Welcome to baby Mara Ozil Robinson – Our newest Gooner


As reported in the mailonline dated 18/8/20 at 12.43, we have a new addition to the Gooners rank and file – and what a story it is!!!

It all goes back to when a die hard Gooner called Jack Robinson wanted to call his child Ozil and his wife (god bless her) said that if he could get MO to respond to him on twitter he could name the child.
So good old Jack tweeted saying: “@MesutOzil1088 wife is expecting in July she said if I can get you to reply, I can name the kid Ozil, don’t let me down.

Four days later Ozil responded thus “It’s a deal mate. I don’t let you down. Now it’s your turn. I want to see the birth certificate of your kid in July.”

Once the baby, called Mara Ozil, was born, Ozil responded once again- “Wow, can’t believe you really did it man. Huge congratulations to you and the little family, Jack.

Jack replied “MesutOzil1088 Deal completed, worth every second. Mara Ozil Robinson, nickname and #MO. Thanks again for an amazing lasting memory.

It was followed up by a fantastic picture of Mara with a Ozil named shirt wrapped around her.

WHAT A STORY and one that all Gooners should be proud of – Congratulations to Jack, his wife and Mara, plus of course, our own Mesut Ozil.



  1. What a nice story.. Touching too and congrats to them. I just hope when the child grows up, she doesn’t get mad at her dad for giving her the name after hearing of the famous OZIL’S tales at Arsenal and hope her peers who are arsenal fans too don’t troll her for it. Because, there’s a certain Henry, there’s a Bergkamp, even a Viera, but out of (excitement or short sightedness?) he chose Ozil. I would never forgive my dad if I was the child (probably do a future name change) but a touching story like I said, Only wish there wasn’t any toxicity associated with that name right now.

    1. Oh now we know better than the parents on naming their child. It’s their child it’s their family it’s their happiness! Is it that hard to just be happy for them?

      You are the troll here make no mistake about it.

      You name your child Vieira no one is stopping you. This bitterness I don’t understand.

      1. How about the trauma the child might be subjected to from bearing the name. Have you thought of how the baby had no say in that? Have u thought of the baby’s future happiness? Imagine your dad named you Hitler, how happy would that make u knowing all u know about him? I’m more interested in the fact that there’s too much controversy surrounding that name to give that to your child.

        1. Did you have your say when your parents named you? Who did? I would like to know. Forget about that child future and think about yourself. If this news has displeased you this much, you are clearly the traumatic one here.

          1. OK Ozil Hero, I’m done trying to explain myself as you seem to be under the delusion that this is somehow meant to troll Ozil. Like SueP (brilliant name for your grandson BTW) rightly saw and said, it isn’t a troll. It’s just my opinion on what I feel is good for the child. You are hurt by it because you “feel” it’s a dig at your Hero. Carry on

          2. What has that child future has anything to do with kitsx anyway? Are you that gullible to think that these Durham twins have really any concern about the baby they don’t know?

            It’s just an opportunity presented itself for them to slate Ozil. And they couldn’t help letting it pass regardless of an innocent story.

        2. Kstix, there was little or no toxicity about Ozil when the deal was made between the footballer and the father of the baby. In fact, Ozil had been brought back into the team and had played 10 games. I believe Ozil’s problems began afresh after he rejected 12.5 per cent pay cut agreed by most of the players in the immediate aftermath of the Coronavirus lockdown. The father of the baby had already reached a deal with Ozil. Did you expect to renege? Besides, he must be a huge fan of Ozil to have thought of the idea in the first place. In 18 years time, Ozil’s name may belong to a distant memory and therefore have no impact on Mara, the baby.

      2. It’s a lovely story- a new life
        I’m in no position to moan about her name as my eldest 4 yr old grandson is named Santiago(Santi) after Cazorla although it is a recognised Christian name in it’s own right
        Fans up and down the county have named their precious children after their team as in surnames in some cases so who am I to judge how they are named.
        I don’t though consider Kstix to be a troll as different opinions are there to be voiced as you do so frequently yourself.

