We should give Arsenal more credit for doing things the ‘Right Way’

Arsenal deserves respect! by Goonerboy

Hello good people, with great joy and excitement I am writing this post, as I never thought I would be alive and well today. I have missed all the buzz of Emery’s appointment, i have missed my Justarsenal family and ultimately, football in general.

I was on the sick bed helpless as my children surround me wondering what what would become of their father when i heard the news of our chosen one; Unai Emery. I never got the chance to welcome him with the Justarsenal family and i hope i can still chip its not too late to say “Welcome Emery”.

One thing i have been able to do since my return to ‘fitness’ is keep up with you Gooners, making sure i go through all the posts i have missed and while doing that, i felt the need for this piece.

Football is fast becoming a crazy business, gradually losing genuine competition, money has now become the first consideration instead of sporting values. Ambition is now equal to spending outrageous sums of money, its all about glory, glory and more glory with of course more money.
Believe it or not, football governing bodies are corrupt and being governed by money, in all of their activities, making money comes first and i really fear for the future of club football.

The players and fans are moving with this trend, as players want to make good money and also be in teams that show ‘ambition’, fans want their clubs to show this ‘ambition’ by spending money.
Amid all these, you have to give credit to Arsenal who have maintained the RIGHT way of doing things. We are a self sustaining club that gives everybody a chance to succeed.

It saddens my heart when i see the amount of money quoted for some players, the kind of money some clubs are willing to pay for players all in the name of showing ambition. I ask myself, “is this still about football”?

Financial fair play needs to be ruthlessly applied, to bring sanity back into the game, to bring unpredictability, to ensure a level playing competitive ground and above all, to give the youngsters their chance.

I was surprised when I saw Mourinho and Conte’s comments even in the middle of the season ‘crying’ and demanding their clubs to spend even more money…really?! In our league, no one can financially compete with City, so spending money alone does not guarantee success, you have to try another approach which is what Arsenal is doing, at the end of the day, we can only have one winner.

Most of our fans are already complaining about our transfer dealings again, especially with the way Liverpool is showing ‘ambition’. I cant wait to see how it will end next season. Many of our fans often fail to observe situations on their own and form a reasonable argument/opinion, they choose to follow other people’s opinions.

Like Wenger said, “We already know the winners of the major leagues in December”. Where is the competition? Where is the excitement? I am sure we will still have the same favourites for next season. We as Arsenal fans need to appreciate our club and give credit where it is due, show total support, we are also changing and doing the little we can within our means.

You simply can’t satisfy everyone, when critics are criticising, we need to analyse ourselves to see if they are right or wrong instead of following them blindly.

We have taken the first step by changing our manager, let us remain patient and see how these players will fare under the new management, in my opinion, Emery has one thing to do; improve our away form, how he will do that i dont know.

Here is Micah Richard’s tweet when we won the FA cup back then..

“Congrats to arsenal for the win today! A club who try do things the right way! Arsene wenger the great ??????!

— Micah Richards (@MicahRichards) May 17, 2014

I remain proud to be fan of this great club and will always support it through and thin.

I don’t wanna bore you no further, so will stop here for now…looking forward to your views.



  1. Eddie Hoyte says:

    Noticed you’ve been away Goonerboy, Welcome back. I’m in support of your observations and comments.
    BTW where’s Fatboy Gooney? Anyone know? I notice he’s also been away n missing. Sure only we the old timers and long users of JustArsenal would know these guys.
    Still wlc back, and let’s all hope for the best when the season kicks off

    1. Xxnofx says:

      If doing it the right way is finishing 6th ,I would rather do it the wrong way

      1. Goonerboy says:

        But we finished 6th, only this past season and it was as a result of many factors we are all aware of

        1. Xxnofx says:

          5th the season before so it’s getting worse and without competing in the transfer market we stand no chance ,I find this whole thing that we do stuff proper is a myth .Do you think charging the highest tickets in world football is doing it the right way .I would understand if we couldn’t compete because of low income ,but we can ,I think we were top 6th richest club in world football last year ,why are we not acting like it .it boils down to we are a club getting leftt behind ,and will continue to until we spend some of this money we have been saving for the last 10 years .

