Wenger admits Arsenal have flaws – so what needs to change?

Despite spending absolute fortunes in the last transfer window, Arsenal have performed much worse this season than in any previous season under Arsene Wenger. Earlier in this campaign Wenger was bold enough to compare this current squad to the Invincibles, and in fact suggested they could be even better.

That has proved to be completely wrong and Le Prof has now publicly stated that there are ‘flaws and weaknesses’ in the side and has admitted that the Gunners need improving. Personally I reckon Wenger would need to win quite a few jackpots on Insta Casino to even come close to rebuilding the team! Anyway, this is what Le Prof said yesterday on Sky Sports: ‘It’s a strange season because we played 20 games unbeaten, but I cannot sit here and say we have no flaws in our team, because we have,’

‘It (the squad) is a very strong basis, but the team needs to be strengthened, of course.’

I do actually think that the squad is a massive improvement on last season, but of course there is something missing that seems to to affect them when they get too close to the top of the League. They lose confidence easily and seem to develop a “losing mentality” every February and start dropping down the table. This has been happening for the last ten years and seems to be getting worse not better, no matter which players he brings in.

It is difficult even to see where he can strengthen. We have two supposedly top keepers, we brought in two great defenders last summer. We have hundreds of midfielders and don’t even count how many forwards we have.

What positions do you think need improving, or is it a simple case of a loss of motivation in the team….

Darren N

Updated: March 31, 2017 — 3:44 pm


  1. Now Wenger is making the jokes too easy
    Wenger IS a flaw lol

    “Massive improvement of last sa

    1. Season”???

  2. It is a very strong basis, the team needs to be strengthened of course. Out of those two sentences it is the strong basis that worries me. Coming from Wenger this likely means he won’t be having that clear out like what was reported. Strengthened of course could mean anything, he’d easily twist that if the need arises.

  3. In my opinion, the biggest flaw Arsene has made in Arsenal, is y not building on the quality of the Invincibles. Too many players left after the invincible season…and most of the players have not been replaced till date.

    1. Good point Arsenal007

      Like Viera was never replaced
      He was so important for us and Wenger fails to see that.

      Also we had an amazing defense back then
      We can fix it with a Top Left Back and Defensive Midfielder and another quality cb but i doubt Wenger will do it.

      Its like Wenger forgot what made the invincibles, invincible

  4. I think the team is great on paper. What’s missing most is some big characters-

    And I think that’s by design. Wenger doesn’t like controversial bold characters.

    I’m not a Mertesacker fan, but truth is he is a proper captain – and we missed that quality (if not his skill) this season. As was Viera Tony Adams etc. of past years

    Add a Draxler or one/two other top quality and some DETERMINATION.

    A football team doesn’t always have to be a happy place of work, it needs to be hungry, ambitious, and determined above all

  5. Mr. Wenger, the only recognizable flaw is…. take a look at the mirror.

  6. Same old Wenger now trying to talk his way through a new contract by promises of new and stronger signings. Well, i have seen too much now not to be fooled anymore. He should step down and let the rebuilding of the Club in someone else’s hand. Someone under pressure yo deliver resulta.

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