Wednesday morning Arsenal transfer updates – five players to leave and two possible arrivals

If there was ever a specific point in time when transfer gossip ramps up it is when the season comes to a conclusion and we are almost at that point now and today is just a taster of what is to come over the next couple of months.

Bournemouth playmaker Ryan Fraser has long been linked with a move to us but it now appears that he will be remaining on the south coast for at least one more season according to the Mirror.

News from the Netherlands is claiming that two of PSV Eindhoven players that have been linked with a move to the Emirates, 21-year-old Steven Bergwijn and 23-year-old Mexico winger Hirving Lozano will be sold this summer.

Former Invincible Edu, who is the current general coordinator for the Brazilian national team, is set to become our new technical director, according to the Daily Mail.

We will be offloading at least five high profile players in the summer in order to fund new acquisitions. Unai Emery wants to sell Mesut Ozil, Shkodran Mustafi, Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Carl Jenkinson and Mohamed Elneny, according to

That is it for now but it is still early in the morning and no doubt more players will be linked with us before the day is out.


  1. Mr. Emery, as far as I’m concerned give them away for free. None of them are worthy of the badge. Ozil took a dump on his Arsenal career in the last two seasons with his ransom and lack of effort.
    Hopefully all of them will be shipped off, hopefully straight into the Premier League so that they can for once help Arsenal win points.

    1. Basically despite calling ourselves an attacking team, our attack has been so lame for the past two seasons. We struggle to create goals. If we need to become elite, we need to sign two massive players.

      Zaha and Madison to compliment Auba and Laca. That would tear through any defense. Game is over even before it starts.
      But wait… We are the Arsenal… owned by Kroenke.. I’m scared for the next season

  2. Xaka needs to be sold..wev all forgeten he cost us like 6 or so goals with his direct sloppy passes last season..he know tops it up with cutting us from potential top 4 with a very silly error.

    Unai needs to learn from Liverpool barca..tiki taka is old and be successful in that you need skillful and fast players…the same tactics klop used to trash arsenal is what he used to beat barca..yes barca plays from the back..and high pressing from henderson and mane etc disrupted their flow..even though they played trash.tiki taka is annoying imagine being 4 goals down and your still passing the ball around in your own half in the name of philosophy..i very much doubt emery, though a goid coach learnt anything yesterday..but time will tell

    1. The problem is Arsenal have been collecting slow thinkers like Xhaka and Ozil that tend to slow down our attacks

      If we don’t have too many central midfielders and CAMs, we can get more wingers and use the quick 4-3-3

  3. As an arsenal fan i think Unai is failing the team to an extend of not giving youngsters opportunity to showcase their talent.Ale Arnold is 20 yrs old same as J Osei Tutu of arsenal but we are yet to see what he can do for us.We need to give those youngster their chance to help in strengthening the team without spending more.

  4. All the doom & gloom surrounding our club from top to bottom is too much for me ? we are miles from challenging for the league…I don’t even know if we’ll ever win it again… with Stan at the helm, the way things have gone this season may just become the norm… crap players who couldn’t care less, terrible away form, can’t even see off lower table teams, major costly blunders in half the team, all paid way too much – for what?? I’m so depressed… it’d be nice just to win a game for a start!!
    And then after tonight it might just be an all England CL final… oh the joys

  5. I liked how Lozano played in World Cup. His dribbles were not as good as Hazard’s and Messi’s in that competition, but he worked very hard in attacking and defending for his teammates

    His stats are also excellent in this season, but I bet his price tag is more than 50 millions. I heard from Bein Sports that Arsenal held some talks with Lille about Pepe recently, but didn’t go further because Lille asked for 69 millions

    I’m sure there are unknown wingers that can perform as good as them. Salah was not popular previously and Liverpool just bought him for 35 millions

  6. Emery needs to give good playing time to Nketiah,we miss good service from the wings too,I pity for Lacszete/Auba they don’t get the service they want,Eneny,Ozil, Stephen l,jenkinso ,Welbeck,mustafi, should all b sold to create room for serious minded players

  7. Tomorrow is the d date. Arsenal must get pass Valencia to at least give the fans some hope. Things are at a low ebb now at our club. The so called owner should be ashamed of himself. People buys club for their love and passion for the game, and not just to make profits. The best way to hit that man is for the fans to stop going to the Emirates to watch home games. They should pay and watch the away matches instead. In that case the money would not get into the hands of that greedy owner. Imagine budgeting just 40 pounds to buy players next season .Might just be enough to buy one or at most two very average players. I don’t envy Emery his job right now. He wants to offload some players, but no money to buy better ones. Except by some divine intervention , its goodbye to champions league football for us for a long time to come.

  8. Just some hypothetically meandering below:

    If the following players were to be sold/released :

    Cech(free) , mustafi(25 mil) , jenkinson(free) , lichtensteiner(free), elneny(10 mil) , xhaka(30 mil), ramsey(free), ozil(25 mil), mkhitaryan (20 mil), welbeck(free)
    We would make a total of 110 mil pounds and free wages of 1.125 mil per week.