          1. Xxnofx says:

            I do get where you are coming from though but we have different opinions,and it was a good read .its just that I think different from you ,which on a fan forum there will always be arguments about what’s right and what’s wrong .
            Hope you are in better health aswell

          2. Ken1945 says:

            Can I query you on your season ticket statement please?
            Before I give you my opinion, can you tell me what your season ticket cost and where your seat is situated within the Emirates?
            I am not being confrontational, but I think this myth, started by the media should be examined more closely.

            Excellent article and one agree with 100%.
            This really does sum up the points I was trying to say to you.
            It’s always nice to hear when someone has recovered from illness, good luck going forward.

          3. Xxnofx says:

            Yes Ken
            Merton stand family seating about 250 £ a season.
            That’s Hereford F.C. if your wondering Costs me about 400 £ a season for me and 2 kids .and just been to my 300 Th game in the last 15 years that’s where my money goes to because they are my local club .havent spent a penny watching arsenal in 12 years . And I have 2 friends that go to watch arsenal and I can tell you they spend most of there wages just getting to and from the London without having to pay match prices . Not sure where your going with this ,you know that arsenal also make money from peopl paying for BT and sky not jus going to matches .

          4. Ken1945 says:

            Ozzie gunner,
            Agree with all you have said regarding the media, but what really is the. most upsetting part of this time in our club’s history was the mocking way certain sections of our fans ridiculed, not only our FA cup achievements, but the repeated qualifications we had for the CL!
            Nothing to do with the media and it will always leave a sour taste in the mouth for me, a supporter for over 60 years.
            Anyway, onwards and upwards with the new regime!!!

          5. Ozziegunner says:

            Yes Ken, that was disappointing, particularly when so many fans can only wish in their wildest dreams that their team would achieve as much as the Arsenal. However, if the expectations of Arsenal fans are built up with statements from the board in promoting the move to the Emirates and our ability to compete with the best in Europe, the disappointment of some fans can be understood when those expectations aren’t met.
            A supporter for 56 years.

          6. Ingleby says:

            I also started actively supporting in 1962. Standing on the North Bank is still a cherished memory.

          7. Ken1945 says:

            Hi Ozziegunner,
            A very good point regarding the promises made about the Emirates move, something that would have clouded the issue I must admit.
            As a long time supporter though, you must surely get as exasperated as me when fans do not see just what our club has achieved since GG took the manager’s position?
            The times when I could walk round Highbury because the crowds were so small or having to be second best to the Spuds season after season.
            Today’s fans just don’t realise what it meant to be a gooner in those days!!
            Still, I wouldn’t change it for the world, once a gooner always a gooner!!!!

          8. Ken1945 says:

            Thanks for the information.
            Really trying to tie down the notion about our ticket prices.
            Just to let you know, my season ticket for the coming season is £382.00.
            That includes all premier league matches and seven cup games, either FA cup or European games.
            That’s roughly £18.00 per game.
            Yes I am 65+ and I do have to sit in the family enclosure, but that’s being looked at by the club.
            I also have priority booking for my seat, at £10.00 a match, for any other game inside the stadium.
            Finally, if we don’t use 7 cup game allocations, my season ticket price is reduced the next season.
            I have a feeling this will surprise a lot of people and I am going to do further research on this and also where our away supporters are seated when they visit other grounds.

          9. Ken1945 says:

            Another old timer with wonderful memories of Highbury!!
            Do you remember the peanut vendor walking through the crowd selling them at 6 old pennies?
            Half time scores coinciding with the letters of the alphabet?
            All part of our Arsenal DNA!!!!

          10. Midkemma says:

            “without competing in the transfer market we stand no chance ”

            Please tell that to LCFC.
            How about Monaco in France? They won the title before losing their players to mega rich clubs, they still fin 2nd though even after such a sale.
            I hate to use spuds as an example but hey, they got UCL football and well… we have beaten them in transfer fees spent.

            Buying a great player means very little if you can not maintain them and keep them great, that is something AFC have been failing at critically for the past few years. Look how Bellerin done well then gone stale and now some fans want him sold…

            Coaching dude, give Emery a chance?

