Wenger – A draw at Man United will be a GREAT result

Arsenal have maybe dropped our chances of finishing second after Monday’s defeat to Swansea, but now Wenger is eager for the Gunners to make a TOP THREE Place certain – by either getting a draw or a win at Old Trafford on Sunday. Not only will it give us the certainty of not having to play in the Champions League Qualifying Round, but it will also give us extra confidence for the Big Games coming next season.

“First of all we can mathematically put a distance between Man United and us in the top four and basically secure the top three,” Le Prof said on Arsenal.com. “Also, we can make a symbolic statement because we won over there in the FA Cup. To reproduce that would be psychologically important.

“To do it again would convince us more that we have the strength and can be even stronger next season and show that we have made progress. In the recent years it was a difficult ground for us and that is what we want to show: that we have made progress.

“I like to go there and play well because it’s a great stadium,” Wenger continued. “We have good, fantastic and very bad memories but that’s part of life in football. What we want is to show that we are a solid team.

“Since January we have produced consistent performances and we have also been very strong away from home. We have an opportunity to show that we have made progress. Any result will be a positive result. A draw or a win would be great for us.”

Arsenal may have slipped up against both Chelsea (draw) and Swansea (defeat) but both those games were at the Emirates. Since losing to Tottenham at White Hart Lane in early February, the Gunners have won SEVEN away fixtures in a row, including the FA Cup victory at Old Trafford. Let’s keep at least one record going until the end of the season!

Onwards and Upwards!

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    1. What a TaLk so useless as well as Negative by wenger!…….. I WANT A WIN…… Do u hear me?…..A WIN!

      1. U can’t imagine what will happen to me if we lose!!! I’ve gone through so much in the hands of MUFCkers.

    1. Im glad he realises. When che do it people say master tactician. A draw is a good result away to utd and if the game goes the way Wenger wants it to well then job done.

  1. Win, Lose, or Draw, it doesn’t matter, because we are in the top 4, which means Champions League Money!

    1. Look, Ivan GobbleDick or whatever they call you, you’ll have to make sure we get the so called “top, top, top” players next season and equally secure the EPL trophy.

  2. Wenger tells us nothing
    in his interviews.
    “If we score more goals
    than them we will win”
    “If we are 9 points in front of Man U
    with one game to go they can’t catch us”.

  3. i Love ArsenaL so damn much…….but we could be so annoying sometimes……. I mean, how did we throw away our 2nd pLace to the wind…..we have no shame……fighting over 4th pLace…. Dammit *vexed*

    1. 4th place is like that ugly chick that Wenger has fallen for. He knows he shouldn’t go there but he can’t help himself.

    2. Likely to be another twist to go in PL – City have to be the most Jeckyl and Hyde team in the PL. Whilst everyone expects them to get 2 wins equally no-one would be surprised with them getting a win and a draw or a couple of draws. Swansea(a) and Soton(h) more difficult than Sunderland and WBA both home. A draw at Utd still gives us a chance of 2nd.

    1. Yes L’oaf, loafing
      around in his loafers.
      Sell me the loaf the
      whole loaf and nothing but the loaf.
      So help me Dennis.
      But remember loaf wasn’t built in a day
      No it was baked at 180c for 1 hour.

  4. As good as FA cup victory felt even biggest arsenal fan would know deep inside that it was Manchester united who defeated Manchester united rather than arsenal beating united. MU will go for the win and we should be ready for that otherwise we are going to be facing tough time.

  5. Wayne u dweeb u really are one of those most annoying arsenal fans. When arsenal lose to a big or small team u complain. Then when arsenal beat a big team it was not down to good play from arsenal but because the other team made a mistake that arsenal won. I say it was good play because yes Valencia did miss place the pass. But here comes the good play welbeck had to be in the right place to collect the ball. Then he had to carry the ball towards goal and score without f#@k@#g it up. So over all it was a good piece of play from the mighty gooners. More of the same 2morro and I will be happy.

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