“We saw how fragile they are defensively” Adams faults Arsenal’s transfer decisions

Tony Adams isn’t impressed with Arsenal’s decision to sign Martin Odegaard in the last transfer window, because they need to spend on defenders more.

The Gunners entered the last transfer window intending to get rid of some of their old players as well as bring in reinforcements.

They had struggled with creativity before the reopening of the transfer window, so it makes sense that they landed Odegaard on loan for the rest of the season.

However, their defence has been a problem area for them for a long time now and they needed to fix it.

The club ignored adding new defenders to their team, even though they allowed at least three options in that position to leave.

Adams says they shouldn’t have signed Odegaard, just like they made a big mistake in signing Willian when they had youngsters coming through the ranks.

He claimed they should have focused more on their struggling defence.

He said to Premier League Productions as quoted by The Sun: “To be honest, there’s an argument that you don’t need Martin Odegaard.

“I got so annoyed that we bought Pepe and Willian in when you’ve got two kids [Emile Smith Rowe and Bukayo Saka] bursting into the team

‘There’s other areas in the team that you could look at, there’s holes in that team, we saw how fragile they are defensively. The defence has always been the weak link.

“As the sporting director of Arsenal, you wouldn’t be getting Odegaard in, you’d be getting good, strong defenders into the team instead.”

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  1. I totally disgaree with tony adams. We have good defenders in the team. Infact, we are conceding less goals compared to last few seasons. Again, signing odegaard was not a mistake bacause we were in desperate need of creativity. More so, we need a back up for ESR. The team was/ is in need of creativity more than defence.

    1. Very true… Mikel Arteta did well by signing Oodegard because we have to be more offensive and score many goals.
      Arteta has to come up with a system that will allow us to attack and defend in numbers with the players we have now.

  2. I do wish Adams would just stfu. He never has anything good to say. He now whines about our defence, which i believe is 2nd best in the league

    1. TA will forever be an Arsenal legend but I completely
      agree with you.

      Last time I checked the fixtures Tony, Arsenal
      defensively has been pretty solid this season. A
      few goals recently against the likes of Manure, CP
      and Aston Villa would see the much maligned
      Gunners in the top 4.

      STFU Mr. Adam’s and fork once support the club

  3. Big Tone is a defender, he knows what he is on about. Keeping clean sheets and struggling to score doesn’t make a good defence (back four) neither does letting in few and scoring few. When you open up and attack like we did against Leeds, you find out how good your defence really is. I do think we didn’t need Willian or Odegaard, i do think we should have been kinder on Saliba whom i would rather we give a chance too than those two. If we are keeping Odegaard, then i can accept it but like Ceballos we haven’t got the money too. I dont think we do look great at defending without Tierney and with Bellerin, Tierneys fitness is becoming an issue because Cedric cant challenge Bellerin while he is covering left back.

  4. TONY IS ENTITLED TO HIS VIEW, EVEN THOUGH HE IS CLEARLY WRONG. He is a full year too late to diss our defence. Perhaps he has not noticed our new solidity at the back!
    On the contrary to his mistaken view, what we needed til ODEGAARD came and the recent flowering of ESR, was more midfield creativity, We had, til VERY recently, been crying out for more creativity. Do keep up to date big Tone!

    Can anyone remind me of his “many successes as a manager” as I must have blinked and missed them!

  5. Yes I can vividly remember Adams decrying the signing of Pepe as a waste because we had two teenagers 1 in the Academy that looked pretty good for the U21s.

    And by his logic, why would we sign a defender who is only going to get in the way of Lopez?

    Dial it down Tony.

  6. If Adams knew what he was talking about he would be managing a top team. I think he has been fired from every management job so far?

  7. There’s a difference in managing a team and judging a player’s abilities or a teams priorities. As a football pundit. Adams has a clearer less biased view of where the Arsenal are at than,Arteta. Leed’s two goals came from the Arsenal midfield losing 50 – 50 balls which then put the full backs and central defenders under pressure. It happens regularly to Arsenal. I guess Adams was part of one of the stingiest defences in Arsenal’s history, so he would take this as a matter of pride. I’m more of the opinion that as long as you score more goals than your opponents,you win. Plus attack is the best form of defence. Blah, blah.

  8. Tony is entitled to his own opinion like we all are but as always opinions are just opinions that can be challenged by other opinions.

    I remember Tony managing the likes of Portsmouth and he absolutely shut down their defense.
    They hardly conceded and nearly never got them relegated before he was finally not sacked.

    And his next managerial gigs outside of the UK also went well. He always sort out his teams defenses and they hardly conceded.

    Football management is a tough things. That’s all I have learned in the few decades of watching it.

  9. Um ESR was definitely not “bursting into the team” when we signed pepe and willian lol

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