Wenger admits he made a mistake and knows Arsenal now have a fight for Top Four

Arsene Wenger saw his Arsenal team get over-run by Liverpool this evening, but it was obvious to all Gooners that he had taken a massive risk by leaving our best player (and the League’s top scorer) on the bench in the hope of disrupting Jurgen Klopp’s plans.

This was a spectacular failure as Arsenal were already 2-0 down before Sanchez was finally sent on to replace Francis Coquelin, and despite his best efforts it was too much of a deficit to come back from. At least Wenger was man enough to admit that it was a mistake. Wenger told BT Sport: “Yes (it did backfire), but I felt that in the first half that the strikers suffered because we didn’t dominate in the midfield and in the second half you could see that it was easier because Danny Welbeck and Olivier Giroud were much better. So it’s always debatable.

“It took us a while to get into the game. We were not completely at the races in the first half and we conceded cheap goals and direct goals from their goalkeeper.

“We had opportunities to come back in the second half and responded well but it’s true, we didn’t perform to our level (in the first half).”

It sounds like Wenger has finally given up on winning the title but despite being leapfrogged by Liverpool today, he hasn’t given up on still finishing in the Top Four yet. “It is a possibility that we can still make it, so let’s focus on that.”

To be honest, the Top Four is our focus every year so I don’t really see what has changed this season. The only difference is it looks like Wenger may really struggle to actually make his goal this time around!

Darren N


  1. V.uren says:

    Lads … it’s a shame that this is how it’s going to end for arsene.

    But this is it , he’s gone , there’s no way back from here !

    Although it might not be good at present , and we are all looking forward to a new approach next year… let’s remember how much this man has achieved and how well of a position he will be leaving the club for the next manager to take on.

    Even if we don’t get top 4 , which in reality is nothing more than entry to a competition we realistically can’t win, Give him the send off he deserves.

    It hurts me going into games like tonight knowing that we need a massive performance / slip up to even get a point … but even I would hate to see wenger end up being boo’d out of town.

    I’d much prefer a dignified parting than a cringeworthy assault on our most successful manager.

    1. Durand says:

      I think he should finish the season and then decisions made.
      (1) if Arsenal finish outside top 4 I’m sure Sanchez and Ozil are gone, and so should Wenger.
      (2) if Arsenal finish in top 4 debate to be had about whether to stay the course or change managers.

      I honestly say let the season’s end determine his fate.

      As for Kroenke and his henchmen, way bigger problem.

      Kroenke is the MAIN problem, different owners would be tougher; Chelsea, man utd, man city, demand success or else. For f#*ks sake even Leicester city is cutthroat.

  2. He made a mistake when he extended his Contract 2 seasons ago and now we all have to live with it, hope he doesn’t make another and resign by the end of this season…..his replacement must be looked immediately….

  3. Raoh says:

    A mistake we all saw…what a relief it must have been for those liverpool players when they saw that Sanchez wasn’t on the field…just look at the change when he came on! Even club said it:”the 1st 5 was like 50″.
    Why is Iwobi still playing he is still an inexperience learning and shouldn’t be exposed to that. Coquelin isn’t he supposed to shield the back 4? He looks worse and worse everytime he plays against top teams. Most of his passes are backward and sideways, can’t dribble his way out of a couple players when needed to take some pressure off and now he seems to be easily disposed of the ball.
    Wenger got it all wrong again. Liverpool got beaten by pace against Leicester, you had the blueprint and yet you do the contrary. Who leaves there best player on the bench for such a game when one is already out with the flu or whatever? We are regressing in every aspect of the game. The keeper, the defence, the tactics…
    Wenger I am sorry you have to go and take some of the board members with you. We need more football minded individual at that level. Individuals that will look out and ensure that Arsenal is about success and not just about making money & being a cash cow. Please Allegri, Sampaoli or whoever come save us from this free fall.
    The board needs to come out and clarify things as well as apologize for the way the season has gone vowing to do everything in there power this summer to put things back on the right path…Seems like one protest won’t be enough at this point…

    1. Raoh says:

      *even Klopp

    2. verstellung says:

      Too many average players with above average technical skills.

      You can juggle and one touch pass all you like, but if you can’t integrate it with busting your hump and working as a team unit, what’s the point?

  4. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Yeah but these are rookie mistakes
    Wenger has too much belief, loyalty to average players. In fact I’m shocked he didn’t start Ramsey lol

    Ramsey, Iwobi have been over used this season and Lucas has been underused

    And not starting Alexis? This isn’t a League Cup match. Does Wenger think that we will overturn 5-1 to Bayern? Well we do have an away goal lol

    Wenger is turning from Arsenal Legend to Arsenal embarrassment

  5. WhenFansGoCrazy says:

    Omg so frustrating! What can we do to have our voices heard? This old fogy is ruining this club and he’s so thick-skinned to continue, stay on and even considering signing a new contract at the end of this season. Does he have any shame at all? What makes him think that being in the top 4 is an achievement season after season?!

  6. verstellung says:

    ” but I felt that in the first half that the strikers suffered because we didn’t dominate in the midfield ”

    Bit of an understatement there. Coq was atrocious.

    Our wingers have too much faith in our 2 holding MF players and shirk all responsibilities. Both first half goals are because the wingers just trot along 10 yards behind the breaking/unmarked Liverpool player.
    Pitiful, guys get payed more a week than I make in a year, and they won’t freakin’ track back 8 times a game. Are they out of shape or just F’ing lazy?

  7. khangunners says:

    Reading what the manager said after Liverpool’s game i can tell you the guy no where admitted that he made a mistake at all. “Yes (it did backfire), but I felt that in the first half that the strikers suffered because we didn’t dominate in the midfield and in the second half you could see that it was easier because Danny Welbeck and Olivier Giroud were much better. So it’s always debatable.” Does that sound like someone who has admitted his mistake?
    Just see what he said about sanchez on the bench the guy was not sorry any where

    1. verstellung says:

      Have we dominated the MF any game this season against top sides?
      What made him think we should an giants Pool?

      IMO, we don’t have all the right players for a 4-2-3-1

      Next year, I’d rather try a 3-4-3 or even 3-5-2 with a starting back four of:

      Mustafi – Van Dijk – Koss

      I’m sick of the whole center circle and beyond being owned by the opposition.

      1. khangunners says:

        Infact small teams are dominating us bad. I just recall how we were totally outclassed and outplayed by Bournemouth

  8. marty53 says:

    What I can’t understand is that we had 2 weeks without a game so they should have come out raring to go and full of energy and running. Instead Wenger says we weren’t at the races in the first half, well why not? It’s up to him and the coaching staff to get the team up for it. The team look as if they can’t wait for the season to be over…I know I do !!

  9. Break-on-through says:

    We still have to play utd, city, tott, eve, sou, lei. We could easily lose three more games, a couple more draws. This might be the year we miss out on CL football. This is a bad thing, Alexis leaving in the same season, it could be while before we sign another world class player. It will also mean slightly less money to spend, like 20-30m less.

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