Wenger admits that Arsenal are looking to ‘bring in’ players before selling

So the festivities are finally over, and at last the winter transfer window has opened and all Arsenal fans can live in hope that Arsene Wenger will be announcing some new top class arrivals over the next few weeks.

Anyone who looks at the current League table can see that we are in a dogfight to get into the Top Four and they can also see that the Gunners have conceded more goals (26) than anyone else in the top 7 places in the table so it obvious that our ageing back line needs some steel to help us stop conceding sloppy goals from defensive errors. The only other side that comes close is Liverpool (on 24 conceded) and Jurgen Klopp has already addressed that area by paying out an incredible 75m GBP on Virgil van Dijk. We must hope that Wenger has his own plan in place in that department.

We also have some players that have already expressed a desire to leave in January, notably Olivier Giroud and Mathieu Debuchy, and of course we have the never-ending farce of the Alexis Sanchez saga. Wenger was asked yesterday whether he will be doing any business in January and he gave us hope when he replied: “Tomorrow we try to bring in first and after that we will see.”

As for Alexis, Wenger sounded annoyed to be continually asked about this. “I have spoken many times about that and I am not ready to talk about it any more.” he said.

“I have given you my answer many times in a press conference and I don’t see why I should come back on it as we have talked about it 150 times.”

But from his previous reply I am thinking that the boss is seeing if he can get another quality replacement for Sanchez before allowing him to leave, and maybe the same with Giroud. I can’t see him letting both strikers go without an adequate replacement. Can you?


  1. Guneal says:

    “Tomorrow we try to bring in first and after that we will see.”
    This man is so dumb for using that line for the past 13 years.
    Oh these gullible arsenal fans are so dumb for falling for it for the past 13 years!

    1. Arnold Ngereza says:

      The most positive things are behind the scene changes which are 99% to take Arsenal football club forward i mean Sanllehi, Sven and that fitness guy and 1% we need to say all our prayers to every God we worship so Wenger can leave at the end of this season campaign or hang in for another season which is the last one i believe if he doesnt extend again – he can take his backroom staff with him and new Manager preferably Luis Henrique which my feelings are telling.

      1. Muff diver says:

        He’s beaten fergies record
        Just leave already

        We don’t wanna hear your window bs you give us twice a year …your finished

        Don’t care who we buy . Cos whoever u buy will either not be utilised …lacazette
        Played in wrong place…huge list
        Or give up with you…huge list

        Thank u Wetherspoons for breakfast .
        Was xxxxxx

        1. fab says:

          where shud lacazette be playing correctly? keeper?

          1. lcebox says:

            He means by taking him off after 70 mins all the time i think which i agree play your best finisher always to the death.

    2. neil says:

      We dont need any new players if we play simple football… stop making basic errors when defending though doesnt help when players not sure if we are back 3 or back 4

      Also get the strikers shooting properly…. the whole point of asking for £250-300k a week is surely that when you have the goal to shoot at a) you hit the target and with that supposed skill set then dont shoot near the goalkeeper

      Lacazette has had less than 50% of the shots Kane has had… and scored around 50% of the goals Kan has done …so that tells me the other players are not getting the ball to him enough or theyre not shooting enough

  2. Arnold Ngereza says:

    happy new year and good luck with that!
    Last year we were given some hopes even before summer transfer window was open we were going to do some serious changes our team even Wenger and Gazidis seen in Nice,France heading towards tying down Mbappe and Lemar. And the later was even available for 35mln to begin with the more noises kept coming out Arsenal were interested the fee shot to 55mln – in the last day/last hour of transfer window Arsenal made bid of around 90mln and Monaco declined!!
    just get prepare for another 2018/19 season of pain thats my advice.

  3. Fab says:

    Welcome Radja Naingolan

  4. Nayr says:

    i also think luis enrique might be the next arsenal manager.

    hint was sanllehi appointment.

    1. Guneal says:

      Whoever comes in I don’t care. I just want that failure man-god out!

    2. Arnold Ngereza says:

      Will be a perfect fit mate! within 2 years he won something big which our experienced and educated Manager couldnt do in 20 years and still keep preach he is the right person to take this club forward – may be to heal which we are very close!

