Wenger admits Arsenal need a defender…..but can’t find one!

Wenger can’t find a defender! by JN

Arsene Wenger has openly admitted that it is a very big risk for Arsenal to finish the season without another central defender, but says that they are very difficult to find in the January transfer window.

He told the official Arsenal website: “It’s a market that is very restricted, that players who can strengthen the best 10 teams in Europe, you don’t find many and it’s the same for everybody,”

“We are a big attraction, of course we are, but if it was easy we would do it straight away.

“Of course we have made enquiries and then you have a second handicap of who wants to sell their best players, especially a central defender, in the middle of the season.

“They say, ‘OK, come back in June or July and maybe yes’. We can [cope] but we have now lost Debuchy, who could play centre back… Gibbs as well has been out, of course if we have another injury or two we will struggle. It’s risky. It’s too risky.”

Okay we can all accept that it is difficult to buy top top top players in January, but what we CAN’T accept is that you sold Vermaelen and sent Jenkinson off on loan without getting in any replacements LAST SUMMER, when it is supposedly easier to secure your targets. You took a massive gamble, and lost massively.


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  1. Today’s match is very important for Coquelin, whether we buy DM or not, it all depends on his performance. If he plays well, Wenger will only go for CB, that would be on loan.

    1. one thing is certain!…….. After the big TEST today, this site would be swarmed with self confessed wengerites praising wenger or hiding under rocks……….. Wishing Arsenal players the best on the pitch 2day (pLs beat citeh)….. well! if they fail to perform, it certainly won’t be something New

      1. Not quite.

        After today’s big test, which all Gooners hope we will come through successfully….this site will be filled with Gooners celebrating a great victory/result or AOB’s celebrating another opportunity to slag Arsenal and Wenger irrespective of the performance. I admit, that being the case there will be fewer true Arsenal fans because most can’t stand to lose then have to suffer the vitriolic crap that will be spewed by the haters and the abuse they get for merely standing up for the team. So you’re right, but as ever sooooo wrong.

  2. Wenger loves to talk, and not act. Since he said we are a big attraction then I can’t believe to say that we can’t find one. May be he doesn’t want pay the money but eventually he have do it!

    1. Wenger also said he did not know who Santi was – the day before he signed Cazorla.

      You really think that negotiations are not going on right now?
      Some agent is demanding Arsenal pay for his mistress’ condo in London and Wenger just told him to feck off.

      Portugal , Spain and Eastern Europe are filled with clubs with dodgy owners and cash flow problems.

    2. Listen perhaps to Van Gaal instead, he is struggling – he has money to burn, is as desperate for a CB as us and has done jack about it. He said straight up it was a big problem to a) find the right players in Jan and b) persuade clubs to sell in Jan.

  3. Now, Schalke bought Nastasic, we should go for Howedes. He an play CB/LB/RB. You will not get such a versatile player. He isn’t as famous as Hummels or any other German player, but remember he played every minute(think so) in WC. Can’t deny his talent.

    1. I watched a good one last night playing for Celtic, Van Dijk. He’s got everything, commanding in the air,lightening quick, reads the game, strong,and a great organiser and leader. I’m sure if Wenger put the money on the table, for 10 mil he would be a snip, and only23.It won’t happen anyone agree?

      1. Celtic says they will sell in June NOT January. Celtic is playing to win the Europa League.
        They are 2nd in Scotland.
        Give up their best defender?

        1. @arsenelsYour-Daddy….yeah true enough and I’d agree if you were talking about schniederlin as Southampton have the balls to stop him going till the summer….but Celtic? C’mon they may be second in Scotland but what’s the scots league and who’s the competition. I’m not sure Van Dijk is the best out there, but he would be a great squad addition and currently at a club that I’m sure could be persuaded with a half decent bid.

    2. Still in the CL, so he would be overpriced if we were to get him. We should buy Reid now and get Howedes in the summer

  4. One surprising thing: Conquelin’s stats are much better than Matic’s including, duals, interception, tackles, aerial dual, blocks. I was so surprise to see it but stats never lie!

    1. Half a dozen games vs 20+ games is not an indicator. One bad game for Coq and all his stats will tank. It’s up to him to produce them over an entire season.

      1. @Champagne, its still impressive you know. At 6/20 its much better, may be if its 20/20 Matic’s will be a bit higher, which is still good for Le coq, as we only see him as stop gap choice.

    2. All stats can lie but defensive stats do generally lie and are particularly dodgy – defenders/DMs in teams that do more defending do more of everything in the defence stat count. Matic cannot tackle or intercept or win an ariel dual when his team has 70% possession and is on the front foot cruising to say a 5-0 win. This is why the stats show that Winston Reid is apparently a better defender than Cahill, Terry, Kompany or Kos etc.

  5. There are a dozen CB’s available
    some pleading “come and get me”
    Arsene says there is “no one there”
    which means Dortmund won’t sell
    us Hummels for 750 quid.
    Arsene also wants to sign a midfielder
    but wants Ronaldo for 2k.
    Arsene will grudgingly fork out for a CB
    and a midfielder. Why all the drama?

