Wenger admits to summer clear-out at Arsenal – Who must go?

As Chelsea have now been confirmed as Champions and the end of the season approaches, many Arsenal fans are wondering who we need to bring in to strengthen the Gunners squad, so we can make a more sustained challenge for next year’s title. Since the New Year Arsenal have been the most in-form side so it could be argued that we already have a super-strong squad, but Wenger believes that the other teams around us will be improving their line-ups this summer.

“That is the unknown quantity,” Le Prof said in the Guardian. “How much higher are the other teams going to go? Because you can expect Manchester City to respond. You can expect Manchester United to respond, Liverpool to respond.”

That seems to imply that Arsenal will also be strengthening to keep up with our rivals, but Wenger made it clear that there will have to be some departures first to make room for any new team members.

“We are not in need of absolute change.” he continued. “We have a strong squad. We have some strong young players behind. We have a very big squad, so we need to lose some players as well. We have Lukas Podolski away, Joel Campbell. Yaya Sanogo will come back.”

Of those three it is taken as a given that we won’t see Podolski in an Arsenal shirt again. Also I personally think it is unlikely that Mikel Arteta will be given a new contract, but who are the players that YOU think will be off to new pastures next season?

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  1. We should try to have as many 90min players as we can, there’s no room for permanent subs
    Podolski, Sanogo, Flamini etc…sell and get quality full game players.

    O.T : Thought Sanogo would help prolong Chelski title, guess I was asking too much..

    1. These are my 6 players to go and why they should go.

      1)Campbell plays for a top team like Villarreal why bring him and bench his ass for 1 season ?

      2)Podolski situation is even more complicated after he criticised the manger. He said wenger didnt talk to him. I can promise you that this time around wenegr won’t even say hello. You just can’t be that naive and silly to criticise your boss when you are on loan. If he signed for inter i would have understood. But doing that on loan was plain stupid. he will will be warming the toilet seats if he stays. Sanchez OX Welbeck are all ahead of him on the LW. And please don’t tell me he is s striker .

      3) Flamini is not just good enough. should never have come back. he left us when we needed him most. came back as raw material. he loves a free transfer doesn’t he?

      4) Diaby we have tried. My advice to him is to go to a slower league and try prolonging his career.

      5) Sanogo. he is 3rd choice at palace. I guess thats enough explanation. Funny you werew counting on sdanogo. he is out of his league.

      6) Arteta. having a captain on the bench is not just a good thing. It was a problem with Madrid and casilas. It was a problem with Vaminator and Arsenal. We can’t justify the idea of bringing a new DM and keeping Arteta. Imagine Schiniderlin and COq in the squad. Will Artetta ever Play?

    2. Beats my understanding how pipo settle 4mediocrity in welbeck n want the quality of podolski gone???????
      Otherwise flamini should go. may b jack if Isco is coming in, never been impressed by welbeck not even his brainless runs….and may b sanogo

    3. Hope wenger’s black list doesn’t contain the Likes of walcott and wilshere

  2. We need to loose lots of players … We need to strengthen our squad … Henry was right 100%, hear that wenger …
    Like every year, wenger will come short to fill the gabs …

  3. For arsenal to progress arteta,daiby and flamini need to go how many times they have blocked us from getting some young fresh legs in that dm role.and im also happy that has final taken that dm role from them,now he need someone to compete or paired with.

  4. Sanogo and Flamini needs to move because its there positions that we need new faces, I.e CF and DM respectively. So they need to give us some space. Thanks your services guys.

    1. @ Muda. Not just sanogo and Flamini. If we bring a DM then the chances of Arteta playing are close to zero. So you have to include him. What about podolski? Where are all of the people that bashed Wenger for not Playing Podolski? I guess they will have to bash mancini and bash the German manager as well.
      Inter fans are already tell him to get off twitter and instagram. I guess thats his legacy.

  5. Only Flamini and Diaby
    are off contract in June.
    What if Podolski Arteta
    Rosicky Ryo decide to run
    down their contracts?
    Surely we get rid of the injury
    wrecks Sanogo and Diaby first
    along with the useless Ryo.
    And surely we keep Campbell who
    is fit and has made progress in Spain.
    But Wenger has his favourites
    Diaby and Sanogo and may also
    keep the token Jap for promotional purposes 🙁

      1. @Thando.
        Ox has no final product
        he just huffs and puffs
        so by your own analysis Ox is sh#t.
        Wilshere runs into traffic loses the ball
        falls over and gets injured
        so Wilshere is sh#t too.
        Wellbeck runs around like a blue a#sed fly
        and has no final product… cut him too.
        Podolski 30 Rosicky 34 and Artea 32
        Flamini 30 have had a fair go. Let them go.
        I say give the young ones like Campbell a chance
        like Ox +Wilshere have had for the past several years.

