Welbeck’s work rate a BIG weapon but Arsenal NEED goals

There is no doubt that Danny Welbeck has made a good start to life as an Arsenal player. Not only have his attitude and personality allowed him to slot straight in with his new team mates off the pitch, his willingness to work hard on the pitch has given the Gunners a spring in their step and has shown that there is life after the injury to Olivier Giroud.

And unlike some strikers, like our big Frenchman, Welbeck has scored his first goal before the pressure started to build and the fans started to groan. The 23-year old needed that strike against Aston Villa last weekend as well, because after he missed our only three chances in Dortmund, people were starting to question whether he could make is as a centre forward, such as our former boss George Graham in a Daily Mail report this week.

Graham said, “Welbeck is a very willing boy. He works his socks off for the team and has a good attitude.

“He’s got to improve his finishing a lot though. At Arsenal he will get chances, so we’ll see how good a finisher he is.”

I don’t think our former boss is having a go at Welbeck, he is just saying that we will have to wait and see. The good thing is that Danny is getting into the right positions. He has excellent movement which gives defenders a nightmare and sees him find space all across the pitch for the creative players like Ozil, Ramsey, Cazorla and Wilshere in the Arsenal team to find him.

But we do need to see him score more goals than he did for Man United, although now he is off and running and with Wenger helping him stay calm in front of goal, I am confident that he will. Are you?

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  1. JStarrr says:

    Spuds should be target practice for Welbeck. Can I get a 1st hatrick???

  2. red14 says:

    i have zero fear for this game. its just sp..s guys.

    we would beat them 4-0 with

    Giroud Wilshere Ospina Gnabry

    Welbeck Akpom Mertesacker

    Sczesny Monreal


    in this order. 😀


    1. No Giroud, I'm happy says:

      I’m looking forward to see both Ospina and Sczesny in the same starting line-up … I think Ozil will have 2 assists even as a goalkeeper … Mert as winger, hahahaha, that’s super

    2. RSH says:

      Everyone knows its Ox who wants to be GK. 😉

      1. kingson says:

        No, it’s Gibbs, lol.

  3. fred cowardly says:

    Sanchez and Welbeck work the hardest, I reckon.
    Welbeck reminds me of Kuyt who played for Liverpool. He didn’t score a lot but worked his socks off.

    We are going to look so fast when Walcott comes back. Walcott, Sanchez, Welbeck, Bellerin

  4. davidnz says:

    Big big week for Arsenal FC.
    If Arsenal beat Spurs and
    Chelsea draw with Villa
    Arsenal would go 3rd and close on Chelsea.
    Then its a must win v Gala
    to keep our ECL hopes alive
    followed by the match at Chelsea.
    Exciting and scary times for Arsenal AFC 🙂

    1. vijaygunner says:

      ‘Chelsea draw with Villa
      Arsenal would go 3rd and close on Chelsea.
      Then its a must win v Gala’ thought you were bustin out a rhyme there…

    2. ABK says:

      Yeah and if you was a dog you could lick your own balls

  5. Jazlon says:

    I really have a positive feeling about welbeck. I think he’ll flourish with ozil’s magic and he’ll soon be “”ice cold” and composed infront of goal.

    He is a workhouse, has power and pace. He was a nuisance in that 8-2 mauling of us a few years back:/.

    I feel this will turn out to be that “pogba” scenario….where united fans are crying as to why this player is turning out to be an absolute beast.

    be patient…….you lot will see.

    on a side note why is ox telling alexis to slow down? this is the reason why our players are so lux and huff n puff and is afraid of pressing. bunch of spoilt brats. I just luv sanchezes personality overall the guys a gem, telling the whole team to keep their focus after his stunner on tues.
    Legend in the making? we shall soon find out

    shout out to the SA goOonnerrs!!!!!!

