Wenger admits he is impressed with Raheem Sterling

Arsenal have been linked with a summer move for Liverpool’s contract rebel Raheem Sterling for some time, and Wenger did not stop the rumours when he did NOT deny there would be a bid for the England international in the run up to the Liverpool match. Wenger said: “I do not want to speak about any move. We are not in a transfer period, we are in front of a big game.

“I respect Liverpool and I do not want to go into any supposed move for any of their players.”

Now Le Prof has admitted that he thinks Sterling has had an excellent season. He was asked by the Mirror about who he would choose for Player-of-the-Season this year, and he replied: “Hazard…. Sterling…. Maybe I forget some. Maybe Hazard.”

Chelsea’s Eden Hazard is the hot favourite to win the accolade, but our very own Alexis Sanchez could have a storming end of season to add to his brilliant beginning, and according to the Burnley boss Sean Dyche he is the standout player so far. Dyche said: “The boys tell me it’s Hazard, but in terms of the best we’ve faced this season Alexis Sanchez was different class when we played at Arsenal.

“For him to perform as well as he has done, after Arsenal paid a lot of money for him, in a League where others have found it more difficult to settle, speaks volumes.”

If only Alexis had kept up the blistering pace of his early season form, when he singlehandedly kept the Gunners in the title chase. It has been a long long time since Arsenal had a PFA Player-of-the-Year.

As for Sterling, Wenger’s choices do show that he has definitely been very impressed with the Liverpool winger, so maybe those rumours of a bid this summer could yet be true…..

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  1. Really enough about this over hyped, over priced, greedy kid who thinks he is bigger than any club and can literally black mail them to fulfill he own selfish needs.

    We don’t need anyone like that, please Wenger keep away. Surely no club would pay the ridiculous salary this chump is wanting.

    Reus would cost less and he is far better, Theo has a better conversion rate, I rate Ox higher.

    1. He is overhyped but that doesn’t take away from this kids ability and potential. But having said that I agree with you I don’t want him at arsenal reus is my #1 choice then I hope wenger is keeping tabs of my boy Felipe Anderson!

    2. a perfect description of walcott…there are so many better options…the whippet another player who couldnt take us beyond forth place greatness…that said starlng for 50m is silly…and again there are definitely better players out there in terms of attacking options…might get 20m for walcott (though realistically under 18m)…so sell and take a punt on dyabla or go for drexler or make a bid for reus …all make us a better team

    3. He’s English, there’s going to be hype. But greedy? Over priced? You’re just lapping up the newspaper reports, how about you do some original thinking.

      He’s got a crazy high ceiling and a first team player now having just turned 20. Liverpool have made the CL like once the last 6 years and were awful. So why should he be obligated to stay there if he wants to go somewhere better?

      Most have taken a look at him rejecting 100k and said he’s greedy. I wouldn’t sign for 200k at Liverpool if I could move to Arsenal, Chelsea, City at tthe end of the year. I’d have him over Theo and Ox on the right wing, he’d be lethal in our lineup.

  2. I would rather promote Gnabry or use Silva should Theo go.

    Save 50 mil plus 100k per week.

    Sterling has potential, but he ain’t no game changer yet, he may not even live upto this early promise.

    1. Gnabry is already promoted He’s a first team player. just been injured there was even talk of an outside chance of him making the Germany squad for the World Cup before he got injured.

    2. How many separate comments on the same article do you need?

      To suggest you’d rather have Gnabry or Silva over Sterling is down right stupid. Sterling IS already a proven match winner for Liverpool, whereas Gnabry and Silva don’t have a dozen Arsenal starts between them. There’s not even a comparison to be made.

  3. He won’t displace any of the following :

    He would be a bench player TBH.

    Maybe I’m just bias, what you guy’s think?

    1. Add in like £8m to that £50m and we could get reus AND schneiderlin for that kind of money!

  4. He’s a very good player Had a strong season still very young and if he’s stays focused could become a top player but there’s a long way to go. Needs to keep working hard. He seems to have the wrong people around him advising him made some stupid decisions lately. He’s also been pictured doing things but I can guarantee quite a lot players do things they shouldn’t behind closed doors they just don’t get caught, young and just doing things millions of people do every weekend. Flashiness trying to look cool is his biggest problem. See what he does before I brand him as greedy but he seems like a bit of a dick 16 kids at the age of 12, and sterling living in London could be a bad decision. Just paper talk I don’t think he’s what we need And I don’t see it happening.

