Weighing the positives and negatives of giving Arteta the Arsenal job

The two sides of hiring Mikel Arteta as the Arsenal manager By Muha Anko Anko

Well it is becoming apparent that the new Arsenal head coach will be Mikel Arteta. It is also very clear that the chief executive Ivan Gazidis rates Arteta highly, and if the reports are right, he has convinced the other members who also have the enormous responsibility of replacing Arsenal-s most successful manager, Arsene Wenger after a mixed 22 years at the helm. What also is very visible is the obvious division of the Fans on the imminent appointment of Arteta. But that’s not my main agenda for today.

I will go straight at it and give the positive sides of Arteta

#1He is not Arsene Wenger.
Despite the expectations of him continuing the philosophy of progressive attacking football, it is clear that he ain’t Wenger, or at least he is not planning to be. One of Arsene’s biggest downfall was the fact that he refused to change. Well Mikel seems like a very open-minded coach on that front.

#2He is unknown.
Well this could and will go two ways about it.
People fear what they don’t know, because they don’t know exactly what to expect. As previously mentioned, Arsene was well beaten before even the match began because every other manager knew exactly what to expect from him.
No one, bar Arteta himself knows exactly what kind of formation, or tactics to expect from him, while he knows the inside and out of almost every manager in the premier league right now. This works to his advantage because he can surprise everyone this coming season by his innovation and it may take sometime for other managers to learn him and know how to stop him. Look at Conte in his first season for example, yea it took him time to adapt but once he settled with his formation, the rest of the premier league could just try to stop them.

#3 He is a one on one coach.
Well the LMA manager of the year Pep has been on record singing praise to Mikel Arteta, but one that really caught my attention is the one he spoke at Sky sports Monday night football this week. Pep went into more details praising Arteta’s one-on-one coaching abilities and crediting him for Raheem Sterling and Leroy Sane’s improvement. “Mikel Arteta helped both of them,” he said. “They work together after training sessions, doing some drills close to the box to practice the situations which happen in the game to make them comfortable, to make them believe more in what they are going to do. Because in the end, when they have the quality to dribble, they have to use it.”
Well as much as most of us have given up on Iwobi, I bet we can all see from the Ox how much a good coach can make a difference in your performance. The likes of Bellerin, Wilshere and even Welbeck who seemed to have stuck under Wenger may yet come good.

#4 he is adaptable.
Well one of the main reasons Guardiola took Arteta under his wing was his experience in the premier league.
As quoted by Goal.com writer: “Brian Kidd is officially listed as City’s assistant manager, the veteran coach kept around, ostensibly, to provide Guardiola with optics on the various quirks of the English game; particularly difficult away grounds and the demands of the Christmas schedule.

Yet Arteta’s knowledge in this area has been invaluable to Guardiola in the past two years, especially as he had only just hung up his boots when he made the move into coaching.

The quality of his information regarding City’s rivals was one of the driving factors in the decision to put him in charge against Arsenal, and his former boss, Arsene Wenger, whom he may now replace having become the preferred candidate of the Gunners hierarchy.

Arteta himself said back in 2014.
“I think you need to adapt,” he said. “You can have an idea of a system, but you need to be able to transform it depending on the players you have – how much pace you have up front, how technical your team is, what types of risk you can take and whether your players are ready to take those risks. “It’s important to analyse your players because you can’t always play the same way. There have to be different details and changes in how you approach things, and you have to look at how you can hurt whoever you are playing against. Is there something they don’t like to do? If so, we’re going to make them do plenty of it.”

#5 – last but not least – he is a good communicator, something very important for a successful manager. Guardiola also believed that Arteta, after just a few months working with a new group of players and indeed his first months as a coach, knew exactly how to transmit those ideas on a match day.

Indeed, Arteta’s most important contribution to City has been how he communicates with the squad. More often than not he has been the one charged with taking on board Guardiola’s demands and filtering them through to the players. He was the one who explained to Fabian Delph what was expected of him in his new role as a hybrid left-back/central midfielder.

