousness he os paying full price!

  2. I think Dangote is all talk and no action, he was buying the club years ago then again this year where he’s just gone quiet.. it’ll be I’m buying Arsenal in 2031 as soon as we finish building a replica of willy wonka’s chocolate factory 😴

  3. Kreonke isn’t the only American owner. Most American owned club are fairing better. I believe in a self sustaining system of low budget if the right manager is gotten and good football is player e.g Ath Bilbao, Atalanta, Leicester city, Leeds utd. Good football first from a quality manager then financing the squad later. We need a tuchel esque manager with his philosophy and pedigree . So many quality from the squad to make a top 4 but the coaches hired are average to green horn at best . Remember how kloop started with liverpool.

  4. Kroenke isnt good for Arsenal and we would be better off if he left. But he is unlikely to do so unless forced to by FIFA/UEFA or the government.
    As for Dangote, he is another foreign businessman with little or no history with the club. Why do people think he will be any better for Arsenal than Kroenke? He has already said that if Kroenke wont sell he will buy another premier league club. Arsenal would be nothing more than a status purchase for him and a way to get to meet other billionaires from outside of Africa.
    Sorry, I dont think Dangote will fix much of anything at the club.

    1. Dangote has said he is a lifelong Arsenal fan and has no interest in owning any other club…
      If this is really a true statement it has to be better than KSE who only see us as a cash cow to take yearly dividends

  5. Man the hypocrisy of the fans is hilarious.

    All we’ve heard about over the last 5 days has been about too much money in the game, fans should own part of club, the need for salary caps and how rich foreign billionaire owners dont understand the culture etc etc….now we are begging Dangote to buy us out? 🤣

    For those on here that aren’t from Africa you’ll likely not understand but everything in Africa is about image. Tens of millions of people live in “squatter camps” and literally go broke every month trying to show others they are better off than they actually are. This is the African mindset and the club would just be something to show off to people.

    He likes the club and want to buy it if possible but he has no loyalty to Arsenal and will gladly buy another club. He has stated this

  6. Although, on the surface, this appears to be a dicey time to go hunting for another Billionaire-type owner, the financial realities surrounding the pandemic actually might suggest otherwise…as you may or may not realize, an exceedingly high proportion of those who could be classified as uber-rich have either made a considerable sum during these most trying of times or will do so in the not too distant future, when some sense of normalcy resumes

    some of these aforementioned individuals will be looking to make this sort of vanityesque, low risk, potentially high yield investment…of course, the best case scenario would see someone with an actual connection to the club stepping up, but this is highly unlikely, as I don’t think Dagnote is a serious contender at this juncture and it’s clear that Usmanov’s not coming to the rescue anytime soon…as such, I really believe that our most realistic option is a dual-investor, like at Everton, which may or may not include a fan based investment trust of some sort

    the obvious difficulty is that unlike when Kroenke came into the fold, the funds required to facilitate this type of purchase are exceedingly more nowadays, so it might require a spreading of the “risk” as even though it’s market value has increased 4-fold in the last decade or so, there’s no guarantee that this will continue to be the trend moving forward…that said, the owning of a professional club, let alone a world-renowned organization, has never held more cache than in recent years, so I’m fairly certain that investors would emerge should we find a way to force Stan’s hand…it won’t be easy, but I think he’s never been more vulnerable to just such a possibility

    P.S. plan B is to get someone, like Naglesmann, who has a proven track record of getting the most out of the least, which is well-suited to our self-sustaining model, and who likewise appears to have an eye for those who best fit his tactical schematics

  7. Dangote is an extreme business man, imagine a bag of cement is being sold for 3500 naira instead of a cost less than 1000 naira, this is the kind of treatment Nigerians get from this millionaire because it is all about profit. If a club like Arsenal is now being run by this millionaire, the club will be seeing as another cash cow business. Be careful, what you pray for.

    1. You don’t understand supply chain at all, or business. Why don’t you start a business then selling it at a reasonable price?

      There’s a long chain between production costs and final retail price, this is standard globally. On top of that business in Nigeria requires a lot of “extra” payments to officials to run smoothly.

    2. Like it or not but today if a “single” person wants to buy a club like Arsenal he/she needs to be a billionaire few times over just to have a chance to pass the ownership test.