        1. Cambell has a good thing going on at villarreal. Why bring him back? he won’t start most games. if we love him we should let him make a career in spain. Villarreal are a top top club like everton or spurs in england. So he should stay there and and make a good career. At arsenal he won’t get games.

    1. If players want to run down their contract then its simple don’t play them . if podolski can’t make the squad he will ask for a transfer. Am so sure about that. the advantage we have is that you have the Euro’s this year. If podolski want to play for germany he needs to run run run away from arsenal. Wenger won’t even talk to him.

      1. Podolski is nearing the end
        of his international career.
        But any way he was picked
        for Germany even when he
        hardly played for us. He would be
        quite happy to pick up 90k p/w
        on the bench sending instagrams 🙂

        1. He was picked for germany even when he hardly played for us. What about not playing at all. What about not making the bench at all. How about that??? Lts see how he copes with that.
          Podolski like I said above made a big mistake. When you go on loan you cannot criticize your boss because you are just on loan and you may return to the club later. I don’t think Wenger will even tell him good morning.

  6. players to go imo
    diaby,(injured again!) flamini, sanogo (done nothing to suggest improving) podolski, rosicky (clearly not being considered), walcott (does not suit our hustling style) szez (dont think he is trusted anymore)+ host of reserves

  7. Yes we have large squard bt not a best 11,though we can’t have wc at evryposition, it is a team game,weakness to one is weaknes to all bt sincerely except Giroud,we do not have a striker that can succesfully lead our line. So Wenger shld look in this direction,meanwhile any1 he buys now shld compete with the players we have already

  8. oh, and why keep cambell, still not showing it on load, then there is wellington, waste of tiime silva

  9. Players tat need to GO:
    1 Flamini-DM
    2 Arteta-DM
    3 Podolski- ST
    4 Campbell- ST
    5 Sonogo- ST
    6 Diaby- CM
    7 Rosicky -CM
    8 Theo Walcott – ST
    Glaring needs by Priority:
    1) DM (only Le Coq, we need another)
    2) Striker ( only Giroud pus we need an Upgrade on him)
    3) GK (Hugo Lloris? Lets b honest, We cant get Peter Cech)
    4) LW(we got only Sanchez though Ozil can always play there,but we dont want tat, do we? )
    Players to be upgraded from Inside:
    1)Gnabry ST 2)Beilik DM
    Seeing the number of Strikers tat are redundant, we need a Quality replacement.

    1. Agree with that list but not Walcott – he is home grown unless he is part of a swap with Sterling. We need home grown numbers to stay where they are at least.

      Add to the list:
      Galindo (yes he is an Arsenal player)
      Ryo (can we sell him if not can we loan him)

      LW I am not sure we need one. I would rather bring in a young defender like John Stones.

      As far as Jenkinson I would have out on loan for another year and if he is good bring him back as replacement for Debuchy after the 2015/2016 season.

  10. Honestly we can lose 5 or 6 loan / injury prone players and replace them with 3 quality players who will fight for starting spot and are not injury prone.

    I think losing those 6 and adding 3 actually adds more depth as well.

    Diaby, Arteta, Flamini
    Campbell, Sanogo, Poldolski

  11. mertesacker should be replaced now before its too late. sanago is still young. wellington has a work permit now. arteta should go

  12. It makes me upset when i hear of Rosicky leaving. Where’s he gonna get a game though in all honesty

  13. Sanogo, Flamini and Diaby should go. Podolski, Campbell and probably Jenkinson too look like they’re going. We’ll probably sell/release a few youngsters too. I have a feeling we’ll lose someone unexpected though, not sure why. But I’m sure it won’t be a top star.

    1. Tomas Rosicky might be the unexpected player you mentioned although its not really unlikely in my opinion considering Wenger gives him very little playtime.

  14. Players who are definitely off – Flamini, Rosicky
    Players who should be going – Podolski, Diaby, Campbell, Arteta
    Players who might be going on loan – Sanogo Akpom Gnabry and maybe Chambers

    Replace these players with 2 central midfielders (in Wenger’s mind 1 of them is probably Bielik and I’d consider Schneiderlin a must-buy) and a winger (Lacazette, Reus, Sterling or whatever other rumor there is right now)

    Then there are the Walcott and Wilshere rumor sagas which I personally think will result in a sale of TW, which will mean jersey #7 #9 and the legendary #14 will become available (Sanchez, Giroud, Welbeck?)

    1. Didn’t include the goalkeeper situation because I have no clue what Szczesny and his management want to do for next season I don’t think it’s unlikely he will stay and fight for his starting spot at Arsenal.

  15. Out with Flamini, Podolski and Campbell. Squad is packed in their positions (with the exception of Flamini who’s just s**t). Don’t expect much money but the wages freed up would help go towards a new DM/ST, which are the only 2 spots which could do with strengthening in the squad.