      1. neil says:

        How do you work out that Wenger has not won anything in 20 years?? !!
        Surely you did simple maths at school where you can work out 3 FA Cup wins in last 4 year is within that 20 year period let alone the rest
        If you are going to be AOB then at least articulate well

        1. Arnold Ngereza says:

          with will respect Sir if 3 FA cups and 4th every year and out in the last 16 of EUFA i am fine with that – my position is to be in Barcelona or Real madrid performance level.
          we dont approach football game in the same way!!

          1. Midkemma says:

            20 years ago. 1998.

            Pretty sure we won the EPL once or twice since then…

            We went downhill after Dein left and AFC hired Gazidis to replace him.

          2. Ivan says:

            Wenger did need Dein to do some of his work for him and has been useless since Dein left. Funny how the work of some goes unnoticed until they leave.

  5. Fab says:

    Luis Enlique was a Barcelona player he had not managed a single senior club before taking Barcelona and he did very well, and Arsenal has players who need to manage the team with all their passion, players like Henry and Patric need the job all night long so why do we consider hiring Enlique?

    1. Guneal says:

      With the mess Wenger has plunged our dear Arsenal into, we need coaches in Enlique caliber who has managed top top club like Barcelona to pull us out not little experienced like Henry and co,

      1. Atid says:

        So get rid of the man who is happy with wengers mediocrity. No point keep going over the same old point, the fact is the owner is happy with his employee. Whilst people keep funding the kroenke gravy train, wenger will stay in employment. Its plain and it’s simple no kroenke would mean no wenger. If kroenke stays and wenger goes then expect another blinkered deluded yes man to take his place.

        1. Ivan says:

          And therein lies the difficulty, how do you get rid of an owner who refuses to sell?
          Until you can solve that problem we can only concentrate on what we nay be able to influence.

        2. Midkemma says:

          I do believe that SS and IG are looking at life without Wenger.

          How long do you think it will take the new DoO to settle at AFC?

          18 months (about)?
          To learn AFC well enough. Can have an influence before but to make AFC his home isn’t going to take 2 months.

          How long does Wenger have left on his contract?

          Wenger is good at spotting gems and turning them for a profit?
          So is Sven Mislinet… or however it is spelt 🙂

          If we want the manager to have less power at AFC then do you hire a manager to fully replace Wenger? Or a manager who will have new restricted role?

          Who is going to do the other roles that Wenger had input in?

          Over the next 18 months I think those roles can be taken on by the DoO and new head scout.

          Meaning in 18 months time we can look for a different type of manager as we would have the infrastructure to move forward.

          Could just be hope but it is the changes I have been wanting to see so I will support them, it doesn’t make the ‘now’ any easier 🙁 but it is hope.

          1. Ivan says:

            The club needs to be set up in a modern fashion not for some despot like the dinosaur. I don’t think the club can stand another 18 months further damage under his poor leadership.
            As for Wenger spotting gems. That is very much a dubious statement. Are you talking about Xhaka, Chamakh, Gervinho, Kallstrom or Arshavin? In fairness he does get some but more misses than his these days.

    2. ab1709 says:

      Enrique managed Barcelona B, Roma (unsuccessfully) and Celta Vigo (successfully) before becoming Barca manager.

      1. GB says:

        Enrique didn’t get on with sanllhi so that’s a non go.

  6. h says:

    Wenger will say Jack is a new signing, plus we may get carzola back Wenger needs to stop bringing loyal to Walcott and welbeck and ramsey not good enough

    1. Midkemma says:

      When was the last time Theo started an EPL game?
      Wenger needs to do what he has already done? XD

      Just wanna point out, Welbroke doesn’t appear to have the Wenger loyalty that Ramsey has, Ramsey will walk back into the team but Welbroke is on the bench.

      Wenger needs to hire a top GK and Def coach, not only for him but for after him, to give AFC the best.

      Wenger needed to have gone to tactic school, I will say it is too late now tho and he should look to bow out at the end of this current contract at the latest.

