Welbeck promises he WILL win over Arsenal fans!!

From an initial reaction that was less than enthusiastic from Arsenal fans on transfer deadline day, the signing of Danny Welbeck has been taken in an increasingly positive and hopeful way by Gooners and the media alike. Many pundits have spoken about how well they think the club and player are a good match and Welbeck’s own words have been good to hear.

From his initial statement about how he had previously pictured himself playing for Arsenal, Welbeck has had some very nice things to say about the club, Arsene Wenger and his new team mates. And he continues in the same vein in the second part of his interview released by Arsenal.com. The 23-year old has revealed that Arsenal legend Thierry Henry, with Ryan Giggs, was one of his two football heroes growing up and about his hopes of following in the French forward’s footsteps.

Welbeck also spoke about the core of English players at the club and his hopes that his arrival will be smoothed by having already trained and played with the likes of Theo Walcott, Jack Wilshere, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Kieran Gibbs before. This should hopefully make his transition from United to Arsenal a lot easier. But the best thing he said, in my opinion, was the message to us fans.

Danny declared, “I just want them to know that I will give 100 per cent in every single game. I play with my heart on my sleeve and I’m always going to give my best. I’ll try to give them so many happy days in the coming future.”

We want players with ability, of course, but that sort of determination and attitude can be just as important and is what the fans want from their heroes. Welcome Danny and if you keep that promise, we will always support you!

VIDEO – Arsenal Players Performances in England win over Norway

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  1. Good lad .. Play on the shoulders of the defence

    Hope we stop this slow boring passing game so players like ox welbeck and sanchez can actually do some damage and we all can be entertained and enjoy watching the team

    1. I was impressed watching him play in the England game, 1 shot on target, tarcked back to his own 18 yard box, powefull-with ball control, nice link up play, pacey

      And this was all in 15 mins sub time, he made an instant impact.
      He’s deffo a good buy.

      And what can i say about Chambers, this lad has it all at 19, i just hope it all go to his head and the media ruien him. He could be world class.

      1. I will promise he will win our hearts. take note of my statement. He wont let us down and this season he will get 15+ goals at least. COME ON DANNY…COYG

  2. He was never my first choice striker, but at least he’s determined to impress and prove himself. Which is a good start I guess.

    1. Who was Messi, neymar fifa 88+ rated player ? Just asking, i’m curious, ive seen you’re previous pots.

      1. You’re right, but if Welbeck was to become a world class striker (or 88+ on fifa lol) its fair to say it wont be this season but maybe some time in the future. But that’s the only problem, we need a world striker now and not in the future. Welbeck isn’t a bad signing by no means, I just don’t think signing him is a statement of intent in that we’re serious about winning the league THIS YEAR. Just my opinion.

        1. If Welbeck was to become ‘world class’, he’d probably go back to United, he grew up there, was in their academy since he was a child. Unless he somehow falls in love with this club of course. I doubt he’s bitter that United let him go.

        2. Thank you, another realist. It is unfair to ask Welbeck to become World class within a couple of weeks. He hasn’t played the same kind of system we play, and he is not use to being the main (onlyish) striker. His gola to game ratio is about half of OG12. I’m not saying he wont be great, just that it’s not fair for us to expect him to be so immediately.

            1. Realism!!… OK,
              Welbeck start…
              last season, 9 goals and 1 assist of 15 starts (10 subd)…how about that?

              1. But overall his goal to game ratio is about 0.22 Giroud is about 0.4. TH14 was about 0.5. All I’m saying is that it is a big ask for him to hit the ground running for us. I will not be disappointed if he only gets 10 goals for us this season, a lot of you sound that you could be.

                1. If he make 10+ goals this season, then it’s a success, that what we need. We are not 1 man striker system, we need goal scorer in many ways. Below are my goal predictions of our players for epl only.

