Welbeck proves Arsenal were RIGHT on Balotelli

Let’s be honest with ourselves Arsenal fans. When we heard that Danny Welbeck was going to sign for the Gunners on transfer deadline day, a lot of us were not happy. I think that the hope of getting Radamel Falcao was played a big part in that, but we soon came round and saw that it was a pretty good, if not spectacular, signing for Arsenal.

But the England international was not really known for his goal etting at Man United and it was his all-round game that we signed him for, along with the hope that Arsene Wenger would be able to work his magic and turn the 23-year old into a top striker.

But that was soon forgotten after Welbeck unluckily hit the post on his debut and then spurned three chances in Dortmund. And then the predictable pundits latched on to the fact that Mario Balotelli, who we apparently turned down and who cost Liverpool the same as Welbeck cost Arsenal, scored in the Champions League.

But I am still confident that we made the right choice, especially after our new forward had a great game today, scoring his first goal after setting Ozil up for the opener. It is still all about his all round game and I reckon that Ozil was loving it. And Welbeck said after the game that he has hardly had a chance to train with his new team mates yet, so we can expect much more to come.

Yes, mad Mario has talent and is great in front of goal, but he does not offer much else to his team. And when you hear Welbeck speak, it is clear that he has his head screwed on and will fit in perfectly with the likes of Walcott, Ozil, Wilshere, Ramsey and all of the Arsenal family. JUst give him time Gooners…

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  1. Never wanted Balo tbh too inconsstent and has a bad temper. I think for the January transfer window though we need to go for a CDM, and a CB

    Center backs:
    2.Inigo Martinez
    3. Doria

    Defensive Midfielders:
    4. Kondogbia

    1. Were not gonna spend £30m on Laporte (even though he reminds me of Kosc).
      Inigo’s form has dropped significantly.
      And the 3rd Just no

      And schneiderlin is my first choice for sure but he’s actually been kind of playing b2b this year
      And then kondogbia that kid is gonna bs special

    2. I would love schneiderlin here at arsenal! Everyone will be targeting him in January if he continues to play like this. A centre back is a must in January, unless hayden/ajayi proves that they can step up to the first team.

  2. 1. I am perfectly happy with Welbeck. I believe the quality Arsenal mid-fielders will allow him to shine.

    2. There is no evidence Wenger was ever really interested in Balotelli. Transfer rumors mean nothing.

    3. If the article implies that Welbeck is a better choice than Balotelli I would suggest 2 or 3 games will not tell the story – nothing is yet “proven.” But I think Welbeck is a better fit simply from a player cohesion and morale standpoint alone.

  3. Welbeck suits our style. He offers everything that giroud offers, and dribbles far better than giroud. On 2 instances yesterday welbeck shimmied past villa players with ease. Giroud would never have done that. Welbeck is also faster and keeps our attacking play fluid and fast. Balotelli? I think he’s an accident waiting to happen. Sure, adrian provoked him yesterday, but the pushing and scuffling was totally unecessary and he could have been sent off. We’ll wait and see which is the better investment. I’ve a feeling it’s going to be welbeck 🙂

  4. Boys please get behind the team our own supporters shouldn’t be our biggest critics after every little blip. Dortmund was our 1st loss since April and even though we were absolutely terrible we still could’ve won (if danny took that 1st chance) and arguably shouldve tied (more likely of the 2) and that is a sign of a great team.

    Even today people don’t wanna give the team credit cause its villa but when it’s city, Chelsea etc they are looking like champions. The boys played great and welbeck and ozil looked solid along with chambers I thought he was great

  5. Ballotelli is a sandwich short of a picnic, he’ll win games for Brenda but make him old before his time.Their problem not ours.

  6. Come on! These boys hv brought themselves up into games against crystal, L.City, Everton and M.City…that’s no easy feat, the fighting spirit is there so don’t keep saying its only one game! I detest that line and if u wish to know hw important welbeck can be look at hw much he works for the team esp when he loses the ball! Balo will stand tall and smack his hands together like an abracadabra that will bring the ball back on his feet! Let Welbeck live and breath and they just need to understand themselves a little better – till the next game COYG

  7. So, Welbeck is a hero, he`s scored a goal, so all Wenger`s justifications prove to be correct. Oh!, and Ozil got on the board. Wow!
    Meantime, Ronaldo put three away and Bale wasn`t far behind in an eight two trouncing. Now that`s what I call attack.

  8. Welbeck can become a big striker for Arsenal, but he must quickly overcome his profligacy in front of goal that will cost us some points if not put into check. Look at the way he profligated in our home game and away game with City and to Dortmound. The games we could have won. Talking about Super Mario, the boss shattered my hope of seen him in Arsenal kit when he jettison him. I believe Balo’ will be a hit at Arsenal had the boss signed him on. Bolotelli is a high profile striker which the boss can mould to a goal scoring machine if he had signed him. I believe the boss will, and can also mould Welbeck in thesame light.

  9. Off topic: we all know that diaby d beast is exactly what our midfield lack’s, so d question is who will make way for diaby? My guess is mr fine hair arteta

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