Wenger admits his own BIG problems with Arsenal keepers

Arsenal fans can thank our lucky stars that Arsene Wenger did make the decision to push ahead with the transfer of Petr Cech from Chelsea this summer, as long as the Czech Republic international goes on to prove that he is still one of the very best keepers in the Premier League and the world.

Because the manager has admitted to Arsenal Player what a lot of us were thinking before the deal was done; that he was not really sure if the Gunners really needed another man between the sticks. Wenger has repeatedly shown a lot of faith in Wojciech Szczesny over the years and he must have been over the moon with the way that David Ospina performed when he got his chance.

So Wenger admits to the move for the former Chelsea star being a really tough call to make, although now it is done the boss is clearly happy with his choice and hopes that Cech will bring a lot more than just goalkeeping ability to the table.

Wenger said, “It was a very, very tough decision [to buy Cech] because I have two great goalkeepers. I think Cech can make them better as well.

“He has huge experience and the fact that he has won more big trophies can strengthen the belief of the team. That can help them to develop and that’s what I expect from him.

“You always want to improve the experience level of your squad and I thought he could help us gain something on that front.

“I still think he has a huge hunger. When I saw him with Chelsea last year he was always convincing and I’m happy that we could do it. His kind of knowledge and experience can help us.”

The Prof is not well known for taking much account of what is said about us by TV pundits but I do wonder whether all the talk towards the end of last season about us needing a top class keeper to push for the title, from the likes of Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher influenced him. Or maybe that one mistake by Ospina as we lost to Swansea was the crucial factor.

Whatever it was, we are lucky that Wenger went for Cech and that Chelsea agreed to sell. But just how big a couple of decisions will they prove to be?

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    1. People who wants to sell Ospina I have 1 question.Would u choose homegrown over quality? We have many home grown players and I would rather sell Sczeszny than Ospina.Ospina is a much much better GK than the Pole.

      1. I rather loan ospina n try one more season with scz, if he doesn’t improve, get back ospina.

        Scz was good in 2013-14, v shouldnt forget he shared golden glove with cech. Right now, his isn’t grt compared to ospina. Ospina had Grt WC n copa america. Interesting to see how Wenger handles it. Hope he doesn’t sell ospina.at least he should put buy back clause.

        1. In 2013-14 in which he had golden glove the scorelines were Chelsea 6-0,City 6-3,Pool 5-1.

    2. BOOM – Massive GK problem for Wenger!! You couldn’t make it up – well actually you can, but hey. I hope we have similar problems in other positions before 31 August 2015.

  1. Note AW’s line about Cech being able to make the other keepers on the squad better. That’s code for, ‘if Cech’s example can’t make Szczesny wake up and mature, nothing can.’ Though Szczesny probably won’t play in more than a handful of games for us, this year’s going to be huge for him. He needs to impress AW that he’s finally maturing or else he’s outta here net summer.

  2. Arsenal finally have a solid #1 keeper and 2 choices for #2 and THIS means big GK problems??

    This is the height of pessimism.

  3. Always remember –
    Big matches are won by either the striker or GK.

    1 problem is solved other is pending.

  4. Sell Szczesny and Ospina
    Sign Lloris

    Sell Mertsacker
    Sign Otamendi

    Sell Cazorla and Rosicky
    Sign Isco

    Sell Walcott and Welbeck and Oxlade
    Sign Reus and Greizmann and Cavani

    Sell Wilshere
    Sign Vidal

    Get rid of Flamini and Arteta
    Sign Carvalho


    Debuchy, Koscielny, Otamendi, Monreal
    Carvalho, Vidal
    Alexis, Isco, Reus

    Bench: Cech, Chambers, Gibbs, Coquelin, Ramsey, Greizmann, Ozil, Giroud

    A few changesone this and we may have a chance at PL.


    1. I thought u r Hafiz. Scroll up to look at ur name twice bcoz who else ll talk like this apart from grt Hafiz..!

    2. Acquire all the players you suggest and by next month you will want an entirely new squad filled with players who are the media’s flavor of the month. You will NEVER be satisfied. Ever.

    3. You suggest we sell 5 homegrown players in a summer? You must be high on some cheap drugs.

      Football Club Management is not a game of some sort.

  5. Szczesny to me seems arrogant. He should show how thankful he is to play for Arsenal and for Wenger believing and him. Smoking in a sports club shower? who does that? Ospina seems humble and talks about how much it means to play for Arsenal and he has showed how good keeper he can be.

    Hope Ospina stays but he is to good to be second choice. I think it would be great to have english promising keeper playing for us and learn from Cech. I’m not english but I believe producing the best players for national team shows how successful a club is.

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