                  1. Center Forward (20+ goals): [Giroud(6), Welbeck(6), Sanchez(5), Sanogo(2), Walcott(2), Poldoski(2)]

                  2. Right Wing (15+ goals): [Theo( 10), Sanchez(7), Ox(2)]

                  3. Left Wing (15+ goals): [Sanchez(4), Cazorla (6), Podolski (6)]

                  4. Attacking Midfield (10+ goals): [Özil(7), Cazorla(2), Wilshere(1), Rosicky(1)]

                  5. Central Midfield (15+ goals): [Ramsey(12), Wilshere(3), Ox(2)]

                  6. Defensive Midfield (5+ goals): [Arteta(3), Flamini(2)]

                  7. Defenders (5+goals): [Mertesacker(2), Koscielny(2), Debuchy(1), Gibbs(1), Chambers(1)]

                  That’s 85+ goals, now you can search the highest goal scoring teams in last 5 years.

                2. And Colin, the stats you share with us, is true. You can compare that with same aged players, or compare Henry’s stats when he was 23, that would be more realistic, don’t you think?
                  And we all love TH14, but we can’t get that good player, what we need is collect as many good players as we can, prepare the best of them, and play according with players what we have.

              2. @roni
                Out of curiosity, if we didn’t sign Welbeck and he still played for United, would you still be saying what you’re saying now?

                1. There is a reason that we like Arsenal not Man u, nah? 😉
                  The difference between Man u system and Arsenal system, that Arsenal strikers are not burdened by 30+ goals targets, that’s what i am saying. Our midfielders share goal tally from out strikers. There is possibility that we can go to 2 striker with Sannche and Welcott, but after Giroud come from injury.

                2. JoJo: You know the reality, we are all guilty of revisionist thinking when a player joins the Arsenal. It is human nature. The facts about DB remain the same we just shine a different light on them. I never took a huge amount of notice, just knew he was a very busy player, good technically but far from prolific. The reality is that he was a pure opportunist buy – he didn’t effectively come on the market until a few hours before the deadline. The obvious problem is that he is not the prolific established striker most craved – at 23 he is a work in progress. Wenger has a longer term view than us I guess. A 0.23 league goals/appearance is on the face of it an unimpressive stat. But he has been playing almost entirely out of position and on a sporadic basis. More tellingly he was 4th in last year in the PL behind SA/LS/DS in goals/min played. If we play him regularly and he beds in quickly I think we will see rewards pretty quickly. Some hopefully encouraging quick stats for league goals/appearance for 23 year old strikers: Henry (0.26), Van Persie (0.27), Wright (0.25), Drogba (0.16), Van Nistelroy (0.30), Shearer (0.28). There are admittedly some mental stats for some 23 old strikers; Suarez (0.69) and Lukaku is going great guns at 21 (0.42) but the general trend is strikers are nowhere near fully developed at 23. By the way, the most mental stat is Yaya Sanogo at 21 (0.42 that includes his 8 goaless PL appearances).

        3. Welbeck is young, can ease Giroud/Sanchez’s play time in CF/Wings, can better himself under Wenger, he is home grown. We have now maximum 8 HG players in EPL 25 rules, we can now add 2 more non-HG player in this squad too. So, this is buy is very well spent.

          1. I think I am agreeing with you, that it’s not up to Danny to get the goals alone. We need all our attacking mids to score and attack much better than they have been (accept Ramsey, well including Ramsey coz I want to brag about his 20+ goals this season).

            1. Ramsey can be our top goal scorer this year! epl+cl+cups = 15+5+5 …
              Sanchez is in first year, and no giroud until jan, so, that’s risky commitment! But if you stress, we have back up there too. I like OX in CM much that in wings (for lack of finishing, which can improve though).

              1. As you say Ramsey is our key… As someone said on this site, Wilshere seems to be playing better than Ramsey, but though not playing well Ramsey goes back to basics and produces the goods and 2 goals to boot. You can’t ask any more of him.. He’s quality through and through.

  3. Off topic, just to let a fellow gooner know about the Wrighty Rioch sitauatiion
    @DEE, yeah i watched a docu about Ian wright, Anelka was the futre man, and Rioch thought Ian’s time was up, Ian said it himself, there was a bit of stale mate going on. Ian’s words not mine mate (not rying to be a big head, ‘mentions no names’ )

    Just thought i’d let you now

    On topic Welbeck …
    He looked good playing for England the other night, tracking back, pacey, not afraid to shoot.
    just what we need in the final third.
    Maybe a blessing in disguise.