    2. Is how people in your circle make you feel about him, traumatized? If you are traumatized because Ozil’s plays for Arsenal. My friend you to re-examine your life as it does not revolve around football and Arsenal. Are some people not named Judas, Osama and Hitlar before and after those personalities. Do they act like them. Are those name synonyms to eviI l don’t know someone can be this deplorable. It is his life and his child.

      1. Troll time haha! Clearly you didn’t read my comment. I said “Nice story”. I guess that isn’t a positive to say?

          1. That’s ok, just make sure you read an entire comment before trolling in the future, otherwise you come off looking rather foolish.

  2. The both of you above me, can you not do this búllshît of trying to make this about Ozil as a player?
    Jesus, congratulate the family and move on FFS!
    Do y’all have to jump on the Ozil thread to always say stuff negative?

    1. Ozil has no issue bringing our club down, so why should any of us be nice about him? Like I said, nice story, horrible sporting personality.

      1. Exactly my point…How TF is this article about Ozil’s sporting personality?
        Are you that obsessed about him?
        Like SueP said, it’s surprising we get an article like this that isn’t sports related…
        All we needed to do was keep it simple, why drag Ozil’s sporting personality into it just so you can continue with the repeated facts we all know?

    2. Didn’t know worrying about a baby’s future well being was something negative. I’m not one of those that looks for every opportunity to slate an underperforming player. I’m happy for the family, not just comfortable about the position they’ve put the innocent child in. There’s not just controversy surrounding ozil as pertaining to football. Some of his associations and statements outside of it too have been controversial. He’s been contraversial in Germany, China, England and Turkey with people in each of this places holding a grudge or two against him. I understand the excitement of naming a child after a football player you like, I commend it. But I feel it should have been more thought out, not a decision made so rashly, not for anything, just for the fact that the player is right now probably one of the most controversial football personalities in the world. I do not dislike ozil personally, don’t misunderstand me. I’m just more concerned on the toxicity around him and associating a new born babe with that doesn’t seem like a good idea. But that’s just my opinion any way.

      1. You’re concerned about a baby you don’t know and will never know because of a name ?
        Give it a rest all you and Durhams love child above have done is come on here and hijack a perfectly happy story for you own personal vendetta against Ozil ,don’t spoil a decent Article just so we can here you say the same things you have repeated over and over .

        1. Lol. From someone who castigates Emery every chance he gets? . If you can’t understand my view, I’m sorry I can’t help you there mate.

          1. Understand you’re view !
            You used Hitler as an example !
            This as nothing to do with Emery though so that statement makes no sense .
            Anyway I don’t want to argue .

        2. It is a perfect lovely story and she looks absolutely gorgeous but I’m surprised it made it to JA. Countless children will have been named after a favourite football player and it is only considered newsworthy here due to her middle name
          It is also giving everyone the springboard to express their views on Özil- good or bad. She is innocent

          1. SueP, it’s about a fan getting in touch with a player, asking for his permission to use his name – the player responding and then following it up and congratulating the new family.
            In this day and age of players being “out of touch with the fans”, wouldn’t you agree that this shows another side of that opinion?
            If it had been any Arsenal player, the same criteria would apply, but the fact it happened to be Ozil, seems to have offended some fans.
            The mother and father seem over the moon, so why anyone should be judging them is beyond belief.

      2. “Didn’t know worrying about a baby’s future well being was something negative”
        Are you fvckn Kidding me right now? Can you listen to yourself?
        How does bearing Ozil affects the future of a child?
        People named their kids Judas and you don’t see people going about talking bout how doomed the future was do you?
        It speaks a lot about your personality if all you see is someone associating their kid with Ozil.
        So what? The kid can’t grow up and also choose to admire the philanthropic traits in Ozil?
        No, all you guys have to do is moan, piss and complain every time the name Ozi comes up.
        Besides, the wife and husband had no issues naming their kid Ozil yet you guys keep talking as if both parents did their kid bad?

