Well, it’s half-time and Chelsea have certainly ‘socked’ it to Arsenal Women thus far!

OMG! I can’t actually believe what I’ve been watching this evening. This is such a crucial WSL game for Chelsea and Arsenal Women this evening. This game is about who marches forward in the WSL title campaign and who doesn’t.. High stakes indeed..

So, you tune into the game – I was watching on Sky Sports – and the game is delayed by half an hour (yes, a whole 30 minutes!) with no notifications of why. It slowly leaked out, via fans on the ground (at Stamford Bridge), that Arsenal Women’s socks were not acceptable for the occasion! Not acceptable?!

This is a WSL clash of the titans, between 2 top of the WSL London clubs – this fixture was not only arranged last week – it has been arranged from the beginning of the season.. On what level can our Arsenal Women turn up at an away ground and be told that they can’t wear their kit?!

Has this ever, in the history of your knowledge, happened at a Premier League game?

Arsenal Women tonight, had no choice but to wear Chelsea socks. Come on! Our Gunners probably didn’t even recognise their own legs in black and blue socks (with the Chelsea logo covered over!)…

Was this a conspiracy? If not, who is being ‘sacked’ for this hugely psychological episode??

Am I looking too deeply? I think not.. And I am now not hopeful of the outcome, in the second half, for our Gunners..

What says you?


Michelle M

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  1. I think it’s got to do with colour clash, i mean both sides wearing “white socks”, remember our men wore red socks away at Stamford bridge earlier this season and away to Porto as well, due to both sides wearing same coloured socks. i think the situation was over emphasized though, as it doesn’t make much difference at all.

  2. Is Michelle suggesting that it’s Chelseas’ fault that we turned up with the wrong socks? That our kit people were misinformed on a potential colour clash? That this is why Arsenal were well beaten by a dominant Chelsea team?
    Or am I missing her so far very carefully disguised humour?

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