Wenger: ‘100% committed Alexis Sanchez in line to play for Arsenal this weekend’

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has praised the attitude and professionalism shown by Alexis Sanchez, whilst admitting the Chilean could well feature this weekend despite his situation.

The 29 year-old is out of contract this summer, and has resigned himself to leaving the club in search of pastures new, and has been deep in talks with Manchester United about a move all this week.

The forward had been firmly expected to become a Manchester City player, with many reports claiming his priority was to be reunited with former manager Pep Guardiola, but it now looks as good as a done deal that he will move to the red side of the city instead.

Mkhitaryan is believed to be moving in the opposite direction, and it has been claimed that the deal has been delayed by some minor details, including the agents fees, which has put an end to talks until next week it seems.

Arsene Wenger has now moved to declare Alexis Sanchez available to feature for his side this weekend against Crystal Palace, a move which could well anger Jose Mourinho, especially if the player was to play and fall foul of injury.

The Frenchman also moved to praised the professionalism shown by his wantaway star, with him said to be giving 100% in training this week despite the distractions.

“His attitude has been outstanding with us,” he said.

“He was in training on Wednesday, fully committed and prepared 100 per cent. One thing you cannot question about Alexis Sanchez is his professionalism and his commitment.”

Despite Wenger refusing to rule out Alexis’ involvement this weekend, I’m fully expecting him to be left out of the squad. Would Arsene really field him in the current situation?

Pat J

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  1. McLov says:

    If he doesn’t want to sign fine, its not like we can’t force people to stay or expect that.

    He’s been professional all the way. No suspicious injuries, not holding rival teams shirts or spoken anything in the media.

    Hope he’s going to United for a retirement check!

  2. Phil says:

    If he didn’t play him at Bournemouth last week when the deal was far from done why would he even contemplate playing him against Palace when it’s all but done?

  3. mannir jume says:

    let him join united so that we can quickly secure the service of aubamayang

  4. Waal2waal says:

    …if we’d have brought class and had the success the fans had hoped for alexis may well have still been at arsenal – however we don’t pay the same as man utd (fact) and this is a salient point. reality is the arsenal are bigger than alexis sanchez and one thing wenger said that i agree with is that RVP departure hurt more than alexis’ (clever point of fact).

    as soon as i see PEA run out at emirates stadium in our shirt i think we are in for a goal fiesta with the other offensive players we have to support him. so looking ahead we need to secure a trophy now and give the fans the joy we deserve and that for me would be a backdoor champions league place by reaching europa league final and lifting the trophy…because

    …until we get a central defender we’re likely to be have greater success and be more suited to cup competition(s) than to bossing the english prem. hence, our return to the peak of the epl requires a pragmatic and sensible approach to turning things around… PEA is a step in the right direction a kind of mopping up exercise if you like.

  5. Trudeau says:

    The Ox was supposedly 100% commited in his last game for Arsenal too. Someone remind me how that worked out. And another thing, when is someone going to call time on this myth that Sanchez is a consummate professional and always gives 100%? One only needs to watch tape of our games last season around this time to know that’s revisionist.

    1. Coldzero says:

      Well said and 100 percent correct! +1 from

    2. Tas says:

      OX should of never played that game against the club which he mentally was already playing for and we are direct competition for fourth place so he was the twelfth man for Liverpool, can you blame him? he put Arsenal behind him before that game and Arsen should of never played him never

    3. Flash_G says:

      I completely agree, this is just another lie from AW. Just don’t know if he’s lying us or himself, since it looks like he believes in this. I really respected him a lot, but now he’s like deluded old man everyone is avoiding

  6. Durand says:

    Never should have been in this situation.

    Should have sold to City much earlier in summer window (like before last day) and reinvested the £60 million. That way, Pep have to sit someone; sanchez starts who sits?

    Second, tell Man utd, city, everyone in PL to buzz off and get lost. Let city and man utd waste time and money in summer bidding war with every other club but us.

    Don’t much care for miki honestly. Utd bench player, but starting 11 for Arsenal. Rather have theo; probably, or maybe, not sure honestly. Does miki even really want to play at Arsenal?

    Tough decision; start for Arsenal, or ride utd bench. Probably best to take few days and sort that one out.

    1. Tas says:

      For shore Miki wants to play for Arsenal hi has fallen out with Mourinho begining of the season, I think the hold up is the agents fee who will pay it as we know it Won’t be Arsenal the tight Baskets it will have to be Man-U and if you k me we are geting the beter deal considering Sanchez is almost a free agent

  7. Sue says:

    Don’t play him!! He can’t wait to go to old trafford.. so sod him! Let him train by himself & don’t include him in the match day squad

    1. Tas says:

      Its AW tricks to get Man-U to pay all the agents fee like they did with Pogba

  8. GB says:

    Fukcing hell you will hear the booing from London to Manchester!

  9. GB says:

    Well that’s a bit of a pisser, I hear Malcom is going to spurs!

  10. Tas says:

    Chilean striker is is on the verge of following a host of Arsenal players to Manchester but Wenger insists his departure will not hurt as much as RVP departure

    On that I totally agree because that snake RVP was injured for years and only had one and a half good season with us out of eight years and just when we needed him he sodded of and jumped in the arms of Alex Fregison when he scored against us, he was disliked and always injured at Fenerbahce

  11. John Ibrahim says:

    where are the fans that were calling the club to pay Sanchez whatever he wants….500k a week

  12. Ox says:

    Thank god he’s gone he left the team hotel at 11 now lets get someone in who wants to play for this club

  13. Ackshay says:

    That alexis was removed from team training before bournemouth match was due to the fact that he was still negociating with man u. Now according to sky sports only agent fee(Bloody leeches need to be eradicated) remain to be decided. Maybe he wants to go on a good ending by helping us win with a typical best alexis performance.
    I hope the fan dont boo him during the match, stay classy if he gives everything he’s got else destroy him. I will choose to remember him as the man gave more than any of his teammates, who forced those lazy arsenal players to press harder, work harder and who unwittingly help us weed out the non-hardworking players like iwobi from the hardworking one. He even manage to inspire walcott to track back.
    P.s once he puts on this shit man u shirt i will hate him with all my heart.

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