      Oh and getting Cazorla back would be like a new signing and if he can keep his form then it would be like a top new signing, he is a magician on the pitch. We have sorely missed him this year and we crumpled last year without him as well. Our def have looked more like fools without his intelligence infront of them with his capability to hold the ball and move it forward. Xhaka hasn’t been able to, Ramsey gets ahead of the ball too often and not in place to defend… Cazorla though. Damn I miss that guy 🙁
      I really would celebrate him returning like us signing a new player, I would be surprised if any true supporter didn’t considering how big he was for us even though he is a midget 😛

      1. Welsh_Ramsey says:

        Ramsey is our top assister so far this season and has been playing well. I don’t know where all the Ramsey hate is coming from but this season it’s unjustified. The past seasons I’d agree with you all, but give credit where it’s due

      2. jon fox says:

        I think we would all share your opinion of Cazorlas importance to the team. But face facts, his fitness is shot and he is finished at top level. If he ever plays for us as again, which must be very doubtful now, it will be no more than a bit part since he is aging and his achilles is ruined by all the infection and ops he has had. Plus the long time out already, which at his age is a killer.

  7. gotanidea says:

    The “try” word is what concerns me the most, because Wenger could say that Arsenal cannot find any suitable players after this transfer window is closed and he has been doing it for many times. Let us see whether Wenger will keep his promise on going back to Lemar or not.

    Guardiola said he had a hunch that Sanchez would stay and I could see that from his effort in the Palace game. I don’t think Wenger would let Giroud go in January, but Akpom, Debuchy and Walcott could leave.

    Cannot wait to see what player Arsenal would purchase this time. I hope he would not be another panic buy like Lucas Perez and Mesut Ozil.

  8. waal2waal says:

    as a fan i find there’s often a build up of expectation during january wherein many fans make it known by an outcry the side needs quality reinforcements. the following january weeks are then filled with media hype, approximations and endless guesswork as to who “new” will come in and add value to our unpredictable side – later the answer becomes known of our title ambition and its 2x players one from the far east (eg russia, south korea) who we’ve never heard of who we’re told runs faster than a speeding bullet (when fit) and another player from our past (eboue) or from the lower end of the prem (lou saha, john evans, junjo shelvey). Anything more than this would come as a surprise – sorry my enthusiasm regards winter recruits is understandably at an all time low.

    1. Ivan says:

      For good reason

  9. Fab says:

    If Chelsea can let William and Pedro to join us, there the more than quality replacement for Ozil and Sanchez. Pedro is the most underrated player, I have never seen a player with quick feet when has the ball than, he is so good, he need just playing time

    1. Arnold Ngereza says:

      “Wenger admits that Arsenal are looking to ‘bring in’ players before selling”
      Can you believe this ? last summer Lemar was available for 55mln and he refused to pay!
      last day/last hour of transfer window he made a bid of 90mln which was turned down! i thought he was a very smart person with money

      1. Ivan says:

        The dinosaur is reminding me of my in-laws. Headteachers, he rewired 2 houses and did all the plumbing in one and now due to age you can’t trust them with the remote control let alone money.

        1. jon fox says:

          Well put and a great analogy!

    2. Arnold Ngereza says:

      We should try to get Leon Bailey (Liverkusen) and Malcom Silva (bourdex) very good young and talented players! when they happen to go to Liverpool will be again “i almost sign them” as usual
      both are capable of replacing Sanchez and Ozil.

    3. jon fox says:

      Yeah , gret idea! And Messi, Ronaldo and Hummels too. And then a nice win on the Lottery and our life is complete, eh? Pity then that can only ever be a fantasy for those fans without a shred of reality.

  10. Arnold Ngereza says:

    Will be a perfect fit mate! within 2 years he won something big which our experienced and educated Manager couldnt do in 20 years and still keep preach he is the right person to take this club forward – may be to heal which we are very close!

  11. Arnold Ngereza says:

    “Wenger admits that Arsenal are looking to ‘bring in’ players before selling”
    Can you believe this ? last summer Lemar was available for 55mln and he refused to pay!
    last day/last hour of transfer window he made a bid of 90mln which was turned down! i thought he was a very smart person with money

    1. DANDY GUNNER says:

      God love you.

  12. Kenny Rolfe says:

    Bring in players before selling, Wengers having a laugh surely. Last year it was sell players before buying, wish he’d make he’s mind up, the man’s a complete fraud, get him out.

