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Wenger accuses Monaco boss of lying!

The Monaco boss Leonardo Jardim accused Arsene Wenger of disrespecting him after Arsenal’s defeat at the Emirates. He said that Wenger refused to shake his hands after the match which put Monaco 3-1 ahead. Straight after Arsenal had won the return leg 2-0, Jardim refused to shake Wenger’s hand and said: “In the first leg, when I wanted to shake his hand, he did not thank me, so this time even though Arsenal did everything possible to go through, I chose not to thank him,”

This has obviously annoyed Wenger, who has now hit back. ““The images show that I waited for the Monaco coach to congratulate him after the match,” he told l’Equipe.

“He celebrated the win with his staff, which I fully understood. I then congratulated him after the press conference.

“So I am surprised and disappointed to hear such lies. That said, I wish all the best and good luck to Monaco for what is to come.”

This not the first time the media have made a big story about a (non)post-match handshake, and it won’t be the last, but to be honest does anyone really care? Is it such a big thing everywhere else in the world?

16 thoughts on “Wenger accuses Monaco boss of lying!

  1. cheeterspotter

    Forget about saying hello or goodbye. to the Monaco manager. while we’re poncing about making appointments with the agent of the siciliana forward Chelsea are slipping in before us again to beat us to his signature. GET YOUR FINGER OUT ARSENAL AND FORGET THE NICETIES. Go and get your man NOW!

    1. KickAssFan

      Grown men acting like ladies. Personally, I don’t do handshakes… Who knows where those hands have been!!!

  2. fred cowardly

    If Wenger congratulated him after the press conference and waited for a reasonable time to congratulate him after match then the Monaco boss was disrespectful for lying and not shaking his hand, but probably just misunderstandingm

    1. fred cowardly

      I meant when the Monaco manager didn’t shake Wenger’s hand in second match.

      Anyway, I couldnt care less

      Wenger is nothing like Mourinho who is the King of disrespectful

  3. Twig

    This would be pretty stressful, but I’ll have no complaints 😉

    Arsenal 1 Liverpool 0 (Cazorla, pen, 89′) Highlights: Coutinho hits the post via a free kick in 92′
    Burnley 0 Arsenal 1 (Cazorla, pen, 87′)
    Arsenal 1 Chelsea 0 (Cazorla, pen, 95′) Highlights: Arsenal playing with 10 men since 55′
    Hull 0 Arsenal 1 (Cazorla, pen, 83′)
    Arsenal 1 Swansea 0 (Cazorla, pen, 79′)
    United 0 Arsenal 1 (Cazorla, pen, 88′) Highlights: Rooney and Di Maria miss penalties in 90′ and 93′
    Arsenal 1 Sunderland 0 (Cazorla, pen, 80′)
    Arsenal 1 West Brom 0 (Cazorla, pen, 85′) Highlights: Arsenal have 3 goals incorrectly ruled offside

    Arsenal: 84 pts

    1. jonestown1

      LOL – I’d give the pens to Ollie to see if he can get the Golden Boot and boost his confidence for next season.

  4. Invincibles49

    Why are making such a big deal out of this? Gawd! Keep the standards high people. If Mourinho was our coach, this page would have been publishing an article every hour!

  5. Invincibles49

    On a lighter note!

    “I have been training really well and done everything you’ve asked me, so am I happy with my situation? No, not at all,’ said Bendtner.
    ‘I’ve played a match and scored a goal, of course excellent, but the lack of playing time must change.”


  6. CraigZWE

    Liar liar pants on fire.

    Wenger is the biggest liar, lying to us fans season in season out.

    Surprisingly his nose ain’t as long as a branch.

    Wenger out, word

      1. ArseOverTit

        I’m concerned by his touching the ball boots.

        Apparently it’s been discovered that his new boot supplier has been providing him with boots that have thousands of tiny but very powerful springs that cover their entire surface so although it may appear he can’t control a ball and has a hefty touch that propels the ball to far away from him every time he touches it or tets to score,his touch is top class..

        Lie or truth?

        You decide.

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