    1. th14 says:

      Thats what p*ssed me off the most about tuesday, sanchez told the team to concentrate after he scored because he remembered how embarrassingly casual the team was after he scored against city, but the rest of the team didn’t listen. After the kick off sanchez was signalling for wilshere, rosicky, podolski and chamberlain to push further up the pitch and press, but no one listened they all dropped off and invited pressure, sanchez after signalled to concentrate again and push forward as he was chasing down balls by himself yet no one listened, then southampton scored.
      Then the rest of the clowns started pressing higher up the pitch and applying pressure and we got a foothold of the game again…
      Why they didnt do this when we were 1-0 up ill never understand…
      I wish sanchez could speak english so he could give players like podolski and wilshere a bollocking.

      1. vijaygunner says:

        its a real shame, everytime sanchez gives us the lead we can’t defend it even if our lives depended on it. comeback against citeh what a story that would’ve made..

      2. ABK says:

        Ahh hes just great isnt he, I’m looking at a picture of him now, Oh sanchez i love you I to wish people would listen to you more

    2. RyoSila says:

      According to the medical staff, he is supposed to have a day off after a game to recover. Apparently, he thinks he is fine!!

  6. Invincibles49 says:

    1. He is providing the team with so much of other dimensions. Just look at Ozil’s goal against Vila. I can’t imagine Giroud or Sanogo or even Podolski playing that accurate through ball for him. Also Ozil seems to be happier and refreshed playing behind him in which case he gets the freedom to run to the box himself trusting the pass from Welback something which is absent when he plays behind our other three strikers. If we get Ozil to perform at 100%, imagine the plundering we will do.
    2. His ball control is good. If you notice , our players are now growing in confidence in long passes to him giving the team more pace and directness.
    3. Counter Attacks. Again its clear as a blue sky that he is much more potent than our previous crop of 3 strikers for this. So much pace.

    Giroud’s injury forced Wenger to go for him. Injuries are never a blessing except it might be in this case albeit in disguise.

    Goals will come don’t worry, with more confidence. A lion when kept in a zoo for such a long time takes time to learn hunting when finally left in the forest.

    1. arselonia says:

      G12 does that a lot

    2. vijaygunner says:

      ‘I can’t imagine Giroud or Sanogo or even Podolski playing that accurate through ball for him’ are you f**king kidding me?! OG12 top 5 assists
      1. ramsey goal(FA cup final)
      2. podolski volley(vs montpellier)
      3. gibbs volley(vs swansea)
      4. Wilshere half-volley(vs swansea)
      5. Mesut ozil’s first premiere league goal(vs norwich).

      1. Prof says:

        Great top 5 assists indeed! But how about his poor conversion rate from other players’ top assists? Why not this your assist-making-giroud being known for top goals instead of top assists. I don’t think it’s a crime if a CAM player like Ozil record the highest number of assists through the conversion rate of giroud. Assist making by strikers is part of football, agreed, but it becomes a thing of frustration when a striker choose to making top assists and lag behind in his primary objective ; “GOAL SCORING”.

  7. Hafiz Rahman says:

    we need to spend every penny of the 173m and strengthen the squad…

    1. Invincibles49 says:

      Or we can give you every penny of 173m (no idea where you came up with such a precise amount) to leave this page.

    2. junweiseah says:

      Hey, FIFA 15 is out, why don’t you get yourself a copy? On FIFA, you can get all the players you want.

  8. Twig says:

    If Welbeck doesn’t score against Spurs this weekend, he MUST be sold next Summer. We need goals and results and fast.

  9. arselonia says:

    Off topic.
    Happy birthday to you Korean Gibbs…. my god our Gibbs is 25 years now but still look 19.
    For a very long time I have never being so confidence in any NLD than this very one. Im sure we will win, the question now is that how many goals.

    1. Sacrificial_Pizza says:

      Korean Gibbs hahaha. Reminds me of Korean Jesus off 21 jump street

  10. Matt says:

    If Ozil is to have any impact tomorrow, he must play at the number 10 role! He’s not good on the left!