        1. You sound so depressed Eddie. Go get a life already. That’s not moaning. It’s expressing concern about something that I find not quite OK in the long term in my opinion. And I’ll be Waiting for the day you complain about anything on this site like you usually do, I’m gonna be coming for you hard so you get a taste of your own medicine. You have little or no point to offer or contradict my opinion so all you do is moan(irony for someone who says other people moan) when other people have their opinions. Everyone is not supposed to have the same opinion as yours. Get that into your thinking faculty if you do make use of it and know we can’t all have the same opinions. This is my point. I’m objective about the repercussion of the parents’ decision while still congratulating them as it is a beautiful thing to have a baby and name them after someone you love or are a fan of. I have nothing more to say to u if you can’t understand that people’s opinions being different doesn’t necessarily make it wrong

  3. Ozil is the first name I can also choose from our current squad follow By Leno, Pepe, Tierney, Aubameyang Bellerin

  4. Wow thats. Congs for new born baby after being of the great fan to ozil. Thats just amazzing.

    1. This is pathetic TBH.. We all have one thing in common, we want Ozil to leave the club as he’s declined but it’s pathetic to be thinking this way.
      You feel sorry for the kid?
      Cause she got named Ozil?
      You feel sorry for her?
      God!! Human beings though

      1. My reply was nothing do do with Ozil leaving the club, it was to do with why some idiot would want to give a girl a surname of a male footballer, wether it was Ronaldo, Bergkamp or Aubameyang.

  5. Bloody hell….not surprising this has turned into a slate Ozil fest…. I know that wasn’t the intention, Ken… shame..

    1. As I wrote earlier on Sue, I’m sorry that an innocent child has been brought into this at all.

      Sadly for me an article of this nature was always going to cause some negative feedback
      It is just a means for one or two on both sides of the Ozil story to keep mud slinging

      1. With all due respect SueP some lines have been crossed here. People are predicting doom and gloom for the baby just because she is named Ozil?

        The article is not about performance, not about salary, not about anything to do with the club. It’s about an innocent happy family with their little innocent baby.

        I don’t see any ground for negative feedback at all!

        1. Blimey HH
          The mere mention of his name has caused all this and my whole reasoning is based around an article of this little innocent baby should not really have been submitted. Would an article have been published if her second name was Auba or Laca? The mention of Ozil over footballing issues is one thing but for both sides of the OZil argument it has been just too big an opportunity to let go as has been proven by so many posts and such a reaction

          1. SueP, please see my reply to Leno happy.
            I did reply to you, but it seems to have gone missing!
            If anyone wants to make a negative out of a great story regarding an Arsenal fan, his new born baby and his choice of name, then that’s their choice – I’m sure you wasn’t bothered what anyone thought about the choice you made and it turned out to be a great one!

  6. Awww the baby is so cute, but that choice of name though 🙄 congratulations to the family. But on a more serious note, ken1945, why bring this here, I know you are ozil fan but bringing this here, a topic that has nothing whatsoever to do with arsenal as a club SMH.

    1. Leno happy, two reasons my friend – one is that it follows up on Dan’s article about his two young children and how they are being taught about The Arsenal and I note with interest that that article was met with great enthusiasm.

      So it does seem that those who are now complaining about this article are doing it for one reason only, despite their protestations that it isn’t.
      I thought it was a lovely story about a real Gooner, who went out of his way to contact one of our players, to ask permission to use his name.
      In this day and age of players seemingly out of touch with the fans, I believe it is a lovely gesture from any player to acknowledge a fans request, don’t you?

      Secondly, it is part of the JA remit to report anything to do with our club and Pat actually put in all the links, photographs and twitter stuff, I’m to old to even have a clue how to do it, I just supplied the writ up section.

