“Weak” Arsenal fans should protest at Stan Kroenke – not Wenger

After a couple of defeats in the space of a week has practically destroyed Arsenal’s chances of winning the Premier League, the usual February protests against Arsene Wenger have started to resurface again. There was one prominent fan at the Chelsea game, and of course the infamous ArsenalFanTV are always seeking out anti-Wengerites to be vocal after our games.

But according to the pundit Craig Burley, who began his career at Chelsea, the Gooners should instead be putting pressure on Stan Kroenke to work towards team success, rather than looking at his massive profits building up. Burley said: “How weak are the Arsenal fans? Are they in a competition to see if they can win the weakest fans’ award?”

“Because any other fans would be stamping their feet and raising their voice and saying, ‘this is unacceptable’, or maybe the Arsenal fans are a mirror image of Stan Kroenke and his shareholders – ‘we’re just happy to be making money and to be in the Champions League. That’s success every year if we’re in the top four and we’re running a good business’.

“Now, I get from an owner’s point of view – who has little view about football like Kroenke does – then it’s about making money, but it’s not good enough for the supporters. Get out there and let your voice be heard.”

He is right in a way, because surely Kroenke is the only one in a position of power to persuade Wenger that it is time for him to retire gracefully, or even refuse to offer Le Prof a contract extension. I don’t suppose Silent Stan would listen to just a few fans, but if thousands of us turned up to let him know our feelings, then surely he would have to start taking notice.

Shouting “Wenger Out” at every opportunity will not affect our billionaire owner, but a few thousands shouts of “Kroenke Out” may make him sit up and take notice.

Darren N


  1. Big Gun says:

    Hope you all saw Abromovich owner in the stands supporting his club with passion. Yet our owner think a football is shaped like an egg. That is the difference and why it will be extremely difficult for Arsenal to reach the same heights before Kroenke took over. Stan’s fortune and assets will be passed onto his son Josh, including his Arsenal shares. There is nothing we can do about this, unless the heavens crack open and Kroenke decides to sell his shares to Usmanov or some other billionaire. Best we can hope for is that Wenger retires sooner than later and the board replace him adequately – preferably a manager with a decent history and accolades. At 8m pounds a year I’m sure we could afford it.

    1. Jimbeam says:

      Kroenke is a terrible owner but the situation in Arsenal is not his fault. Two years ago we only bought Cech- this year we bought Xhaka for more money then Kante.
      This team – every single player is Wenger’s – he chose them, trained them, gave them the tactics and motivated them, there really is no excuse for him. Hell there were no excuses for him for the last 5 years. We missed out on Klopp and Guardiola. Let’s not miss out on Aleegti or Simeone.

  2. Juhi McLovin says:


    If Wenger can’t realize himself that his time is up, then he has truly lost it. Off to nursing home.

  3. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    OK but Stan released £100m in transfer fees in the summer. If he was all about the money then let’s face it – it would not have cost him any where near that to get the team to where it is now in this season.

    Faith in Wenger – maybe an issue for him but I don’t think the money side is. The club makes money and he is happy to release that in funds in the window. From a money side not really sure what more he can do.

    1. Kostafi says:

      Did you say Stan released? Did you see it written or published anywhere that Stan put a penny in the club? The funds are from Arsenal’s cash reserves which are quite staggering. All Stan has done is collect £3m annual payments for “consultancy” or in any other business where capital is invested- interest.

      We make more money than Chelsea and Spurs and only Man U earn more money than the Arsenal. I don’t count City because they get what from Etihad and count it all as revenue.

      I sympathize with AW, really I do because he made personal sacrifices at a time the club faced uncertainty. He didn’t have to sign a five year contract provided to the bank as personal guarantees to secure the Emirates loan. When Real Madrid and PSG came sniffing, his hands were tied.

      We are out of that stadium imposed recession and can spend £60m-£100m every summer now. We are already well behind Man U, Chelsea, City, and even Liverpool in terms of £25m and above signings- We have 4 to date while the others are in double figures. Some will argue the price does not matter but it is linked to quality. Whether a player adapts or hits the ground running is a different thing.

      The real question is whether the club wants to entrust the new found war chest with Wenger or get someone else to build for the future. Stan probably would choose Wenger. I dont think a lot of fans (me included) would. They both deserve stick- AW is unfortunately the easier/closer scapegoat

      1. Fatboy Gooney says:

        At the end of the day, Wenger spent the money ( mainly in panic) and evidence shows us that he has lost the plot in that department too.
        I’m pretty sure that even an unknown manager with some modern ideas for today’s game, could step in and easily get a massive improvement in performance with the players available to him right now.

  4. proffetic says:

    There is a “Closed shop ” situation with both board and owner. Their remit is to make cash. Why would they want to find out how the fans feel. We are never going to be consulted because the running of the club is not our concern. There is no way in because there is no door. Try telling Stan that the club belongs to the fans. It may be time for change but how can it be initiated.

  5. Bobbyraz says:

    We all know kroenke is part of the problem, but kroenke isn’t the one telling the players not to show hunger, fight, determination and not to tackle that’s the managers job and he can’t seem to motivate this team

  6. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Nothing ever changes with all aspects to Arsenal fc ?
    The start, The middle and the end to the season, it’s always the same old topics and debates on here lol ?
    Surely things will improve when the delusion drifts off into the sunset and finally draws the curtains on this decade of madness? ?

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