Wenger hints at move for N’Golo Kante – Get him Arsene!

All of the Arsenal transfer rumours regarding players from Leicester City have been about the (now annoying) delay in the Vardy transfer, and of course the EPL Player of the Year Riyad Mahrez, who would improve any team in the country.

But Arsene Wenger yesterday was gushing about a player that seems to have dropped off the radar since the arrival of Granit Xhaka, but the fact that Arsenal have lost Mikel Arteta, Tomas Rosicky, and (hopefully!) Matthieu Flamini this summer means there is still room for more midfielders at the Emirates. Le Prof made it clear who he would like to see arrive when he said: “I admire and like N’Golo Kanté a lot. It gives you ideas,”

“He gives you the feeling that the higher the level he plays at, the more at ease he is. We are talking about numbers. He has the most interceptions in Europe and by far. He has incredible quality. He feels the game, only very few people can do that. He’s always where he needs to be. It is very rare to have that in the central midfielder. Not always orthodox, but always in the right place.”

There was talk of Arsenal being keen as soon as the season ended, and was it mentioned that he had a 20million buy-out clause? If so then surely Wenger should jump at the chance to bring such an accomplished player, and maybe persuade a couple of our present midfielders to move on?



  1. Kante is great but I honestly can’t see it happen. We bought Xhaka and we other priorities positions like CF and CB. We have also ben linked with LB and RW positions.

    As is our midfield is already stocked. But you know Wenger he loves midfielders especially tiny ones.

    1. Kante would be amazing.Imagine how the midfield would look like when Xhaka,Kante,Ozil and Cazorla play in same team.They would gangbang and destroy opponent’s Pu**y.

    2. @Honest Opinion….don’t flatter urself buddy?

      We might get R*ped (Lackadiasical defence) or become barren (poor strike rate and goal potency)

  2. If I ate a piece of cake each time Wenger praised a player and ended up signing them I would look like Fatboy right now, lol.

    Can’t see this happening, not with Wenger’s kids (Ramsey and Jack), plus Carzola, Elneny and Wenger day dreaming that Ox can be CM.

    I would be over the moon if it did happen nonetheless but I for one will not get excited about Wenger’s words, he might just be praising his country man.

    1. MR Wenger was referring n Golo in the French team that play tonight His comments dosent mean he is singing him There are more important singing then singing another midfielder n golo might do really well we shall see how he gets on
      On a different subject the south American football tournament is coming out with some entertaining matches and stories

  3. I agree with you, Kante is one the best, but do we need him , how can we accommodate both Xhaka and Kante in the same team.
    I think Wenger just speaks abouth him, he is not going to bid for him,
    We desperately need a CF and CB. I am not sure about Vardy’s sitaution.
    Why are we not going for Huguine, he is among the best and also had a chemistry with ozil, so he can immediately gel with Ozil and can form a devastating partnership. he is the kind of Fox in the Box we need

  4. He Is one of the hardest working players out there
    Always running. Fantastic defensively
    Nante, Cazorla And Ozil would rule cm

    But we also have Xhaka, Coquelin, Wilshere, Ramsey, Flamini

    So I don’t see it happening

  5. Why’s it that most people here think Vardy is a 1 season wonder, and not Kante?
    Can I get some tangible reason?

    1. yea kante and vardy shines for Leicester in the 2015/2016 season…..suddenly, they are the bomb

      Rate em by next season…..hoping kante, vardy and mahrez stay put at leicester next season…

      Would love to see em try and repeat this feat!

      I reckon they won’t!!!.

  6. Of course he would strengthen our squad but I don’t think midfield is our priority at the moment and after signing Xhaka.

    I will stop stressing once we have signed a top-top quality striker to replace Giroud. That would make the biggest difference to our chances to win the PL IMO.

    We can sign Kante or any other midfield player but as long as Giroud is the man who has to put away the chances we create, we will not win consistently and we will be easy to defend against. All a decent team has to do is take Sanchez out of the game and have their CD irritate Giroud a little and goals will be hard to get by for us.

  7. Hint???? I dunno..

    But what I know is that,if Wenger bought Kante for 20m…after he signed Xhaka for 30m-35m…that’s 50m plus on midfielders alone….

    Now,even if Flamini leaves,we still have PLENTY of midfield players..so realistically,we won’t get Kante…

    Unless you can confirm NOW to me that Cazorla,Coq,Flamini or Elneny that we just bought are leaving..then we have an argument…

    Wenger is just doing his commentary period…
    And he will still praise a lot of players as far as the Euros is concerned…
    So anytime Wenger praises a player we should just expect an article here about Wenger ‘hinting’ at a move??????????

  8. Kante is a superb runner.
    He is like a Kenyan
    1,500 m runner just
    glides all over the field.
    At Leicester his job was to run because the
    entire back 4 Drinkwater + Albrighton were so slow.
    We do not need a ventilator.
    Xhaka Coquelin Elneny Cazorla Ramsey Wilshere Zelalem
    is surely plenty enough.

  9. Because of Coq’s unfortunate injury,we have quickly forgotten how good he was before….

    Coq at 24 can and will develop more and more…am not even moved about the Kante guy..

  10. one thing you learn from wenger is that leaving bread crumbs for the media is his ‘forte, that adds to the exciment of all the transfere tittle-tattle they muster, for the power of one. -before i could blink there was an international from switzerland on a bright yellow banner going a cross my screen. when wenger claims he is fond of a player its usally for the benifit of stray media men that walk around on all fours.

  11. I love Kante but I have a feeling that we are no longer in for him. The reason is simple. We got Xhaka. Kante I hear was supposed to be option two if the Xhaka deal fell through but Xhaka is a gunner so Kante is no longer needed. That is what I think anyway especially if you consider that in defensive midfield, we now have Xhaka, Elneny and Coquelin. That is more than enough steel in the middle. Buying kante will push Francis down the ladder and he does not deserve that. Wenger won’t do that either.

  12. if we fail to sign two quality attacking options we will not compete for top honouts next season…period… plenty of time still but the signs are beginning to look worrying

  13. Xhaka, Elneny, Coquelin, Ramsey, Cazorla, Wilshere, Bielik, Chambers… am I missing anyone? And people still say we need Kante?! Get a grip of yourselves… Striker, CB, and a winger. In that particular order.

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