Well done to Arsenal for helping the community at these terrible time

The London Mayor this week has reached out to clubs in the Capital City to ask for any help they can give to help ‘protect lives’. Sadiq Khan wrote a letter to 10 sides, including Arsenal of course, asking for support in three key areas.

Access to any medical staff, use of medical resources and if possible, accommodation for those working away from their families.

As part of their complex Chelsea own, the Millennium Hotel, where NHS workers can stay free of charge. Spurs and Palace are allowing their stadiums to be used for whatever help is needed, storing food, space to train and use of any equipment.

Arsenal have put together their own 9-point action plan which was published on Arsenal.com

So, the Gunners have been doing their bit, and the response the mayor got back is everyone is willing to do what they can. The likes of Arsenal would have some of the best trained medical people who could work alongside NHS workers.

Even with the outside chance of football starting by the deadline reports stay clubs would be willing for academy medical staff to stay on helping at hospitals. Like the Premiere League’s statement says, even though there is no sport, the sport can still play its part.

It’s easy to look at only the negative at the moment but in a week when a Jack Grealish rightfully made the front page of papers for his reckless actions, it’s only right that we point out when football does good.

Some can’t win, they’re criticized for not slashing their wages yet when Ronaldo does it by 90 percent, he’s accused of it being a PR stunt.

Many times over the years I have worried we were losing our reputation for doing things ‘the Arsenal way’ but when it comes to things like this, we can still show some class.

Proud to be a Gooner…

Well done Arsenal

Dan Smith


  1. You are quite right to point out the good that Arsenal and other clubs are doing
    A WhatsApp doing the rounds listed several top European clubs’ responses to the crisis too. From your article Spurs have done their bit but Levy’s 20% wage reduction on his £7m annual salary could probably have paid the non playing staff during this difficult time. Instead he is expecting the government to sub their wages. Not great. This may come back to haunt him.
    We have talked on here about football being in a bubble. It makes me despair
    But hearty thanks are due to those helping the community at large. Without them, football is nothing

    1. Yes, Levy has acted disgracefully and is quite rightly being castigated by the press and on line pundits alike. Furloughing their lowest wage earners who obviously can’t live on their 20% until government payments start in a June will not go down well in what is already a very poor local community.

  2. Cristiano Ronaldo giving up 90% of his earnings a publicity stunt? I think not, he doesn’t need it. I just wish others follow his lead as it would help clubs keep on their lower paid staff who are the most vulnerable.

    Apparently Mike Ashley has also applied for the Government scheme, but he would, wouldn’t he?

  3. 100k donation !!!
    Arsenal pays 200 million pound in player salaries.
    100k equates to a quarter of one percent of the Arsenal player salaries.
    Players on 200k per week are donating a quarter of one % of their weekly pay packet to needy people.
    Really generous alright.
    Who knew?

    1. I was going to post exactly the same thing.
      A piss in the ocean in the grand scheme of things.

      1. I do agree either you and Stevo completely
        It is a p in the ocean but I would have liked it more if the players who are on these vast salaries had come out and been more generous. They are the ones in receipt of the 200million not the club.

      2. Very negative way of looking at it
        I’m quite sure 100 000 helps
        If every club did that it would help

        Of course Ozil earns thousands, Koronke a billionaire ,etc
        It’s the old argument that someone makes so much money why can’t they give it up ?
        2 percent of the richest in the world could save the poor
        But it’s a seperate debate

        Yet Arsenal can’t legally make players take wage cut
        So that money comes from club

        1. Dan
          I’m sure there are a couple of PL clubs who might struggle to cough up £100,000 but the majority could do more to make the difference that you refer to. However, I’m not knocking the clubs per se, rather the players who are being paid in full whilst more ‘lowly’ employees are cast adrift. I understand that the government or a government official has demanded action by the clubs and players and hope that sense prevails

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