  13. Gilbert says:

    Mr Wenger has been a manager of cheap players who have been found not productive. Of course the flu is making profit , but should give respect to club supporters and buy :
    1. Strong goal keeper to get experience from Cech who is getting old.
    2. A strong centre-back between Barzagli and Kostas Manolas.
    3. One strong defensive midfielder between Steven N’zonzi and Jean Michel Seri and Doucoure.
    4.Two sharp wingers among: Royad Mahrez, Richarlison, Wilfred Zaha, Julian Draxler and Leon Bailey.
    5. A strong playmaker between Oghuzan Ozyakup, Omar Abdulrahman (Arabian Messi) .
    6. No need for a centre-forward since Lagazette is there for finishing as a specialist in goal scoring as he used to do it so in Lyon; not playing him like miser everywhere.

    1. HA559 says:

      That is asking for too much in summer transfer let alone January. We will most likely see 2 come in and 2 go.

  14. Darryl D'Silva says:

    Given the abject disappointment I have experienced over the past several years in regards Arsenal’s activity during the transfer window, I have now adopted the stance ‘ I’ll believe it when I see it’. Given our position on the table and the increasing likelihood that we won’t make the championship, it is not the question of who we sign, but rather who is willing to sign. Due to the sheer pigheadedness of Arsene & it’s bloody owner, this club has been reduced from a premiership contender to a mid table participant.

  15. ks-gunner says:

    Just imagine, how can one even dare to feel proud about managing a club for this long, and while doing so be eable only to win it just 3 times? 3

    Long time fraud, no life leech who gets high on being a someone at Arsenal and a nobody outside of it.

    1. Kenny Rolfe says:

      I’ll tell you another ks-gunner, if George Graham had twenty goes at the Champions League he’d ‘ave have at least three under he’s belt

  16. AndersS says:

    First of all, there aren’t many players, which other clubs will pay a lot of money for. Sanchez may actually be the player, we can get most for, even though he is in the last 6 months of his contract. That tells a lot in itself.
    It also shows, that not only are we in a terrible state on the pitch, we are also in one just as bad off the pitch, because the required rebuilding of the squad, cannot be done without new investment from the club/board/owner. Will that happen? I doubt it.
    My guess is, that come the end of January, we may have sent a few players out on loan (by still paying some of their salaries), no major players in, 4-6 points off top four, and Wenger saying “we have lost a little bit of cohesion”.

  17. HA559 says:

    Recall Perez and get Mahrez. Then we won’t have to see Iwobi or Walcott in Arsenal anymore. It would also ease the pain of losing Sanchez then. Then get DMF…oh why do I even bother. The man does what he wants.

    I want to see a DMF arrive through the door. You see what Coquelin has become, he comes on to see the games through, yet he makes more problems for us. Also the CMF pivots don’t work with Xhaka and Wilshere.

  18. Shortboygooner says:

    nabil fekir
    leon Bailey.

    Ozil (maybe)

    Maybe in

    1. DANDY GUNNER says:

      The outs yes the IN never going to happen as long as Wenger is at Arsenal.

  19. Clive says:

    Sorry mates,
    Wenger said tomorrow I will bring myself in first.before any one else.
    So don’t get your hopes high.

  20. Shortboygooner says:

    If we are honest we need a whole revamp like city and utd

    Lemar – quality would link well with lacca
    nabil fekir – we already know he links well with lacca
    Draxler – should want to prove him self
    leon Bailey. – looks like a sterling type player
    Leon Goretzka – class midfielder bosses CM
    Nzonzi – decent for providing cover. Should have been kante but too late

    Sanchez – doesnt want to be there
    Ozil (maybe) – just wants to win
    Walcot – not trusted by wenger should be given more time but doesnt do anything whe given a chance
    Giroud – good plan b but cannotlead the line for top club
    Debuchy – too moany doesnt want to be there
    Xaka – only thing he is good at is scoring long distance goals.
    Jenko – not good enough

    And possibly a new CB although I would like to through chambers and holding in at the deep end and I reckon the would come good. Either a lb or rb so ainsley and the new player can put pressure on bellerin and kolasinac

    1. Ivan says:

      Nice idea and you are right but I have more chance of winning the Lottery than Wenger getting rid of all his deadwood or spending serious money.