    1. The best players are locked tight until June. So Wenger has to gamble on his ability to pick talent. Is the next Koscielny out there?

  6. I might have stmbled on the reason Wengers lack of success over the last 10 years+.In his early Arsenal successful years didn’t he wear glasses?
    Thats why he can’t see we need certain position players, he should have gone to specsavers.

  7. I don’t care too much what he says publicly, what I hope he is saying behind closed doors to Gazidis et all is “I made a big mistake this summer and we need to pay over the odds for another central defender now.”

  8. Can Wenger not use the loan system?
    I read this two ways as he said firstly teams dont want to sell their BEST players and he’s looking for a high quality signing.

    1. He’s just inept and slow getting going.
    2. He trully is looking for a top class CB that can start, (to move Per to the bench maybe?).
    If it’s 2 I 100% endorse this decision but Wenger will need to act fast and pay a premium something he’ll be loathed to do.

    Howedes sounds a great option. Experienced and can play in several positions.
    This versatility is key with cover potentially needed at RB, LB and CB.

    Go pay whats required Arsene!

    1. I like the loan idea. Doesn’t have to be a superstar. An experienced and solid defender from a mid-level club somewhere for whom a 6-month stint at Arsenal would be the highlight of his career.

      If Inter can source the likes of Podolski and Shaqiri from top clubs then there is no excuse for us not to bring in someone decent.

      At this stage I will even take some 30 year old gritty brit from the npower championship.

  9. Really??
    Arsene …you a**hole.
    Instead of talking such cever shit…you should probably tell us that u are not going to buy anyone this winter.

    “Of course we have made enquiries and then you have a second handicap of who wants to sell their best players??”

    Swansea did not go out and beg ManC to buy their striker middle of the season…who has played almost every game in EPL,
    they did everything they could to stop the transfer from happening. It was the offer that MANC made that was undeniable.
    It hurts to see this club being run like a joke.

    Asene u have turned from legend in the club’s history to a stinky parasite that is eating the body(Arsenal) and destroying it. RIP Arsenal…as long as this punk is at the helm.

  10. Thats Wenger’s problem he’s looking for a player like Howedes, (can play in all positions) that he can buy for 10p! Wenger loves his ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’.
    Van Dijk I also think would be a great buy.

  11. Transfermkt rates Howedes at £14.8m and Van Dijk at £4.4m.
    Obviously both could be inflated due to it being mid season.

    Considering the fee for Vermalen both seem no brainers.

  12. LOL you wonder why fans have a go with statements like that.

    Crack team of scouts we have obviously. Reid is in the same city and we can’t find him! Brilliant. I doubt it’s a case of not finding one, more that he hasn’t found a player for 3mil that can a lot into our first 11.

    8mil and Reid is ours
    10mil van Dijk is ours
    6mil Moreno is ours
    10mil and Schar is ours

    There’s just a few viable options that any supporter can figure out. This tripe gets very old. If Per has a shocker today just watch fans come out with the “if he bought Reid at the start of the window” etc. Does himself zero favours sometimes smh.

    1. Whether or not things go well or poorly for any of the defenders today does not change the fact that the entire football world knew Wenger was short defenders this season.

      If Per plays poorly, Arsenal need a defender. If Per plays well, Arsenal STILL need a defender.

      1. I’m well aware. However, you know fine well fans will argue if we bought Reid Jan 1st we may have won vs City etc….should Per have one of his substandard games he’s been prone to all season.

        And they would be correct.

        Pay the 8mil Jan 1st and we get an extra 5 games out the guy. But we’re more interested in saving 3mil and waiting until the last day; at the same time risking dropping points by not getting what we need in asap. Very cheap behavior from a club with our financial ability.

    2. So, tell me would you pick Reid over Mertesacker?
      Do you think BFG would be on the bench at West Ham?
      Van Dijk is 23 and plays in a 2. rate league = not tested PL quality…
      Donno bout the the last two mentioned, but why buy trash when we already got Monreal + please mention a World class target that can be had in January, if its so obvious.

      1. Id pick Reid all day, Per is a liability. Reid is great in the air, athletic, strong so he is better.

        Why is being prem tested a necessity? Alexis wasnt, yet hes adapted fine…and dont mention its a measure of quality as Ozil is proof of that.

        To say Montreal is trash but defend Per is bizarre. Both are able backup, but I’d argue Monreal is a better defender and has been far better this season. You call for a world class defender, but you don’t need world class players in every position. Reid is quality and would be a no nonsense alternative to Koscielny the baller.

  13. I see good players showing up in EPL clubs all the time, but somehow Wenger is one of the few managers who just can’t seem to find any players. The bigger clubs seem to have a new player every week.

    “There are many good/backup defenders who would kill to be with the gunners, but Wenger just has the worst luck finding them,” he said as his words dripped with sarcasm.

  14. Nonsense. Do you really have suck a low opinion of Arsenal supporters?

    If Arsenal win, I will be glad and appreciate the player performances.