    1. Twig says:

      He can be good on the left IF he wants to…

  11. arsenalkid1970 says:

    ….AW lost the plot 8 years ago. I can forgive him for selling players but not for selling them to top epl clubs. But he is told to do it end of the day. But I find it hard to take that he can’t think past young managers who out gun him in tactics. North London Darby tomorrow and if we don’t get up for that and win by 3 goles then it’s all over for arsenal and AW

    1. Sacrificial_Pizza says:

      The season is already over if we don’t put up 3 on spuds tomorrow? Yikes, I didn’t read that they shortened the season that much this year. Swann journos

    2. arselonia says:

      Maybe he should be short? Idiot!

  12. Matt says:

    I shall be at the game tomorrow as always, I sit right next to the away fans which is the best place to sit if all goes well! Especially at a North London Derby, expecting all three points and the atmosphere to be crazy as usual.

  13. Sacrificial_Pizza says:

    He had put up 28 goals on the season for me on the new FIFA. He is actually pretty nasty in that game.

    I think he will end up surprising a lot of people. He was always shuffled around at united. Hope I’m right and he follows my FIFA form haha.

  14. royalman says:

    I hope Danny repeat Villa performance in most games especially tomorro. Spur game won’t be easy, anyway, frm Nigeria here Chelsea is our problem not spur, d blue fans r so arrogant n proud. I hope to beat MOU Chelsea everytime.

    1. muda says:

      I am Nigerian too, but Man utd are our main rivals here (nothern Nigeria) they are very annoying, and then chelsh!t as you mention, that’s all “I HAVE NEVER MET A SINGLE SPUDS FAN IN MY LIFE” they are extinct here or they never exist, FACT

  15. th14 says:

    Wenger “It is tempting to keep him in that central role but I maintain he will play where needed for the balance of the team and that can change game by game.”
    Its actually funny wengers the only manager that would shift ozil into a position thats hes struggling in so jack wilshere can play in his preferred position. If you want balance then play people in their positions and have the balls to drop players.

    1. Twig says:

      No. Wenger is not the only manager to have played Ozil on the left before…

      1. th14 says:

        I know…
        I said no other manager would put him there for jack wilshere…
        Löw put ozil wide to cover for injured reus and so that kroos (who was in better form and had a better season) could play as the 10. He also played a CB as LB who doesn’t push forward.

    2. RSH says:

      I dont agree with Ozil on left, but if Wenger puts Ozil there, then Ozil needs to try to replicate the same performance and put in the equal amount of effort he did against Villa. I think its possible for him to do.

    3. goonerretic says:

      Ii actually agree with Arsene Wenger

      1. Sumo says:


  16. REiGN says:

    Easiest game of the season. Welbeck will destroy them.

  17. goonerretic says:

    Some of the comments here just highlights the kind of pre match boasting that is synonymous to this website.AFC will destroy Spurs..easiest game ever..bla bla bla..Last i checked Spurs has been in the top half of the EPL for God knows how long.They have a very capable manager and decent enough players.
    We should go out there, respect the opposition, play as a unit and fight for the win.But then again am sure the players and manager know that.

    1. RSH says:

      exactly. We’ve had one good game this season. I dont see how people are able to boast about our team, when we haven’t found a patch of form either. We will win if we play well enough and earn it. Same as always

  18. ABK says:

    Lets judge him agfter the season not after every frigging goal scoring chance the guy has, its ridiculous

  19. fishface says:

    welbeck will be fine and certainly an upgrade on giroud!
    When fully fit, i see the first team as;
    SCZ –
    Gibbs Kos Mert debuch-
    Rambo Diaby Jack –
    Sanchez Oz Wally.
    Bench : ox santi welby

  20. HA559 says:

    Well to be honest since he has come to Arsenal his work rate has gone down. In Manu he tried to close down defenders and goalkeepers, he hasn’t done that for Arsenal so far.

  21. muda says:

    @HA559, its do to the role he is playing, you can’t expect your striker to always come deeper, it will only give the opposition team chance to press you. And secondly who will be there to collect the ball when we won it back?? He’s top 9 here so he must be use to right place at the right time. Play him on the wing and he will do like he was doing!

  22. royalman says:

    @Muda, nice having u here, anyway I base at Lagos, most of the area boys here r chelsea fans. I wish to see a Spur fan, but no one yet.

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