  21. Jeremy says:

    Don’t even bother to listen to AW pre-transfer talks. It’s his ritual for past decade. And he’s just going to close the curtain by selling no players are available blah blah blah.

    So let’s not even listen to him until we see players in our shirt.

    Cry wolves… Decade and counting.

  22. Bur says:

    Lies! More lies coming from weegor, the same as the summer, the January before and before and before………
    The club is a shambles and he is the instigator.

  23. Colin says:

    over the years he has used so many excuses,that we forget some of the most ridiculous ones,like,I won’t buy if there’s no one better than I’ve already got .

  24. McLovin says:

    Wow look at Liverpool! Won at the last minute against Burnley despite playing with second string team.

    They definitely deserve to finish above us!

    1. Salmonella says:

      Yea Burnley lost.. Good for us in the race for the 6th spot

    2. jon fox says:

      And they will. It will be five points ahead already if we even draw with Chelsea, which I doubt we can manage, esp with all the injuries and less rest than them. I predict 8-10 points or more behind Liverpool who will be 4th. And i furterh predict, Glory be, that gets Wenger the sack! Champagne time in May then, as Wenger will finally be history, as he should have already been, many years since

  25. Arnold Ngereza says:

    At least pushing transfer negotiation to the line will be done by Sanllehi if there is a difference moneywise with selling club he will talk directly to Gazidis.
    In the past poor Dick Law was under Wenger’s umbrella he will be sent to close a deal at the same time Wenger negotiate remotely and end up losing players for just small amount of money like Luis Suarez and Alonzo situation.
    And that will be one of catalisity of change we were promised by him and good infrastructure in place to help Mr know it all! Wenger resisted publicaly to bring in Director of Football this time Ivan got his way cheers!!

  26. AB says:

    I think the title of this article is very irresponsible. Wenger doesn’t say anything like that at all. He is as always playing with the fans. Just don’t understand how people can fall for it.

  27. DANDY GUNNER says:

    Have Arsenal Fans learned nothing every transfer window Arsenal are linked with this player and that player and Wenger and the Board buy nobody. So don’t ho;d your breath for any quality players coming to Arsenal save yourself the disappointment and expect the same old from Wenger.

  28. Gilbert says:

    Look how Wellington Silva is a quick dribbler who can provoke free kicks and even penalties to opponents! why can’t Wenger sell Walcott and bring him back from Brazil at cheap?
    Also Lucas Vasquez is still there on the Bench of Real Madrid!

    Look at Barca’s youngster Jose Arnaiz … very good winger! Honestly it’s time for Arsenal Board to save the dignity of the team by splashing cash to quality players . Maybe Wenger is not a new Manager but lacks club support in spending for recruitment. No other Manager will manage to come in Big 4 for many consecutive years like Wenger did despite failure to do it in current season.
    I am sure if Cech, Berlin , Mustafi, Kolasinac ,Xhaka, Wilshere and Lacazette are maintained , and that Barzagli, N”zonzi, Draxler , Mahrez , Omar Abdulrahman ,Doucoure, Ozyakup, Zaha, Bailey, Wellington Silva, and Richarlison are brought in in order to form a competitive squad and good bench, Gunners will win EPL, and UCL soon. Happy New Year 2018.

  29. Midkemma says:

    I am not expecting much this transfer window, I have hope… I do hope that Gazidis will ask his mate who he pinched from Barca to help him to get player X, Y and Z.

    I have said for years that I believe the failing in the transfer window is down to the board and the figurehead of the board is Gazidis, we have looked limp in transfers ever since he joined.

    Before we got the DoO then I would have said 1 decent buy in Jan, it might still be this as the DoO hasn’t joined officially, not till end of Feb I think.

    I do hope though that Raul (DoO) has an input and we make a few good buys, if hopes can come true then this is mine;

    CB*1 (Koulibaly)
    DM*1 (Carvalho)
    AM*2 (Mahrez & Draxler)

    Use Alexis to PSG for Draxler, pretty sure we can agree a mutual fee for the players (£40 mil each?) so it wouldn’t be a swap but it would be a swap…
    £35 million each for Mahrez and Carvalho and I think we could get them, £70 mil in total.
    £60 million and I bet we could get Koulibaly. £130 million down so far…

    Sell Theo, ElNeny, Coquelin and loan out Holding. I would hope we can get about £40mil for those, Theo does have the HG tag…. about £90 million down.


