Wenger admits fault and gets tough ban – But Arsenal won’t appeal

It was a rare show of emotion from Arsene Wenger towards the end of the Arsenal v Burnley game last weekend, but Le Prof admitted that he may be at fault but claimed that he was unaware that he was not allowed to remain in the tunnel after his sending off.

It seems that the FA took a more serious view of the incident and have hit the boss with a harsh fine and a 4 match touchline ban. This is how it was reported on Arsenal.com: Arsène Wenger has been given a four-match touchline ban with immediate effect after he was charged for misconduct following our game against Burnley on Sunday, January 22.

It was alleged that in or around the 92nd minute, he used abusive and/or insulting words towards the fourth official. It was further alleged that following his dismissal from the technical area, his behaviour in remaining in the tunnel area and making physical contact with the fourth official amounted to improper conduct.

The Arsenal manager, who was also fined £25,000, admitted the charge and requested a personal hearing which took place before an Independent Regulatory Commission today.

The club has decided it will not be appealing the decision.

Okay well we knew he would get punished, but at least he wasn’t given the total ban that was called for by some ex-referees, and although he won’t be in the dugout for the Chelsea game at least he can be in contact with Steve Bould and will be able to talk to the players at half-time. I think he came out of it quite well really.

How about you?



  1. Arsenal_Girl says:

    No complaints
    Wenger was in the wrong and he admitted it
    Lets focus on Southampton now

    1. muda says:

      Beside, he is 80% of the time seated anyway, so it makes not too much difference.
      Hope it won’t affect the players mental strength negatively.

  2. ThirdManJW says:

    I did chuckle at the line “although he won’t be in the dugout for the Chelsea game, at least he can be in contact with Steve Bould”. Wenger sits right next to Bould week after, after week, and barely talks to him anyway! I will definitely miss Wenger struggling with his zip though.

  3. Godswill says:

    Just hope the ban will not have psychological effect on some players.
    Let them trust Bould.

    1. Carbon-12 says:

      It will surely have, but I hope it will be positive.

      1. Break-on-through says:

        I’d love to see Bould really step up to it. If he intends on being a runner for his (AW’s) job or any top job he should show us how he’d deal with players who aren’t sticking to the plan as well as we’d hope them to.

        Also, I’d love to see him try and marshal that back four from touchline, so far it looks like Adams would have been the better choice if he’d taken it. Vieira while I’m at it, would have been good for Xhaka right now. Henry could work with Ozil Iwobi Oxlade which would again be great if he’d taken it..

  4. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    I think Le Prof got a fair banning order from the FA than the kind of severed one some ex top Pgmol officials were calling on the FA to hand down to him. Since he can from the stands communicate with Steve Bould in the dogout using electronic aids to instruct him of what he should do during the game, and also talk to the team at halftime, I think the effect of this banning order is minimise to the nearest minimum.

    What I think the Gunners should do now is for them to take these four games touchline ban of Le Prof as a challenge upon themselves by winning all the four games to shame all Arsenal enemies..

  5. Break-on-through says:

    There’s physical contact and then there’s some real physical contact. I really hate storm in a tea-cup kind of people, they really bother me. Pushed the ref? he got the refs attention the same way many people get there attention brought to something, it’s ridiculous, it reminds me of a kid saying don’t even step one foot over that line and then the other kid dips his toe over before all hell gets let loose. Calling the ref a cheat, if that’s what he said, well that just doesn’t help anyone in the red and white. 4 games, Pardrew got two games for really pushing the ref, this is Mourinho and Poll’s fault. A little ironic that Wenger cuts Xhaka open with his passing jibes then seeked him out to tell him to learn from this, at the same time himself gets a four game ban. I’d love to know how that chat went.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      tackling jibes.

  6. Onochie says:

    When Steve bould was appointed newly,he usually gets up to his feet and talk to the players,rearranging the positioning of the DM and the CBs,after a while he just joined the spectator group and started being rooted to his seat. Let’s see his performance and tactical onus against Southampton.

  7. David says:

    bould must Bold him Self and show Wenger what he should do . he must have been craving for this chance. i expect him to stay Up and motive the players.

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