He has spent hours getting the message across to the centre-backs, spelling out exactly how they need to position themselves on the pitch and how to shape their bodies when they receive the ball. Arsenal defensive organization has been a huge issue, Arteta may just be communicating what he has been fed, but you must learn a thing or two from such information, and for you to be able to communicate it effectively, you must have understood every bit of it.

Well now to the flip side of it.

#1 He is not known..
Here I am talking of experience, the fact that majority of the fans are not very thrilled with his imminent appointment, it’s because we don’t know him. We would all be over the moon if we had Allegri, or Pep, or even Jardim, why? Because we know what they are capable of. Well for all we know we could be having another Andre Villas Boas who came highly rated only for him to be fired by two London clubs in a span of 3 years.

#2, he is not Wenger nor Pep.
Well as much as we all gave up on Wenger, even Konstantin must admit that many of the current Arsenal players came to the club to play under Wenger. Yes he failed miserably, but he was instrumental in bringing in the likes of Ozil, Sanchez, and even Mkhi. Yes Mislintat may be in charge of recruiting right now, but top players are attracted by the manager. For example if right now we are supposedly bidding for Seri, assuming another manager like Pep, or even Klopp register his interest, where do you suppose he will go to? Arteta or Klopp? Add to the fact that we are not in the Champions league, top players may run out of reasons to join us.

#3 Commanding respect.
Well some of the Arsenal fans may have started to accept his appointment, but this cannot be said for the players, some of which have won more trophies, have more experience, and also just recently used to earn more than him as their teammate. Let’s also not forget he is going to coach some of his former teammates who benched him. Will they heel to his directives? Will they trust his judgement? Will accept to be benched by him?

#4, the support of the fans.
Well we may not be there to save a goal, score or even assist a goal, but it is well documented that the fans play a huge role in any successful sporting team leave alone football. Before he was even mentioned, the fans pushed Arsene out the door, and it took them just over a decade to get him out. Then they were all united in giving Wenger a send off, now even before the season begun, they are already regrouping in to the same old AOB and AKB, only that now it’s not Arsene, it’s the ArtetaOut Brigade, and Arteta Knows Best.
Well credit to those who stood by Arsene, despite it being painfully obvious that he was past it, at least he had a successful past unlike Mikel here who comes with Zero balance. So it may be harder for him to hold on – maybe long enough to prove us wrong.

#4 Arsenal defense,
Well Pep may have won the league with a record 100 points, but Liverpool and Manchester united recently showed City’s defensive flaws, conceding 8 goals in three matches. This may not be Arteta’s fault, but if he is getting credit for his advises to the Champions defensive communication, he also should be getting some of the blame for this. He was never a solid defensive midfielder nor a defender, how on earth can he sort out a team that has the weakest defense in top 7 premier league standing last season?

#5 finally my last of this, is he is not a passionate touchline manager like Klopp, Conte, Mourinho or even Pep is. He looks like a calm communicator who may just sit on the bench for 90 mins – even when the players need to be uplifted by their manager on the touchline. It may not be very important, but it plays a huge role in players mind when you see your manager on the touchline pushing you.

Well those are the good and bad according to me. Of course someone said that no one is a sure bet, and if he will be appointed, I will give him 100% support and I hope the rest of us will too. But for now according to you, which of the above outweighs the other?

Thanks for reading



  1. tony says:

    there is nothing positive about it.we r screwed.
    Arteta out

    1. gotanidea says:

      After so many years of no major trophies and lack of big spendings, the fans become very pessimistic and only want high profile staffs/players to come to Arsenal

      They easily get incited by the fake news on the media, despite logically Arsenal would never hire an unproven ex-player like Arteta

      I bet there would be another name blown up by the media next week, after having Arteta and Henry

  2. Point of correction, even the original AKBs are not sure about Arteta. They have morphed into GKBs..Guardiola Knows Best. As the Man city manager has vouched for Arteta, then Arteta must surely be good enough. Hell, some fans even go as far as saying they will support whoever is in charge, because that’s what they are about… supporting… anyone…in charge… even if it were a circus clown. Oh well, let’s see what good will come out of supporting anyone in charge.

