“Weak weak weak” Piers Morgan slams Arteta and says he has to go

Piers Morgan has torn into Mikel Arteta after the Spanish manager patted Granit Xhaka following his red card against Manchester City.

Arsenal was struggling to get a grip on the game, having already conceded twice.

One of the most senior Arsenal players on the pitch is Xhaka and fans would have expected him to help to calm the nerves of the younger players in the Arsenal team.

However, the Switzerland captain instead put in a stud up challenge on Joao Cancelo which earned him a red card.

From then on Arsenal had a long and tough afternoon with City hitting top gear and scoring more goals against the Gunners before the match ended 5-0.

Morgan, like most Arsenal fans would have been disappointed by the club’s performance, but he seems to have taken an exception to Arteta’s reaction to Xhaka being sent off.

He says patting the midfielder on the back as he walked into the dressing room shows that Arteta’s leadership is a “weak” one and Arsenal should fire him immediately.

He tweeted: “Arteta actually gave Xhaka a congratulatory pat for getting stupidly sent off when we were already being thrashed. He should be fired for that alone. This photo perfectly sums up Arteta’s leadership – weak weak weak.”

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  1. Why wait till whether he get good result against Norwich, Burnley and Spurs. Why not let him go now, this is manager that have spent more than one and half years in his rein. Someone who do not know the kind of players that will improve his squad that ended in 8th position twice, now if Arteta remain till end of season is either Arsenal relegate or finish below 8th position, it already sure he will finish below 8th position and if Arsenal relegate no super quality Manager will come to manage the club and we beginning to languish in championship. Bring in Conte now this sunday and get him Declan Rice, bissouma and Maddison before window close.

    1. I believe the board is waiting for the first bad result against a side we’re supposed to win to give him the sack. This means he could be gone after GW4. But I don’t think it will happen. Even under Fraudteta, this squad can beat Norwich.

      I do hope he goes as soon as yesterday because the players will have the new manager bounce before the Norwich game that is a must-win. Even if it’s a makeshift manager until they get an actual replacement, I’m all for it.

      Pretty much everything would beat having Arteta around for another second.

      1. Sadly l dont see Kroenke sacking him, you need to be ruthless like Chelsea, the guy had a perfect chance to finish top 4 last season and he let it slip away, why wait anymore? Edu and Arteta should be sacked they are two novice guys who don’t have an idea about management, l saw alot of firing and l thought these guys know what they are doing but unfortunately Arsenal has become a training ground for managers and directors… conte will get a new club as we wait for more evidence of the duo’s incompetence…

    2. To convince die-hard MA fans, the board needs to wait until Tot’s game to decide his fate. We can thrashed by Chelsea or Man City but not Tot.

  2. The difference between Arsenal and Chelsea defending is the gunner defenders go awol .In contrast when a Pool was going to shoot,four blues converged and blocked the shot.
    Mc players shot where there were no defenders.
    Until this changes ,Arsenal will continue to concede and lose

  3. Arteta is just letting this team down. I always disagree with people saying Arsenal doesn’t have good players. Well they might be right in the own opinions. But I believe Arsenal have players just that the manager is stupid. How could u loan Toreira,Gendouzi, sale Willock, sale Ozil and you’re nor bringing someone that’s better than them ? We don’t have a solid holding midfielder.

    What’s wrong if Arteta play.

    Ramsdale, Bellerin, Gabriel, White, Tierney, Toreira, Partey, Xhaka, Aubameyang, Saka, Pepe or Smith Rowe or Odegard ??

    You played with city without a holding midfielder.

    Sold & loan all the better players.

  4. I don’t usually agree with Morgan but this time he is exactly right, instead of Xhaka patting him on the back when going off he should have been shouting’ why have you been so effing stupid ‘ then it might just get through to Xhakas thick skull that what he did was stupid and damaging to the team.

      1. Aagh. What happened? Snr player going down on a player that’s not a threat at the moment, he can only pas the ball. An u/12coach would have dealt better with a Xhaka in the moment. Players still a bit confused as to their role. Coach still not able to instill confidence in the players. If he can’t beat now rich 4-0 with this squad, pls ma say goodbye, collect your dues, and call it a day. We can do with a coach here at chippa united in ZA. Premier league. You’ll only last 3x games.

  5. So our Clownish coach did this?
    (Didn’t see the game)
    Apart from Mr Gotanidea, The few Arteta fans must surely be Aliens from Mars!😒😕
    Strange, Ridiculous Fellows..
    Arteta is a very Terrible ,Clueless coach and what’s more, A WEAK individual..
    He has to be SACKED during this International break!!
    Get Conte or Give the job back to Freddie Ljumberg till the end of the season!
    Enough of this Madness!

  6. Erik Ten Hag of Ajax is the man, his pattern match that of Arsenal, he will bring back our lost identity.

  7. What sort of appallling self publicist issues seven tweets during one match, each more hysterical than the previous one and all calling for MA ‘s head!

    I do not say that Morgan is wrong. But I say he is an appalling self publicist, which is a totally separate point from me commenting on MA .

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