Wenger admits his time as Arsenal boss is nearly up

Before Arsenal played host to Chelsea last weekend in a match that none of us want to remember for long, the interim boss of the blues Guus Hiddink suggested that Arsene Wenger and his very long spell as the manager of a top flight club like the Gunners could soon be looked on as a piece of history, because bosses just do not seem to get anything like that sort of time anymore.

It used to be a lot more common but the modern game just does not allow manager’s any leeway, no matter how well they have done for a club in the past. Wenger is not the longest serving manager in English football and even if he does see out his current contract which lasts until the end of next season he will be some way behind the length of time Sir Alex Ferguson spent in charge of Manchester United.

And it appears that he will not be challenging the record of old purple nose either, as the Frenchman declared that he is not intending to extend his stay any longer than is currently planned, when asked in a press conference this week, as reported by Arsenal.com.

Asked if he wanted to extend his stay Wenger replied, “Not at the moment. I am completely focused on doing well and I want to give absolutely everything until the end of the season. Then I want to go through the next season.”

So it seems as though the prof is already thinking about stepping down and even though he says he will do next season as well, I wonder. Remember when Fergie retired and everyone was surprised? Wenger said he was not and thought that the United boss had been thinking about it and that winning the Premier League was the spur for him to call it a day.

Could Wenger be thinking the same way? If Arsenal get the title this year, will that be the end of the Wenger era do you think?

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    1. if wenger puts AFC before himself, he’d snap up the chance that guardiola is presenting by advising arsenal to get guardiola and step aside at the end of this season.

  1. i will be sad when he steps down, hes been our manager for most of my life, hes made this club what it is today…i have questioned him countless times…but to put it in to perspective…ive questioned my dad countless times also..
    20 years of marriage…
    ever thought about cheating (another manager)
    ever thought ive had enough (until 2013 loads lol)

    when you were having a tough time, when you were down , did your missus support you, give you strength? thats what wenger did when we left highbury and had no money to compete with the best an lost our best players
    he never cried an moaned about no money in the papers like jose or brendan
    he did it with class. kept us in the pack.

    to us fans thats..oh he didnt win nothing, hes this hes that…its a thankless task-but he did it for many years…knowing it was with little reward (before u scream 8 million a year- real madrid offered him double that- as did psg and juventus-hes had a decade of turning down the best clubs in history)

    when he steps down , i hope he never leaves, he IS this club.

    1. @muffdiver
      Well said Muff…I agree wholeheartedly with every word you put down. Much respect for this Bru…

      1. Yes managers last 4-5
        years max now.
        City sacked Mancini a year
        after he won the EPL.
        Di Matteo sacked by Chelsea
        6 months after they won the Champions league.
        Van Gaal is gone in the summer if not earlier.
        Davy Moyes did not last a full season at Utd.
        Guadiola has had enough after 3 seasons at Bayern.
        Mourinho lasts about 3 seasons.
        Benitez has done the rounds twice 🙂
        Even if Pellegrini wins the EPL FA Cup
        and League Cup he’s “failed” and is being moved on 🙂
        Rogers took Liverpool to the brink of EPL glory
        but was sacked 18 months later.

    2. Cookie for you McMuffin for that post.

      I hope the next manager of Arsenal is already being scouted as the selection decision should be made with patience. See what’s going on at United. Moyes spent 150 million for 7th place, Legohead has spent 300 millions for Europa League spot.

      And I don’t want the next manager be here for 2-3 years, so bus driver Pep can jog on.

    3. Oh and when Wenger steps down and writes his memoirs, then we will finally learn what he has done for this club in the shadows.

    4. @ muff

      Seriously well said man everything was spot on. These little kids and fans will only know and understand what this man did for us when he’s gone. There’s only one arsene wenger chant couldn’t be more accurate, there are none like him and I highly doubt we’ll see another one in the future. This man made arsenal into a top european club and because of his financial nous we will continue to be for the next 50-100 years

  2. I feel sorry for the next
    Arsenal manager because
    even if he wins 3 premierships
    in six years he will not be given
    12 years to win another one.
    More like 12 months.

  3. It doesn’t matter if you hate Wenger or not, fact is that without him Arsenal would not be the club it i today. Everyone is complaining about trophies and that is understandable but Wenger made the Arsenal football philosophy something that is known worldwide.

  4. I don’t care what U say, what Arsene Wenger has done is in d past now. U can thump me down if U want, but d Club needs to make progress, needs to move on and with modern football management. We can’t continue living in d past. Arsene Wenger has made Arsenal a top European Club, but has also limited Arsenal’ success with his stubbornness and Stinginess. We could have celebrated him d more, but over 10 years without d EPL, CHAMPS LGE trophy and 9yrs trophiless made him less popular. How are U a Hero when U destroy same things U built?
    Respect to Arsene Wenger, yet, Time Up!!!!!!

    1. I think you need to realize it’s not same day you cultivate same day you ought to harvest, more or less their will still be weed further more. Yes time have past we need modern football. This season a lot of changes have been made and there are some proof to identify. The only crack I saw against AW was why did he keep use Flamini when he knows he is out of position to our back four?

  5. he is good.he is a legend..but one day he will leave for sure..I personally would like a change for fresh ideas…but who? pep is good but I don’t want him here . simply because he will come,buy win everything and leave in two seasons..I also would not want thiery henry as our manager..team good players aren’t always good coaches… for me arteta is a better option but lacks experience

  6. Personally I will not shed any tears when he goes, the sooner the better. Yes he did well in his early years and yes he transformed Arsenal but I think he has ran his course and should bow out. Some of his decisions lately are quite bizarre and down right insulting to fans. His refusal to buy quality players over his last few seasons has been a recognition that 4th place was good enough for Arsenal. Lately Ozil and Sanchez have been two class acquisitions but two in the last 8 years is not good enough. Wenger going………..good!

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