Wembley is a favourite Arsenal hunting ground – So surely we can repeat the 2017 FA Cup again?

Arsenal have done it once, then we can do it again! Why not? by Shenel

So Arsenal have only the smallest of tasks coming up when they have to face Manchester City at Wembley in the Semi-Finals of the FA Cup for a place in the Final of the, as it will be known for this year, the Heads Up FA Cup.

May I turn the clock back, Arsenal fans, to April 2017, with the same opponents, at the same venue, for the same trophy. When Arsenal ran out 2-1 winners thanks to the no longer present, Alexis Sanchez scoring an extra time winner to send us to the final, where may I also remind you, we lifted the trophy after beating Chelsea 2-1 on a gloriously warm May Saturday evening.

Yes, we may be the underdogs going into the game, but isn’t that the case for every game we play? No longer being the “team to beat” I would much rather go into every game with the “underdogs” title then the “favourites”, why you may ask? Well purely because, one- it adds less pressure, although Arsenal is under pressure whenever they step out on to the pitch, and two- when we do win most of the time, I like the shock that comes with it for many people, yet certain people still cannot find it in themselves to congratulate and praise our team.

Just like when we beat Chelsea in the final in 2017, “Oh maybe Chelsea just weren’t at their best” or “they were not having a good day” was a few of the comments I heard being thrown around and not comments such as “Arsenal just wanted it more, Arsenal played well and on top of that each and every Arsenal player that stepped out, stepped up and controlled the game from start to finish, even though we gave away a goal”. But who cares what other fans think as long as we know and can see the true passion and work rate that is put in by our players. That is all that matters.

This trophy is ours, having been the one club in history to win it a historical and record breaking 13 times, why give up now. We have done it once we can do it again, to reach finals you have to play and beat even the best of teams in the world, and maybe it will be a repeat of the 2017 season, City in the semi-finals and then Chelsea in the final, here’s hoping for the same result all round for us!

One thing that cannot be denied is that Wembley seems to be one of our favourite stadiums outside of the Emirates and as they say Que Sera Sera, but we have done it once so we can do it again. What do you think Gooners?

Shenel Osman


  1. With a rookie Coach who will tinker with the team selection trying to be clever,and didn’t see how he helped us against city having been an assistant manager there.Allegri is available just phone call away the board should show ambition, first things first before we start dreaming and it starts with a proven manager wether you like it or not.Pundits have said we will lose at Wembley against city.

  2. Unfortunately the players who usually put in a good shift and fight for the badge and made Wembley our 2nd home are all gone.
    The only players still in the squad as at when we won it last are Mustafi, Bellerin and Ozil..

    If only these present crop, just for the sake of it, can put up a fight with City and knick it.. I don’t mind a 1-0 scoreline as long as it gets the job done..

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