      I would say that I find it puzzling why it hadn’t been picked up by JA anyway, but there it is, out there for everyone to enjoy and be happy about😁😁

      Another new Gooner into the ranks along with Dans to nippers, what is the problem? 🤔 By the way, I’m a Arteta fan, just to be clear on that score.

      1. Ken
        I couldn’t reply earlier as there was no red reply button
        In itself as I have mentioned more than once, it is a lovely story but at the very least you must have expected the response you got from some quarters
        The family concerned are clearly thrilled by Ozil’s generous good wishes but as a story for JA I think it’s tenuous. A new gooner is always very welcome as are all our gooner children

        1. SueP, I have replied to you above, but just a question… why was this article described as being not a JA article, when Dan’s equally exciting article about new Gooners was met with such enthusiasm?
          I think we both know the answer after reading A FEW of the negative comments, but does that mean we have to tread on eggshells in case it upsets them?
          They have no compunction when it comes to denigrating anyone and as this article was about a young baby being introduced to the club, I really cannot be ar**d with their reactions… probably the family themselves feel exactly the same way.

      2. Arabic meaning of the Name OZIL is “Gift from God” which every child is if you religious person. Aside the baby’s parents being an Arsenal fan and a Ozil’s lover they may choose that name because of what it means. So if someone is traumatized because of his club association with the named Ozil I’m ashamed i share a passion with such a person.

  7. FFS ….. I cannot believe some of the comments on here because someone has given their child a middle name of Ozïl. By the time school time comes around Ozïl will be long forgotten. Anyway haven’t any of you heard of the song “A boy named Sue” by Johnny Cash? Go check it out 🤔

  8. How many of us know our friends’ middle names and how many use them? The young child will be known by her first name Mara, unless she chooses to be known by her second name Ozil.

  9. SueP, please see my reply to Leno happy.
    I did reply to you, but it seems to have gone missing!
    If anyone wants to make a negative out of a great story regarding an Arsenal fan, his new born baby and his choice of name, then that’s their choice – I’m sure you wasn’t bothered what anyone thought about the choice you made and it turned out to be a great one!

  10. ozziegunner, such a wise old sage my friend.
    This was a great story about a fan and a player connecting in a friendly and responsible way… nothing more and nothing less.

  11. My personal thought on Ozil are well known by regulars and I will deliberately not repeat them on THIS thread, which is a heartwarming and human story that touches ny heart as it should in ALL NORMAL AND NON BITTER HUMANS.

    I remind all Gooners that quite irrespective of anyones views about ANY player, the parents have an unalienable right to name their daughter after anyone, ANYONE, they so choose and I WISH BOTH THEM AND THEIR LOVELY BABY WELL AND EVERY HAPPINESS. I pray and believe she is unlikely to grow up as bitter as A FEW (only a few, thankfully) on this site.

    1. Another wise old sage, who sees the article for what it was meant to be – a break from the never ending saga of transfers in and out and “pundits” who say we stole Cesc Fabregas _ for heavens sake, get a life and look on the positive side just for once!!!

        1. What some of these “fans” get out of supporting the club (not the players) I have no idea Sue – it seems to me it’s like a lifetime of drudgery and negative reactions for them!!!
          Was it only a few days ago we won the fa cup in such a wonderful way – a beautiful story, a wonderful picture and we are being told it shouldn’t be on JUSTARSENAL simply because it has the name of a player they don’t like?
          Perhaps they should take a leaf out of ozziegunner’s and Jon Fox’s response (amongst many others I should add), neither of whom are fans of the player involved.
          Shallow minds is the only way to sum them up.

  12. Big Congrats to the family and Ozil too as he is involved!
    I know I am in no position to think about this, but what if Ms. Mara Ozil Robinson goes on to play for Arsenal Ladies and England and becomes a famous player? What a story that would be to assist my middle ages,😂😂
    On a more serious note- A lovely occasion for the family and one which shows that the connection between fans and players is still alive and relevant, just as ken1945 said.

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