          11. Xxnofx says:

            Lcfc was an off season and Monaco spent millions getting to where they are ,or don’t you remember 5 years ago. That’s not the point anyway .the point being is we are rich act like it or are you happy with the club not investing what the fan hands over to them .

    2. Goonerboy says:

      Eddie Hoyte,

      Thanks a lot mate, i appreciate you.

      I also wonder where he is @Fatboy as i really miss him
      I continue to hope he is fine and bouncing and most importantly fat.

      Yea, old commenters will also know guys like;
      The Analyzer (love this guy)
      Davidnz (although i suspect he is barryglik)
      Ny gunner
      Arseovertit( a strong initiator of Wenger out campaign on here)
      SoOpa Aeon
      I know they will be back soon!

      1. Xxnofx says:

        Leo is still active ,goes by the name kev now

        1. Goonerboy says:

          I doubt that…??

          1. Eddie Hoyte says:

            Gooner boy you’re welcome!! Arseovertits will probably be throwing parties every weekend cus Wenger is finally gone… And Soopa Aeon? Lol I miss those fellas bro.. Fatboy with his sarcastic comments?. Then we could all exchange our views angrily and still find reasons to laugh while we tackle each others views.
            Now? make a comment and you’re likely to get insulted or get called names. I miss the good old days on here?
            And BTW Leo can’t be Kev… Leo never for once claimed to be an insider

      2. barryglik says:

        He he he 🙂
        Shhhhh 🙂

    3. Lance says:

      What of Arsenal Girl? Where has she been?

  2. John0711 says:

    Everyone is entitled to an opinion so when the club chooses to do things the right way that’s possible the right was for the club. Most fans want success real success like the PL or the CL. I’m sure most city fans would say there are doing it “the right way”.
    Football is about competing no matter or where you’re u start from or what money yOu spend. so the right way will be evaluated at the end of the season
    And in the same vain the last 5 years hasn’t been the right way because we havnt competed for the big trophies in that time so this is what your argument falls down
    Again it’s all about what people want I want to compete regardless of what we spend, however, only a fool continues to do the same thing and expects different results (Einstein)

    1. Eezzee says:

      Like the article. I have believed that football is corrupt on every level for a long time I am not some silly conspiracy theorist . If this is the case and it is just about money then football is more like wrestling than a competitive sport. I read recent articles about the World Cup draw being fixed and I cannot believe that is as far as corruption goes in the game. If it is fixed and i believe that to be the case then the only people being cheated is the fans and i mean all fans because if winning and losing is decided before a ball has been kicked what are we the fans actually paying for.

      1. John0711 says:


        1. Ozziegunner says:

          Goonerboy, having had some health issues mysrlf in the past, I wish you all the best for a full and speedy recovery.
          Most professional sport is corrupt and if you look at the Olympics prior to professionalism, then it could be argued that even “amateur” sport is corrupt. The Lords of the Rings was a great expose of what was/is going on. The problem with FIFA is that they make little effort to hide the fact.
          I am hoping that Emery can show what a good coach he is by improving the Arsenal players and making the team much greater than the sum of its parts. Also that the trinity will identify some under developed gems for Emery to work on and address Arsenal’s obvious deficiencies. A high transfer fee doesn’t always guarantee that a player will be a success in the EPL.
          Victoria Concordia Crescit. COYG!

    2. mobella says:

      I was quite in agreement with everything you said until you said big trophy. This how we rubbish the achievements of this club in the last 5 years and in turn rubbishing ourselves. Man city fans didn’t call Carling cup a small trophy when it is the only trophy they won since 014 before now. I didn’t manu fans say the same thing either. Same too Chelsea fans after spending over 250m to win fa cup. I know you are upset with how things were with the club trophy-wise but this is a new era and we all need to ditch defeatist attitude. We are starting new. We have being giving a blank slate with Emery and we shouldn’t let our experience with our last coach smear the new history we are about to create.