    1. Ivan says:

      As you know your favorite dinosaur has 100% say on every transfer so whoever we may get or get rid of Wenger gets 100% credit or 100% blame dependent on what happens. You say ad much in earlier posts

      1. Midkemma says:

        That is why we bought Lacazette 12 months ago…
        Wenger wanted him before AFC bought Perez and AFC bought Perez instead in a panic buy, then spending more this year to get Lacazette then they wanted last year.

        That is pure Gazidis.

        I can point to treansfers going up to 2 decades to show the pattern but fans never want to see that as it is easier to blame Wenger for 100%

        As for I say as much, please quote.
        I have been saying for YEARS now that AFC need to upgrade the infrastructure otherwise any new manager will have the same failings.
        I used Xhaka as the example when we bought him, why sign ElNeny 6 months after speaking to Xhaka and then end up signing Xhaka 6 months after signing ElNeny. Seemed like a total waste of money… But I got down voted cause I didn’t blame Wenger for wanting ElNeny. F me but the fans don’t want him on most parts due to not having the quality (has the passion in abundance), fans can’t agree with Wenger so it must be Wengers fault we got ElNeny and now we can’t get rid of him hmm?

        If you wish to actually explore my reasoning then I am happy to take my time and explain myself.

  30. Gilbert says:

    Dear Midkema,
    Your squad is good and I am not far from you.
    Happy to see Draxler and Mahrez on two Wings I am telling you Arsenal may do miracles.Nelson should also get substitution minutes to play and will become a maestro sooner..

    1. Midkemma says:

      Cheers dude 🙂
      I want to see Nelson given more game time but I don’t want us to label him too soon and think he can play 38 games a year… yet 😛

      Same for Maitland-Niles. I see so many similar qualities between him and Vieira that it gets me excited. Power, pace, skill…. Kinda what I have been wanting in CM. Don’t want to put undue pressure on them but let them become big players for us in time.

      Draxler was the hardest choice, he has quality which is undoubted and he knows Ozil which could help us get the best out of Ozil on a more consistent basis along with encouraging him to sign a new deal. He is unproven in the EPL and I wonder if he would want to join us as he has shown desire to fight for his spot at PSG… Don’t really want to see AFC failing in a main target after the poor summer we had where we only got 1/3 of the targets done.

  31. DANDY GUNNER says:

    Lucas Perez that it. Wenger is having a laugh.

  32. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

    One should really check Lucas Perez’s stats when Arsene Wenger deigned to give him game time. Arsenal should welcome him back. Dubuchy has been unnecessarily vilified as well! Unfortunate injuries (late shove into fence etc) and he has performed well when played.

    1. Midkemma says:

      Debuchy deserved to be dropped, his attitude wasn’t good for the team, he wanted to walk into RB role and not compete for it. He then whined about leaving and nobody was willing to take his wage. He didn’t perform straight away after those injuries, not all players do come back at 100% form and he should have known this and fought for his spot.

      He has performed this year when asked and deserves credit for that, I feel he has earned his spot in the team and Bellerin could be dropped for a bit and force Bellerin to fight for his spot.

      Nothing wrong with recognising when a players form drops, we do not want the manager to keep playing a player in poor form… Even though Wenger does with Xhaka which infuriates me.

      As for Perez. He is not good enough for Arsenal. He is a good player but not Arsenal material.
      He had ONE good season and we bought him on the back of that.
      He was signed when Wenger wanted Lacazette, obviously Wenger wanted a CF… Nothing compared to Lacazette in stats. Should we not have gone for Lacazette for Perez?

      He can be played in AM? So compare him to Mahrez. “but Perez was cheap” ? We over paid for him, he was not cheap.

      I wanted to get behind Perez when we signed him but he has never looked good enough to me. Theo done more for us, scored more for us and people rage about Theo… so why is Perez so good???? This year for Depo he has scored 0.27 goals per game, he has assisted 0.07 goals per game. Last year Theo got better stats in the EPL than Perez is getting in La Liga, same assists but scored more. Can’t say this year as Theo has been dropped… I do not want Theo replaced by a worse player.

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