    1. gotanidea says:

      Yes, Guardiola knows best because he is one of the best managers in the world

      It was a great analysis by the author and I agree that we all have to give the next manager at least one season, before starting another protest

      1. Ozziegunner says:

        ?agree good analysis.

    2. Ken1945 says:

      Quantic Dream,
      Maybe the AOB have kept their initials but changed the wording…Anyone Out Brigade seems appropriate.

      1. Phil says:

        Ken a point of order here.I would imagine there are many supporters from both sides of the
        “AOB/AKB Divide”that are unsure at this time of who they want in and who we are likely to

        appoint.Just because the “overwhelming majority”wanted Wenger out this does not necessarily mean those same fans would not support Arteta’s appointment.
        I believe that we probably kidded ourselves that the Club would Sign a big name proven Manager and provide him with transfer funds to immediately make us compete at the top level.It now looks like Arteta will be given the job and many fans will feel let down by the Club.But I can only hope the new Manager will have the support of all fans.And the more I read about Arteta and how well regarded and respected he was at Citeh the more I feel he could be just the appointment we need.
        ANKO-a very good article to post

        1. Ken1945 says:

          Agree with your assessment of the post.
          What is the most annoying thing going on since Wenger’s last game is the mocking of an ex player who has been asked to manage our club, reportedly, by the board.
          When the club needs our support, we get idiots talking about AKB and AOB rubbish.
          If there was ever a time for the fanbase to unite, surely it’s now?
          I’ve renewed my season ticket and will get behind whoever gets the position.
          It seems some fans cannot/will not move on.
          Wenger has gone, let’s move on!

          1. Ken1945 says:

            I should have added that I was replying to Quantum Dreams post and trying to show him how ridiculous his AKBAOB comments are.

          2. Phil says:

            Ken the issue really is about the divide.The Majority wanted Wenger out.They got what they wished for.The Club now need a Manager.Whoever that is will not be a Wenger clone and I honestly am not being disrespectful here.We need NEW IDEAS NEW COACHING NEW TACTICS.We needed change and we will soon know who will be charged with bringing this change to the Club.Even I cant quite believe the negativity being shown towards Arteta when he really could be the answer to what we need.
            And the AOB AKB divide cannot ever be allowed to happen again.We all have opinions and we all view these opinions differently.But let’s at least give Arteta a chance to prove himself.And I have said for a while that I trust Ivan Gazidis in this.He alone cannot have an appointment go wrong.His “ Catylis for Change”is solely on his head.He knows this and would not want to be wrong because he would be following his Manager out of the door.
            I just don’t know why but I am liking the Arteta appointment the more I think about it..

    3. Shekar233 says:

      What is the actual ground report mate?
      I am fed up with this Arteta rumours.

      I heard on Arsenal fan tv that there is this guy called PLUG who is very reliable. Amd he says MAX Allegri is coming..
      Apparently he was right with all the transfers in the past.

      And there are a few who absolutely believe and trust PLUG.

      Besides i have also had reports where the board are looking seriously for a No.2 to assist the manager whom we already agreed to sign(may be Allegri / Enrique etc).
      And the board wants the No.2(Arteta) to eventually take over from the manager who would leave after 3 years.
      Obviously that makes sense to pursue Arteta. And also no world class maanger would stay beyond 3 years.
      I am really confused.. Does anyone have a better news which is more reliable.

  3. Ackshay says:

    Arteta for me is a risky shot but the more we hear about him the more we think maybe he could be good. He has received praised from top coach like pep or poch as a coach but will it translate to 1St team coach or will he crack under the pressure.