      1. John0711 says:

        Mo I’m not dissing the FA cup achievements I’m just saying if we had been in with a chance of the league fans would be happier

      2. Ken1945 says:

        How right your analysis is!
        The fact that we won the FA cup three years out of the last five WAS NOT seen as an achievement by some due to another agenda being followed.
        The goalposts were moved by certain of our own fans in order for this to be seen as a mere crumb against all the other failings of our previous regime.
        However, the history books will show the facts on our FA cup achievements.
        Your comments on the other clubs fans is absolutely correct and didn’t thousands of Gooners celebrate our cup successes at Wembley in the same euphoric way?
        BUT, this is where I believe the change was necessary within the club.
        I was asked by Phil (another contributer) why we hadn’t progressed from those fantastic achievements and I realized he was correct.
        We had become stale, predictable etc and needed to move forward while still recognising the achievements of the past.
        That’s why I am putting all my energies behind the new regime and hope to see us return to the glory days that some expect as a right rather than something that is earnt.

        1. Ozziegunner says:

          Ken, my opinion is that it is the media who constantly diminish Arsenal’s achievements. In the case of the FA Cup when Chelsea or Man U wins it, its an achievement; when Arsenal wins its so so. The media are total hypocrites.
          I don’t know any gooner, or any fan of another club, who doesn’t want to win the oldest knock out cup in football.

          1. Ken Lock says:

            Ozzie gunner,
            Agree with all you have said regarding the media, but what really is the. most upsetting part of this time in our club’s history was the mocking way certain sections of our fans ridiculed, not only our FA cup achievements, but the repeated qualifications we had for the CL!
            Nothing to do with the media and it will always leave a sour taste in the mouth for me, a supporter for over 60 years.
            Anyway, onwards and upwards with the new regime!!!

          2. Ozziegunner says:

            Sorry Ken my response to you ended up as an earlier post (ie up above) – big fingers (lol).

  3. Maks says:

    We need results, we need highly competitve team which was lacking for last decade. Then we can say Bravo Gazidis, not before, no way.

  4. Durand says:

    For me it’s the “sales pitch” ownership and management make every year.

    Fans were sold a bill of goods management has failed to live up to so far. New stadium was promoted to make us competitive, allow us to compete financially with big clubs.

    Has ownership stayed true to their word? I would argue no. Share prices have skyrocketed, rich owner even richer, new tv deal for league, yet the club seems to be falling further behind.

    Academy youngsters making first team is getting more rare with each year. A self sustaining model is financially prudent, but over time is a prolonged downward spiral.

    Less success breeds less money, which limits spending and player choices. This leads to drop in performance, and thus the downward spiral begins.

    I would ask everyone this; if self sustaining model good enough for beloved Arsenal, why isn’t self sustaining good enough for LA Rams?

    1. gotanidea says:

      True, I feel that Kroenke doesn’t take ownership of his Arsenal project. I think he just sees Arsenal as a mere money maker

      It’s different with Abramovich and Sheikh Mansour, we can feel that they really want to make their clubs to be the best in England

      1. Ozziegunner says:

        I agree that the ownership of Arsenal is woeful; however at least they haven’t asset stripped the club. If Kroenke sells Arsenal, the club is still left in a financially viable position; if Abranovich walks out on Chelse and asks for his £1 billion plus loan back, then Chelsea goes the way of Leeds United or worse.
        Hopefully missing the £50 million per season by not qualifying for the Champions League is hurting.

  5. Mickey Finn says:

    Hear hear. The moment we start thinking it is only about winning and success – no matter what the means – we’ve lost sight of what football and the Arsenal should be. I for one am very happy that we managed to resist Ushmanov’s efforts to take over all of Arsenal with his tainted money. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but every opinion is not worthy of respect. If the only thing you value is winning big trophies, you may be a fan, but you are no supporter.

    1. John0711 says:

      Micky we live in a country of free speech, however, that free speech doesn’t come with consequences
      To say it’s about more than trophies hmmm slightly correct however if your a top 6 club we should be competitive if not something is wrong

    2. Goonerboy says:

      Hi mate

      To be honest, i also wanted Usmanov to take over seeing our decline, but am happy we maintained our status, dunno why i feel so optimistic about our new manager, i believe it will go a long way in improving us.