    Assuming an incremental tranfer budget of 40 mil, we’d have 150 mil (+1.125 mil per week) to spend as transfer fees and player wages.

    How would you guys want Arsenal to spend that kind of money?

  9. Signing two players what a joke

    We could sign VVD and messi and we wouldn’t make top four the ?runs far deeper than two players

    1. Whose fault was it that we kept Sanchez in the last year of his contract when he didn’t want to be here and Liverpool bought Sallah for 35m same year. Whose fault was it that Ramsey wasn’t sold at the beginning of the season and season before when he didn’t sign the contract offered to him. Who bought Perez for 17m and sold him for far less. Who didn’t sell Elneny when offers of 15m+ came for him. Why is Mustafi and Xhaka are still here despite their countless errors. If Arsenal were a properly run club, we would have made close to 150m on all these players.100m on Sanchez and Ramsey alone and we got 0m and we expect Stan to put his money in. Our major problem is bad administration and until we get that right we will won’t go anywhere. It is easy for Stan to put his money in but the evidence has shown him it will be squandered. There is nothing wrong in spending what we are making as we make a lot and add money from players sale I believe we will have enough to buy 3 40m plus player a season. Buy smart, sell well and move players on on time and we won’t need Stans money.

      1. Who’s fault is it Xhaka is played consistently
        Who’s fault is it we bought lich
        Who’s fault is it we play so negative away and still
        Who signed a loan player who isn’t good enough to start a game
        I could go on
        Everything isn’t wingers fault open your eyes

        1. I’m not blaming Wenger or anyone. I’m just saying we have bad administration and if that includes our Legendary coach so be it.

          1. Bring back David Dein i say, he knew how to manage funds and player contracts if he had still been here there is no way Ramsay would be leaving for nothing (i doubt if he would be leaving a all) and the Sanchez and Ozil situations would not have been handled in such a hamfisted way.
            Come back David and save our beloved club from extinction!!!!.

  10. Hahahahaha pls lets be real…. The only player that might go for the price u are stating there is ozil for 25M….. Mustafi for 25M? Lol pls if we get 10M for him? It should be seen as a steal. Elneny for 10M? Hahahaha seriously i dont get u? If we get 700k for elneny we should thank God. Xhaka for 30M? That is surely us being wicked to the team who is buying him. At most 10M should be fare for both parties. considering he will definetely cause the purchasing team some goals at the wrong end. Mykitaryan for 20M? Now u and i know that we got myki through an exchange program. Sincerely another exchange program would be fine. Lol

  11. Transfer rumours. They end up being as true as the next man to land on the moon!
    We already know that three of our seniors are buggering off in the summer. Our loanees will return and hope to make an impression in pre-season, they’ll have to or we’re going nowhere.

  12. How is it that Arsenal are not breaking the door down at Leverkusen for Julian Brandt is beyond me, a 22 y.o German international available for 22 million in the summer. Capable of playing across the midfield and forward line. A replacement for Ramsey,Mkhitaryan,Ozil,Iwobi and even Welbeck all in one player and yet Fraser seems to be name at the top of the clubs agenda just a bit weird imo.
    I also hope Edu is able to ensure that we start getting value for money in the transfer market and that we make better use of the talent we have available to us in the club’s academy especially when compared to the level of performance of the 1st team because arsenal DEFINITELY can’t afford another Gnabry type situation let alone Jadon Sancho and there’s a number of youngstars with the potential to do just that

  13. Perceptive fans, which many are but some never are, will surely have seen the most important factor(after sheer ability, of course) needed by any team which is really intent on winning glory. THAT is sheer hard work, desire, heart, spine – which are all the same thing. THAT vital factor, lost over so many years under WENGER IS STILL LARGELY ABSENT. No other person can make a serial non tryer have backbone or courage. Walcott disgraced our club for a full decade without an ounce of courage , heart, desire or hard work and was scandalously allowed to get away with it. I clearly saw that way back in 2008 and had been calling for WENGERS REMOVAL ever since. Even though we NOW have a man in charge who despises shirkers, because of what he had to inherit and Kroenkes meanness, he can do little about it. At least 12 current first team squad are either lazy or useless or both. All need to be out the door but we still have to field eleven men each game(plus seven on bench) so unless Kroenke allows proper money this summer, which he won’t , don’t expect miracles until Emery ,at some unspecified time in the future, has ALL his own men in and all the spongers and tripe out the door. That is perspective and reality!

    1. I acknowledge the state of squad and how you have honestly assessed it Jon. My only question is what was wenger supposed to do, with his hands tied following the move to the Emirates. Year on year we couldn’t compete on a level playing field and season after season our best players were sold and inferior ones bought to replace them. Surely all of the fault can’t be laid at wenger door. I too felt he stayed on longer than necessary, but the club’s problems are in the board room in my opinion. I have faith in emery and agree he needs time to mould a squad that plays his brand of football and give us the fans the effort, desire and ability we deserve. Best wishes Paul

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