“We understand” Postecoglou preparing his players not to lose to Arsenal

Tottenham manager Ange Postecoglou admits he understands the importance of not losing to Arsenal as he prepares his team to face the Gunners.

The Lilywhites are one of the teams Manchester City hopes can prevent Arsenal from winning their remaining games of the season.

Although Arsenal has overtaken City at the top of the Premier League table, the reigning champions have played one game less.

There is no guarantee that City will win their game in hand, and they will also play against Tottenham before the end of the season.

If Arsenal were to beat Spurs at the Tottenham Stadium, they would gain more confidence heading into their remaining games of the season, and Postecoglou does not want to allow them that advantage.

Ahead of the game, he said, as quoted by Arsenal Media:

“We understand the importance, particularly at home, in these kind of games against our biggest rival and in the biggest derby not letting our opponent get on top of us. We understand the consequences of that but ultimately it’s still about us measuring ourselves against the teams we want to be challenging on a more consistent basis.

“There’s great meaning to the points for both clubs, then what’s happened previously, whether that’s the immediate past or further back, becomes irrelevant. Because you know it’s going to be a tough game, have a bit of an edge to it, have an atmosphere. And you’ve just got to make sure you get ready to match those levels with a performance.”

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We have never had an easy derby, but we often still win just like we did last season in front of their fans and can repeat that.

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  1. In as much as Ange Postescoglou the Tottenham Hotspur manager. Who thinks he can prepare his Spurs team side not to lose to the Gunners in the NLD match at home tomorrow Sunday. And he wants to do that.
    However, the truth to the matter as it relates to the latest NLD match that will be played at Tottenham Stadium tomorrow is that, the Gunners will beat Spurs 0-4 in the match at the full-time of it unfailingly.
    And as a result, they will put paid to Postescoglou’s dreams wish to have his Spurs team cause a havoc to the Gunners in the match.
    Which will of course can’t come to pass against the Gunners in the match. Who have already but in place a guaranteed contingency plan that will annull to ground zero. all Spurs’ efforts made in the match to cause a havoc in it to the Gunners.
    And instead, the Gunners will suffer a collateral damage to Spurs in the derby match.

    1. SAA, you obviously didn’t see or read Postecoglou’s pre match press conference which was realistic and respectful, both to Arsenal and Arteta’s achievements. He emphasised that he is about making Spurs better in the long term competing against the best, not just finishing in front of Arsenal. He also stated that he does not get satisfaction from nor interested in revelling in the misery of others.
      Mikel Arteta’s press conference was also respectful of Ange Postecoglou’s achievements in his first season as manager and the need for Arsenal to be up for this match. It is unfortunate that some supporters of the two clubs seem incapable of showing the same clas as their respective managers.

      1. Ozziegunner, most managers will say one thing in the public domain and a completely different in the dressing room.

        Those Spuds fans that Revell in our defeat to Aston Villa are surely the silliest of the Spuds fans base.

    1. Well Samuel, this one has goals written all over it, I do believe a minimum of four goals will be score with a consolation going to the host.

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