      Come to think of it, we are gradually spending the money but in a shrewd way

      1. Ozziegunner says:


  6. gotanidea says:

    No, being too calculative and stingy are not the right way, because Arsenal are one of the richest clubs in Premier League

    Arsenal gained huge profit during Wenger’s successful period (bought cheap players but sold them for high prices, sold a lot of merchandises and tickets because of their popularity at that time) and they got more money after the Emirates is built (the most expensive ticket in England)

    Maybe those profit have gone to Kroenke’s other investments outside of England. The transfer activities in the upcoming window will tell us again about the board’s ambition

    1. Ken1945 says:

      Can you tell me what you pay for your season ticket please?
      Trying to explain why this myth about our ticket prices are another media based story.
      Could you also include where you sit at the Emirates?
      My aim is to do a feature that includes the top six premier clubs featuring next season’s prices.
      Thanks in advance.

  7. Abu says:

    There are reports incoming that arsenal has triggered Lucas Torreira release clause of €25m from Sampdoria. Does anyone have any concrete info on this news ?

    1. Durand says:

      Abu only thing I’ve read is Arsenal ready to match buyout clause, hold up is over agent fee and player wanting a week to decide; maybe other offers?

      Sorry i can’t offer more info, but maybe I’ve just read more about him.

      Trying to help out another interested gooner.

      Maybe kev can help…..
      Easy people, just winding ya up.

      1. Xxnofx says:

        Yea lplease don’t mention him ,he’s gone missing the last couple of days after he said we had signed a couple of players and that they were done deals on Tuesday ,now Saturday and I don’t think we have signed anyone since Tuesday ?

      2. Abu says:

        He followed Ozil and arsenal on Instagram

  8. Adam Criniti says:

    Welcome back Goonerboy, happy to hear your
    back healthy and ready for a new season of
    Arsenal futbol.

    I can share your appreciation for the sustaining
    economic model that separates AFC from the
    true powers of world futbol and commend there
    commitment to ensuring this great club will be
    around and thriving for years and years to come.

    WTS, AFC at some point have to be s”$t or get off
    the pot where it pertains to its realistic goals on
    the pitch. The present transitional state @ the
    club has me excited that there are finally true
    professionals calling the shots for the first time
    in many years. The combination of Sven, Raul
    and Emery is a wonderful triumvirate of
    knowledge, experience and passion for
    everything futbol that the club sorely missed
    during the seemingly dictatorship of Me. Prof.
    However there collective genius can only
    extend so far without the Kroenles opening a
    little more of there treasure chest and
    consistently reinvesting in the club. I am by
    no means advocating AFC engage in an Arms
    Race spending war with the likes of both
    Manchester clubs, PSG, RM, etc however there
    needs to be be available capital for Emery and
    Co. to target there desired players and finalize
    the deals quickly and effectively.

    As an example:
    Torreria and Ndombele would be fantastic
    signings and cost around £50M if there
    current transfer evaluations are correct. Two
    young, potential future stars of the club that are well within Arsenals budget and who’s collective
    price could be offset by selling El Neny and
    recouping of wages from Jack leaving.

    In addition to financial backing from both
    Kroenkes, The three Musketers must also make some very difficult, but necessary decisions on
    the current collective talent available @ the
    Emirates. Is Jack past his best, is Ramsey really
    good enough to be the epicenter of a new AFC.
    Will the real Mezut Ozil ever reappear in a
    Gunners jersey. In addition to answering these
    critical questions, I personally hope the big 3
    will reach a consensus that the following
    players need to be moved on this summer.

    El Neny–£10M

    With £105 M recouped, Arsenal could conceivably
    buy the following players:


    The above hypothetical illustrates that
    Arsenal doesn’t have to pull an Everton of last
    summer or Spurs of a few years back and
    recklessly spend hundreds of millions of
    dollars in this window to compete this coming
    season. However Emery and co. do need to
    make some difficult decisions on current players
    and not be afraid to move them along if they
    don’t make the grade.

    Rome wasn’t built or rebuilt in a day but AFC have
    made some sensible early moves in this
    reclamation project, now the pressure lies on
    Emery and Co. to make the right decisions and
    prove to the Gunner nation that our beloved
    club is genuinely serious about competing for
    domestic and European glory and not just
    balancing the books.

    1. Goonerboy says:

      Adam my friend,

      Thanks matey!

