Welbeck helps Arsenal bounce back well to trounce Bournemouth

Arsenal admittedly played awful in last week’s setback at Liverpool, but thankfully managed to pick themselves up to get back to winning ways against Bournemouth yesterday. It was great to see Welbeck get back amongst the goals and prove that Arsene Wenger made the right choice to play him alongside Lacazette, who also managed to get on the scoresheet again.

Le Prof was understandably happy to get back to winning ways. He said: “Yes I’m pleased with the win and the way we played. It’s always a test when you have such a negative experience, like we had, for the mental health of the team to respond. We had a committed, disciplined and a very good offensive performance.”

“I believe in my players. Our two away games… At Stoke we played quite well. We had plenty of chances and were a bit unlucky at Stoke because we had 75 per cent possession and we didn’t deserve to lose the game. At Liverpool, we had a terrible performance.”

And what did the Boss think about Welbeck’s performance? “He gets stronger and stronger.” Wenger said. “Let’s not forget that he was out for a long time. He gets stronger and stronger. He’s a team player, Danny Welbeck, and that’s why coaches love him. He’s a guy who has a huge physical potential. People are not convinced that he is a great finisher, but these kinds of goals will help him become more relaxed in front of goal. I liked his second goal today because it was the clean finish of a goalscorer.”

It was also good to see Alexis Sanchez back on the pitch even if it was only for the last 15 minutes, but it will be interesting to see his choice for the front line in next weeks game against Chelsea, but Le Prof likes problems like that! “Yes but I have a selection problem before every game. I always have to leave top-class players out, especially offensively. We have many top-class strikers.”

This win should calm our jittery nerves, and we can feel just a little less concerned about the visit to Stamford Bridge. Will we have enough confidence and firepower to get a result?


  1. gotanidea says:

    Wenger sums Welbeck up correctly. Welbeck is team player, has excellent physical attributes and his second goal is very “Thierry Herry” style.

    Welbeck could develop his vision and technical skills more if he is given more chances to start. It is the same for Iwobi, he could be a very good attacking midfielder if Arsenal use him behind the striker more.

  2. Yossarian says:

    I’m thankful for a win with a decent score-line. It was also good to see our new signings actually on the pitch, and other players in their correct positions. Really liking Lacazette with his (So far) sharp and consistent goal-scoring.

    However Bournemouth looked like relegation candidates to me, and I’m not getting too excited. There’s still a long way to go before this Arsenal team can be called “Convincing” when it comes to being title contenders.

    Chelsea will be a very different scenario to Bournemouth. Moureen did some very curious team selection but still got a draw at Stoke, Man City are beginning to look scary, and Spuds got a good result with an amazing Harry Kane goal. We still got a long way to go.

  3. waal2waal says:

    i’m happy for welbeck, as staying upright and scoring a brace should give him more confidence to step up a notch and add some consistency to his game – its clear he’ll feature against chelsea and its no surprise if he scores – however, with his physical presence and athleticism if he is compared to thierry he needs to feature braces, assists, penalties, free-kicks, scorpion kick, back heels the lot if he is to be mentioned in the same vein as the master.

    keep believing welbz and in the event we see more of the same impact performances then (who knows) you might emerge from RVP or even Sanchez’ shadow but the master Thierry is such a very hard act to follow because he personified an unrelenting will to win, he instilled admiration as well as fear in all our rivals, added to that he was surrounded by share quality.#Keep it up welbz

  4. ThirdManJW says:

    We’ve still got HUGE problems for the Chelsea game, and they steam from Ramsey…again! I watched him really closely yesterday, and although he had an okay game, it’s his positioning which is a worry, as always!

    I lost count of the amount of times I could see Xhaka, but no Ramsey on my TV screen. Ramsey was yet again leaving his midfield partner completely isolated, as he was constantly in an advanced position. Against the likes of Bournemouth, you can get away with it, but against the top teams you get found out, which is exactly what happened against Liverpool. For me, it’s poor management, because it happens too often with Ramsey. Either you tell him to sit, or you don’t play him. Chelsea will slaughter us if our midfield consists of only Xhaka!

    1. Vish says:

      Well said. Ramsey will be a liability against Chelsea . Xhaka needs to learn how to pass properly as well as he seems to make alot of mistakes with short passes . It’s a pity that Coquelin got injured as he was looking sharp and would have been the ideal candidate to partner Xhaka in midfield . Hopefully Wenger gives Mertesacker or Holding a chance alongside Mustafi and Koscielny. Elneny should get a chance for the midfield role along with Xhaka as he is a more defensive minded and STAYS IN POSITION to shield the defence unlike Ramsey . We can always bring Ramsey on later when we are looking for an extra dimension in the last 20min

    2. Ack77 says:

      Against team like bournemouth and other low-table team that will come to the emirates to sit back, we need ramsey to make as much forward runs as he disturbs their defending. Mark him and you run the risk of leaving a striker free, dont mark him and risk him getting a free run at goal.

      though i agree that against top team ramsey must stay back and help xhaka and only occasionally make forward runs. People criticize ramsey for staying in advanced position which is not his fault but rather wenger since he was defying team orders he would be on the bench.

      Watch the fa cup final closely and you will see ramsey free role and relentless forward runs was one of the reasons chelsea couldnt defend against us especially in 1st half. they had no clue who should mark him. when arsenal are pressing high up the pitch ramsey is one of the best player on the pitch but we are on the backfoot like against liverpool he will stick out as one of the worst.

  5. sniper says:

    Bournemouth held their own against the mighty city,but we the way we overpowered them this team can move mountains! we meet Chelsea guns blazing

  6. Duh says:

    5 0’Klopp

    1. Duh says:

      Oh and
      5 past LiverpooL

  7. ks-gunner says:

    Lacazette reminds me of Eduardo da Silva, what a striker. Best we ever had after Robin the man persie.

    Webeck did very fine, but to base your future plans of success on him is beyond being stupid

  8. Mr pat says:

    Injury free will get into any premiers team so people don’t knock it when you see it just because he proved people wrong it’s hard for arsenal and wenger bathers to take, I’m not strictly a wenger fan but looking around Europe this weekend with R Madrid drawing at home and Monaco trounced 4 knickers and bayern losing 2 nil and to make it even better Liverpool got smashed for 5, all I can say is come on you goooooners

  9. nosa says:

    just hope harzard doesn’t play in our game against Chelsea DAT guy is d best I have seen in the premier league of recent

  10. ruelando says:

    Really happy for Welbz, could have had a 3 timer, i have mentioned before that Welbeck is the closest player we have that represents our version of an arsenal striker, if only his finishing could be improved we would have a twenty plus goals player. He has had his first full preseason with arsenal, no injuries, no training to get back into shape and have already scored 3 goals, can only get better.

    If arsenal really been serious about challenging for the title, we will have to put down a marker at Chelsea to tell the rest of the league we mean business, so it is even a more important than Bournemouth in regards to our title aspirations.

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