    That he is an unknown quantity is a One big positive and negative quality for him.
    Would we like a more renowned coach yes but maybe some dont want to come or their club eont release them.
    We have to be United in our support for arteta and the squad. This cannot devolve into an AKB AOB fight again. Give him the benefit of the doubt and if he succeeds we have a great coach if he fails show him the door. That’s how football works right now no favoritism just results on the pitch and player development.

  4. Sue says:

    I have to say I’m really disappointed about all of this….

  5. John Ibrahim says:

    Its a risk but he may be successful…..

    if we are talking about to win the title in the new season….then its a big big risk

    If we are talking about top 4 then Arteta maybe able to do it

    Since Gazadis and the board have decided…..then they might have a plan to back him with quality signings…..

    Fans are complaining cause they want big name big tag and big signings but refuse to admit that they want the club to be the next City and PSG

    1. De-Ra says:

      Could Jardim be one of the big name tags you are talking about?? And also why dont the board give what they promised us fans which is competing at the highest level. IWhat about the ticket prices arsenal fans pay? I believe that if the fans are made to pay the high ticket fees then atleast we deserve to want managers with reasonable experience. Hence why i feel we really need to be looking at Jardim. He fits our model perfectly 🙁

  6. Tomclem says:

    Arsenal need to do better than signing arteta, if his coming as assistant, no problem with that

  7. Br94 says:

    Off topic,
    I love arsenal and i was a fan since 2003. I didnt become a fan because of the trophies that arsenal had those days. I became a fan because of the arsenal style, arsenal way and arsenal spirit. It was beautiful to have a big goals and fighting for them in fair play style and beautiful football with unkonwn and young players. Before every arsenal games i was happy because i knew i will watch a beautiful football. I love arsenal club. But i hate arsenal fans a lot. Because just like every stupied football fans, you looking for the empty trophies. What is the point? I cant beilieve that all of you prefer diago simeone, allegri and etc. Watch them. They play shit. Look at diago simeone he looks like a angry dog all the time.
    You dont understand. We had something in arsenal that no football fans expericend that. And trophies will not fill the empty place of that. What a shame.
    I know something went wrong with arsenal club. But im sure it is not arsene wenger’s fault.

  8. Gunnerphilic says:

    Arteta out, Tony in!

    Ken 1945, spot on.

    Why don’t we stick to our jobs and leave other people to do theirs. We are fans and fans are meant to cheer their team. Let those who are paid to appoint managers do what they are paid to do.

    Arsenal fans are fast acquiring the reputation of being the greatest moaners in the game. Who wants to come over to play for such fans? Do we realise that our negativity has an effect on star players who might want to come to this club?

    We seem to be overplaying our hand by overusing the privilege of being fans. We need to be a little circumspect.

    People get dissected to bits on the various media by fans. So much that they become afraid of making mistakes. They are not free to express themselves and that can only work against their overall performance.

    Let’s be a little less critical and a lot more patient. Maybe not for 22 years, but at least a season is not too much to ask for, is it?

    1. Phil says:

      Ok so let me see if I can understand what you are saying.
      So we stick to our jobs and let everyone stick to theirs?So us supporters were not entitled to voice our concerns at the MANAGER OWNER BOARD over the past two seasons as it was not our right to do that?That is what you have just said.So then according to you us supporters are expected to turn up to all the games and not protest or moan no matter how bad the performances are? Is that what you really believe? I can only assume you have NEVER been to any Arsenal game in your life.Do you not feel us supporters had every right to protest to such an extent that Wenger was eventually sacked?
      As for negativity preventing players signing for the Club you are way way of the mark.Not too many players have demanded to follow Wenger out of the door have they.Why not?Because these players play for Arsenal Football Club pal which actually means something in the football world.They are extremely well paid individuals.Better players WILL come to the Club because of Arsenal Football Club.And as for saying our reputation is for the biggest moaners in the game I would simply reply that I’m happy with that tag.It shows we care what happens at our club and will not put up with mediocrity.
      “Over play our hands being fans”?What does that even mean? The Club no how important it is to have the fan base onside.As soon as our contempt at results and performances led to half empty attendances at the Emirates the board acted.They SACKED the person responsible.The supporters voice was heard.So I would think we are a little bit more of a power base to this Club than what you feel we should be don’t you?
      “Players get upset by the nasty comments in the media” Have you seriously written that?Its a wonder half those players were not lined up against a wall and SHOT after some of their performances over the last few seasons.So what if they didn’t like the media comments.Dont forget we had paid money to WATCH those performances.
      And lastly-Whoever the new Manager is will get a short period of time.The players will not.The ones who continue to under perform will get slated by the crowd.This happens in all sports at any team in any country.Supporters will give stick to players full stop.
      Hopefully you can understand now that sitting in an armchair watching games does not give you the right to dig-out supporters who have had to endure far more disappointment than running out of Jammy Dodgers for your half time cuppa.