      I agree with you but the only players i would want to release are Elneny, ospina, Wilshere, and of course campbell.
      I read that Emery won the hearts of our directors because he gave detailed analyses of our players which in my opinion is so impressive and thats why i want to MOST of these players a chance under him, i want to be surprised, players like Bellerin, Chambers can really improve if they well trained.

      I will believe Emery will be supported with the club’s resources but we will still need to be patient.

      1. Goonerboy says:

        I want to give MOST****

        1. Ozziegunner says:


      2. Adam Criniti says:


        I just have a difficult time seeing average
        players such as HB, Mustafi, Welbeck, El Neny,
        Ospina, etc. evolving into 1st team difference makers under Emery.

        With Socratis on his way in, I personally can’t
        see a place for Mustafi in the first 11. The two
        paired together would be suicide. ??

        Klosterman from RB is a younger, better
        version of HB for half the price. His versatility
        also allows him slot in anywhere along the backline and his long term future may be @

        Sonycu’s arrival could spell the end of
        either Chambers or Holding @ AFC. Emery
        and co. wouldn’t spend £30+M on the young
        Turk if they didn’t immediately have 1st team
        plans for him. Although I would keep CC and
        loan out or sell Holding.

        Welbeck is a an interesting case, for his value
        @ the club may skyrocket if he impresses
        @ the WC and Emery is serious (can’t fathom it) about selling Laca. If neither of these happens
        and Emery extends a lifeline to Perez than the
        Englishmen should be moved on.

        Ospina will be moved on and if El Neny isn’t
        content with Cup appearances and late game
        cameos then the Egyptian needs to consider
        greener futbol pastures as well.

  9. Dan says:

    Maybe things will change, but as of now it is unfair to lay on the fans. Most Arsenal fans are not craving to be Chelsea or City, that would in fact repulse me. If we won the title as by far the highest spenders like City last year I wouldn’t be excited one bit.
    What fans have a right to be angry about is the lack of boldness and foresight when it comes to acquiring and selling players. Clubs our size (relatively in their leagues) have managed to stay competitive and ake money at the same time.
    Over the last decade,Arsenal have been linked to numerous good players but we bulked at their price ignoring the fact that we could sell them later for more. Look at Abu or Higuain we were liked with both but maybe less than 5 m meant we did not get them. Abu was seen as the new Henry, BVB got him for 13 m and later sold him to us for 53 m. We almost had Higuain but could not compete with Napoli they paid what real wanted. He led them in scoring and they then flipped him for 75 m.

    I could go on and on. This used to be us, getting players on the cusp of great things and then flipping them later for more after they have won things and entertained us.. Our peers Napoli, Atletico and Dortmund re doing it. That used was the right way. What happened to it?

    1. Ozziegunner says:

      ?and Arsenal finally get two decent goal scoring strikers and the rumour is Arsenal may sell Lacazette to generate funds! Also no decent DM since Gilberto Silva left.

      1. Ken1945 says:

        A very simple two sentence answer to your question, what happened to the right way?.
        1. The decision to sack David Dein.
        2. The arrival of the Kronky dynasty.

        1. Ozziegunner says:


  10. Bakri says:

    Thank you for being optimistic and we hope all of us will be joyful at the end of the transfer window. now Arsenal have a very hopeful genuine mabager in Emery . Arsenal are linked with credible players with reasonable prices in the transfer market , but we feel very sad that Arsenal budget is only £60 million and Real Madrid are willing to pay mre then £200million for one player and liverpool are beating Arsenal in the transfer market by signiing the targets because they are willing to pay the right price. The published data indicate that Arsenal are among the top three in the premier league reagrding their income with more than £400 millionand no more debt with regard to stadium cost> Why the board is reflecting a bad image of Arsenal as a small poor club?

  11. ThirdManJW says:

    Treating the fans terribly until this year, is doing things the ‘right way’?

    1. Goonerboy says:

      But how are the fans treated terribly?

      1. ThirdManJW says:

        Charging us the highest ticket prices in the world for a less than average product for God knows how long.

        Refusing to at least TRY something different to turn our fortunes around. We’re only now finally seeing some changes, but it’s 2018! A very long wait!

        Treating the fans with such contempt at pretty much EVERY AGM!

        Lying to the fans about the stadium move.

