Wednesday’s Arsenal transfer gossip round up – An Ajax star on his way?

Some interesting transfer gossip today involving Arsenal and one, in particular, looks really juicy if it comes to fruition that is.

Let’s kick off with the juicy one, which is the claim made by Sport24 that we are one of a long list of clubs interested in signing Ajax playmaker Hakim Ziyech this summer. I watched him against Juventus and he is one hell of a talent and no doubt there will be a battle royale to land him. He will apparently cost £43 Million.

Mainz defender Jean-Philippe Gbamin is reportedly wanted by us with a fee of £35 Million mentioned claims Bild. Gbamin has impressed in an average Bundesliga side and has attracted interest from a number of English clubs

Then there is Brazilian teenager Ramires, who we have been monitoring consistently for over a year now, according to TalkSport. Flamengo is said to be favourites to sign the 18-year-old, however, the fact we are sending scouts to watch him means we have not given up on him yet.

It seems that we are now the favourites to sign Barcelona defender Samuel Umtiti, according to tuttomercatoweb. Manchester United and Roma are also keen but we are now seen as the frontrunners, though it should be noted that Barcelona chief Josep Bartemu appears to be standing firm in his refusal to sanction a sale.

Finally, Denis Saurez could be on his way to Napoli in the summer and is set to snub a permanent move to us, claims the Sun. The 25-year-old has been unable to show us what he is capable of because of a persistent groin injury and a parting of ways does look very likely.

That is it for now and out of all those rumours I must admit the one linking us with Ajax star Hakim Ziyech is the one that has got me the most excited, he really is a top class individual and would fit in perfectly at the Emirates.


  1. Why would CL semifinalist want to swap that for Europa League mediocrity? Of course we have to prove him wrong first. Not an easy task with Napoli and three other away fixtures still to come

  2. Off Topic. This Tottenham win could be in our favour, 1, Manchester City will wan’t revenge when they play again Saturday and will up for the game, in fact, more than any game they’ve played all season, 2,Tottenham still in the Champions League will rest important players in the build up to the Semi’s and 3, I fully expect Liverpool to beat them in the Semi final and if they don’t then Ajax or Barca will, in the final. If they manage to beat City, Pool and Barca then I’ll hold my hands up and say they deserve it. Although it will hurt.

    1. Oh dear, I thought Tottenham played Liverpool in the semi’s, turns out they play Ajax. Sorry about that, still with Dennis Bergkamp and Marc Overmars connections nothing will give me more pleasure than to see Ajax win the Champions League.

    2. You are correct Kenny which is entirely why I wanted Spuds to come through , after a hard fought game with hopefully a stack of injuries too. Unlike certain fans, Sue for example, I always want what helps OUR club far more than I ever want something to happen MERELY to harm our rivals. As a true Gooner I support us FIRST. Way , way, below that, I also wish our rivals harm, all of them BUT never when it even slightly harms us too. If Spuds winning helps us, as a true FAN I say bring it on! I can’t understand the “thinking”, if any exists, of those Gooners who think the other way around!

      1. So I’m not a true gooner/fan because I wanted the spuds to lose?? Well I’m sorry I don’t agree with you Jon, I could never bring myself to want them to win! Just because I don’t share your view, doesn’t make it right or wrong…. I remember when you said you hoped we’d lose every game so Arsene would be sacked – I could never, ever bring myself to want us to lose ..but it’s up to the individual, everyone has different views/opinions at the end of the day… and I really think that’s harsh taking a swipe saying (indirectly) that I’m not a true fan

        1. Sue , In NO way am I implying that you are not a true fan. That would be preposterous and untrue and I do NOT think it nor ever have. i feel you are misconstruing what I actually said. You have made an assumption that I did not say. HAD I thought what you think I imply , then I would have spelt it out loud and clear, as is my way. You surely know me well enough to agree with THAT statement, after all the time we BOTH have spent on this site.

          As I also precisely said , I cannot understand the thinking of those who prefer our rivals harm above us gaining, even if they win. I would ask you who were you supporting back in 1998-99 season when a Spuds win or draw at Old Trafford would have meant we retained our title. IF, which I refuse to believe , you actually wanted Spurs to LOSE that day, which true to form the b…..ds did, then I would have doubted your sanity! And THIS is my whole point; there are times in a season when we need our rivals to take points off another rival, even when that other rival is less “hated”. And that dear Sue, is ALL I was saying. NOTHING ELSE and certainly nothing about your true Goonership, which is obvious to all. I doubted your thinking; NOT your support.

          1. Well Jon what can i say – you got me ? ok I admit it – that’s probably the only time I’ve wanted them to win (even though it makes me feel sick to my stomach!) But they were never going to do us a favour!!
            Well I’m sorry if I got the wrong end of the stick, I just didn’t like the way your comment came across… but thank you for replying & explaining… I don’t ever like having “beef” with anyone, so that’s sorted.. cheers Jon

  3. Imagine Tottenham winning the UCL, Lmao, it’ll be hell on earth for Arsenal fans at least. We’ll lose all our bragging rights, I’ll love the wonderkids Fc (Ajax) to kick them out please.
    Even if they don’t, Barcelona or Liverpool will win the UCL, and truth??
    If any of those English team end up winning it then we don’t hear the end of it as Arsenal fans

      1. Atleast iwobi will wreck havoc against the Italians tomorrow so everything will be ok ??
        Off to bed I go again I can’t take it .

  4. This champions league belongs to Ajax or Barca. No two words about that. So everyone else should steer clear or be forced to

  5. If Spurs win Champions League, I don’t know what I’ll do?
    That will mean United, Liverpool, Chelsea and Spurs have won it since we went to the final

    I’ll be devastated seeing our London rivals winning it.

    1. But this time when we go into UCL we’ll actually have the intention of winning it and not just being a team that makes up a number… Actual ambition! I really hope we win UEL. We NEED to start getting European trophies to our name. We have a very poor record.

  6. Ajax would’ve preferred to play the spuds anyway….. and if Ajax’s performances are anything to go by…… THE SPUDS ARE TOAST…… after conquering Bayern, Madrid and Juventus, Spuds shouldn’t be much of a challenge….. man city had better be plotting a bloody revenge this weekend
    BTW…. if I wasn’t already getting used to Emery, I would have loved for us to sign Ajax’s coach…. he reminds me the actual entertaining ‘wengerball’….. and his players do not cower against tough opposition.
    Now about Arsenal…. I think we should be able to secure at least a draw against Napoli…. it’s good that we didn’t concede an away goal in the first leg…..if we can score the first goal, we should be able to control the game till the end… best case scenario for them, they get an equaliser, and we win 3 – 1 on aggregate….. I’d rather we beat them though.

  7. Rooting hard for Ajax. And a side note. Can we finally admit Wenger was holding us back for half a decade? Spurs spend NOTHING in summer and are in UCL semi Finals. It’s about management and the right transfer strategy. We’ve been conned. Thank goodness he’s gone.

  8. spurs will wish, the never qualified ahead of city this weekend, because hell is waiting for them at etihad

  9. I’d rather zaniola for that amount than ziyech…. Gbamin is good but Kanote from Leipzig is better and comes with a very required presence ,fast with a impressive ability on the ball

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