  8. Most times i start to wonder if the self proclaimed fans here are just jealous of M8.. Ffs this guy is managing a squad that isn’t balanced.. In that I mean, we have 3-4 CF but no true LW, no decent B2B, despite his cry for that dude from Lyon.. We have a new DM after Patrick since how many years..
    How is any of this his fault?? He doesn’t control the purse strings..
    Better when we haven’t even got a full team..
    Even Leeds FC have decency all over the team.. Now Xhaka is at LB who covers for him and what is the quality.. In case you don’t know, Ceballos was bought since we couldn’t buy Auour.. Which better manager do you want.. When the one present can’t field an 11 of natural players with backup.. How much was he even given in this footballing world??

    1. @Tactical Gunner, an average minded individual will never reason above the capacity of his knowledge. I watched Arsene Wenger manage Arsenal with Jeremy Aladiere as our only striker yet we were still a top 4 team. Currently Arsenal has a squad 2 compete in the highest level, but some average minded fans & our school boy coach thinks otherwise. I still wonder how much the entirety of the Leicester city squad cost when they won the league & how much is our current squad.

  9. What we need is quality players. If Dangote buy the club but there is no quality players there will be no change

  10. Martinelli is not a winger..
    CF- Laca, Auba, Balogun, Nketiah, Martinelli
    LW- Nelson
    AM- Smith, Willian
    RW- Pepe, Saka
    B2B- Xhaka
    DM- Partey, Eleny
    LB- Tierney
    LCB- Mari, Gabriel
    RCB- Luiz, Holding, Saliba, Mavro
    RB- Bellarin, Cedric, Chambers
    GK- Leno, Runnarsson
    *Loaned players not included since they are not ours yet..
    How many of this deals did M8 make apart from the backup GK who cost 1m.. Compare this squad positionally to that of Aston Villa, Leeds, Everton, West Ham.. I can’t tell a plumber to stitch my clothes and expect it to be 1st grade.. Liverpool lost VVD and they are struggling.. We have a dysfunctioning midfield and want UCL.. Ha

  11. Whilst I’d be very glad to see the back of Kroenke I don’t want Arsenal to jump out of the frying pan and into the fire either. There is often a ‘catch’ with the seriously rich
    I’m also hoping action is taken to bring fans trusts etc into the ownership set-up so as to avoid future ESL schemes from autocratic owners

    1. Sue P this “fan involvement” is the proper and moral way to a lasting solution. I agree with you about not jumping out of the frying pan into the fire. IF Dangote is to come as owner, it is imperative that he be a real fan or else we are no better off than now.

  12. I would be comfortable with Alisher Usmanov but I’m not sure if he has invested in Everton with his friend Farhad Moshiri

  13. @Tactical gunner, a good manager should make a top 4 with our current squad. just yesterday westham and villa was fighting relegation, if not for the absence of grealish , villa should also be in the mix for european places. Did they just develop quality overnight. Emery was a better manager but for player power that disrupted his stay. Style of play followed by quality

    1. His worth $23 billion just short of what I’m worth 😂
      I’m sure he can afford it if not he has rich close friends

  14. With all due respect, another foreign owner, another owner that doesn’t live in this country. I have nothing personally against a foreign owner but for him or anyone to own a football club on their own outright with no say, it could all happen again. Make it somehow that they cant own the controlling share of a club, that the fans do the biggest share, ban sole ownership.

    1. Reggie all British Billionaires money is stashed in Cayman Islands if they bring it back they will have a lot to answer for, only poor people pay tax

  15. I seriously don’t understand this obsession with Dangote from our fanbase.

    People have already convinced themselves that he is our saviour with zero evidence to suggest so.

    Am I just being a realist or what?

    1. And you are right so far his all talk, his banking on a few business ventures coming good, with this lock down no one is making money specially in the oil sector which his heavily linked or his main business

      1. There are 76 million Arsenal fans in the world if we all pay £27 each we can own the club, my idea so I run the board 😜

        1. Nice Tas…you’re on fire today…since I was first to respond does that mean I’m now in the 2-hole on this newfangled quasi-Board?

          1. I will have to have a board meeting to approve my No2

            Ok it’s done your in 🤪

            Don’t forget to send me the £27 quid for your share

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