        Refusing to reinvest properly in the transfer market.

        Poor reinvestment’s. Not so much in players bought (all clubs/managers get that wrong from time-to-time), but constantly dishing out new contracts, and pay raises, for players with chronic injuries who don’t even play for us anymore, or players that have proven time, and time again, that they’re simply not good enough. Ozil earning over 300k p/w is a complete joke!

        That’s just a handful. But so far in 2018, I applaud the board, because we’re finally seeing changes. It may not work out, but at least they’re FINALLY trying! And that’s all we can ask for.

        1. Goonerboy says:


          I love this part….”But so far in 2018, I applaud the board, because we’re finally seeing changes. It may not work out, but at least they’re FINALLY trying! And that’s all we can ask for”.

          And thats the most important thing NOW!

          1. ThirdManJW says:

            It is important NOW, but you don’t suddenly forget the years of poor treatment, because of a good six months! The board still have a very long way to go to really win the fans trust back. Also, let’s not forgot that the transfer window hasn’t even shut yet, so this conservation would be more relevant in August.

            Will it be another Cech/Kallstrom style transfer window, or will it be as good as January?

          2. Ozziegunner says:

            To be successful in sport the club has to be ruthless; hopefully this will come with the new trinity.

        2. Ken1945 says:

          Can I also ask you what you pay for your season ticket and where your seat is located at the Emirates?
          I am trying to piece together different scenarios as I believe this myth about our season tickets is a media concoction.
          Looking forward to hearing from you.

          1. ThirdManJW says:

            If you can name clubs where tickets are more expensive than the Emirates, then I’d also like to hear from you.

            I haven’t giving the club any of my money for years, because quite frankly, they haven’t deserved it, because of the reasons previously stated. I am lucky enough to go to the odd game hear and there because of friends/family, but it’ll be a long time before they directly get any of my money. I have Sky (so they indirectly get money off me), but at least I get to entertained by watching City, L’pool, Barca, etc.

          2. Ken1945 says:

            Third man,
            Thanks for coming back.
            I believe I can do what you suggest already, but I want to have all the facts before presenting them.
            Meanwhile, could I ask for your reaction to my reply regarding my ticket price of£382.00 for next season and if that surprises you?

  12. GB says:


  13. Abu says:

    I’m carving out for a DM. Maybe I’m too desperate.

    1. Ozziegunner says:

      Hopefully you mean “craving” like I am ?

  14. Sue says:

    Best wishes to fellow gooner Goonerboy, glad you’re on the mend ?
    I’m really looking forward to next season with Emery. I have to say I was a little disappointed with our first signing (as he’s 34) I hope he proves me wrong, even if it is for just 1 season. I will be buzzing if we get Torreira though.. preferably before the world cup!

    1. Goonerboy says:

      Oh thanks a lot sweet Sue,

      Lich is obviously an experienced player that is much needed as a competition and a tutor for Bellerin, sometimes age does not matter so far you get what you want in a player, take Dani Alves for example, he left Barcelona when he was over 30, proved himself at Juve, moved to PSG and now going to the world cup again, wouldnt you be happy if we got him on a FREE???

      He was free so there is nothing to be angry about for me, we have Bellerin and if they dont work out, we ship them out!

      1. Andrew E says:

        Agree with Sue about Torreira, exactly the right player for us. He’s like Kante on speed!!

  15. jon fox says:

    Glad you are clearly on the mend and welcome back. Whatever was your health problem it left your brain alone and well, clearly. Your post on how huge money has corrupted top level football mis very well made. I will not be following or watching ANY world cup matches , as I consider supporting a corruptly awarded(to Russia) competition will taint my own morals by association and I am not willing to pay this price. I can scarcely avoid knowing the outcome of matches but will not seek the results out inany way. Honesty and morality is the prime requirement in sport above ALL ELSE. I am only too deeply aware that our own club is in the cesspit with all the other snakes , at a corporate level. No amount of self convincing can convince an honourable person that the obscenity of hundreds of thousands of pounds per week going into any footballers bank account, paid for directly or indirectly by ordinary fans, often with families to support, is anything but theft. Not legally of course but certainly morally. This is condoned by almost all football fans who mostly proclaim to loathe it but expect their -or our- club to compete with the other snakes. Dishonestly, I have to include myself among these hypocrites. Looking to the medium term future it is clear that football as we have always known it cannot long survive this sickening trend. Unless a sea change comes in to our sport very soon, the game will ultimately destroy itself at top level. Winners of Europes top leagues were virtually known before a ball was kicked in anger last season and though I do not laim to be Nostradamus or predict the far off future, it is clear that the business of top level football is killing the sport of top level football /. I have always, since aged 8, supported Arsenal Football Club. If I am required to, instead, support a corporate business that just happens to be football based with its employess wearing red /white shirts, I may as well buy shares in Tesco and spend my weekend afternoons studying their financial columns or studying their bread counter. Not for me! I will soon be contributing on here a fuller article outlining in greater detail the perils, to it’s very survival, of football continuing down this disastrously corrupt road.

    1. Goonerboy says:

      Chief Jon!

      Hearty gratitude meister…
      Doctor said Overwhelming stress (i havent heard that before) among other things.
      And an also glad you endorse this piece..thanks

      “I will not be following or watching ANY world cup matches , as I consider supporting a corruptly awarded(to Russia) competition will taint my own morals by association and I am not willing to pay this price”

      This is huge and it will take a great deal of discipline for you to avoid watching.

      “This is condoned by almost all football fans who mostly proclaim to loathe it but expect their -or our- club to compete with the other snakes”

      I am also guilty of this, but deep down i know it is bad for the future of club football, it is never easy to see a club you love, fail to compete with the best in the world hence the craving of huge investments which does not even guarantee anything these days.

      The sport has now become a do or die thing, where managers do not have total control over players, players can conspire to remove a manager, managers even struggle to keep their jobs and yet we want our club to follow this path?

      It is not as if we havent been spending in recent seasons but in my opinion we got some of them wrong and we couldnt get the best out of them.
      All in all, i salute the clubs courage to maintain its values eventhough some fans see it as punishment, in my opinion, it remains the right way!

      I look forward to reading articles from you Jon, surely you can educate and enlighten us even more given your vast experience…

      1. jon fox says:

        What touching comments you make. You make me blush(or would do so , if I were actually as sensitive as I like to pretend). I also see very hopeful signs for Arsenal’s revival this coming season but my pessimism about how all top level football is being corporately misrun goes very deep. When the ordinary fan is marginalised and the average fan age is rising , as it certainly is, it does not need a particularly perceptive person to see the oncoming perils to the greatest sport on earth. We need a national fan union with real teeth and which will take decisive and widespread action(rather like the constantly absent AFC season tickets holders did to remove Wenger). Fans have tremendous collective power PROVIDED they have the guts and gumption to use it. Will they though? There’s the rub!

  16. David Rusa says:

    Welcome back Goonerboy. Thank you for the mature and rational article. No matter how much teams spend there will always be one winner at a time. This last season it has been Man City who dethroned Chelsea. Prior to that there was a magical winner in form of Leicester city. Who knows what happens tomorrow. All said and done, that does not deprive Arsenal of the privilege of being one of the few clubs that do things correctly. It is this factor that enable Arsenal to remain competitive on a meagre budget compared to its rivals. You can spend the money but there is a limit to how much you can spend. Besides, spending a lot of money does not always guarantee success. There are other factors at play such as the manager, the calibre of players, the level of motivation, the team spirit etc. Let us not always look at the money spent in the transfer market as the only determinant in football issues. Obviously when you all spend heavily the winner will be determined by the other variables. Thus I can see Unai Emery playing a very big role in the coming season

    1. Goonerboy says:

      Thanks big David…

      I completely agree

    2. jon fox says:

      An excellent and thoughtful post, I thought!

  17. harry says:

    Arsenal fans always class our players as rubbish and average….how can someone call Ramsey, Bellerin and Colombia noumber 1 as average. this is so bad

    1. jon fox says:

      I for one would think “average” performance from BELLERIN A HUGE IMPROVEMENT ON WHAT HE HAS GIVEN US TO DATE. He is a defender who cannot defend. So is Mustafi but at least he stays in defence when he is needed. Unlike BELLERIN.

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