  5. In an ideal world.
    Diaby Sanogo Wilshere
    Walcott Chamberlain Gnabry
    Podolski Ryo Campbell Arteta
    Flamini Rosicky all return to full fitness
    and play to their full potential all season.
    Arsenal win the EPL +ECL scoring 200 goals.
    But what if this does not happen and many
    remain injury prone and under perform?
    When is the right time to make the call on these players?

    1. Natural progression of a squad the right time to make a decision on every player will come stop stressing. Your daily squad comments are exhausting what’s the point players can only move when there’s a window or when contracts come to an end also in the window. Just chill you’ve got serious squad OCD. Chill

      I don’t get what your talking about make a call? I say 3 of those will definitely be gone this summer Posolski, Ryo and then I’d say flamini.
      The rest should stay and there would still be room for the transfers you crave so badly.

  6. Sterling is by no means over rated. Although he is not a 50million player he will suit Arsenal’s current system better than Walcott. Honestly the only reason I want us to keep Walcott is so that he doesn’t go to Liverpool. I think if Theo goes to Liverpool and as a striker he may become very good which will not be good for Arsenal. I would choose Theo over Sterling for a forward, but for a winger, Sterling is better than Theo. Sterling is a far better dribbler, a better defender, and a better passer. Walcott is faster, moves better, and finishes better than Sterling. So like I stated earlier, if you want a striker, then Walcott is your choice, but if you want a winger, then Sterling over Walcott.
    Also for their age and injury records most coaches will choose Sterling over Walcott.
    I don’t think Walcott is holding out for more money. I think he wants to play as a forward-something he has stated for many, many years now. At the moment there is no way he plays as a striker ahead of Giroud. I would be very surprised if he stayed with us beyond his current contract unless he is assured he will be played as a striker. It will be good for Theo to go to Liverpool, but as an Arsenal fan I don’t want to see him shine for another club. But if he should leave then get Reus or Draxler-guys who can play any where in the front four. Sterling will not be bad either.
    The real question is should Walcott sacrifice for Arsenal and continue playing as a winger, or should he leave Arsenal to pursue his dream of playing as a striker?

  7. I’m not against him coming but not for that price.

    If we had got Suarez for £50 mil + £1 that would have been different lol

    I’d prefer Reus or Draxler. They would be cheaper.

    Anyway, Walcott can still sign an agreement so lets not be looking for a winger yet. I want Theo to STAY

  8. Hmm, this Raheem Sterling story has become a saga that is hanging on a big money dealings and a off the field indiscipline behaviour by him smoking shisha pipe and inhaling nitrox oxide, for which he was pictured to have done it and he hasn’t deny doing those abhorred things. I will be baffled if the boss went ahead to bring such a potentially indiscipline lad to Arsenal. Save if those anti social stories about him are untrue, I am of the thinking the boss will not bring Raheem to the Emirates Stadium.

  9. We need to sign Bayern munchen team doctor i think he quit. Replacing him and our doctors will definitely be our most important signing. Doesn’t matter who we sign if they aren’t playing because of injury

    1. We signed the former German team doctor at the beginning of the season. Maybe that’s why there are quicker recoveries now. And that Bayern doc resigned because of a spat with Pep over too many injuries.

  10. I see lot of coments about how we can sign Reus ‘cuz he’s a world class player.Yes,he is a great player BUT did you see how mutch this season was he injuried?The period when Dortmund win some games and comme forward in the table was the period when Reus was available,rest of the season he was injuried.This is one thing,the other think is that Klopp say he will leave Dortmund in the end of the season and looking for a new chalange.I’m pretty sure that he will leave to a big team and will take Reus after him.Sterling is exactly the same type of player as Sanchez,just doesn’t have the same experience,he’s not fully developed.I think he can be a first XI player for us and I think will be great alongside Sanchez,replacing Cazorla when he will leave.Sterling is an English player,will be great to see him at nationat team too,and we need as mutch as rest of the big teams from EPL home grown players.The coments who say that we have Gnabry and Wellington make me laugh,really?Do you want trophies?Or do you want to see more young players and waiting year after year to confirm or just see how they doesn’t play anything?We are a top team,and need performance in UCL too,not just participaiting.Sterling is a young CONFIRMED player who will definetly help us.Agree that he’s not fully grown but he will be a great player.

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