  4. Really happy with this signing. Although his goal scoring record for club is not great he has all the tools to become prolific and a menace to defences, (particularly with our midfield feeding him).
    Also love his attitude and work ethic, let’s hope this rubs off on some of the other players who so far have looked jaded and off form.

    1. That was mainly Fergie playing him on the wings, hopefully Wenger doesn’t make the same mistake, and turn him into a 20+ goal machine.

  5. i hope he will prove us all wrong (including me) and hope he will score the winner with Citeh !!

    COYG and COY DannyBoy!

  6. Welbeck is going to be a beast for us. If he wins us the city game he will be a instant Legend. I hope wenger doesn’t try to start Sanogo and bring him on for 10 mins.

  7. Good news fellow gunners, Welbeck will probably start this weekend as Sturridge has been ruled out…judging by his 15 mins the other day, this can only be a good thing…

  8. If he tries his best that’s good enough to satisfy the fans. We want someone who is hard working, passionate and tries their best.

    We can’t expect him to play like Henry. We can only hope he scores goals.

    However. I’m really feeling good about him. He is young and determined. He will get loads of minutes and games to prove himself.

    1. If you work hard in front of our midfield, you will score a decent amount of goals, even if you’re not the best finisher out there – just look at Giroud. No comment on Sanogo though.. Not sure if its him working hard or his limbs just flopping around at this point, he needs to grow into his body. Anyways, Welbeck seems to have the right qualities to be successful, we’ll see how it turns out.

      1. Me thinks you underestimate Giroud. He was on fire at the beginning of last season. His form dipped because he was over worked. Giroud played pretty much every game for us last season except when he was injured. He is a huge asset for Arsenal.

  9. We need to send Welbeck on a quick trip to Spain to learn some chipping skills from former Arsenal great, Carlos Vela…

  10. Welcome danny… Hope u do very well & make van gaal resign.
    Apart from the fact that the guy’s got talent, another thing that makes we happy is that Every Godamm Man United Lengend is against him being sold at all, talkless of selling him to us. That shows us that we’ve got Some Kinda secret weapon… The only thing we should be praying for is that Wenger should set his Configuration Properly.

  11. Welbeck will do a Sturridge, just you watch! Sturridge was 23 when he went from Chelsea to Liverpool just like Welbeck is coming to us, his best years are ahead of him and he will be a quality signing for us I think for the long term, we just need a CDM and CB in January if any top ones are available.

  12. Most people forget the fact that Welbeck came from the same Era as Pogba! Fergie didn’t believe in his ethic players and it cost Man U Dearly with Pogba, the same way it would cost them deerly with Welbeck! These players were built in a generation when football was about nothing but Raw skill and natural talent! These are the things that make a player excel greatly! And because of that I see Welbeck going extremely far! Heck if Arsenal can shine, and get Pogba to eventually join us as a replacement to our older ones, then I see us building invincibles 2.0 eventually! Watch out for our Arsenal! There’s allot more than what meets the eye!

  13. I have no doubt he will always give 100%, and hopefully with a run of games he will get the goal scoring touch, and improve his finishing. Happy to have him at Arsenal, he’s an underrated player, with bags of potential.

  14. i think what Welbeck can offer is not JUST pace upfront or work rate. He is proficient LW player, and what we tend to have right now is CAM’s playing LW.

    if we have Cazorla/ox/sanchez/podolsk playing LW i(most likely candidates) , i’m quite sure they will all leave the left flank pretty exposed due to their tendencies of tucking in behind the striker.
    the ox perhaps is the only exception, butfor argument sake, lets categorize him as a cut in for now.

    what welbeck can offer, is he can interchange comfortably with the LW and play as a winger, when the LW cut in striker is playing upfront temporarily.

    his pace and workrate is also going to be an important asset for us when counter attacking, dribbling the ball forward with pace from the left, and either shoot/ pass to someone in the better position.

    we should have enough pacey players to keep up with him on the right(such as sanchez/Theo/ox)

    he might not be “world class” or banging in goals everywhere just yet, but from ALL the things i’ve seen him done and the style he plays, he fits our game to the T.

    and pun slightly intended…that T that was missing since TH14 left is probably gonna be replaced by a certain W23.

    I really think Welbeck will do well with us.

  15. he’s got to do more to impress us d fanz coz we expect nuffin less from him. Anywayz welcome to dis great club.

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