We were robbed – Man United v Arsenal Review – Alfie’s video blog

Here we have another Video Blog from Alfie, who is not very happy with the referee Andre Marriner after last night’s draw with Man United… Watch and Enjoy!

WE WERE ROBBED | Man Utd 2-2 Arsenal | Review

Disappointing result, but made more infuriating by the two poor refereeing decisions. Firstly, Herrera is offside in the lead up to their first goal. Secondly, Lacazette had a goal wrongly ruled out when he took the ball off De Gea, as the Spaniard only had one hand on it. Anyway, I guess a draw is still a decent result.


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  1. Pat says:

    We didn’t do what we could have done at the defence. I understand Man U’s first goal was offside, but their second was a mixed up between out defence and keeper. We played well and could have won. We also miss Ozil’s creativity. Ramsey, iwobi and mhiky couldn’t make them killer passes which could have caught Man U’s defence. But at least we were respected. Shame on Fellaini!!!!!!

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Ozil would not have suited that game, utd sent that team out to try and discourage us from fancy football but it didn’t stop our game. It was a scrap, Ozil would not have suited it because we needed every midfielder to fight back.

      1. Pat says:

        Man U came out charging but didn’t anymore after about 20 mins. The game was very expansive, and there were lots of spaces. He might not be able to tackle but his passes and creativity would have made a lot of differences. Ramsey, iwobi and Mkhitaryan couldn’t make lots of creative passes. The corners were not even well taken.

        1. Break-on-through says:

          We had to fight for that space, Ozil, I’m a fan, but he would’ve been targeted and it would’ve been one man less at times because he doesn’t always track. The game was end to end at times, there was space, but when it wasn’t us attacking that is when you need your players to go to the other end. Our players were getting back and making things difficult for them, they barely created anything. That is why I don’t think Ozil would’ve suited it. Also it was out wide we were getting joy, the space in front was congested, maybe Ozil would’ve found a way through, maybe he wouldn’t. We created plenty without him, and we kept their chances to a minimum. The second half became a scrap too, but we fought for the right to play. My mind, Ozil doesn’t play that game.

          1. PAT says:

            Am glad you said in your mind. Mine PAT, we needed the creativity. Man U limited us to little chance because we were closed up, but there were lots of spaces, even when ever we had the chances to pass the ball, it was less than accurate. Hence Aubameyang couldn’t press Man U’s defence proper until Lacazette came, then it became easier because they now have to deal with two strikers. Except you want to tell me Ramsey created a lot at the first half, and Mkhi created a lot in the second half. It was until the second half before we were able to tread the ball properly on the sides. This is not because of any special likeness for Ozil. He was the main man against Liverpool because of his creativity. A team who doesn’t create a lot of chances don’t score lots of goals, but with our very good two strikers creativity is key.

        2. Mohammed says:

          I believe if ramzy wasn’t injured we could have won it

  2. Sue says:

    I’m still gutted

  3. Shortboygooner says:

    In reality we were poor. They were poor but that was expected. The blame lands squarely on the players and our lack of creativity. We need to take a leaf from city and get some extra creativity. The midfield is so dry and boring. Iwobi Ramsey Guendouzi are all lacking. We either need some damn right scary wingers and or some real passers like ozil David Silva Kevin de Byrne. That’s what we lack. I dunno why lacca did not start ahead of Iwobi the man has goals. Iwobi has no end product and basic passing skills.

      1. Break-on-through says:

        Nonsense. Arsenal gave a very good account of themselves away at a team that tried to bully us. It came after the NLD, as well as an away trip at high flying Bourn. We picked up injuries and were playing in poor conditions. I thought we done very well, 7 pts from a possible 9 from those fixtures in the space of a week. Arsenal done very well, we deserved the win and gave a great account of ourselves.

  4. Things are changing says:

    Disappointing result but the fact is that this would have been a good result last season.

    We created enough chances but just lacked these last few inches to get the goal. Conceding the 2nd after 13 seconds was Arsenal of old, not imploding afterward and creating the better chances afterward was the new Arsenal.

    I love this team and this manager and that has not been the case for years. Let’s hope the club supports the manager in the next few windows.

    (Ramsey as a starter still doesn’t impress me. Not worth the big bucks.

  5. Ramsey is not creative enough henrikh is also average.We need ozil now to step up his game otherwise buying quality players in January is must

  6. Palash says:

    Ramsey is not creative, henrikh is playing average now need ozil to step up his game otherwise buying quality players in January transfer window is a must

    1. ozziegunner says:


  7. Innit says:

    Let’s focus on beating Huddersfield now

    Beating Spurs 4-2, then drawing at Old Trafford is not the end of the world, especially with the dirty tactics by United and the poor refereeing. We still haven’t lost in ages. It really isn’t as bad as you think. Drawing to Wolves at home WAS way way worse. It was like a loss.

    We are still tied with Chelsea who is 4th with 31 points and just two points behind Spurs at 3rd place

    Chelsea is playing CITY And Spuds are playing away. We are playing Huddersfield at home.

    No need to cry. Let’s move onwards and upwards

    We have another match on Saturday
    If we draw or lose to Huddersfield then we have reason to be upset.
    Beating Huddersfield will raise everyone’s spirits

    And we could move into 3rd place with a win.

    Think positively

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Yes, Innit 7 points from 9 available from Bournmouth away, Spurs at home and Man U away would have been grabbed with both hands by Arsenal supporters at the start of the season.
      The depressing thing is the gap between Arsenal and Liverpool; however Chelsea loosing concentrates the battle for the last 2 Champions League places to the 3 London clubs. However there is still along way to go this season.

  8. adi says:

    Let’s not be too harsh, it was their first Old trafford visit for many, new manager, new team.

    We should have won, but I thought it was a below par performance.

    Bright side, we are doing very well for Emery first season, couldnt ask for more when you put everything it perspective

  9. TH14 says:

    You think City would leave OT with just a point? Come on guys… Man U was there for the taking and we let 2 points slip. We need to be smarter, equalizing after 74 seconds is stupid.

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