Wenger admits that Nketiah was his best choice on the Arsenal bench

Arsene Wenger has stuck to his guns by playing his youngsters in the Caraboa Cup, and he proved that when he brought young Eddie Nketiah on the pitch against Norwich near the end of normal time in the match against Norwich last night. It proved to be a flash of genius as the youngster scored the crucial equalizer immediately and then nabbed the winner in extra time.

Wenger believed he was the best choice from a very inexperienced bench. Le Prof said after the game: “We lacked ideas, we lacked a little bit to create clear-cut chances. I was impressed by the defensive performance of Norwich and so you sit there on the bench and think ‘What can we do to be a bit more dangerous?’. It was the occasion where we had to take a big gamble because there was not much time to go and I know that Eddie can score a goal.

“I know that he has character and is not afraid. He smells the combination movements, he can give and go and once a player has that in his game, they have always a chance. The guys who can understand that if they give the ball somewhere and they can get it back and know where to get it back, the quality of reception is a very important quality. I would say the quality of the reception, he has that.”

He also admitted that he was glad that he didn’t have some more experienced strikers on the bench, or Eddie would never have got his chance to shine. Wenger was asked if, at the time, he was regretting not having some more seasoned scorers waiting to play? “No, I didn’t. The boy Eddie is a good example. I just said that if I had experienced players on the bench, strikers for example, I would certainly in the end have put them on and not Eddie. Here you have no chance to put an experienced player on, so you try to find a young player who can give you a chance. If we speak about Eddie, it is because there was no experienced striker on the bench.”

Well it came off, and Wenger is now a genius for having the cojones to stick with his principles of giving his youngsters experience of big games. And perhaps Arsenal now have a future star on their hands….

Sam P


  1. Does Troy have cojones? Because I don’t hear him screaming and shouting the game after when his team got beat.

  2. Hahaha Spuds are out. 🙂
    Actually a lot of top teams had difficulty Chelsea beat Everton by 1 goal. Yesterday City got through on penalties

      1. I don’t know what the hell your problem is
        Of course I know that. I watched the bloody match. I made comments during and after the match. I’ve mentioned that we squeezed through half a dozen times.
        I’ve said we were lucky to win and I praised Nketiah about a dozen times too

        If you would read my comment properly I said TOP teams. You may not realize this buddy but we are in Europa League. We didn’t finish in the Top 4 and we are currently not in the Top 4.

        Good try though. Better luck next time buddy

    1. But still with a great chance to top there Champions League group ahead of 2 time reigning champs Real Madrid.

      Last I checked AFC was the only BIG London Club playing on Thursday night, the reality for years we ridiculed Spurs about.

      In Wenger we trust

      **It hurts typing this because I agree with 99% of what u contribute Girl

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