    Regardless, whether Arsenal do well today or not, it will not change Wenger’s many recent failings. Nor will it change the many good things he has done for the club.

    My opinion of him, like most fans, will not be altered by any single win or loss. That is ridiculous. The worst team in the league has some wins. And the best teams sometimes have losses.

  15. I think Arsenal have been very lucky with Coqerin – he has been playing excellent, and much better than I expected to be honest-

    In many ways it does backup what us the fans have been saying for years – and a good DM really does raise the whole team. Of course I think we need one more- But honestly the CD is the obvious must fix position-

    With the option of Chambers, or Flamini to fill in emergencies, I fear, but expect we’ll wait until the summer to recruit –

    I don’t think we need a 3rd choice CD, I think we need a 1st choice CD to replace Mertesacker!

    1. I agree on signing a new long term DM, but I don’t think you find one in January even if you try. No point in buying some trash just to splash the cash. I say world class or not.

  16. The team has been so more dynamic with Rosicky in it- Great to see him back

    Despite he’s age, I think he should be starting most future games, including todays

  17. Being a gunner is quite a cake walk these days. No pressure. I mean look at today. I don’t expect us to win. In fact, I expect us to lose. 🙂

    It’s way easier than a Chelsea vs Man City clash where you can’t pick out a clear winner.
    For us its easy, we will lose and you know what…its ok. It’s ok to have more faith in Southampton winning games or big games than Arsenal.

    That’s being a gunner today. Wishing all in advance a big cheer up. What other result were you expecting? Seriously?

  18. Is this AWs first January Window? If No THEN>

    he knew it was difficult to find players at this time? > if yes THEN

    Why not buy/have suffecient depth to begin with then?

    Because he seems to have lost basic LOGIC.

      1. I have AFC down to win 1-2 with g-Rude then Señor Sanchez to score.

        Won’t be down to wenger Magic though, just the players on the field.

        1. Aahhhh, the oldies are the best ones……….I give you the classic “the team wins = down to the players, the team loses = down to the manager”. I mean, how can you argue with the logic?

          1. With Otger managers Tactics and decisive changes are important. With wenger, for a very long time he has had little impact on the game whatsoever once the whistle is blown and the ball is kicked..

            He does pull slightly strained faces at times which I’m sure helps the team greatly..

  19. First and foremost Wenger must apologise for destroying our defence by some crazy decisions he made last summer. He sold Vermaleen, Sagna, Fabianski and loaned out Jenkinson, leaving our defence thin and exposed. Now he is stranded, giving and giving excuses as usual.

    1. oh come on, Vermealen was on the bench last year, and has played 0 min. for Barcelona, being injured ever since (are you not happy not paying 80.000 a week for nothing? thank wenger then), Sagna was out contract and loyalty, Flapihandski < Ospina and Jenkinson can be recalled a any moment like Coquelin.

      Yes, we need a worldclass CB and should buy one than compete with Mert and Kos. Please tell me who. if it's so easy?

    2. Promoted Bellerin to replace Jenkinson. Not hearing too many moan about that one way or another – flip a coin and decide which you prefer.
      Chambers in to replace a back-up CB who never played, sold for £15M and hasn’t played since. Logically has to be an improvement.

      Debuchy straight like for like for Sagna. Also not hearing too many moan about that one way or another, AOBs will tell you unequivocally that Sagna is way better, most neutrals will not find much difference between the two – again flip a coin and decide which you prefer.

      “Destroying our defence” is a bit diva and OTT. The s%%t has hit the fan because of injury crisis – Debuchy being crocked for the season wasn’t part of any one’s grand plan. Anyway the debate has moved on to axing Merts and getting a WC CB in January.

  20. There are lots of players available but not at the price we would pay, I predict a last minute panic buy maybe Reid, and then a huge struggle to finish in the CL places, and we will be linked with all the top players again in the summer, where as Chels/ City/Utd will just go and buy them.
    I predict Bale will be at Utd and they will sign quality defenders
    My suggestion is for the wenger/ Kronkie out fans to protest by not taking up your seat in the next home game until 10 mins into the game, this would creat a lot of bad press

  21. A rotten point really, in the end of the article:
    we CAN’T accept is that you sold Vermaelen and sent Jenkinson off on loan without getting in any replacements LAST SUMMER

    1. Vermaelen has not played a single minute for Barcelona, having been plagued with injuries since his transfer – thus would have made no dif.
    2. Jenkinson is loaned out! That means if we need him we can recall him, only he doesn’t help us out centrally.
    3. up till Debuchys injury the team had 5 players for 2 CB pos.: Kos, mert, Debuchy, Chamber and Monreal, 3 for RB: Debuchy, Chambers and Bellerin, 3 for lb: Gibbs, Monreal and Coquelin – ists easy to scream that Wenger’s incompetent, whereas in fact we’re are one CB better than Mert away from having a really strong team.

    1. Jenkinson cannot be recalled -sky sports reported this
      Monreal/lecoq debuchy are NOT CB , by your way of thinking we have 25 CBs as they all can play there

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