  16. If Sanogo stays it will make no sense to have let go of Afobe and Vela. Sanogo hasn’t been scoring lots of goals on loan and I think Akpom is more promising than Sanogo

      1. Are you sure? He would probably end up back in France for a cut price where he is still highly regarded.

    1. Watch Sanogo playing vs. Chelsea. He is nowhere our first team quality, but his physique makes him handful to defenders. His scoring record at U21 is impressive – let’s see how he does in the upcoming U21 championship. Just send him on loan to a EPL bottom side where he can get some game time for 1/2 seasons, he can turn good as Coquelin. And Akpom does not even get minutes at Forest, while Sanogo got some minutes at Palace – get your fact right before comparing.

  17. Why does the world want everybody to believe that Arsenal must beat Chelsea to win the BPL. We only need to be consistent through out the season. Last season, Chelsea beat City home and away and yet City wont the league. Likewise they beat Liverpool home and and away and Liverpool finished ahead of them. So even if we don’t beat them,( which will be fun, i must admit) that shouldn’t be a problem at all.
    That said, I still think we need another consistent goal scorer on the right wing like a Reus or a Pedro to compliment what Sanchez does from the left wing. We aren’t too far behind Chelsea in terms of goals scored in the season. Another striker like Laccazette will definitely improve us.
    Lastly, i still think we need another solid midfielder like a schneiderlin or Ikay Gundogan and we are contenders.

  18. All the comments above that I read have all boil down to one important factor the Boss have been ignoring, which is REALISM. the Boss has to be realistic and do things realistically. For a start, let him constitute a Players Performance Audit Committee, that are madeof of reputable and knowledgeable people internal and externally. With a clear terms of reference of audit that includes the performance level of every Gunners in the last 2 season and summit their findings to him. If possible also make recommendations to him as well. From this point, the Boss can act realistically instead of to be acting sentimentally. If it will be possible for the Boss to bring back Benik Afobe, let him please in favour of the general Gooners opinions and also for football reason bring him back to Arsenal. Moreso now that Wolves have narrowly missed out of the Championship play off. Why should a talented Afobe be wasting his talents at Wolves instead of expressing his talents in the Premier League. I think this young chap may force a transfer out of Wolves in the summer. And surely, many Premier clubs will bid for him.

  19. We will buy 2 players atmost, sell two, if we finish 2nd, 3 if we finish 3rd and on loan will be 3 atleast.

  20. Only players for me who should 100% not be in the squad at the start of the year are as follows:

    Sanogo – His technique is too poor, isn’t improving and his physical attributes aren’t good enough to warrant him being in the team. Loan or sell.

    Campbell – too good to be a bench player but not particularly suited to our game. Theo and Welbeck are more useful in the squad and rule out his place. Loan or preferably sell to Spain. Good luck to the lad, I expect he will be another Vela and succeed away from our club.

    Podolski – Not the great player we bought, doesn’t have a place in the team. Sell if we can, loan him if not. He takes up space being here and as a utility player the emergence of better quality has seen to his demise.

    Any other player I think has the possibility to stay. In my opinion Diaby should go and probably Flamini. I like Flam but he seems to have lost it this season and needs to drop down a level to compete. He’s a liability to us and we should let him walk. Funny how he reminds me of Coq with 1 difference – Flam had a great season for us and left, Coq signed back on for more great seasons. I don’t hold a grudge for that, but it’s nice to see our system now doesn’t push players out the door. I do not want to see Wilshere or Theo leave. We should also look to loan some of our fringe youth if we can strengthen those positions – Gnabry and Akpom getting premier league playtime under their belt is a must if we want to see them step up. Same for Chambers if we can strengthen CB.

  21. Arteta , flamini , diaby, campbell, rosicky, podolski should go, and people will kill this but do u feel Walcott is good enough dont be english bias like i dont think he is because he is one dimensional he cant beat a player with shit loads of pace imagine if Walcott had Sanchez skill along with his goals and impressive movement he would be deadly and unstoppable and he just isn’t and i know gnarby will be that people will disagree but the kid is good and above all determined like sanchez he will be a world class in due time ox too but he is often too injured and welbeck lol headless chicken

  22. Release Flamini Diaby and Arteta = bring in Kondogbia and promote Bielik.

    Sell Poldi, Campbell Ryo and Wellington = bring in Lacazette (to play along the front line) and Konoplyanka (natural left winger).

    Re-sign Walcott on a new contract, keep hold of Rosicky for experience and possibly become a youth coach.

    Lasty keep hold of Sczceney to compete with Ospina and scout during 15-16 season for a new defender to replace BFG and a new playmaker to replace Santi from August 2016 onwards.

    And we will rule Premier League for years to come with this squad!!

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