Wenger admits he WILL listen to the Arsenal fans!

This Arsene Wenger debate is becoming all too familiar and there is very little left unspoken about his situation, besides the actual fact as to whether he is leaving or not. The fans are really starting to get riled up and a protest march took place ahead of Arsenal’s second leg against Bayern Munich.

The protest march outside the Emirates had plenty of fans in attendance, as supporters looked to voice their opinions. I don’t think the fan base has ever been so united together in wanting Arsene Wenger gone, but of course the question remains as to whether he will actually leave in the summer. Wenger is fully committed to the Gunners and there won’t be any change until after the final game of the season, so whilst a protest may voice opinions, it isn’t going to force the boss out any sooner.

Some have argued that the protest march was a silly act to do from the fans, as it just emphasises the turmoil that the club is in; but for Arsene Wenger, it seems to be getting the point across. Speaking ahead of the Gunners FA Cup quarter final match against Lincoln City, Wenger said: “It [the fan’s opinion] will not be the most important factor but you consider it, of course. I worked very hard for 20 years to make our fans happy and when you lose I understand they are not.”

It’s not just that Arsenal fans are unhappy because of a few losses here and there; the season has dramatically fallen once again for yet another consecutive year. The fan base has lost all faith in him and I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the players have too.

Wenger is reported to have told players at Arsenal that this season will be his last with the Gunners, although he denied this during the press conference. Alexis has also reportedly told his colleagues that he has no intention of staying beyond the summer. The club is in an absolute mess at the moment and following bad defeats against Chelsea, Liverpool and Bayern Munich (twice), the pressure on Wenger has never quite been so high.

I do think he’ll step down at the end of the season because he surely recognises he’s lost the support of the fans. Wenger may still be considered the right man by the board, but if he has excess of 60,000 unhappy fans every time Arsenal play at home, then that isn’t a good situation for him to be in. I really think he’s in danger of losing his Arsenal legacy and for a man that’s done so much for the club, this isn’t the end that he deserves.



  1. Disturbance says:

    I’m not sure why people feel sorry for Arsene. He’s ultra rich. He can find whatever hobby he wants. Maybe psg will look at him after what happened at Barca, who knows? He isn’t the man that will take us forward.

    1. Budd says:

      So you believe money is the measure for everything?

      1. Disturbance says:

        It’s not like he’s working at Arsenal for charity is all I’m saying. He gets paid really well to do his job, he doesn’t do it for free. It’s not fair to come and say I make sacrifices, when you are paid nearly 10 million for your job. Sometimes I work more, because I need to finish something and I’m not crying that I’m making sacrifices. I’m paid to do it.

        1. N4NICOLAS says:

          We should be the one to say that cos we spend time n money to get out hearts broken

        2. arsenalfan1 says:

          Money isn’t the measure of everything but it is the measure of greed and delusion, both of which Arsene has in abundance, judgiing by what he does, not what he says.

  2. mark says:

    The longer he clings on to power, the less I think he deserves any kind of legacy that is wholly positive.

    Ironically, by his own action (inaction?) he is ruining his own legacy.

    Nowt so queer as folk.

  3. Wayne Barker says:

    Problem is not just Wenger or the board, it’s us fans also. We have let this mediocrity to creep in. We have accepted this mediocrity and lived in our delusional world. What most are saying today , people like me were saying since past 5 or even 6 seasons . Our opinions were shot down and we were termed arsenal haters.

    I raised my first concern after Manchester united whooped us apart in that champions league semifinal tie. Since then we have been celebrating moral victories , we teased Manchester united for selling ronaldo and buying Owen, we teased Chelsea for not winning champions league before they eventually won. We have celebrated our rivals loss. Look at many past articles even this season, one win we act like we are the best. The whole xhaka is the best buy and kante,pogba are crap was a joke argument, then laughing at Chelsea , Manchester united, pep at every turn .

    We have to take the blame, we now confidently put everything on Wenger , when in fact we have always been like this for past 6 years. What most are seeing was predicted by some minority and level headed arsenal fans. But the problem is most of the arsenal fans are delusional.

    1. arsenalfan1 says:

      I think the article is slightly misleading in that while Arsene said he took note of the fans mood, he made it clear that the FANS OPINION WOULD NOT BE MOST IMPORTANT element in reaching his decision to sign on again for next year.

      In such unguarded moments one can catch a glimpse of the genie of arrogance peeping out from behind Arsene’s carefully cultivated urbane exterior.

  4. Nebsy says:


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