      1. De-Ra says:

        Bless you Phil! Could not have put it better. Sadly some of our fans have settled for mediocrity 🙁 i for one would support the new manager but i wont support mediocrity ( which we can judge after the new managers first or second season). Time would tell i guess but this is so depressing

      2. jon fox says:

        Mr. Realist strikes again. Viva Realists, who KNOW that fans are the most important part od ALL clubs, which would die without supporters. Many have died or declined to virtual extinction precisely through support falling substantially. Areanal will stay alive- thrive in fact if Kroenke dies suddenly- likewise will survive without Gazidis, Raul Sven , Huss, Ozil, Auba, etc etc. But if fans stay away completely the club dies. FACT!

  9. Wiggy says:

    Very dissappointed with Gazidis….Arteta OUUUUT !

  10. Me says:

    The club have said nothing about Arteta.
    This is all media speculation and nothing more.
    Until the club makes an official announcement don’t believe everything you read…

    1. Ozziegunner says:


  11. Arsene's first album had no famous guest appearances says:

    June 2018 – Welcome to Arsenal, Arteta

    November 2018 – Gracias Arteta, every story has an ending

  12. Its just like escaping a lion from the jungle and fall into a lake full of crockdiles

  13. barryglik says:

    Arteta has never managed any team.
    Donald Trump knows as much about
    football management as Arteta does.
    At Sheiky Arteta is just a Spanish speaking translator for Pep.
    The kit man knows as much about City as Arteta does by watching the team train.
    Even Ian Holloway would win the title with Peps 874 million quid squad.
    I hoped when Wenger left things would change but there is no change
    because Wengers slave Arteta will make sure the Wenger way continues.
    arsene FC for 50 more years 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Ken1945 says:

      There you go Phil, just look at this Barryglik individual s post and give him some of your thoughts!
      How on earth are we going to move forward with so called fans like this.
      Funny, but with his wealth of knowledge regarding running a premier league club, his name hasn’t been mentioned before that of Arteta?
      Look forward to seeing your thoughts!

      1. Phil says:

        Ken-I have never replied to ANY post by @BarryGlik.The reason?There is no BarryGlik.There just can’t be.Can there?
        Why would anyone seriously write something that is completely written off as being irrelevant as soon as you see has posted it.The thing is Ken @BarryGlik is actually capable of writing some interesting items.On an earlier topic he noted the Young players at the Club who should/could be given a chance this season under the new Manager.A perfectly rational and relevant post that had my total agreement.Why did I not even acknowledge this?Because of who wrote it.No other reason.Why would I open myself up for a reply that I would not especially want to receive.
        Then it all becomes more vindicated when you read what he has just posted.Arteta is a very well educated man.He was very highly thought of by Wenger who offered him a coaching role at the Club.He turned that down as well as an approach from Poch to go and work with Guardiola.That means uprooting the Family when he did not have to.This meant working with some of th3 best players ever seen in the Premiership.These players KNOW how to be coached.If Arteta did not have their respect he would have been found out.This is not what we are hearing.Apparently the Citeh players loved his Coaching methods.So why should we not see what he has to offer.
        Comments such as being a translator and the Kit Man only sum up @BarryGlik.
        I’ve no need to comment further because he doesn’t need me to tell him that he is a bit of a laughing stock.He knows this.Probably wouldn’t be happy if it was any other way.

