Wellington Silva looks forward to being Arsenal idol

The young Brazilian Wellington Silva has been an Arsenal player for nearly five years but has only played (and scored) in one reserve match – against Man United back in 2010 – but has subsequently been out on loan in Spain ever since. But now he is 21 years old and playing for Almeria in La Liga, and with his EU passport on its way he is hoping to get a chance with his parent club in the near future.

Silva said in Brazil: “It was not as I expected, but things are starting to move again.

“It was tough enough, but now with the passport I can have a chance to return to Arsenal. Doors now open at any country in Europe. Now more people are watching, including Arsenal themselves.

“I’m very excited for the passport soon. In two months it’s ready, and the opportunities become larger. I am very happy that things are starting to happen.

“I would be very happy if I could be an idol at a club like Arsenal, but I can no longer think about it, it depends on a lot of work. But I’m working to improve my game, my experience. And I will give my best so I can be a great player.

“I need to think of Almeria, who are also in a tough league. I want to have a great season here so that Arsenal can see.”

I remember Wellington as being trumpeted as a superstar of the future when Arsenal bought him back in 2010, but with disciplinary problems and perhaps an overly big head he has failed to make an impact at any of his loan clubs until last year at Murcia where he finally became a regular starter.

Hopefully he can now excel at Almeria and finally fulfil that young promise, but I will be watching the La Liga games carefully to see for myself.

Check out this video compilation from his year in Murcia….

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  1. Kid looks like he has some moves.
    @vijaygunner discount Chamberlin? don’t think so, kid looks like he completes most of his passes, although highlights can be deceiving.
    I could see him giving the OX competition for a place soon.

    No matter, Wenger will ruin him if he gets the chance.

    1. I’m not sure w.silva will make it as a starter for arsenal.

      Current wingers with more potential/current ability
      Ryo = w.silva
      It would be very difficult for him or ryo to make it at arsenal with all those talent ahead.plus current players like poldi n cazorla are playing in wide areas. Although there age will mean they won’t affect wellington.ni can see ryo going this season he hasn’t improved much and he wasn’t impressive yesterday in the game vs Ajax he was making allot of wrong decisions

      Ideally I would love for arsenal to go for Memphis depay to replace podolski in January this kid has the potential to be one of the best left forwards in Europe and on current ability is as good as poldi on the left. He has more potential than draxler although he is more advanced in his current ability.the best thing. About depay is that he would cost allot less 10-13m

      Rosicky should be released next summer allowing cazorla to be 2nd choice am. We should then go for a star left mid like rues or turan

      Out=podolski, Rosicky, ryo
      In= Memphis, rues

  2. Scz needs to be benched he has gone back to his old tricks,ospina we need to you give this kid some competition and show him what a goalkeep needs to do for his club.

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