        1. Ozziegunner says:


  14. Doesn’t it really matter says:

    This is the problem with this appointment. It will inevitably divide the fans and this is the last thing Arsenal need again. He hasn’t even got the job yet and already the Arsenal fans are debating. Whether the fans should give him time or not and whether that makes you a ‘real supporter no matter what’ isn’t the point. Which side of the fence you’re on is irrelevant when there shouldn’t be a fence to start with. That is the problem with an appointment like this and the problem with our board. They are creating a fence or divide or whatever you want to call it between the fans with this appointment. They know it is controversial and that it is a cheap gamble in the hope that it might work at a fraction of the cost of a big name. This appointment is more than just the next manager and moving up the table, it is about fixing a club that had become toxic amoung it’s fans and once again, this appointment shows that the board don’t care about its fans… This time however, it could finally prove a step too far… o and what a coincidence all the Allegri hype was leaked just as the season ticket renewal emails started being sent…

  15. Ingleby says:

    If, as Ornstein maintains, Arsenal are going for the European model of rule by committee and seek to appoint a coach rather than a more ‘traditional manager’, the argument can be distilled into fairly simple areas. First, will quality players be attracted to the club by Arteta as coach?
    Second, does he have the necessary personal skills to manage players and devise effective tactics? Third, if (per Ornstein ) he has the power to veto proposed player appointments then is his judgement to be trusted?
    None of us know. Nor do we know whether a ‘big name’ will be successful in what will be a unique environment for AFC.
    Granted, practical experience may well prove a crucial determining factor – but it’s not a certainty.
    For me, at the time, Billy Wright was an exciting appointment and I find the present position similarly exciting to look forward to for 2018-19. I support AFC and thoroughly enjoy football as a whole. Today is Cup Final day and I’m going to it enjoy it even if they announce at half-time that Arteta has been appointed.

  16. Ebere says:

    I don’t really have a problem with Arleta. We have never seen him managed a club but we can support him. He is not a stranger to EPL. He is not a stranger to arsenal crazy fans too.

  17. Enagic says:

    I still disagree with all those anti-Arteta football has something to do with brain not experience if that was the case we should keep Wenger then – over 22 years and zero any European trophy? Thats is why we’re going the opposite direction and lets see happening by the way Arteta is better than most of you guys here who are against him on football matters he played and coached as #2 for two years!

  18. tony says:

    u know nothing arteta is is all set to be next manager.goal.com asured it.not a rumour

  19. ruelando says:

    I will say this again Arteta is not a suitable candidate for Arsenal we need an established coach, who has some defensive attributes and drills which can fix our defense.

    I think a lot of coaches would be interested in the arsenal job, but there is a big BUT, due to the new structure of what we have in place, the interested parties are going to want full control of players moving in or out of the club, so that they can mould the team into their image, the present arsenal system does not allow for that and therefore the only type of coaches we will be getting is YES MAN

  20. Diana says:

    While there is no appointment, everyone is allowed to criticise and dissect, just like we would with transfer rumours. We will talk about statistics, about youtube videos, player this and that. So just because we have differing opinions on Arteta DOES NOT automatically mean we are divided fans. If you ask me who i want, i dont know. But what i do know what i want. I want results and good performances. I dont want to be another Man U, who on the board have the points but you look at their game and you feel like they somehow robbed those points. Will Arteta bring that. I dont know. As of now, we need something new. If the board are going for cheaper options, i would rather it be him. However, AFTER appointment, i will support however, even those i have reservation about UNTIL they mess up. And by mess up i dont mean a few losses but signing idiotic under achieving players, getting knocked out of FA Cup in the 3 rd round, failing to produce results against top 6, failing to qualify and challenge for Champions League- all of this will take AT LEAST one season. So whoever comes has my support before i pick AKB or AO.

    Im an Arsenal fan BEFORE anything else.


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